Rubber Band Ball Part 57

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Dylan Ayres

Prije 3 mjeseci

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FailedTheDK Prije 23 dana
Hailey Henderson
Hailey Henderson Prije mjesec
You should make a boat out of your rubber ball
Naelanni Taplin
Naelanni Taplin Prije mjesec
Marshall Bowers
Marshall Bowers Prije mjesec
Lorenzo HUMAN
Lorenzo HUMAN Prije mjesec
This man must have spend like a thousand dollaridooos on this
Therealguyyouknow Prije mjesec
What does his brother think
Bray St-Denis
Bray St-Denis Prije 2 mjeseci
Get a celebrity to help you for charity
linaleni Prije 2 mjeseci
THE GIRLS:18+ ARE BIGTITITS.UNO HRpost: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Jaishie Euna Martinez
Jaishie Euna Martinez Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow how that happened......?!
Bobbie Walker
Bobbie Walker Prije 2 mjeseci
More bands!! You legend
Weird Jolyne
Weird Jolyne Prije 2 mjeseci
This ball in 2040: colossal titan
Michał Gałęzowski
Michał Gałęzowski Prije 2 mjeseci
am i the only one wondering what would happen if you'd drop that ball from big height?
Eric Hamrick
Eric Hamrick Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes, YES! Y!E!S!
Panda Chedder
Panda Chedder Prije 2 mjeseci
I made it 778 I don't regret it
Karsten verhoek
Karsten verhoek Prije 2 mjeseci
What if u put it in sand lika a yoga ball
Gavin Lunn
Gavin Lunn Prije 2 mjeseci
take it back to the pawn shop
Lylah Clark
Lylah Clark Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro look how big it got any one remember when he first started omg
Marvin Dude official
Marvin Dude official Prije 2 mjeseci
Nice shorts
Sam Zam
Sam Zam Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine that ball going over your foot
PSCuber77 gaming
PSCuber77 gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
I can’t wait for part 69
Motivated Vlogs
Motivated Vlogs Prije 2 mjeseci
How much rubber bands do you think he broke? 🤔
Brandin Clayton
Brandin Clayton Prije 2 mjeseci
No wonder staples was out of rubber bands!
Tithen FitzGerald
Tithen FitzGerald Prije 2 mjeseci
Do the pawn shop
write over
write over Prije 2 mjeseci
My 600 lbs life
HASHEM ALAWADHI Prije 2 mjeseci
You know that rolling trip to the perfect or amazing trick shots would probably like that one of them will probably do a trick shot was on the road and one of them would probably break a hip or bone falling off
Jackson Bryant
Jackson Bryant Prije 2 mjeseci
Your mission has only just started...
Gideon Liller
Gideon Liller Prije 2 mjeseci
Build i Giant course for the ball and let us roll let’s see if it can defeat the course
Susan Mccash
Susan Mccash Prije 2 mjeseci
That ball is so cool and big
lil mazy
lil mazy Prije 2 mjeseci
This Guy Is Sponsored By Bang Energy Drinks He Literally Had It On The Floor For Hours And It Didnt Even Move Not One Bit He Didnt Even Drink It, Just Had It Showing For The Camera Because Once Again He’s Sponsored
Emberlei Carter
Emberlei Carter Prije 2 mjeseci
Like what is going on because there's no way you can fit that many rubber bands on a ball
Redwoods12 Prije 2 mjeseci
He always has a bang energy with him
Noah Staley
Noah Staley Prije 2 mjeseci
You should take it back to the pawn shop
Itz Xxfalloutkid
Itz Xxfalloutkid Prije 2 mjeseci
if any of you are wondering that swing is called a web swing theyre like $70 on amazon
Jackie Muzny
Jackie Muzny Prije 2 mjeseci
luvly Prije 2 mjeseci
And it all started with one watermelon..
Iop Prije 2 mjeseci
Make it the average American weight, somewhere near like 1000lbs.
Eric Myers
Eric Myers Prije 2 mjeseci
Push it out a air plane for the final
E A R Prije 2 mjeseci
Ah. Bang.
lincoln migandi
lincoln migandi Prije 2 mjeseci
Lets get to part 58
Tokcik Prije 2 mjeseci
This all start from a dead watermelon
Collette Moland
Collette Moland Prije 3 mjeseci
yay for you
Aleis Hill
Aleis Hill Prije 3 mjeseci
Spray paint it
Levi Clark
Levi Clark Prije 3 mjeseci
Go to the pond shop
Cey Gone
Cey Gone Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m your biggest fan and my name is it’s not real
coffeecake_ yt
coffeecake_ yt Prije 3 mjeseci
Dat watermelon be like 🍉:helloooo
Xavier Smith
Xavier Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Put it on the trampoline
Austin Ferebee
Austin Ferebee Prije 3 mjeseci
Who was here when I was only at 15 pounds✋🏽
Gaming With Ahnaf BD
Gaming With Ahnaf BD Prije 3 mjeseci
• Cakes_are-Exotic! •
• Cakes_are-Exotic! • Prije 3 mjeseci
How do you make a rubber band ball that BIG!?
Dormiens Snake
Dormiens Snake Prije 3 mjeseci
When you get to part 100 you put more bands on it and then do part 101 but in that part you cut it open
Bananas ROBLOX
Bananas ROBLOX Prije 3 mjeseci
I dare you to take it all apart 😈 I bet you wobt
Night Wolf
Night Wolf Prije 3 mjeseci
Definitely keep going with it.
Big 🅖
Big 🅖 Prije 3 mjeseci
The bang just sitting there: :|
Tyler Swift
Tyler Swift Prije 3 mjeseci
Bring it to the shop
Kelsey Guerra
Kelsey Guerra Prije 3 mjeseci
Can you try to float on the rubberband ball in the creek
Unicorn Prije 3 mjeseci
Game_lover4800 Prije 3 mjeseci
Go on plzzzzzzzzzzz
xitlali !
xitlali ! Prije 3 mjeseci
It’s heavier than me!
Ghost Prije 3 mjeseci
drop it off a really tall building and see how high it bounces
Ben Russell
Ben Russell Prije 3 mjeseci
Imagine it's so big you have to get a tractor to lift it or it fits on a trailer
Charlie Kneeling
Charlie Kneeling Prije 3 mjeseci
Rubber bands give you wart's there not very good to handle
I need Water
I need Water Prije 3 mjeseci
Why not go for the Guinness world record?
Quinshein Vlogs
Quinshein Vlogs Prije 3 mjeseci
Can you try to bounce it?
Quin Brickert
Quin Brickert Prije 3 mjeseci
U should sell it on ebay
Eveievevrud Wveueiwvwid
Eveievevrud Wveueiwvwid Prije 3 mjeseci
Carry IT Carry IT right now i dear u
Khloe Chermack
Khloe Chermack Prije 3 mjeseci
Fell on
Khloe Chermack
Khloe Chermack Prije 3 mjeseci
And I fell on my bottom
Kieran Meikleham
Kieran Meikleham Prije 3 mjeseci
Should drop it from a height
CJ Whalen
CJ Whalen Prije 3 mjeseci
Everyone : omg 422.4 lbs😱 Me: should took the extra 2.4lbs off🤦‍♂️
ASW Prije 3 mjeseci
At the end hot knife it
Vin Amaya
Vin Amaya Prije 3 mjeseci
salman musa
salman musa Prije 3 mjeseci
I dare u to ask the worlds strongest men to deadlift in
Zaeden 1
Zaeden 1 Prije 3 mjeseci
Jesus loves u
Micah Phillips Mosley
Micah Phillips Mosley Prije 3 mjeseci
I’ve been here since part 1 in 2020🥲
Michael Blackford
Michael Blackford Prije 3 mjeseci
Someone has WAY too much time on his hands...
The Dankest Of Memes
The Dankest Of Memes Prije 3 mjeseci
I remember when it was 25LBS 😂 it felt like a century ago
the_anmie*_girl_wannabe Prije 3 mjeseci
One day he's just gonna get that knife and heat it then ~slice~
Prije 3 mjeseci
You should stop at 1000 pounds
Aaliyah Alanah Villanueva
Aaliyah Alanah Villanueva Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow I love your rubber band ball videos I like to watch them and maybe you should make a bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger rubber band ball
Arzen Yu
Arzen Yu Prije 3 mjeseci
the fact that it's 1 kg more than me makes it hillarious
lol lol
lol lol Prije 3 mjeseci
"Dad, can you describe your generation? " "well son, it was full of lunatics living their life by doing whatever sht they can think of that made them happy"
lol lol
lol lol Prije 2 mjeseci
@young purple I mean with your "funny" sense of humor it basically isnt.
young purple
young purple Prije 2 mjeseci
Your basically not funny 👎
S am
S am Prije 3 mjeseci
Call in some powerlifters to try and lift it.
Michael Prije 3 mjeseci
The video kept repeating automatically, but I thought it kept getting bigger and bigger until I realized he was doing the same stuff lol!
RayTheSoggyFry Prije 3 mjeseci
I wounded if the watermelon bit has rotten by now
Tabitha_unipanda Prije 3 mjeseci
How do the rubber bands never Brake?
Nilakshi Sarma
Nilakshi Sarma Prije 3 mjeseci
Make a video where u burn the river band ball in lava 😄
shijo joy
shijo joy Prije 3 mjeseci
eric maribojoc
eric maribojoc Prije 3 mjeseci
OMG rdir dud dud !! Fjc? Dhr fh Fvfhf hf ff D ux fhxfhvfhx rhs he je ehzz s s z z e eh3b rhd thf
BigChun Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow it's almost a fifth of the weight of your mom!
Rodwell Reid
Rodwell Reid Prije 3 mjeseci
Chaz Matteo Magpantay
Chaz Matteo Magpantay Prije 3 mjeseci
Watch me get these bands bands bands🤑
RedactedX Prije 3 mjeseci
i got the 100,000th like…
Mousetrap Prije 3 mjeseci
Keep going
P Prije 3 mjeseci
Someday this Ball is gonna be on the news,and I'll think to myself I saw it happen infront of my very own eyes and look how far it has reached :')
Matthew Lester
Matthew Lester Prije 3 mjeseci
Oh my gosh that’s so big
Kaitlin Rideout
Kaitlin Rideout Prije 3 mjeseci
A707 Playz
A707 Playz Prije 3 mjeseci
We gotta see what happens if you shoot it
Ivo Cantillas
Ivo Cantillas Prije 3 mjeseci
Me Who Plays Tf2 And watching this Hmm maybe i can stairway with it
FRIZZ_FACTOR² Prije 3 mjeseci
2ndAMENDMENT LORDGUNZZ Prije 3 mjeseci
Let's hit 1 thousand guys!!!!
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