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Erdet Kertusha
Erdet Kertusha Prije 20 sati
No you are my copy tell him next time when they tell u you stole my yasuo (:
Johann Prije 3 dana
Isn't ninja tabi better here or do you just not care?
Steal21 Prije 4 dana
Yo someone help me out what yasuo skin should i buy with 1450 rp i can high noon with chroma but what u think
TankYou90 Prije 17 dana
Level 7zed
Level 7zed Prije mjesec
0:49 you tanked 4 mages and missed your Q
hey its me pengu
hey its me pengu Prije mjesec
Idk man i think yasuo is best with zerker rush into shieldbow ie and the new bloodthirster is pretty good.
Hyper TV
Hyper TV Prije mjesec
What’s the title of the outro music?
Aminadabe Makeup
Aminadabe Makeup Prije mjesec
gooood, fod yasuo
John Lorence Tafalla
John Lorence Tafalla Prije mjesec
yassuo you are FILIFINO
John Lorence Tafalla
John Lorence Tafalla Prije mjesec
reply me to yes
BPG Light
BPG Light Prije mjesec
G4zwan Prije mjesec
Kayn Saved Ur Butt
JinKazama Prije mjesec
4:58 j4 & Yone ???????? AJJFSADJSAJDJAS
M.L. Nijhuis
M.L. Nijhuis Prije mjesec
85% re bot acounts with high skill tech in high elo
MaSsan Bot#439
MaSsan Bot#439 Prije mjesec
The careful shallot proximately clear because porcupine postnatally guess given a polite ball. tacky, fascinated detail
Jaybee Caranza
Jaybee Caranza Prije mjesec
yone wins in trading normal attacks because of the mix dmg from the passive haha
Scrub Prije mjesec
Moe might be reformed now, but just wait until the season starts PepeLaugh
Leerex' Prije mjesec
Sebastian Zetterberg
Sebastian Zetterberg Prije mjesec
Hahaha love how you totally fooled them 4:56 thinking you flashed XD
Dragontamer333 Prije mjesec
yasou does 25 less dmg from crits, its in his passive
GreedOnMain Prije mjesec
a build thats been working for me on yas is kraken into greaves into collector (by then youll have enough att speed for 1.33 second q).
Itachi1x 11
Itachi1x 11 Prije mjesec
Plot-twist Moe is still a dog
Pixel - Brawl Stars
Pixel - Brawl Stars Prije mjesec
oh moe i missed your yasuo
Sebastian SG
Sebastian SG Prije mjesec
0:41 u was vs over 5 minions too Moe XD
Acid Fog
Acid Fog Prije mjesec
Man, the Persona OSTs give me back nostalgia
Tozu Prije mjesec
Are u pinoy?
TK -421
TK -421 Prije mjesec
2 Doran Blades still work btw. Lmfao
Beanz z
Beanz z Prije mjesec
poor zed he can literly 1 shot wq with only 9 kills
Franku \
Franku \ Prije mjesec
I'm new here so why is his intro "pinoy"?
zSky Prije mjesec
3:52 honestly as he said, yasuo isnt such good of a champion at the moment. Maybe im not the best yasuo that ever existed but im pretty sure i know some mechanics and i have to say lately im not getting great scores. Of course i get ganked from my bad position but the thing is that if i have a pretty much cancer mid im most likely gonna loose sooo i dont really know if i should play it or nah. Im open to all tips since i really like yasuo as a champion and i want to inprove at it
DHRUV PATEL Prije mjesec
The only reason "he made this work" was because yasuo AND yone both got nerfs so it's not even a good matchup lol
Jae Lee
Jae Lee Prije mjesec
man grinded val for so long, finally baxk
Nhylee Kazzea
Nhylee Kazzea Prije mjesec
0:09 Why pinoy?
Lio Corneas
Lio Corneas Prije mjesec
Old Yassuo didn’t need ganks to win early lane or lane in general, how sad
Kvasap LP
Kvasap LP Prije mjesec
You are not buying guinso firts ? That is new for me
Yasha Bog
Yasha Bog Prije mjesec
RIOT HQ: Ok, we got d players, challenger players and a bundch of masters... Let's throw them into that flex silver.
B-ryce Prije mjesec
Let’s enjoy a season without Yasuo
Khim Edrian Del Rosario
Khim Edrian Del Rosario Prije mjesec
Now that hes so bad, players that are mostly good at him only picks the guy. I hope...
Waker14 Prije mjesec
Moe i like ure videos but please more content dude like what is this just one game ❤️❤️
Aleksandar P. Milosavljevic
Aleksandar P. Milosavljevic Prije mjesec
Bruh ríot could just nerf champions not change whole game
Ahn Yudeng
Ahn Yudeng Prije mjesec
Double Doran's blade actually work
Yone Prije mjesec
Bro are u mad!?
John lenard Senario
John lenard Senario Prije mjesec
What is is intro pinoy?
JUNNO galang
JUNNO galang Prije mjesec
Yas your like boombay frome phillippines hai
Unseen Blade Gaming
Unseen Blade Gaming Prije mjesec
Is he pinoy?
Ducks Prije mjesec
The title implies making yasuo work is *hard*
Shadow Phantom
Shadow Phantom Prije mjesec
Oi moe
Daniel Kim Amado
Daniel Kim Amado Prije mjesec
Is moe a Filipino?
Kyuubi Prije mjesec
Damn if only I could play with challengers being gold four :(
kiddooo kitty
kiddooo kitty Prije mjesec
wtf is this thumbnail moe
Chinaball animation
Chinaball animation Prije mjesec
how did he match with challenger as in gold 4
Chinaball animation
Chinaball animation Prije mjesec
Rusty Larry
Rusty Larry Prije mjesec
guys, i think yassuo has yasuo syndrome.
Khim Edrian Del Rosario
Khim Edrian Del Rosario Prije mjesec
@Rusty Larry he is quite enjoying to play if you know how to execute perfectly
Rusty Larry
Rusty Larry Prije mjesec
@Khim Edrian Del Rosario i haven't played him and never will tbh.
Khim Edrian Del Rosario
Khim Edrian Del Rosario Prije mjesec
@Rusty Larry i hope the same to you
Rusty Larry
Rusty Larry Prije mjesec
@Khim Edrian Del Rosario good for u
Khim Edrian Del Rosario
Khim Edrian Del Rosario Prije mjesec
@Rusty Larry i auto lock, yet does the job.
Stefan Ristic
Stefan Ristic Prije mjesec
Doran's blade looks like worse version of poacher's dirk
Blackhawk Prije mjesec
Try trinity IE
Michael Wang
Michael Wang Prije mjesec
hey pinoy how are you able to use the music like link's awakening ost? did you purchase the license for it or something?
Andy Blackburn
Andy Blackburn Prije mjesec
stop with the cringe thumbnails please
LoneVibes Prije mjesec
Yasuo can be 9/2 and his ult be tickling 😭
axaxaxaxaxaxa Prije mjesec
Who tf buys shieldbow on yasuo tbh
Migdad Kuddah
Migdad Kuddah Prije mjesec
rageblade into ai !!!! busteddd
Sergio Isaac Santana Jiménez
Sergio Isaac Santana Jiménez Prije mjesec
The fact he got solo killed by a yone 2 levels behind lol
shoke73 Prije mjesec
You went from 20k twitch viewers to 3k, and from millions to 30-80k views on youtube . So happy you quit league man. Finally all those people can watch other players that are really informative. Thanks for quitting man, keep it going !
Shremble Prije mjesec
Yasuo is busted new season wtf
Mejlend Prije mjesec
Hey guys, if u want u can check my channel, im making some montages, gl&hf!
Attention Wh0r3
Attention Wh0r3 Prije mjesec
Lite Charcoal
Lite Charcoal Prije mjesec
simyou1219 Prije mjesec
“I will make yasuo work” Just give him bowshield and you’re good
Khim Edrian Del Rosario
Khim Edrian Del Rosario Prije mjesec
Bowshield and bloodthirst Its quite op than rushing IE second..
Tuấn Dũng Võ
Tuấn Dũng Võ Prije mjesec
LowHigh Prije mjesec
Beserkers, trinity bloodthirster ie best yas build
Dozy Prije mjesec
whats the song at the beginning ?
g8_sv Prije mjesec
Poki got u on a leash bro 🤕
Augustas Siska
Augustas Siska Prije mjesec
Do you always go doran shield or only with hard matchups or is it worth to go greaves first if its not that hard
Michael Manlulis
Michael Manlulis Prije mjesec
this guy is too washed
Kevin Sheehan
Kevin Sheehan Prije mjesec
He only has a 39 percent wr cuz everyone plays him
hundred monster
hundred monster Prije mjesec
Ngl moe is kinda funny
theStaja Prije mjesec
I cant wait for Moe to realize how broken jg is this season
b rææg
b rææg Prije mjesec
dblade does stack btw. two dblades = 5% omnivamp
Avasic Prije mjesec
Title I Will Make Yasuo Work This Season. Draft & Ban Phase: I don't think so.
AgEnT Gaming 2.O
AgEnT Gaming 2.O Prije mjesec
I spend only an hour in "editing" because I know "" how to edit "" 🤣🤣🤣 by the way I also want support 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜💜❤️
Rayqz Alex
Rayqz Alex Prije mjesec
Im 1mio yasuo main now u rly need to build one tank item :/
Deep Press
Deep Press Prije mjesec
Pinoy ba si moe or may lahing pinoy
Deep Press
Deep Press Prije mjesec
Is moe a Filipino or is there a Filipino race
Hyuga Hinata
Hyuga Hinata Prije mjesec
Where is bella btw?
Memeakaze Prije mjesec
its another moe promise guys
cesco z
cesco z Prije mjesec
Why did kayn's portrait look like his skin but moe's when he got kills didn't?
Lukas Athens
Lukas Athens Prije mjesec
That’s what I saw too
Tirtana, Arif
Tirtana, Arif Prije mjesec
Moe, could you play yasuo in wild rift ? Please
Nobody Prije mjesec
Twomad art
damson Prije mjesec
berserker greaves into eclipse into collector into navori quickblade, into IE. HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE DPS
123 173
123 173 Prije mjesec
What about a season 11 yasuo item guide ?
Tech no
Tech no Prije mjesec
Lol since when did moe become so positive
ButtPounder Prije mjesec
New Doran's blade looks like a sword from runescape
Faber Slash
Faber Slash Prije mjesec
i would really like if u dont cut video...
The Maz4you
The Maz4you Prije mjesec
Florian Cabaret
Florian Cabaret Prije mjesec
At 3:15 if you pause at the right moment there is a yasuo lvl 1 named TestCube that appears Rito pls
Detri Tus
Detri Tus Prije mjesec
Nucleuiiz QTEX
Nucleuiiz QTEX Prije mjesec
i hate how crit been nerfed i began getting good with Yone but well i feel teh nerf, but its alright
PaPak Prije mjesec
Pls trust me, u can go 2 d blade
Ivailo Ivanov
Ivailo Ivanov Prije mjesec
That video was sick, keep it up Moe!
Νεκταριος Θεοδωριδης
Νεκταριος Θεοδωριδης Prije mjesec
At least he's t-shirt doesn't say 'North face' because the North is for few
Cristiano-ezmoney Prije mjesec
7.4k likes , 74 dislikes = perfection
Kurt Martin
Kurt Martin Prije mjesec
2:08 lmao kayn's icon is his skin when he killed yone
Veselin Bresnishki
Veselin Bresnishki Prije mjesec
Try Kraken Slayer and IE then. Bloodthirster might come as a third item :)
Marie Chaoui
Marie Chaoui Prije mjesec
How u got an S and u died 8 times ?
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