Make the Shot, I'll Buy You Anything Challenge! (ft. 2HYPE)

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FaZe Rug

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For my first collab on my new basketball court, I had to invite @2HYPE for a crazy challenge! The trickshots in this video are insane!
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Eternal Doom
Eternal Doom Prije sat
Tbh I would go for the sour blue chug rug that shit prolly be bussin
BINI1 Hass
BINI1 Hass Prije 5 sati
Please can I have the basketball because I have been here since 1.5 million I've subbed and liked dm on Instagram ali_h234
Thomas Saunders
Thomas Saunders Prije 7 sati
Do unspeakable
Cole Miller
Cole Miller Prije 10 sati
300k like go
The Epik People
The Epik People Prije 10 sati
its 300k
CDK DAMIAN Prije 11 sati
where’s mopi
Diego Zetina
Diego Zetina Prije 11 sati
The reason I want the basketball it’s because I really love y’all’s contént and u are my favorite HRpostr
Tobias Rasmussen
Tobias Rasmussen Prije 12 sati
Gg for the rugs
YT KING Prije 12 sati
My mum told me that if I got 3 k subs be4 my birthday she will by me a better pc so my content gets better and I need that plz sub 👉👌
jack McCall
jack McCall Prije 13 sati
done so i can pratice love your vlogs rug can u make a shot 2hile jumping on a trampoline :}
Hey,i'm B
Hey,i'm B Prije 15 sati
I could never be able to shoot not even one🤣😢
AL deChillaz
AL deChillaz Prije 18 sati
2hype needs to sign him! hes lit
Sam Ahmed
Sam Ahmed Prije 18 sati
did anyone else saw taht jessy already tooked a sip from it if you see his lips before he takes a sip
Peng peng
Peng peng Prije 23 sati
your movie sold out
MythiC Aqua
MythiC Aqua Prije dan
Faze rug is cool but his movie kinda 🤢
Julie Crabtree
Julie Crabtree Prije dan
hi Jesse your theist and my favorite person on 2hype and my favorite youtube person ever my name is Cooper
Julie Crabtree
Julie Crabtree Prije dan
hi jar
Mariann Landon
Mariann Landon Prije dan
It’s my birthday tomorrow
Paolo Spagnolo
Paolo Spagnolo Prije dan
fs trickshots
fs trickshots Prije dan
Bruh NBA needa sponsor Rug
fallen karatae fallen ninja
fallen karatae fallen ninja Prije dan
Poor Zack
Jacob wiit
Jacob wiit Prije 2 dana
GavinTheNewbie Prije 2 dana
8:26 why does his lips have whip cream before he took a sip ?
Daniel Bojorquez
Daniel Bojorquez Prije 2 dana
I want it I love it love your vids my favorite
Aspen On scoot
Aspen On scoot Prije 2 dana
I want mopi and faze rug to 1v1
Cary Deccio
Cary Deccio Prije 2 dana
I’m a big fan
Cary Deccio
Cary Deccio Prije 2 dana
Tia Tenamu
Tia Tenamu Prije 2 dana
Hey i subscribed to you and 2hype and i really want the signed basketballs please can i have them, Reason: Basketball is my favourite sport i just started playing and i my freinds mock me for not being good at basketball, the only basketball that i have is an old, white, raggidy, one I wake up at 7:00 in the morning just to play and i grind im trying to stay fit and healthy, This is my instagram you can message me on that Teahauyeetxd, I also understand if you cant give it to me or you already gave it to someone else
Paulius Bedalis
Paulius Bedalis Prije 2 dana
Yay you stroog
Blyvz_ Prije 2 dana
CBS_ 22_2
CBS_ 22_2 Prije 2 dana
We hit the like goal, that means you gotta go to their homecourt
XDmariWinsXD Prije 2 dana
lucid.____. Prije 2 dana
I want a basketball because I wanna start playing basketball because of u ,snapchat lucidyoung
Nikolaj Bock Kjær
Nikolaj Bock Kjær Prije 2 dana
I dont have a basketball and i relly want a basketball
Jairo Murillo
Jairo Murillo Prije 2 dana
Im still waiting for the video that rug said if they hit 300likes
Renes Paolo
Renes Paolo Prije 2 dana
Cant wait for the 2hype homecourt
Sir Vive Pheonix
Sir Vive Pheonix Prije 2 dana
I think it was rigged lol it probably took fitty takes, to get those shots. 💯
Muhammad’s Vids
Muhammad’s Vids Prije 3 dana
Jayden Rivers-Duran
Jayden Rivers-Duran Prije 3 dana
Who’s waiting for the part 2?
Psalm David Jumawan
Psalm David Jumawan Prije 3 dana
The song kinda spoiler ngl.
Jericka Baquiran
Jericka Baquiran Prije 3 dana
Hopefully im the one of the winner a iPhone 12 and hopefully you notice me..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rg clan
Rg clan Prije 4 dana
Go to there home court Rn
Lincoln Behun
Lincoln Behun Prije 4 dana
Noah Surprise no one‘s going to the little 10K shot Rug I mean Zach Interrupts rug woah woah woah woah 10k shot Jesser Can you buy any toasters with that
JF Venom
JF Venom Prije 4 dana
I watch every videos that both of you guys make and it would mean the world to me if I won plus both the subscribe buttons are gray
Dylan O’Connor
Dylan O’Connor Prije 4 dana
Who else’s loves rug
Stevie Stewart
Stevie Stewart Prije 4 dana
He fa's rug its mi frstim woch ING ur vido so kan I ples get a baskit ball
Marquin Nelson
Marquin Nelson Prije 4 dana
My instagram is spookywiththedrip but i wanted the basketball because i lost mines and my other one popped so now i can't play basketball i have my own court and yea thats why i wanted it
YouTube ash
YouTube ash Prije 4 dana
He you turned on aim bot
Drake Stafford
Drake Stafford Prije 4 dana
I want the ball because i dont have a ball to hoop with and my youtube channel is LittleSpammer25
Yessika Mendoza
Yessika Mendoza Prije 4 dana
Because I love basket ball and I have home court and I have no basketball
sebastian gonzalez
sebastian gonzalez Prije 4 dana
i think i should win because i made my girlfriend subscribe and become a fan of all of you guys🥰
Gil Lopez
Gil Lopez Prije 5 dana
rug was irish spring green green for a while
Christian Ricci
Christian Ricci Prije 5 dana
Trip Hi
Trip Hi Prije 5 dana
I want one plz BC your the best yter ever
Kaihla Shaw
Kaihla Shaw Prije 5 dana
Hi faze rug
Kaihla Shaw
Kaihla Shaw Prije 5 dana
What is it on
Vepth Prije 5 dana
L hype
Brandon Madden
Brandon Madden Prije 5 dana
Rug you have to go to there home court now
TSM HYSSEIN Prije 5 dana
I want a basketball becuase i dont have one
Wokengs Prije 5 dana
I’m confused
Jfhf Hdhehe
Jfhf Hdhehe Prije 6 dana
Poor faze and moochie having to be with these snakes
Martin Dawson
Martin Dawson Prije 6 dana
"how i snaked my friends (ft. L hype)"
Aaron Duff
Aaron Duff Prije 6 dana
Mjbryant121 3
Mjbryant121 3 Prije 6 dana
Please can I have a basketball I would really want one everybody bullies me because I don’t have a basketball
Clex YT
Clex YT Prije 6 dana
@Mjbryant121 3 🧢
Mjbryant121 3
Mjbryant121 3 Prije 6 dana
Please believe me
Clex YT
Clex YT Prije 6 dana
The Primetime
The Primetime Prije 6 dana
so I may have one more basketball for my collection
Boom Burgers
Boom Burgers Prije 6 dana
Can I plz have a basketball because I play and my basket ball is all faded and it has no grip. I was a subscriber since 7mil.
Robert Salazar
Robert Salazar Prije 6 dana
Yo comment on my comment if rug should play his fans basketball
Abdulqader Zannerni
Abdulqader Zannerni Prije 6 dana
That day you posted the video was on my birthday :)
G money
G money Prije 7 dana
Ok so like how how how how
Mr. Sweaty
Mr. Sweaty Prije 7 dana
Rug if you see this you are the best HRpostr do another vid on the court with t jass
GoatFinesse Prije 7 dana
Did you went to there court
Marilyn Macias
Marilyn Macias Prije 7 dana
9:45 💀💀💀💀💀”AAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa”
Zachary Dulude
Zachary Dulude Prije 7 dana
he rigged it
Zachary Dulude
Zachary Dulude Prije 7 dana
Jemma Day
Jemma Day Prije 7 dana
I love you're videos
Chase The god
Chase The god Prije 7 dana
What’s the song called when he showed the highlights at the end of the video
Because I deserve it I am really good
Patrick Thorn
Patrick Thorn Prije 7 dana
That toast lives again
gamer pvp master
gamer pvp master Prije 7 dana
I spend my money for that movie
Jasvir Kaler
Jasvir Kaler Prije 8 dana
JPRU 1 Prije 8 dana
Bro i was bored so i came back to watch
UPU FleezX
UPU FleezX Prije 8 dana
Om playing basketball and i dont have a good basketball
Sohzar Prije 8 dana
Anas Hussnain
Anas Hussnain Prije 8 dana
I can’t believe rug got all the prizes
Laura Howard -Holman
Laura Howard -Holman Prije 8 dana
I would like to hang with you some day keep making go content
Laura Howard -Holman
Laura Howard -Holman Prije 8 dana
Hello Faze Rug I love your Videos
TARP Prije 8 dana
lol nasty at making an insane shot lol
Wenyell Blow
Wenyell Blow Prije 9 dana
I want to because I barely got basketball and I got a basketball hoop
GamingWithZha Hniang
GamingWithZha Hniang Prije 9 dana
The ball want faze rug to make a shots so he made into the money of 10,000
Tanya Bachmann
Tanya Bachmann Prije 9 dana
The Reason I want the basketball is because my basket bal popped so I need a new one so if I win ima be happy
Mr Mime
Mr Mime Prije 9 dana
You heard what he said 1 million likes
Daniel Dragas
Daniel Dragas Prije 9 dana
I love baskitball
Mateo Hecimovic
Mateo Hecimovic Prije 9 dana
2HYPE Ngl tho every 2HYPE member could probably still beat him in a 1v1
GlenDaSavage Prije 9 dana
I like that d.a.r.e shirt, my dad was a dare officer lol
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Prije 5 dana
@GlenDaSavage Ight bet show me
GlenDaSavage Prije 6 dana
@Mr Beast i have a screen shot lol
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Prije 7 dana
GlenDaSavage Prije 7 dana
@Mr Beast i dont?
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Prije 7 dana
Lmao likes your own comment😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀💀
renee Jackson
renee Jackson Prije 9 dana
This is my mom's account on youtube but I have your gfuel
Yo Boy
Yo Boy Prije 9 dana
The tall person looks like blue face with no tattoos
Ensar Saramati
Ensar Saramati Prije 9 dana
If Stephen Curry was there literally he would win everything
Ethan cochran
Ethan cochran Prije 8 dana
Ur point?
Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez Prije 8 dana
erika anastasiou
erika anastasiou Prije 9 dana
bro i dont want to watch your film because its too scary hahahaha but you are my favourite youtuber LOVE U BRO
Jace Buford
Jace Buford Prije 9 dana
Can I get the basket ball my brother loves basketball and I my life is not going so good
Jeremiah Swartz
Jeremiah Swartz Prije 9 dana
Because I need one
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