Honest Trailers | Wonder Woman 1984

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Honest Trailers | Wonder Woman 1984
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, Lon Harris, & Logan Rees
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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Screen Junkies Prije 9 dana
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Studio Zero
Studio Zero Prije 14 sati
Mom Fears My Music
Mom Fears My Music Prije 23 sati
Skyler loggins
Skyler loggins Prije 2 dana
Josh F
Josh F Prije 3 dana
Please say :like and subcribe
Itachi Op
Itachi Op Prije 4 dana
1+1=3 how😂😂😂
Chill Cosby
Chill Cosby Prije 48 minuta
Donald Trumo doesn't like his son? Which one?
Chibi Studio
Chibi Studio Prije 58 minuta
Am I the only one who thinks Pedro Pascal looks like a completely different person without his mustache?
M Cruz
M Cruz Prije 3 sati
WW: I don't have a tv Narrator:Ma'am you have several (lmao love the delivery here)
thenewtaithotel Prije 4 sati
weird end to an awesome vid, is it purposeful tongue-in-cheek misogyny? from a women who suffers from male ptsd in her career and life that was such a bummer.
How Do I Do It?
How Do I Do It? Prije 7 sati
"Wonder Woman sacrifice her love to stop other people wish coming true." bro
Purefoldnz Prije 8 sati
What did Bruce Wayne wish for during the wish incident of 1984
Victor Roca
Victor Roca Prije 8 sati
LMAO the way he says "dewwwwww" and "bewbs"
Tìwi Tiwí
Tìwi Tiwí Prije 9 sati
that one woman who wished for $1M. girl, why not wish for more?
David Lim
David Lim Prije 10 sati
To be fair to Steve Trevor, Washington's Metro didn't exist till 1976. And even if it did exist in the 1800s the station and trains wouldn't look like that!
Matthew MacDonald
Matthew MacDonald Prije 11 sati
Please say Trumps rump got buuuummmppeeedd
Augustus Gigous
Augustus Gigous Prije 12 sati
Is anyone else impressed that the White House, 184 years old (in 1984), burned down once, reconstructed and renovated 6 six times, managed to be still standing after two superhumans had a brawl across the building? Other films had the White House be damaged or destroyed by conventional weapons, acts of God and aliens, but the only thing completely broken was a column and a couple of crooked paintings.
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Prije 13 sati
Worst DCEU film since Batman v Superman for me
Dhiren Tevatia
Dhiren Tevatia Prije 13 sati
Steve should never have come back it literally negates his sacrifice in the previous one.
Graypaws Prije 10 sati
They had to make his sacrifice hers somehow. Cuz feminism.
zane wilkins
zane wilkins Prije 13 sati
Say devils marmalade Wiki Tiki Tata
Dae_ Da71
Dae_ Da71 Prije 15 sati
I liked the part where the guy was arguing with a woman, and told her to drop dead that was funny 💀
AntarcticMagpie Prije 16 sati
Why is no-be talking about the "Crown" joke at 5:05 .....?
Dustin Raphael
Dustin Raphael Prije 16 sati
2:34 WOW! I am going to get so much use out of that
Pokémon cards opening
Pokémon cards opening Prije 16 sati
that's why it's the worst film ever
DMT51 Prije 17 sati
I think the movie was fine. Not great but not bad
DC Tripoli
DC Tripoli Prije 20 sati
So when are you going to do Hamilton?
Vaughan Crittenden
Vaughan Crittenden Prije 20 sati
Not trying to be that guy....but that's not the same mall from Stranger Things.
AJ Prije 21 sat
Apart from fighting Barbra. The movie sucks in every possible way
jianndra keddry
jianndra keddry Prije 22 sati
Miss Britanya
Miss Britanya Prije 23 sati
So cat calling women is a terrible thing but using a man’s body for sexual gratification while his consciousness is off or asleep is completely fine...? Who wrote this
AntarcticMagpie Prije 16 sati
Daniel Jeppesen
Daniel Jeppesen Prije 23 sati
Say ''mamachichi"
Trini Fernandez
Trini Fernandez Prije dan
she literally looks the same??? Maybe even a little cuter with the glasses
Richard H
Richard H Prije dan
We are all selfish and inheritally evil
Bradley Coates
Bradley Coates Prije dan
Have you seen John Ford's wee willy winky?
Jackie Giusti
Jackie Giusti Prije dan
I seriously don't think you're harsh enough for how bad this movie was
blastouse 9,000
blastouse 9,000 Prije dan
It would've been awesome to see a Vietnam or Korean war wonder woman movie
Daniel Olczyk
Daniel Olczyk Prije dan
4:00 - Cat calling women will turn them into cats? Like... anime catgirls? HOOOOO BOOOOY IT'S TIME TO BE SEXIST ALL RIGHT!!!
Unknown Random
Unknown Random Prije dan
Why was this movie so bad?
Frosty Yogurt
Frosty Yogurt Prije dan
cgi drown jellicle
DPC Prije dan
WW1 the world at war...84..Cold war..nuclear threat to humanity and the AIDS crisis tearing through society and the world on the brink of destruction...
Project: Particular Justice
Project: Particular Justice Prije dan
7-10 of the walking dead!
kolim jone
kolim jone Prije dan
The movie would be much better if Steve Trevor comes back looking like John Candy.
Саша Резанов
Саша Резанов Prije 21 sat
You copied "Bill c "s comment.
Dan Mack
Dan Mack Prije dan
Cliff Hanger! pretty plz
Pranav Mahajan
Pranav Mahajan Prije dan
Who will be the new voice now 😢😭
Samantha Nyarko
Samantha Nyarko Prije dan
purpleslog Prije dan
“The wishwang”
KissedPuppet Prije dan
That last burn... oof, baby, very oof.
kolim jone
kolim jone Prije dan
Robert Wood
Robert Wood Prije dan
Worst since Electra
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Prije dan
Listen, when the people in the DC film universe fall for you, THEY FALL, HARD. I mean, look at how Bruce talked about failing Superman, in life, when he attended his funeral, after having only known him for a day. Lol
87keno1 Prije dan
i died when he said goldaaaar!
Potted Plant Entertainment
Potted Plant Entertainment Prije dan
Truly terrible film.
Bill ‘Stroke’ Tracy
Bill ‘Stroke’ Tracy Prije dan
I mostly liked the first movie. But WW84 absolutely sucks donkey balls.
gypsymermaid Prije dan
I REALLY appreciated the Hook reference. Thanks.
Bill c
Bill c Prije dan
The movie would be much better if Steve Trevor comes back looking like John Candy.
matrix teknologies
matrix teknologies Prije dan
have you made Honest Trailers of yourself (Honest Trailers | Honest Trailers )yet?
ShadyPelican Prije dan
How is it that everyone's wish EXCEPT Diana's came true in their literal forms? Diana didn't wish for a "Quantum-Leap" style Steve Trevor to come back, and yet that's what she got. Why give her invisibility and ONLY use it on the jet? Make the golden armor invisible! (and shouldn't Barbara ALSO have this power?) Would've been a good thing to use against Doomsday or Steppenwolf too! But hey, f&$* any sort of continuity! This is DC! She'll go back to her pre-1984 powers in the Snyder cut!
Bogdan Paunescu
Bogdan Paunescu Prije dan
This would have been a solid 4/5 movie if it came out in 1993 and direct to VHS.
Bill c
Bill c Prije dan
What if Rosanne Barr direct the 3rd movie?
Bill c
Bill c Prije dan
That movie is crap anyway
Bhargav Srinath
Bhargav Srinath Prije dan
You know the movie's really bad when even the Honest Trailer sucks balls
Mia K
Mia K Prije dan
Do Freaky Friday (2003)!
Drew Mister
Drew Mister Prije dan
2:02 Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
James Prije dan
Thank you for giving me more reasons to not watch this movie.
Radioheactive Prije dan
The boss fight is basically Tom cat vs Cuckoo the yellow bird
James Fleming
James Fleming Prije dan
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is Sony, not Disney
Steven Mariga
Steven Mariga Prije dan
I Wonder if Bruce Wayne made a wish🤔
Sam Ar
Sam Ar Prije dan
Wondewomen 2 just waste of money, they could have just donated to someone
Bill c
Bill c Prije dan
Woman director
German Borquez
German Borquez Prije dan
You went kinda easy on this.
z414141 Prije dan
And to think there was an entire room full of people who signed on for this worthless movie. Why did anyone think this was a good idea. Why?
John M.
John M. Prije dan
monnnnnney!!!!! $$$
Jay McD
Jay McD Prije dan
Just had to shoe horn in "all men are creeps" didn't they
GundamofSpitara Prije 2 dana
You should do Sky High!
franstan dsouza
franstan dsouza Prije 2 dana
Please say..... I love cuddling hamsters
Red Hood
Red Hood Prije 2 dana
Patty Jenkins didn't direct the first one
Thepowerlies Prije 2 dana
That part were all the guys randomly hit on them in a creepy way
Fruit Punch Samurai
Fruit Punch Samurai Prije 2 dana
Cat's can't Roar
fatmanosu Prije 2 dana
I love Sky High also.
xavier Lee
xavier Lee Prije 2 dana
it is really hard for those people who don't have enough background knowledge to understand .
Zakx 117
Zakx 117 Prije 2 dana
Maxwell lord is kinda discount lucifer
Abdallah Bouzid
Abdallah Bouzid Prije 2 dana
I can't believe you didn't mention the wings, serieusly? did you take it easy on the movie?
Mohd Nazri
Mohd Nazri Prije 2 dana
Not only 2020 hit us really badly, they added WW and Tenet just to make sure we totally doomed..
cwam1701e Prije 23 sati
No, no! Tenet was good...I think?
Old School
Old School Prije 2 dana
Nobody who had anything to do with this ever even opened a comic book
Matt YT
Matt YT Prije 14 sati
they opened one... looked at it, said ooh pretty, then closed it again
It was pretty obvious
Moritz Gebert
Moritz Gebert Prije 2 dana
Love it absolutely love it
7amoodiii Prije 2 dana
This movie was so bad ...
Luke Baldock
Luke Baldock Prije 2 dana
Loved the first one hated the second
x y
x y Prije 2 dana
I just cant understand how you can make such a terrible sequal when the first one was really good. Patty has just destroyed one of the most popular dc characters.
Gingerneric Gaming
Gingerneric Gaming Prije 2 dana
You can't lie... We only watched this movie for Gal Gadot.
Graypaws Prije 10 sati
I admit, I tried to watch it because of her. I couldn’t finish it because of everything.
B Agamer
B Agamer Prije 18 sati
And even shes pretty bland, wouldnt mind a round or two though
Gingerneric Gaming
Gingerneric Gaming Prije dan
@Lee-Yam Katav I was distracted 😂
Lee-Yam Katav
Lee-Yam Katav Prije dan
You mean Gal Gadot?
Alain Proust
Alain Proust Prije 2 dana
"Amazon wish list" haha !
Nikhil A
Nikhil A Prije 2 dana
Please say in your voice "your mother"
AKA SGSVirgil Prije 2 dana
Here's my TL;DR review: The movie totally sucked.
Hamanda Pramadhika
Hamanda Pramadhika Prije 2 dana
"Go full Jafar" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jackson Cason
Jackson Cason Prije 2 dana
I can't even make a joke about how bad this movie was. It was just bad bad.
Merciful Torturer
Merciful Torturer Prije 15 sati
So bad it's... no it's just bad.
Onizuka Eichiki
Onizuka Eichiki Prije 2 dana
Wonder women: *swings on lightning Thor: is she with you....?? Spiderman: i thought she is with you...
Ivory AS
Ivory AS Prije 3 sati
Onizuka Eichiki Referencing one of the few parts of the movie I _actually _*_liked?_* *_Nice_*
Beretta249 Prije 2 dana
2:41 "produced by Zach and Deborah Snyer." KNEW IT!
Bennett Hasty
Bennett Hasty Prije 2 dana
Very disappointing movie, great Honest Trailer
Dave Coons
Dave Coons Prije 2 dana
What's harder to believe? In an Amazonian warrior God in a swimsuit that looks like an Israeli supermodel, or that guys don't like Kristen Wiig because she is clumsy?
GravitySlave Prije 2 dana
If you ever wanted to torture people...like really get under their skin to make them talk...just force them to watch this, Ghostbusters 2016 and all of Tyler Perry movies in one sitting.
johnny sunshine
johnny sunshine Prije 2 dana
Madonna.. Who's that girl?
Kyle Wollman
Kyle Wollman Prije 2 dana
Why didn't Diana fight the Nazis?
patricio garces
patricio garces Prije 2 dana
wonder woman: nothing ever happens...
legrandliseur tri
legrandliseur tri Prije 2 dana
3:15 Uh, didn't know that Catwoman was a lannister.
Squigiman Prije 2 dana
*Principal Powers
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije 2 dana
blind person: I wish I had my sight back wonder woman: no sorry that's cheating. lol
Dishank Chavhan
Dishank Chavhan Prije 2 dana
westworld please
Alex Morales
Alex Morales Prije 2 dana
We honeastly desearved beater. whaa hapeanedd wounder womyn?! whyyyyyyyy????! (I truly wanted a strong leader as WW.... )
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Prije 2 dana
I love that this trailer reminds people that WarnerMedia and its Warner Bros. subsidiary are part of AT&T...
CommentPoster10 Prije 2 dana
You forgot to mention that Max Lord stole his evil plan from Bruce Almighty
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