ON THIS DAY | Dean Smith Appointed Aston Villa Manager

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Neil Cheshire
Neil Cheshire Prije mjesec
Wishing you lots more success Dean!
Andy Brogan
Andy Brogan Prije mjesec
I have already confessed.... I lost faith in Dean last year, I hang my head in shame now... Well done Gaffa, you're one of our own, I'll never doubt you again 😊
Villa Vids
Villa Vids Prije mjesec
Dean has proven me wrong so many times! The club has grown a lot over the last two years. Keep up the good work Deano.
Huddle TV
Huddle TV Prije mjesec
Here's how Social Medias reacted to Liverpool lost: hrpost.info/history/oZl4ZLXMjMmagn4/video
John Kearney
John Kearney Prije mjesec
Never doubted or questioned this mans capabilities. After that Liverpool win in my eyes Dean Smith is a Legend and what he has done in 2 years is absolutely incredible. I take my hat off to you Dean Smith .. congratulations and UP THE MIGHTY VILLA 🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁👊⚽️👍👍👍
David Johnson
David Johnson Prije mjesec
Never doubted Deano for a second,,new it would take a while for him to settle in and get a grip! This is not an easy job Aston Villa are a massive club with genuine historical heritage and real history. This man is claret and blue to the core if we can't stand by him a genuine villa man who do we stand by????? In deano I trust in deano we trust lol!!! Up the villa!!!🙌🏻❤️💙
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
@ David Bradley vid @ villa vids origin hopefully there will be more to come with success
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart Prije mjesec
It's been an incredible turnaround over the last two years. This momentum needs to be sustained, though, but I have confidence that we now have a squad, staff and system that can bring success to the club. UTV from a Kent Lion.
sharky09000 Prije mjesec
Good things come to those that wait, KTF & FLL UTV🦁
Adam Witches
Adam Witches Prije mjesec
Magic, never been prouder.
Tom Cowley
Tom Cowley Prije mjesec
Deano Deano Deano 💜
DanThe VillaFan
DanThe VillaFan Prije mjesec
Deanoooo! I remember my only trip to Villa Park in our promotion season was the Swansea game and it became his first game. Who knew he'd take us on this incredible rise back to where we belong?! UTV
Nasma Juma
Nasma Juma Prije mjesec
DEAN SMITH SPEACH 👉👉👉hrpost.info/history/oduffcqTkc2wa20/video
Sucheep Nontinapakul
Sucheep Nontinapakul Prije mjesec
I love Aston villa every time ... from Thailand...
Papat Seingsuttivong
Papat Seingsuttivong Prije mjesec
อย่าถามว่าหาความสวยงาม เพราะทุกสกอร์มันสวยงามในตัวของมันและของพวกเราทุกคน ตอนนี้พวกคุณไม่ได้วิ่งในสนามเพื่อเงินแต่คุณวิ่งเพื่อพวกเรา เป็นมากกว่ากองเชียร์ พวกเราทุกคือครอบครัว
Eirik Åvedal
Eirik Åvedal Prije mjesec
Aston villa are BEST
Jimmy Danger
Jimmy Danger Prije mjesec
God I love him, Up the Smiths! 💜💙
123 456
123 456 Prije mjesec
Incredible achievement, taking over a club fighting to stay in the championship in 15th, promoted in half a season on charge, Wembley twice, staying in the prem with lots of new player still learning and now beating the champions, villa could even be top 4 by the end of the season and be playing of they continue in the same form. European football could be back at Villa park next season. UTV
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
I'm telling you now, it was an absolute masterstroke by Dean appointing Craig Shakespeare
philly d
philly d Prije mjesec
Thank you to NSWE for saving our club and for bringing Dean Smith and his superb coaches to us too. 💜💙
Ben Pearce
Ben Pearce Prije mjesec
Also my birthday! UTV! Thanks for the early present
avfc85 Prije mjesec
Ben Pearce happy birthday
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije mjesec
This manager won't have his head swayed by other jobs should villa maintain the upward swerve they are clearly on. He will finish what he's started and as a over optimistic villa fan I envisage challenging for trophies in the not distant future. If Sean Dyche is 4/1 fav to be next England manager, this one should be 1/5.
jason duggan
jason duggan Prije mjesec
he is getting us BACK to where we should be! nice and steady, its great to see us continually getting better and better, great owners and staff, we have had a full overhaul since te days of bruce,and its showing we have done some good business, sky is the limit with these boys, utv
Maurice BONKOUNGOU Prije mjesec
Aston Villa go Traoré ❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️🇧🇫🇧🇫🇧🇫🇧🇫
Malone m
Malone m Prije mjesec
7/2 do I need to say more UTV💪
MrJackson12345678909 Prije mjesec
I absolutely hate villa always have
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs Prije mjesec
Obsessed. Why are you on a villa video then😂😂👌
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
Love it 🤣
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
Hates villa but comments on villa vids typical anti villa fan club utv
Alfie Fenton
Alfie Fenton Prije mjesec
Sounds like a you problem mate
Darth Prije mjesec
That's brilliant son
Lukas Vestergaard
Lukas Vestergaard Prije mjesec
What a manager
Papat Seingsuttivong
Papat Seingsuttivong Prije mjesec
Super Dean & The support #TJ26
Tom Williams
Tom Williams Prije mjesec
Save the best till last ha ha ha ha ha ha
PlasmF1re Prije mjesec
Utv Villa Fans love this team this season UP THE VILLA!!!
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
Subbing to everyone who subs to me Prije mjesec
I pray who reads this becomes succesfull in life.
Talladega Bodega
Talladega Bodega Prije mjesec
UTV brooo
B R A U Prije mjesec
Thanks bro UTV🦁
Ben Phillips
Ben Phillips Prije mjesec
Thanks bro you too👊UTV
Ashy OG
Ashy OG Prije mjesec
Thanks bro UTV!
SK:DYLAN Prije mjesec
That was a sick video🤘
Mr Kuwait
Mr Kuwait Prije mjesec
Tell What villa will go to europe this season
And the rest is 7-2
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson Prije mjesec
UTV 🦁💙💜
Andrew Hansard
Andrew Hansard Prije mjesec
Love Deano. It feels so good to support the club right now and that man has worked wonders!
Jamie Menzies
Jamie Menzies Prije mjesec
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Pedro Stanjel
Pedro Stanjel Prije mjesec
Deano Deano Deano!
Jack Cooke
Jack Cooke Prije mjesec
Brilliant video! ❤❤❤
Saran Somnuek
Saran Somnuek Prije mjesec
Look younger than today. He work hard to bring success to us.
SharkSprayYTP Prije mjesec
its mad. we went from losing 3-0 to Wigan to beating the champions of England 7-2. Dean Smith and the owners have turned this club into something thats a joy to watch instead of thinking "are we going to lose to Luton" its now "i dont see why we cant beat anyone"
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
@Big Virgil Thanks mate, classy comment. Best wishes
Big Virgil
Big Virgil Prije mjesec
Fair play , you absolutely destroyed us 👏👏👏
Rob Picken
Rob Picken Prije mjesec
I’ve seen a lot of ups & downs in my lifetime as a villa fan, so it’s nice to finally see villa back on their feet after years of shit
CookieWithACat Prije mjesec
Hands up, who else never once called for this man's head? It was clear the club had a project and one that they are achieving sustainably. The turnaround over the last two years is down to the board, the coach and the players. Exciting times ahead!
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
The Craig Shakespeare appointment has been absolutely key
David Johnson
David Johnson Prije mjesec
I can honestly say I never called for his head 🙏🏻 Who would replace him? Give me one name? In deano we trust!! VTID....
Dan Joyce
Dan Joyce Prije mjesec
Hated when 90% percent of our fans wanted Smith out, even after his father's passing, love what he's doing at the club, Villa through and through, UTV
Bordiga Armchair
Bordiga Armchair Prije mjesec
Mate Kennedy
Mate Kennedy Prije mjesec
In Dean we trust. UTV
mayvinho pes
mayvinho pes Prije mjesec
Who saw frankn lampard
Bonnie Tin
Bonnie Tin Prije mjesec
If everyone have watched the video, they must see him
AVB 81
AVB 81 Prije mjesec
Bonnie Tin
Bonnie Tin Prije mjesec
Derby County lol
Pheonex chicken
Pheonex chicken Prije mjesec
fan from india
19822andy Prije mjesec
Cheers Deano. I was skeptical but you proved me wrong VTID UTV
robmychicken BTW
robmychicken BTW Prije mjesec
mayvinho pes
mayvinho pes Prije mjesec
After year he beated liverpool
German Shepard Gamer
German Shepard Gamer Prije mjesec
Up the villa
Bonnie Tin
Bonnie Tin Prije mjesec
We will win the title !!!
Aaron Patel
Aaron Patel Prije mjesec
Bordiga Armchair and ur point being
Prashant Prije mjesec
Aaron Patel it’s a joke it’s not delusion it’s just spreading positivity masked as a joke. Hence the europe comments too
Bordiga Armchair
Bordiga Armchair Prije mjesec
Aaron Patel your name is aaron😂😂😂
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
@Bordiga Armchair I know that mate, but it just gives an opportunity to our neighbours to jump on it. utv
Aaron Patel
Aaron Patel Prije mjesec
Bordiga Armchair still DELUDED
KHALED GAMES Prije mjesec
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