Highlights | Aston Villa 0-3 Manchester United

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Keysa Zahra
Keysa Zahra Prije 2 mjeseci
Sungguh disayangkan.....liga Inggris gak tayang d SCTV n RCTI padahal fens banyak yg d plosok ..
paul higgins
paul higgins Prije 4 mjeseci
Here's how good a manager Smith is: Look how well Brentford have done since he left
NoSacrificeNoVictory Prije 4 mjeseci
Not a penalty at all.
Glen Cansdale
Glen Cansdale Prije 4 mjeseci
Watford and West Ham have both won today.........It's "Glum in the Brum" 😆🤣😉👌✊👍👋
Burhanuddin Robbani
Burhanuddin Robbani Prije 4 mjeseci
Pinalty LOL , referre stupiddd
Saint John
Saint John Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep right on lads
Chester Chan
Chester Chan Prije 4 mjeseci
var bad
Asir Jamac
Asir Jamac Prije 4 mjeseci
Only John Terry can help Aston villa may be he will bring some chelsea players and wil help Aston villa back to premiere league chelsea have full if good and young players and it can help to aston villa just saying
george de'athe
george de'athe Prije 4 mjeseci
You dopey bazterd he's had three seasons with us and the defense is still all over the place
kevin caprani
kevin caprani Prije 4 mjeseci
not a fan of villa or manu but two great clubs, hope villa stay up, villa wernt good but that was never a penalty .
AzureWishes Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm sorry but this goal keaper is a embarrassment
John Mckeeman
John Mckeeman Prije 4 mjeseci
Never a penalty outside box for Start. Don't think it would have Changed the result. But it helps. VAR in Premier League a Joke.
Luke Hollier
Luke Hollier Prije 4 mjeseci
Disgrace! Just end it now. Not won a game coming back from lockdown. VAR should never be in the premier league. Glad we are getting relegated this season. It's getting worse and worse and worse every game. So wide open. Our defence is crap as a rock at the back. Seriously Grealish f off go to Man United you idiot, Dreadful, Embarrassing. Can't beat Southampton at home shocking!!!!!!! Dean Smith out now!!!!!!! His press conferences are awful he can't speak. And struggling what to say. Why do I watch the villa every week. Laughing stock. The owners don't have a bloody clue about the club. The ref is awful that day yesterday. Fair play Man united. Good job! Villa what a disgrace! UTV
Anzaay Prije 4 mjeseci
G adil wasit nya
GuriTen Gaming
GuriTen Gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
hrpost.info/history/h9ygaa2RhJuPgqg/video PL Best XI vs LaLiga Best XI 2019/20 Season
ACEHFOOTBALL Prije 4 mjeseci
i love it...
Radabe Leeds
Radabe Leeds Prije 4 mjeseci
The commentator is embarrassing. You would swear villa were Real Madrid...
Ben Wright
Ben Wright Prije 4 mjeseci
We are shocking in defence
Tom Crew
Tom Crew Prije 4 mjeseci
Makes you wonder what Terry actually does when he rocks up at the training ground...
Luigi95 Prije 4 mjeseci
Is Dean Smith still our manager?
Syahrin Ikhwanan
Syahrin Ikhwanan Prije 4 mjeseci
No penalty no party,
Andrew Fearn
Andrew Fearn Prije 4 mjeseci
Great job making it look like an even contest. Could and should have been 6/7 goals for Utd
Dave The Biker
Dave The Biker Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm a passionate Villa supporter and we are just not good enough for the Premiere....END OF. Championship here we come, at least we might win a few games....I hope! Certainly felt better about us last season anyway, even if we weren't promoted.....VILLA TILL I DIE
roxammon Prije 4 mjeseci
i'm glad we didnt sit back. We just lack a bit of quality up front and down the wings. We lost heart after that disgraceful penalty decision. Two in fact - should should have had a pen as well but wasnt given.
Ankara Bai
Ankara Bai Prije 4 mjeseci
Im a Utd fan. But I love playing Villa during the CM days! I do hope if they go down they can REGROUP & RECRUIT better! *NOW I HOPE THEY STAY UP YEAH! **THEY STAYED UP!!! ✌🏽
Cyberdon Blue
Cyberdon Blue Prije 4 mjeseci
Same old atrocious, spineless Villa surrender yet again. And, surprise, surprise, once more we see the footballing authorities giving Man Utd a hand up in their pursuit of becoming a half decent team again. These officials can't wait to give them all the help they need. Record penalties awarded to them again this season? How many seasons have we seen that before? It's alright the Premier League admitting that VAR got it wrong by not overturning the refs decision but that won't help us when we're relegated. Another big clear out now required at the Villa in the close season. 95% of these players are not even good enough for the bottom half of the Championship. Sad days. Time to earn your corn Purslow. Talking the talk is one thing but it appears you really can't walk the walk despite all your promises. UTV VTID
Jps 02
Jps 02 Prije 4 mjeseci
No me van a entender un carajo english men pero mas alla de todos los problemas que tiene el Aston Villa actualmente y que esta realmente muy dificil mantener la categoria, este partido fue un robo. El villa estaba superando al Man United hasta que Bruno Fernandes fabrico un penal inexistente y los inutiles del var no corrigieron la burrada que habia cobrado el arbitro. Ojala puedan salvarse porque el Aston Villa es de primera. Saludos villans!
george de'athe
george de'athe Prije 4 mjeseci
Saludo, Sus cielos oscuros sobre Villa Park pero siempre hay un amigo de la próxima temporada, luv AVFC
David Reyes
David Reyes Prije 4 mjeseci
Aunque esté complicado, yo confío en la salvación pero obviamente estas decisiones perjudican y mucho. Vamos villans que se puede, saludos desde un betico!!💪💪
Clive Bishop
Clive Bishop Prije 4 mjeseci
Pogba, arm raised in black power salute, reminiscent of 1968 olympics. Not a lot changed then. As an aside Villa were rubbish as usual and it’s championship football next season.
Tom Bretherton
Tom Bretherton Prije 4 mjeseci
The highlight for me was Douglas Luiz's effort
Lord King Potato
Lord King Potato Prije 4 mjeseci
We keep playing the same formation with 0 goals... Seriously change it up Dean!!!
every one saying change it up ... WITH WHAT HE HAS NO OPTIONS AND THIS IS THE BEST he will get from this group THE QUALITY IS NOT THERE WE BOUGHT CHEEP NOW WILL HAVE FACE THE MUSIC ffs DENO BOUGHT THE HEART BACK TO VP COVID and player quality has let us down
rotpeter Prije 4 mjeseci
So, we pay these people millions to kneel while Pogba raises his fist in the 'Black Power' salute? No wonder we got thrashed. Football is over for me until they take all politics out of sport.
david bailey
david bailey Prije 4 mjeseci
@Deniz Ates Nice try, but it`s you who`s the racist bigot😉.
Deniz Ates
Deniz Ates Prije 4 mjeseci
BLM isn't politics mate and to claim it is makes you sound like a racist bigot who tries to denounce its importance
why would you even upload that pathetic just dont turn up for the last few we won't lol absolute disgrace Mings terrible jack frustrated the rest Championship players at best DOG SHIT RECRUITMENT SUSO OUT
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn Prije 4 mjeseci
Smith out today!!!
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn Prije 4 mjeseci
@TomPlayz suso is responsible for trezeguet wesley Reina luiz and of course the greatest Villa player in history Baston.
TomPlayz Prije 4 mjeseci
Jack McGinn Congratulations! You have early the rank of delusional... I can tell you exactly who Smith wanted and who Suso wanted....
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn Prije 4 mjeseci
Mings, Hause, Konsa, Targett, Nakamba, Engels, El Ghazi all wanted by Smith and all dreadful. He's constantly shown inept managerial skills. Premier league is not his level. Good in the championship though.
you know he isn't the issue ! its not a tactics problem or a 2 up top ? It is the players CAN NOT do what smith wants this is NOT DS football RICH O KELLY Is the strikers coach ??? smith wanted BENRAMA & MAUPAY . he got Asda versions and were relegated as a result YOU BUY CHEEP YOU BUY TWICE simple math in our case you buy cheep you buy 6 times still making same mistakes
kimaro brighton
kimaro brighton Prije 4 mjeseci
The team plays without any combination, every player wants to score himself and not creating scoring opportunities. All the best villa in your relegation journey, reach safe.
Ricky Samrai
Ricky Samrai Prije 4 mjeseci
VAR sending us down
Cyberdon Blue
Cyberdon Blue Prije 4 mjeseci
VAR (Video Assisted Robbery) can't be blamed for our players being crap for most of the season and spineless with it lately! No pride, no heart, no bottle. Spineless overpaid fraudsters. UTV VTID
Jack Fitzsimons
Jack Fitzsimons Prije 4 mjeseci
And our lack of fight
Alfie Howell
Alfie Howell Prije 4 mjeseci
Let’s just think these people are getting paid more than we make a year in a week just by doing nothing. The penalty wasn’t a penalty it should have been a red card on Fernandez he stood on his ankle. We have an England international player scared to close down some absolutely a joke we are playing with no pride and we are going to get relegated and lose are players and DEAN SMITH OUT
Ni jambo LA ajabu sana MTU anamkanyaga mwenzake alafu yeye ndo anabebwa kisa apate nafasi ya kuingia top4 MUNGU ATAWALIPIA
Saul Stewarty
Saul Stewarty Prije 4 mjeseci
Hahahah af na VAR ipo, sema nin nimefurah kuona koment ya kiswahili hapa
Mark Doyle
Mark Doyle Prije 4 mjeseci
Sack smith
Adon Channel
Adon Channel Prije 4 mjeseci
1:33 have you eat before? Look so tired:v
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 Da Game Prije 4 mjeseci
Fake news. There are no highlights. But plenty of lowlights. The main one being spending £140m to make our team look worse than last year. Huge well done
Phil Terry
Phil Terry Prije 4 mjeseci
It is incredible to think how little you have to show for the money you have spent.
W W F C Prije 4 mjeseci
And its "" Bye Bye Aston Villa "".... Off you go to the championship girls with your olympic champion diver with the stupid hair cut 💇‍♂️ 😘 We'll meet again, don't know where dont know when 😂😂😂 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔶️◾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔶️◾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔶️◾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔶️◾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
김예찬 Prije 4 mjeseci
united supporter from s korea I think av do very attractive football Hope to see you guys next season 💪
paul higgins
paul higgins Prije 4 mjeseci
Crap football not attractive. Get real
John Partlett
John Partlett Prije 4 mjeseci
Attractive football?
Venkatesh G
Venkatesh G Prije 4 mjeseci
Utd supporter here. I too would love to see Villa in the PL next season but let's be honest they are being managed like a circus by Smith. Many of the players don't show any fight. As soon as a few goals go in they just give up. Poor defending from Mings for that Greenwood goal. Full backs don't venture forward enough. Villa fans deserve better.
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije 4 mjeseci
That's enough rice vodka young man.
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije 4 mjeseci
I have been a villa fan since 4 and moved halfway across the country to live in Brum to follow villa. I've been saying for a while now Super Jack is a bag of shit, you can retort the players around him aren't good enough. The truth is HE isn't good enough. He's a Nancy boy with a haircut. Now we are stuck with him, nobody will buy him. Sadly we will go down again. This team won't compete even at the next level. Also it's 7.30 am the day after and Smith hasn't resigned or been sacked? Get Terry in TODAY and plan for next season already. Let's all make a martyr out of a 7 goal haircut who's value started the season at 50 Mill and is currently barely 20% of that. Get in Felix Megath and make those lazy slobs do a weeks work for their money. Was nice to see Reina go nuts at Mings for the 2nd goal as he defends too deep due to his outrageous lack of pace.
Minky Is Stinky
Minky Is Stinky Prije 4 mjeseci
Terry you having a laugh he’s useless as well
Cyberdon Blue
Cyberdon Blue Prije 4 mjeseci
Mings is crap. He's more interested in BLM than AVFC. The sooner we dump him the better. He's a fraud IMO. Smith now needs to dig us out of the Championship once again. He owes us now. As for John Terry, he would only take us down another division. This Club's way too big for him to learn on the job as a manager. UTV VTID
ayylmao Prije 4 mjeseci
As a United fan i find this match a disgrace, Villa literally gave no spirit to the game. Shame on the players for giving the fans this type of performance. Drop the squad and might as well play your youths
ayylmao Prije 4 mjeseci
@jason4552 oh come on look at how Bournemouth played in their 2nd half against us, even though they were unlucky at some point they make at least a good game. You can't just give up because of referee's mistake, move on and fight
ayylmao Prije 4 mjeseci
i might be wrong its a tough decision tbh, looks like a 50-50 imo but you cant expect Bruno to figure out where to land his foot with his back turned lmao. But even so, you still can’t change the fact that Villa’s defence is horrendous, no one actually attempt to block most of our shots 😭😂
TRA H & A Prije 4 mjeseci
Im Negan well in the game😂 it was 20 minutes in ffs. It was just about how long and how many will united score.
Im Negan
Im Negan Prije 4 mjeseci
when you are handed a goal for fouling a player on the other team... its enough to make anyones spirit drop let alone a team facing relegation, thats not competitive sport. thats downright madness,. villa were well in the game before that first goal was handed to united. it completely changed the mood of the game
Hema Ruben
Hema Ruben Prije 4 mjeseci
jason4552 cheating for penalty. Cmon men. Be mature we could be trashing you. You were lucky
Surama Hatibsd
Surama Hatibsd Prije 4 mjeseci
lets go road to the championship 👌🤭 #GGMU
M.I. 6
M.I. 6 Prije 4 mjeseci
United were too good again,Simple as that,Greenwood is unbelievable
M.I. 6
M.I. 6 Prije 4 mjeseci
Cyberdon Blue Stop moaning ffs they were unbelievable,They were being cocky you could tell in the first half and still could of scored 4 goals,Then 2nd half that was it,Game over they obviously got a telling off,Greenwood is unbelievable just admit it they have a hella a team
Cyberdon Blue
Cyberdon Blue Prije 4 mjeseci
They only came to life after their free gift from the referee and their VAR fan. UTV VTID
Incognito Prije 4 mjeseci
Roy Keane half time rant said it all Dean Smith cant get the players to do the basics. Wish smith walked and took all the rubbish with him if he is botherd.
Azariah Carty
Azariah Carty Prije 4 mjeseci
3-0 now Grealish 30 mil
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije 4 mjeseci
10 mill if lucky. And not man utd, more like Southampton
phillip hall
phillip hall Prije 4 mjeseci
No heart, no desire, no idea! ... Only the keeper kept it in single figures !... Wouldn't watch em for free anymore!...
Marco Prije 4 mjeseci
Stop crying over the VAR for that shocking decision which's the penalty was given to Manchester United. I know your team down to 1-0, Obviously if you guys scored 2 goals after that. You still won the game. Your experience players can't even do the basics, you guys deserve to get relegated.
sayyam nasir
sayyam nasir Prije 4 mjeseci
The commentator is the worst i have ever heard
Iftakher Hossain
Iftakher Hossain Prije 3 mjeseci
@R Nathaniel Ryaan prolly cuz he supports Villa
R Nathaniel Ryaan
R Nathaniel Ryaan Prije 4 mjeseci
why does he sound so dead tho, wolves commentators would rip him apart
kunal jain
kunal jain Prije 4 mjeseci
Mings gave so much space.. why were u guys so much on the backfoot.. u have such a great chance creating midfield
mings is too into BLM right now its all he tweets about
Hesoyam Prije 4 mjeseci
Keep using Konsa as right back...
Nezzar Agung
Nezzar Agung Prije 4 mjeseci
bruno should have no penalty
Jason Kitching
Jason Kitching Prije 4 mjeseci
Not a penalty or a dive. The disgraceful part was bruno grabbing his shin.
Aashay Rane
Aashay Rane Prije 4 mjeseci
As a man utd fan, I agree. No way that was a penalty
Βυρων Βορβης
Βυρων Βορβης Prije 4 mjeseci
Season has not ended yet.Guys you have to believe it and give everything is needed in order to keep the team in premiership.Play for your history and for your fans.Belive it guys.Aston villa is a huge team both in england and in europe.Greetings from GREECE🇬🇷🇬🇷
Saran Somnuek
Saran Somnuek Prije 4 mjeseci
We need to change formation. We need two players upfront. When we have only one player upfront, the other team play too much attack on our team. On the other hand, they play more defend less attack when we have two upfront. So we have more chance to win the game.
davio Prije 4 mjeseci
the change in tone though out the video 😭
Muan a
Muan a Prije 4 mjeseci
Bob Toronja
Bob Toronja Prije 4 mjeseci
Championship 😪
Micah Ash
Micah Ash Prije 4 mjeseci
Var is the reason we are getting relegated
Ymot Zen
Ymot Zen Prije 4 mjeseci
Really? Surrender after Lose 1-0 even still plenty heck time to fight back ..what a team lmao...
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm die hard villa and we are worse than Norwich, could yet finish bottom. Our final points tally will be 27.
Phil Terry
Phil Terry Prije 4 mjeseci
It was a terrible decision, and you have to wonder what the point of VAR is sometimes. But it went for you against Sheffield, both times were embarrassing for VAR. But if you look past VAR and are honest, Villa are simply not good enough.
Jordan Prije 4 mjeseci
Aston villa spent shit loads of money and are still in a relegation battle, the recruitment hasn't helped you lot at all
bradley farrar
bradley farrar Prije 4 mjeseci
No your defending is the reason your getting relegated
philly d
philly d Prije 4 mjeseci
Cracking job everyone, keep making us fans so proud of you all. I hope NSWE bin the vast majority of you.
John Kearney
John Kearney Prije 4 mjeseci
In the 2nd half VILLA were all at sea, l really don't know how the Gaff is going to explain where the season has unravelled, maybe when we beat Derby in the play off final last year .. since then it's just been my dream to a great club again but I woke up this morning finally realizing it's all been a bloody nightmare ??
sam thomas
sam thomas Prije 4 mjeseci
What highlights? We are so screwed. Question is, once in the championship, do we keep Smith or go for a complete cleanout?
Smith is not the issue and look at the feeling he bought back to the club the players just are not good enough Smith wanted Benrama Maupay got wesley and samata AVFC have taken the virtuous route instead of Player Grit i would rather a Taylor or a Heskey than these soft arse'S who play shit in the cold and even worse under pressure
Zach P
Zach P Prije 4 mjeseci
Uuuuggggghhhhhhhh!! UTFV! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, BOYS!!
Berô Galês Costa
Berô Galês Costa Prije 4 mjeseci
...road to championship. 😉
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh well the bluenoses won't be a fixture next season cause they're even worse😂
Surama Hatibsd
Surama Hatibsd Prije 4 mjeseci
73wacker Prije 4 mjeseci
Hightlight is still supporting BLM that Marxist idealogoy. Read their mission statement.
73wacker Prije 4 mjeseci
@Norfolk Boy all words spelled wrong matter. Including when your team sucks. I am a American I need to apologize for everything. This is not a jab @die hard but my support of a club I love. VTID!
Norfolk Boy
Norfolk Boy Prije 4 mjeseci
@greenronin if you can't identify that the first word spelt wrong was highlight, you shouldn't criticise. I would wager he or she isn't English, which would imply their English would be better than your Dutch.
greenronin Prije 4 mjeseci
73wacker if you cannot even spell “ideology” properly just quit while your ahead.
TomPlayz Prije 4 mjeseci
That Palace game is MUST WIN now
TomPlayz Prije 4 mjeseci
Cyberdon Blue Have faith my friend... Miracles can happen but we do look hopeless 😩. If we don’t beat Palace, that’s when I will give in. UTV VTID
Cyberdon Blue
Cyberdon Blue Prije 4 mjeseci
We are awful. I really don't see us picking up a single point between now and the end of the season. Half the Palace players are strolling around like they're already on holiday lately... but that'll be good enough to beat us! You'll see. UTV VTID
TomPlayz Prije 4 mjeseci
Joecon01 The way I see it is if we can’t beat Palace we won’t beat Arsenal or Everton. You say we have to hope that the other teams don’t win but there is still a 4 point gap. It will be too late by West Ham...
Joecon01 Prije 4 mjeseci
TomPlayz We need to win 2 games to go above West Ham and that’s if they don’t win any games. Our hopes are that we win at least 2 games and that Watford don’t win any and we go above but it’s villa. We bottle everything.
Lewis Charlwood
Lewis Charlwood Prije 4 mjeseci
Highlights? Give over absolutely pathetic
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson Prije 4 mjeseci
You started good but that was not a penalty but I will take it as you can see I am a united fan
Bar1 Prije 4 mjeseci
We need to stop giving up as soon as teams score
Matthew AVFC
Matthew AVFC Prije 4 mjeseci
Just end the season now it’s just embarrassing
Harry Fc 77
Harry Fc 77 Prije 4 mjeseci
i am going to be honest i dont think mings is not good enough he is shit too many mistakes in him
Unknown Prije 4 mjeseci
@CTS 2.0 Season must end and Smith Must GO!
Emir Arnas
Emir Arnas Prije 4 mjeseci
@CTS 2.0 and get rid the players without passions and then get proper & decent players
Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison Prije 4 mjeseci
Everton Football Club
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