CAZOO GOLDEN GOALS | September 2020

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Aston Villa FC

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Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Prije mjesec
Cazooo are finished 😂😂😂😂
Lyriz Yis
Lyriz Yis Prije mjesec
Me shoot
HabZ Rahman
HabZ Rahman Prije mjesec
To be fair, Liverpool scored 85 PL goals list season. Im sure Cazoo can afford a £200k or so for Villa & Everton good causes 👍🏽
Dean Gregory
Dean Gregory Prije mjesec
Cazoo might regret making this offer. They're going to go bankrupt at this rate.
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
@ azhar I agree
Azhar Hussain
Azhar Hussain Prije mjesec
The better Villa and Everton do,the more exposure and revenue Cazoo will get. I think they will be fine
Andrew Talbot
Andrew Talbot Prije mjesec
October has already cost them more than that. Let’s hope it continues! UTV
Adweya Dalvi
Adweya Dalvi Prije mjesec
October, even with the international break, is going to be good. *rubs hands vigorously*
Mark H
Mark H Prije mjesec
It is crazy though that cazoo sponsor the current top 2 teams 🧐.
Dan Prije mjesec
Already almost doubled that for October and there's only been one game. 😂
Mrah Prije mjesec
October might cost em..
Jake Crow
Jake Crow Prije mjesec
If Cazoo do this for Everton too, they're going to be bankrupt by the end of the season! UTV
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson Prije mjesec
HabZ Rahman
HabZ Rahman Prije mjesec
They are!
ʟɪᴍᴘᴀʜ ᴛ. ʀᴜᴡᴀʜ
ʟɪᴍᴘᴀʜ ᴛ. ʀᴜᴡᴀʜ Prije mjesec
JM Gaming
JM Gaming Prije mjesec
I am the 8 th person to comment on this vid
DONALD TRUMP Prije mjesec
I hope aston vilaa show in champion
didge0 Prije mjesec
The battle of the cazoos
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
Cazoo got to be loving this though all the advertising there getting
Nemesio Valadares
Nemesio Valadares Prije mjesec
Aston and everton😈
Asif Rahman
Asif Rahman Prije mjesec
good luck cazoo with your financial situation
Joseph Webley
Joseph Webley Prije mjesec
Maximum of 50000 for each of us and Everton. So only 100000 to charity at most
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson Prije mjesec
Definitely look for your new car on there 🤣
Randy Randy
Randy Randy Prije mjesec
Haha Asif... Nice one
YT_ CrXyZ Prije mjesec
Declan Gallen
Declan Gallen Prije mjesec
Octobers should be good👀😅😁
Dan Benbow
Dan Benbow Prije mjesec
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