All 30 First Round Picks | 2020

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jay Prije 15 dana
This draft was mid lmao
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Prije 18 dana
Darko milicic
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña Prije 20 dana
The presentation is like the Hunger Games
Logan Spencer
Logan Spencer Prije 26 dana
Pritchard looked pissed when he got drafted
Eagle Fang
Eagle Fang Prije 26 dana
15:40 Thanks Denver *Magic Fan* Rookie Of The Month Son
Eagle Fang
Eagle Fang Prije 26 dana
9:35 the biggest steal of the draft ORLANDO MAGIC COLE ANTHONY!!!!!
ShyBlue Prije 28 dana
I love how Lamelo was drafted to Hornets, which MJ owns, the most important is Lavar and MJ are Rivals for a long time
Estanislao Molina
Estanislao Molina Prije 29 dana
para lo que los panas vinimos: 15:05 Leandro Bolmaro
Ja-Juan Spates
Ja-Juan Spates Prije mjesec
I got my boy Jamu'is Ramsey with me on 2nd round on 2020 NBA Draft. It's from Jamu'is Ramsey from Texas Tech University.
W Mc17
W Mc17 Prije mjesec
Why do some of the parents and friends act like it’s not a big deal? Lol sorry new to the sport
Hatsuo ✓
Hatsuo ✓ Prije mjesec
bruh lamelo shouldve been 2nd so lonzo wont brag about being 1 draft higher than him smh
Tshepo Kunene
Tshepo Kunene Prije mjesec
What sneaker is Hayes wearing???🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️🙆🏿‍♂️
Jefferson Edbert Jingga
Jefferson Edbert Jingga Prije mjesec
edwards melo and wiseman is the best though
Mert Prije mjesec
3:27 first thing Onyeka does is look to his left where his brother would've been sitting 😭♥️
Sach Tran
Sach Tran Prije mjesec
MJ Stands For...
cskaismful Prije mjesec
I actually cant believe it but looking back now my Pistons won the lottery!
Shu Wing Leung
Shu Wing Leung Prije mjesec
The moment when the Hornets drafted LaMelo, that's when LaVar realized that he just done wrote a check he can't cash: beating the GOAT in basketball.
B TheBomb
B TheBomb Prije mjesec
Bruh lavar was not having it
liljamba Prije mjesec
lmaooo😂james wiseman only had 3 hats he knew he was going top 3 😂imagine if he went below that 😂
yes papa
yes papa Prije mjesec
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jonathan feldman
jonathan feldman Prije 2 mjeseci
lets go fsu went crazy this year
𝓡𝓮𝓰𝓰𝓲𝓮_22k Prije 2 mjeseci
Admit it family is happy bc they got drafted and they is about to get alot of there nba money
𝓡𝓮𝓰𝓰𝓲𝓮_22k Prije 2 mjeseci
Its so strange seeing melo get drafted bc we knew him since he was like 10
All Might
All Might Prije 2 mjeseci
Cant find no highlights on “Idoku hazopuki”
Puppyslike Prije 2 mjeseci
shit i got drafted?
Funify II
Funify II Prije 2 mjeseci
Lavar was mad and you can see his dad mad now going to lakers and the reporter was talking about he even has the hay saying that’s what I said something like that I forgot
John Robert
John Robert Prije 2 mjeseci
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Harlow Prije 2 mjeseci
14:23 XD
itay Prije 2 mjeseci
אללה דני
Death Storm
Death Storm Prije 2 mjeseci
I mean its quite disrespectful to throw a cap that has a team that drafted RJ Hampton
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
R.I.P LeAngelo ball
가는말이고라니 Prije 2 mjeseci
가자마자 반지받겠네ㅋㅋ
가는말이고라니 Prije 2 mjeseci
브루클린에 뽑힌애가 1등보다 낫다ㅋㅋ
Seraph Sux
Seraph Sux Prije 2 mjeseci
Cus dad spent lots of time away as a kid 🤣🤣🤣
DBN SPLASH Prije 3 mjeseci
Y’all believe in me to come in NBA?
JeiVii Prije 2 mjeseci
No :D
Ben Cadden
Ben Cadden Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruh the bulls took williams with people like obi toppin still there
Tony Anello
Tony Anello Prije 3 mjeseci
16:17 Steal of the draft! Lets Go Knicks
Yakiiaann ‘
Yakiiaann ‘ Prije 3 mjeseci
They seemed so dissipointed in melo 💀
Kayla Prije 2 mjeseci
2008 bballgamer
2008 bballgamer Prije 3 mjeseci
are you the knicks draft class because you are going to be toppin me off quickley
Muhammad Kevin
Muhammad Kevin Prije 3 mjeseci
10:18 that boy looks like anthony davis
Lamelo Ball’s Cousin
Lamelo Ball’s Cousin Prije 3 mjeseci
The NBA intentionally skip Melo interview cuz they hate Lavar
Jayson Will
Jayson Will Prije 3 mjeseci
Wisman is a waste
Anthony !
Anthony ! Prije 3 mjeseci
Ladonna Testing
Ladonna Testing Prije 3 mjeseci
JaspiLul YT
JaspiLul YT Prije 3 mjeseci
Tyrese Haliburton is a huge steal
A210 Prije 3 mjeseci
Dudeee Anthony Edwards is so underrated
GOATmaro Prije mjesec
He is getting his respect now ANT is a monster
A210 Prije 2 mjeseci
Some of this Is yes. Right now Anthony has been having a bad couple games. But a month ago when I posted this comment his last 4 games he scored 25, 29, 34 and 42 career high. Just saying stats aren’t everything. Plus no one talks about him 😬... and there’s a reason he is the first pick
H. J. D.
H. J. D. Prije 2 mjeseci
LOL how? Is it that 37% fg % or his 31% shooting from 3’s? The 1.1 to 1 assist to TO ratio? The lack of rebounding? Or is it the fact that he’s statistically the worst defender in the league? I mean which of those makes edwards “underrated”.
KingBaller Prije 3 mjeseci
New NBA Faces!
Ashton Prater
Ashton Prater Prije 3 mjeseci
The same day lamelo got drafted lonzo was revealed in masked singer
F8 Tizzle
F8 Tizzle Prije 3 mjeseci
The guy sitting down by Anthony edwards looks like obj
BJ the goat
BJ the goat Prije 3 mjeseci
One day y'all will see my name being called
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa Prije 3 mjeseci
Did you notice the guy who yeeted the bucks hat and then he was chosen by them
DK Prije 3 mjeseci
Yeahhh James Wiseman💯😺
Yajeer Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm surprised James Borrego didn't draft Devonte Graham with the third overall pick.
자산40억 Prije 4 mjeseci
1라운드에 뽑힌거만해도 가문의 영광이지
Christian Martini
Christian Martini Prije 4 mjeseci
Haliburton steal of the draft
Ok weed cool bro i smoke yes
Ok weed cool bro i smoke yes Prije 4 mjeseci
man imagine if warriors picked Edwards bro
hot pot
hot pot Prije 4 mjeseci
that Milwaukee pick doe 😂😂😂
hot pot
hot pot Prije 3 mjeseci
Palm Dude
Palm Dude Prije 4 mjeseci
Cole Anthony biggest steal at 15
toara mahesa poluan
toara mahesa poluan Prije 4 mjeseci
edwards does not live up to the hype but he is still all star caliber in my opinion
Dady Abot
Dady Abot Prije 4 mjeseci
Anthony Edwards Obi Toppin Cole Antohony
Click Bait
Click Bait Prije 4 mjeseci
W8 how did they get thr hat that will draft them
Avery Moua
Avery Moua Prije 4 mjeseci
Obi topping not crying because he got drafted 8th overall he's crying cause he has to play for the nicks hehe
Zeke Montoya
Zeke Montoya Prije 4 mjeseci
How are they talking through a TV
PlsDotCorner 2K
PlsDotCorner 2K Prije 4 mjeseci
Denise Prije 4 mjeseci
i don't follow sports but i love these videos
A. Resom
A. Resom Prije 4 mjeseci
It males me feel good watching this
Joel Falconar
Joel Falconar Prije 4 mjeseci
the reaction to lamelo ball’s draft was kinda dead can’t lie 🤣
Kayla Prije 2 mjeseci
Frr lavar looked low-key disappointed 😭😭😭😭
Justin sloth
Justin sloth Prije 4 mjeseci
Damn the nba is prejudiced as shit against white people. F#!$ED up
Clemens Prije 5 mjeseci
0:46 what is he doing in the background on the left lol
OpasArschhaarRasierer Prije 5 mjeseci
Cobb and Junior?
Daniel Lawrie
Daniel Lawrie Prije 5 mjeseci
Did i hear Obi Toppin Say NOOOOOO at 4:30
its your boy 2k!
its your boy 2k! Prije 5 mjeseci
Well I guess there is too nba brothers with lamalo ball and lonzo icant wait for Hornets and Lakers to go again
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Prije 5 mjeseci
16:39 young 🐐
seasonlol qte
seasonlol qte Prije 5 mjeseci
Mark Washington
Mark Washington Prije 5 mjeseci
Isiah Stewart go Jamaican
Mysterious Prije 5 mjeseci
SealmZ Prije 5 mjeseci
this is my dream. i dont care what it takes and i know being from england ill have the tiniest of chances, but i dream of making it to the nba draft
obi_the_president Prije 5 mjeseci
04:14 Killians gf got that thang on her
Bethel Bizimana
Bethel Bizimana Prije 5 mjeseci
Killian hayes🦾
PATRICIA MARY Prije 5 mjeseci
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Angel Avila
Angel Avila Prije 5 mjeseci
Idk what reactions Knicks fans were after Bolmaro was drafted to Knicks.
Vitali Schumacher
Vitali Schumacher Prije 5 mjeseci
2:46 his mom is very tall
Wanderpol Tv
Wanderpol Tv Prije 5 mjeseci
90% of the new NBA players were the gifted african of descendants. I called them gifted because they have all the gifts, singing, any kind of sports, acting and many more.
Think Outloudd
Think Outloudd Prije 5 mjeseci
The commissioner is the most evil man on the planet. He reeks of evil.
MINVT0 Prije 5 mjeseci
Worst drafr lmao
Furqos Prije 5 mjeseci
Who else would love to see melo, lonzo and onyeka play together again
Edwxrd Prije 5 mjeseci
2:10 bruh, LaMelo got a doppelganger. Look beneath the Live on the upper right corner.
Rare Babe
Rare Babe Prije 5 mjeseci
Go Lewis. Roll Tide
Gid Stein
Gid Stein Prije 5 mjeseci
Bro why didn’t the Celtics take cole Anthony
Edo Prije 5 mjeseci
Ain't nobody gonna talk about 15:44?? I'm dyiiiiiiing 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Dank Frank
Dank Frank Prije mjesec
fr wtf
N.B Prije 5 mjeseci
Seeing people go through my biggest dream is AMAZING! I don´t really know why but I feel so nervous everytime I´m watching people get drafted... Am i the only one?
Aaron Eley
Aaron Eley Prije 5 mjeseci
Who watched long enough to see that gem of the dad going “FUCK NO” and throwing the bucks hat
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez Prije 5 mjeseci
Flynn the biggest steal!
Olsen Palaamo
Olsen Palaamo Prije 5 mjeseci
Just noticed Penny Hardaway with the 2nd draft pick!
BLAINE LOVE Prije 5 mjeseci
BLAINE LOVE Prije 5 mjeseci
BLAINE LOVE Prije 5 mjeseci
Tre Gleezy
Tre Gleezy Prije 5 mjeseci
Some of the parents don't look too happy especially after the 10th pick
Erik son
Erik son Prije 5 mjeseci
Edwards has a NFL neck
gato anjan
gato anjan Prije 5 mjeseci
I'm going to predict this now, but I think almost everyone behind the top three picks will be better than the top three, starting with pat williams. lamelo ball is going to be just like lonzo, Anthony Edwards I think is going to be a bust. And James Wiseman will be okay, maybe a little injury prone, not putting that on him of course. but pat will looks like the best in this draft. Obi, okoro,killian, deni, and more being decent to star level players.
ZACKY4k Prije 5 mjeseci
Everyone was so happy except lamelo that just makes me mad some how I know he good but like bro be happy for your accomplishments why is he being cool like I mean even if you already knew you were gonna be in there at least you know not do that cause that's kinda cocky
George Moy
George Moy Prije 5 mjeseci
Wtf are you waffling ab 😂 my man was happy. Sound like a salty melo hater 😆
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