CRAZIEST World Records of All Time

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Jarvis & Kay

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R1tual_YT Prije 9 sati
Imagine that big dog chasing you
Paris Xiourouppa
Paris Xiourouppa Prije 3 dana
I got 648 before
Paris Xiourouppa
Paris Xiourouppa Prije 3 dana
Timetable rock sarts
Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Prije 4 dana
Yo the one who pulls the boat with her teeth is not cool
Marcus holloway
Marcus holloway Prije 9 dana
Oh shes playing fortnite aswell no thats dauntless
Jozua Phillips
Jozua Phillips Prije 10 dana
2:07 what the hek jarvis
harrison carter
harrison carter Prije 12 dana
Tt rockstars If you know you know
mr.gatoulis 07
mr.gatoulis 07 Prije 15 dana
2:41 age its just a number
Olivia Deighton
Olivia Deighton Prije 15 dana
Olivia Deighton
Olivia Deighton Prije 15 dana
my high score on tt rockstars is 200
Death Trooper
Death Trooper Prije 16 dana
Faze Grandma
Corbin Kutscher
Corbin Kutscher Prije 18 dana
60 x 11=660
Qandeel Zahra
Qandeel Zahra Prije 22 dana
3:54 I can solve 180 in 1 minute
lawa Esmael
lawa Esmael Prije 27 dana
I have done more then him I have done 201trust there trust on time tables ttrockstars
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Prije mjesec
Love the content keep it up
Álvaro Pascual Ravello
Álvaro Pascual Ravello Prije mjesec
The people in this video are crazy
GHX_ Jxseph
GHX_ Jxseph Prije mjesec
The guy pullin the ship looks like boris😂👌🥸
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez Prije mjesec
ur camera or phone is damijed.
Gilbert Torres
Gilbert Torres Prije mjesec
Ima send him all my homework
Aria Yadaei
Aria Yadaei Prije mjesec
You mean most wanted 😂
Infernos Insane
Infernos Insane Prije mjesec
I mean these are sick but I plugged in my iPad with my foot
SumargXYZ Prije mjesec
👍💅 Eh What!...
Armando Martinez
Armando Martinez Prije mjesec
11times 60 equals 666 right?
Miranda WOYCE
Miranda WOYCE Prije mjesec
Eric Kooistra
Eric Kooistra Prije mjesec
Ok Mmmm
Jeremiah qoro
Jeremiah qoro Prije mjesec
when kay said hes a human couculater that references to selvester from scorpion
Jacob Grego
Jacob Grego Prije mjesec
The dog tho. So tall.
Jacob Grego
Jacob Grego Prije mjesec
This is insane bro
Sanjar Gaus
Sanjar Gaus Prije mjesec
Landon’s Insane Gaming
Landon’s Insane Gaming Prije mjesec
I love bruush
Gustavo Becerra
Gustavo Becerra Prije 2 mjeseci
6:26 looks like a horse
Lily Lily
Lily Lily Prije 2 mjeseci
god b,ess u to and have a nice day and stay safe
Izabela Romanowicz
Izabela Romanowicz Prije 2 mjeseci
jarvis is literally sweating on every video i watch
Laura Majauskaite-Kudzmiene
Laura Majauskaite-Kudzmiene Prije 2 mjeseci
and jarvis 11tims60 is 666
Brayden Posey
Brayden Posey Prije 2 mjeseci
Gray Kil
Gray Kil Prije 2 mjeseci
My uncle dog is biger
Peter Gregerson
Peter Gregerson Prije 2 mjeseci
The dog looking like a mini horse
supergameroli Prije 2 mjeseci
3:44 I got 100 before in 60 secs
supergameroli Prije 2 mjeseci
I also play iPad
Brick Boss
Brick Boss Prije 2 mjeseci
3:32 what my mom and teachers expect me to do
Harry Wooding
Harry Wooding Prije 2 mjeseci
how did he do that Rubik's cube one omg wtf
Max Fillion
Max Fillion Prije 2 mjeseci
Holy cow this is insane 🤷🏼‍♂️
Mr. Noob
Mr. Noob Prije 2 mjeseci
3:39 ive seen that guy on another channel too
K. Jay Hinkle
K. Jay Hinkle Prije 2 mjeseci
kays face at 0:11
Mikala George
Mikala George Prije 2 mjeseci
Minecraft is 30 million blocks until you get to the end and it would take you 73 years
Gavin Livingston
Gavin Livingston Prije 2 mjeseci
To the person that’s reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🎵💭 My dream is to hit 4k I am struggling to get there 🥺❤️
Lucas Constable
Lucas Constable Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey Jarvis how’s the fortnite van mate aimbotter
Samuel Rhue
Samuel Rhue Prije 2 mjeseci
theres so many thats gay jokes that could be said here but lets leave that to me jarvis:my mouth can go pretty wide. ayoo bro thats litteraly so gay man lol there you go
sneakypanda 24
sneakypanda 24 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja Prije 2 mjeseci
Get that lady to FAZE
Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Mitikon (Dania) Sisombat
Mitikon (Dania) Sisombat Prije 2 mjeseci
bro i cant even solve a rubik cube not even 2x2
Matthew Gonzalez
Matthew Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
feyk olld leyty
Cr4xZ 2.0
Cr4xZ 2.0 Prije 2 mjeseci
The pakistan guy is amazing 😉
Wi11ieBuck Prije 2 mjeseci
Zaid Ps4games
Zaid Ps4games Prije 2 mjeseci
Who came first comment after 2 months and who see this comment god bless you
Micah Grant
Micah Grant Prije 2 mjeseci
Me as a kid that is good in math: jarvis saying what is 11*60: me looking at him dum
Tyler L
Tyler L Prije 2 mjeseci
11 times 66 equals 666
Rohak Zahid
Rohak Zahid Prije 2 mjeseci
mans gotta be drinking loads of milk to pull a boat with his teeth lmao Prije 2 mjeseci
she the won who created 90s
Kaitryn Smith
Kaitryn Smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Click bait How clicked this for the thumbnail
Lilly Aversa
Lilly Aversa Prije 2 mjeseci
on the dog i beleave its a grayhond dog but im not qiute shor
Lilly Aversa
Lilly Aversa Prije 2 mjeseci
did you no that you in times for 11 you just dubble it so like 11x6=66
Saifullah Hussain
Saifullah Hussain Prije 3 mjeseci
me coming to comment section all i see is jarvis and kay say thanks for commenting on my new vid
Brizavit Arreola
Brizavit Arreola Prije 3 mjeseci
He said 11×60💀😂
pr0fi Prije 3 mjeseci
hey jarvis and kay you made this video on my birthday WOW
BlueGamerPlayz Prije 3 mjeseci
1:07 his voice XD
Ping Li
Ping Li Prije 3 mjeseci
我好,怕这个可以把News搜,get out with the how do this this guy我就去百度的考核徒弟也可以考地理,old town。哎,好饿。
Tanice Lewis
Tanice Lewis Prije 3 mjeseci
how is it so Big that what she said 😂
Millz Prije 3 mjeseci
Love the vids u 2 are my favourite you tubers I also from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Asfergx_1k G4rt
Asfergx_1k G4rt Prije 4 mjeseci
this kid is faster than my macros LOL 4:27
Wraith Playz
Wraith Playz Prije 4 mjeseci
AQUATIC Prije 4 mjeseci
Typical gamer
Typical gamer Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvy: 11x60 Me: mhmhm 24 hours later hm Hmhmhmhmhmhm
Miguel Velez
Miguel Velez Prije 4 mjeseci
adoptmebubbles 101
adoptmebubbles 101 Prije 4 mjeseci
Finely somthing biger then jarves head and brain🤯
Brian Hauserman
Brian Hauserman Prije 4 mjeseci
he is puling 3 boats
Hazel Family Eyecare
Hazel Family Eyecare Prije 4 mjeseci
their where 135 matrease
Cameron Schmidt
Cameron Schmidt Prije 4 mjeseci
He has the same last name as me
Lil' Dre
Lil' Dre Prije 4 mjeseci
How many bots are in this comment section?
Roger Brown
Roger Brown Prije 4 mjeseci
Paula Scanlon
Paula Scanlon Prije 4 mjeseci
Like how much times they said yo
Ghost skullys
Ghost skullys Prije 4 mjeseci
Victoria Le
Victoria Le Prije 4 mjeseci
The boy that is solving the question is in fast forward you can tell by the finger and head
eexotic bomber
eexotic bomber Prije 4 mjeseci
Its dauntless I play that game soo I onow it when ibsee it
Deccrofol Prije 4 mjeseci
Can’t lie That clickbait thumbnail got me
Hamza Mursal
Hamza Mursal Prije 4 mjeseci
His mouth is as big as my sister
OBEY BOTZ_ 1 Prije 4 mjeseci (#faze5)
Sam Pointer
Sam Pointer Prije 4 mjeseci
LTK cory
LTK cory Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh my god Jarvis your insane
Tenzing Norbu
Tenzing Norbu Prije 4 mjeseci
Zain .ios6
Zain .ios6 Prije 4 mjeseci
Wanna see more mine craft vids with tech and Jarvis and gwite
LILRIP303 123
LILRIP303 123 Prije 4 mjeseci
I didn’t get banned
zay killz
zay killz Prije 4 mjeseci
colin Nathan
colin Nathan Prije 4 mjeseci
appa is fear
appa is fear Prije 4 mjeseci
It was dauntless
Kingston Herring
Kingston Herring Prije 4 mjeseci
The boat is on water so that way it would float and it be a lot easier
MUSTY COW Prije 4 mjeseci
god is great
god is great Prije 4 mjeseci
look at the irrelevant views
XGM On60fps
XGM On60fps Prije 4 mjeseci
Why isn’t a Fortnite kid on here
NotFear Prije 4 mjeseci
Help I need the boys! My Brother told me if I get 1000 subs by the end of the month he will buy me a gaming setup! I want these subs for a new setup to do better videos for the boyz pls help
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