EVERYTHING WRONG With The GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners DLC Update!

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EVERYTHING WRONG With The GTA 5 Online Los Santos Tuners DLC Update!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video - I'll be telling you EVERYTHING WRONG with the Los Santos Tuners DLC Update in GTA 5 Online from Moodymann to vehicle prices and MORE!

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Hope you enjoyed this video! See you guys in the next one! ✌🏻

Mrs Silver
Mrs Silver Prije 24 dana
2:28 these two npcs are so rude and annoying Like if u take look at the(❤❤ pavel) or lester they talk only in mission and in the right place at list Rackstar should give us a choice to mute them most of the times I close the tv voulm and open a music wich is sometimes I wanna hear the games sound but these people are still annoying me Thx mr boss
B Rad
B Rad Prije mjesec
I thought this update was gonna real good
Guilherme covers
Guilherme covers Prije mjesec
These npcs are the reason I play GTA without sound
ye man
ye man Prije mjesec
most of you sound like you should just jump off the game and get a life fr
Ahad Kirk
Ahad Kirk Prije mjesec
For hangers and auto shops upgrades has to be free because we bought it and we don't get something in return
Nicko Prije mjesec
Wdym about the prices gta prices are like 10x or something than irl and you dont know how much the toyota ae86 costs maybe 100k idk how much exactly but its a pretty rare and legendary car
Nicko Prije mjesec
Not being able to open the hood after spending like 150k on the engine looks is the most dissapointing
MonkeyMan Prije mjesec
Isn't kdi Dr friedlander because the guy says I just have one of those faces when the other guy tells him he looks familiar.
Colony Prije mjesec
Disliked, just cause it's Mr.Jobless FTW
JoJo Prije mjesec
Rockstar did this on purpose, they know their customers dont get laid for SHlT that's a prominent L IRL...so put it in your face lmfao DIALOGUE AND ALL
Tony CrispRuby
Tony CrispRuby Prije mjesec
For me i dont like the fact there are certain cars that can race in the tuner races And the process of these cars are very annoying Making me wander what GTA 6 might be like in the future
James J
James J Prije mjesec
Best thing about this DLC. I can quickly grind contract jobs for 150K, solo in a private session, that and Cayo Perico are the best thing RS has done in years. No quitters, griefers, or modders messing with my game.
Charlie Kavoukjian
Charlie Kavoukjian Prije mjesec
Yah I agree sessanta is so damn annoying id rather pay 1,000,000 to just hire someone else
Roxyke 129
Roxyke 129 Prije mjesec
1 item is level 1000
Andreas Beaverman
Andreas Beaverman Prije mjesec
I think you should not complain about money grinding when You clearly buying shark cards. I bet 90% of your gta money is from shark cards. So i think you should not talk about how money grinding work.
JRB ON DA BEATS Prije mjesec
Why do both brown characters have to be lame to ya boss lol whats up with that?
Cheezy McFreezie
Cheezy McFreezie Prije mjesec
"Annoying Characters" Sounds like one of them is you bro.
Dragin Slayver
Dragin Slayver Prije mjesec
U can't get it right now to bad
Mr.H Prije mjesec
I dont bother ranking up just to save couple hundred grand on vehicle trade price when its so fast and easy to do contract missions and earn money to pay full price.
illegal spawnz
illegal spawnz Prije mjesec
The finally put a dark character in the game
Ni Gello
Ni Gello Prije mjesec
I know this dude ain’t talking about annoying🙄🤦🏽‍♂️
MaxoSteve Prije mjesec
Moody man and Sessanta isn’t bad, so for you to call em knuckleheads and diss them like that is a lil over the top😂 This update isn’t bad either… it’s so bad for a game to make you actually play it…? Do y’all forget how games work? This coming from the guy who post a video about this game since 2013 talking about “take wit a grain of salt” 🥱
Phil Losier
Phil Losier Prije mjesec
Is to be honest the game sucks Rock star should be given us something a lot better There's a lot of people who put time and work into this game to get where they're at But yet rockstar makes changes to the game Now the whole game sucks is it freezes That's why they're losing their customers
Phil Losier
Phil Losier Prije mjesec
Everyone keeps on talking about receiving money for getting the new update I haven't received anything
Phil Losier
Phil Losier Prije mjesec
Every time I try to sell my car to my client in my auto shop I get to where I have to go And the person won't come out when I'm in the yellow circle
Phil Losier
Phil Losier Prije mjesec
Is my game has been freezing
Vulcanic_Outlaw Prije mjesec
Honorable mention: u made way too many vids on this already
Michael Pascher
Michael Pascher Prije mjesec
Is the Nissan NSX still coming and the Ferrarie Enzo? Still in the game?
anthonymccune25 Prije mjesec
We should get way more money upgrading AI cars in our auto shop, some of those cars are top range vehicles just like the vehicle warehouse where we’re getting 100k for every top range car.
Solomon Steiner
Solomon Steiner Prije 2 mjeseci
People are saying you can have a brain Aneurysm and randomly die. Is this true?
lmaxmai Prije 2 mjeseci
I have to disagree regarding the criticism on the ranking system and the unlocks. I like that the ranking progress is presented in a relatively subtle way. And although I understand that some may immediately want to have access to certain things, they will have to understand that this is not how it works here. And maybe, just maybe, some will gain an actual understanding about there being something intriguing about the so called random unlocks and essentially about the aspect of things taking time. A point of criticism I would have understanding for would be that there are very few to no other items added outside of these unlocks, so that there would be a choice while retaining the special standing of the unlockable items. In regards to wanted vehicles not only being so called random encounters but encounters which could also end up being a sleeping guard, a vehicle delivery with illicit content in the trunk or even an item from a movie set, I also happen to like such an implementation. Now, in regards to "Moodymann" and "Sessanta", I can certainly agree that they come across as having a tendency towards complacency and pretentiousness. However, this is how "Moodymann" has been introduced in the previous update, with the houseshoes side mission as an example for that, in my view. Also, how they are deemed annoying while "Miguel Madrazo", who seems to have been intentionally set to be annoying in certain ways, which I am not sure about the other two mentioned, is mentioned as not being annoying, it does not make sense to me.
Reg Dexter
Reg Dexter Prije 2 mjeseci
He wants to just pay for it instead of playing and if you want it right now get over it or shut up and play
Finley 1207
Finley 1207 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dudes crying because he can’t just buy a shark card and buy all the clothes and liveries.
Draylon Bell
Draylon Bell Prije 2 mjeseci
King David
King David Prije 2 mjeseci
Annoying characters? Isn't that the point of GTA? Everyone is GTA is annoying except for maybe Franklin.
Metalfacedoom Prije 2 mjeseci
All you have to do is grind races. Not rocket science
Rockbound RC
Rockbound RC Prije 2 mjeseci
only thing i see wrong is you
ThatBlitzGuy Prije 2 mjeseci
This man really just said the price is too high for the cars but in real life these cars are rare and are really expensive in real life
THANOS Prije 2 mjeseci
Only you are WRONG MrFailforTheLose
hooded farmer
hooded farmer Prije 2 mjeseci
Yeah I have to agree with you on this man some of the stuff is just messed up for instance the AI customer car trigger doesn't work all the time ,when you go to deliver the car yourself the trigger there doesn't work all the time either and if you have the staff deliver it they somehow damage the car up enough that you don't get paid fully, I mean how do AI mess up a car enough that you don't get paid fully when there's nobody in the server and you're only driving with other AIS. But the thing I want to agree but don't want to agree with you is the characters we've had enough of the annoying characters especially Brucie caboots him calling us constantly hey man when are you going to get juiced or Ron how come we haven't heard from you honestly I'd rather listen to the bantering of Moody man and his girlfriend although I have to say yes they did choose the most annoying dialogue. Oh I didn't know they removed that song that is a good old song I wonder if it was because of the copyright license expired or because someone found it to be racist hope it wasn't that I would be pissed although I don't listen to the radio because I'm a HRpostr and can't have copyright music. Yes they need to fix the exotic car list I spent 4 days in real life trying to find one car, and one day I got a server by myself and was only able to find six cars before midnight and since it was midnight I no longer couldn't find the three and the list had reset they need to make it so if you find five the list doesn't change it keeps the list the way it is until you find the other five or make it less harder to find them also one more thing change the Dot from a blue dot to maybe a red or even black because couple times I got the guard instead of the car and started looking at the map to see if it was the guard or the car. and yes the overpriced cars, I rather just wait until they're on the podium and can win them for free. I almost forgot the missions logics and the fact that all our beautiful armored and weaponized cars and weapons that have special bullets all sit and cut dust.
Skyler Conley
Skyler Conley Prije 2 mjeseci
Rep Gain with anything from the auto shop would have made the rep actually bareable.
Entua Prije 2 mjeseci
When mrboss hates it you know it's bad
Jesse Hill
Jesse Hill Prije 2 mjeseci
Ngl like even the bunker had an option to buy the research , sure it was expensive af but like I had to clear almost the whole thing for my missels for the oppressor meanwhile I was getting super griefed while my friend had the rockets in his first 5
Outlaw Hickey
Outlaw Hickey Prije 2 mjeseci
Rockstar needs to lay off the crack pipe !
Alex B
Alex B Prije 2 mjeseci
Just some random russian guy opinion here. I don't like KDJ & Sessi, but DLC overall seems ok. Imagine this will be Lamar & some other fun chick ? That would be so awesome. Lamar is my number one character/npc in both story & online.
adrian nunez
adrian nunez Prije 2 mjeseci
an ae86 would put u back wayy more than a mark 5 supra so the futo gtx price is reasonable
MONSTA Prije 2 mjeseci
Look how much money U have stop being stingy 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Myke Prije 2 mjeseci
The only wrong thing about this is that you made a video about it 🧐
SkeletonArrow Prije 2 mjeseci
Y is he such a 5 year old
Schnell Prije 2 mjeseci
Rockstar: we want you to play our game and invest time so that earned items are more fulfilling MrBossFTW: *Angry privileged kid noises* 😡
TheMonkeyFlu DG
TheMonkeyFlu DG Prije 2 mjeseci
TheMonkeyFlu DG
TheMonkeyFlu DG Prije 2 mjeseci
The old mechanic... You mean DONG right? 🤣
Maxwell Baca
Maxwell Baca Prije 2 mjeseci
I thought thw cayo perico update sucked and then rockstar had to one up the suckery to make this
Maxwell Baca
Maxwell Baca Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't waste your time on the new update it sucks
Ben Prije 2 mjeseci
Red dead online player: You guys get content? (Saying this as a player that plays both games, more red dead)
Randen Ragan
Randen Ragan Prije 2 mjeseci
No you know how we all feel listening to you every video.
Stuzzy P
Stuzzy P Prije 2 mjeseci
Thats was my favorite song on gta 😭
Xbox Freak
Xbox Freak Prije 2 mjeseci
I liked them and their banter between each other. They're not on the same Level of cool as our player created characters but they pretty cool.
Detelinara Kraljevina
Detelinara Kraljevina Prije 2 mjeseci
loser hahaha
Jai Croos
Jai Croos Prije 2 mjeseci
This pease of shit really said why do I have to grind to get something I want it now 💀💀💀
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
No doubt the most annoying character is English Dave. I really want him to stop calling me. You can't even stop the damn call
Silv3rgo Prije 2 mjeseci
Another annoying thing. My auto tuner shop is glitched, i can't return car to owner , that was given me for repairs. Everytime, i try to give it back, it throws error "Transaction failed because inventory or price data is invalid" . Tried to do it with staff - didnt work, tried to blow it up - didnt work. Last time i logged in -- now i can't even interact on it.
blueberry juice gaming
blueberry juice gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
i like all the chators in the tuners up date
Reece Stanford
Reece Stanford Prije 2 mjeseci
Mrboss for the whinge 🙄 have to understand that the OG players who loved the car meets and races and that love this update and the grind. The game has gone silly with the overpricing and easy access to all the stuff we used to grind for
Cody Bear
Cody Bear Prije 2 mjeseci
Not every update NEEDS weaponized vehicles or sports cars MrLoss
faded ninja119
faded ninja119 Prije 2 mjeseci
How old r you boss because to me you sound like a 5 year old who didn't get that toy from the store and now your kicking and screaming looks like you need a timeout lmao
C Karnz
C Karnz Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree, KDJ and Sessanta are clowns.. don’t be overly ghetto and GET A DAMN ROOM.
jaymes weesner
jaymes weesner Prije 2 mjeseci
Prices are definitely the worst part of this update and the lock wall have to do a stupid ass amount of grinding
Justin Mills
Justin Mills Prije 2 mjeseci
The vehicles you get from customers to fix up at the auto shop how the like it, it should pay 2x-4x times that original price ($20,000-$35,000) that you take home. Which would be more worth it. The finding export vehicles around the map isn’t that worth it for me but if the contract missions would stay in your current session instead of taking you out of it, I’d be much happier and those two (contacts and auto shop vehicles should significantly help car meet reputation.
kenreal noob
kenreal noob Prije 2 mjeseci
2Cozy Gaming
2Cozy Gaming Prije 2 mjeseci
Strongly disagree with your moodyman and sessanta take. No way they’re worse than any madrazo family member. But to each their own I guess
Randy Fellows
Randy Fellows Prije 2 mjeseci
Me and my friend have been calling this the Muhf*cka update. They keep saying over and over in every piece of dialogue. Very annoying.
The Disappointed Gamer
The Disappointed Gamer Prije 2 mjeseci
I wish you could customize the quick gps options so I didn’t have to go through a whole list of places I don’t go to to find the ones I do
Panda13 Prije 2 mjeseci
“40 year old toyota” *cries and sobs in pain*
Niko2012 Prije 2 mjeseci
Mrbossftw is a virgin considering how awkward he got when talking about them characters 🤣
Felo Rivera
Felo Rivera Prije 2 mjeseci
They gave us sweet Pavel, then flipped us with Moody and his hoe...shame we can't put a bullet in them in a finale lol
Cruz Pet's
Cruz Pet's Prije 2 mjeseci
They just trying to make family
bgo_music Prije 2 mjeseci
So because they black there not cool wow why you only say the white that cool what about the black people they got rights to😡
Pufy Dufy
Pufy Dufy Prije 2 mjeseci
Lst, English etc... and now this two Stupid . I saved the world, rob a drug lord on an island full of security people, etc. and these fools treat me like a I saved the world, rob a drug lord on an island full of security people, etc. and these fools treat me like a noob!!!
pak0chu Prije 2 mjeseci
Love that you hire staff for the auto shop for hundreds of thousands dollars, and it doesn't include a driver license
Reybert Jover
Reybert Jover Prije 2 mjeseci
Cant believe you complain at the prices while you get fast money at Cayo.
Zachary Chamberlain
Zachary Chamberlain Prije 2 mjeseci
I have to agree about the dialogue. Just get a fucking room already.
Charles Molnar
Charles Molnar Prije 2 mjeseci
The bugs in this update are HORRIBLE. can't customize your car in your own auto shop unless you session hop. Can't modify customer vehicles unless you hop, can't deliver cars sometimes.. it's a headache
Hybr!d X3R0
Hybr!d X3R0 Prije 2 mjeseci
I even noticed some minor changes like not being able to change your outfit while in water unlike before the update and another thing I’ve noticed is that when before selling vehicle cargo, customizing them with the highest commission you don’t have as much customization options as before...
Amanda Nichilson
Amanda Nichilson Prije 2 mjeseci
Thanks for what you do most times your right...and there ..on you
Godz1la Prije 2 mjeseci
Can’t even cap I made all my money back and some from my work shop contracts I’m making bank
Darron Steele
Darron Steele Prije 2 mjeseci
Didn't buy a dlc car yet
Randy Boykin
Randy Boykin Prije 2 mjeseci
Yea you just lost a subscriber 🤦🏾‍♂️ this video was useless
thomas donaldson
thomas donaldson Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel like u don't like black characters. Also u sound like Lazlo. Is this asshole Lazlo?
LM01 Prije 2 mjeseci
Bruh stfu
nemesis_S Prije 2 mjeseci
The prices. Are high yeah. But the cayo perico earns way more. The more amount money players can earn. How higher the prices become. I can see updates with only cars from 2m or more
Carlos Farmer
Carlos Farmer Prije 2 mjeseci
They just want us to spend our money up!
The Unknown Projects
The Unknown Projects Prije 2 mjeseci
I just wanted to remind you that I was born at a very young age!
Deadly Odin-117
Deadly Odin-117 Prije 2 mjeseci
Every time they talk to each other I feel like I need some ear bleach.
Deadly Odin-117
Deadly Odin-117 Prije 2 mjeseci
The two new contacts are so cringy.
Deadly Odin-117
Deadly Odin-117 Prije 2 mjeseci
GTA radio stations pretty much are dead already.
V5-Zeqqzx Prije 2 mjeseci
He dont like black people he only said something bad about the black new characters
Isax Prije 2 mjeseci
You can see your reputation level when your in lsm when you push down on d pad
Guy 007
Guy 007 Prije 2 mjeseci
Your just racist thats why you ont like sassanta and my g 🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ they aint weird, its just aint your culture 🤷🏾‍♂️, dont be mad.
kxng Dejongh
kxng Dejongh Prije 2 mjeseci
You sound racist bro 😂 like bruh wats wrong with the black characters
NotA_N00B- Prije 2 mjeseci
Well toughen up buttercup we have alot of annoying characters like Simone and I actually think sennatha and moodyman is funny af
Cody Bear
Cody Bear Prije 2 mjeseci
Who's Simone?
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