I challenged toxic players to 1v1 BUT queued with them instead to see how they react

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Will the toxic Rocket League players rage quit? Throw? Play with me? ......Or something else?
Hit me up!
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WarmPoptarts Prije sat
You still have to eat a shoe.
Out Lander
Out Lander Prije dan
I don't know man for console players that can't type what a saving all game is the epitome of toxic.
koala_ Prije dan
3:48 LMFAO
Piano Man
Piano Man Prije 3 dana
Lmao people really think just because someone is gc+ that they can't make mistakes
just an alt acc
just an alt acc Prije 3 dana
Im just searching for Diego's comment to see what he thinks about this video 😂 that wisdom would be useful for him too
Bman Prije 3 dana
Make and account and try to get champ in one go
Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow Prije 3 dana
Bloo Prije 4 dana
I use a dominus tho------ i just like it- idk whats with the octane bein so popular but im fine with my dominus playin on bronze sucking some days then playing like a pro some others
jleonhart87 Prije 4 dana
You will do anything eh Sunless...i wanna challenge you to my kickoff. Epic id is NitrousBeef5. See ya on the field
Arluxe Gjoka
Arluxe Gjoka Prije 7 dana
I find it funny that he calls the toxic people test subjects 😂
Ren Prije 7 dana
How come I'm not subject no# 7?? U trash Sun
David okechukwu
David okechukwu Prije 9 dana
i met him before
joshm1a1 Prije 10 dana
j is your soulmate marry him
Dead Convert
Dead Convert Prije 13 dana
only made it to champ 1-2 and it was great and super toxic but just too much skill for me to handle.
Vxzion. Prije 14 dana
Sunless' MMR 📉
Damian Green
Damian Green Prije 15 dana
I like that you are addressing toxic behavior in these videos, but I have seen a whole lot worse toxicity than what is described here. In just the past two weeks, I've seen people use the n-word (reported) and fy (spelled out) for no reason that I can comprehend. I've had people belittle me for the way I play, granted I'm not a very good player, but so what? You don't belittle people for doing something non-destructive, you encourage them, right? I didn't say anything, but probably should have. Just yesterday, I played a game with someone who had named themselves "Wright Power". All I can say is wtf is that? If being so blatantly racist is not toxic, nothing is.
Glitch Prije 15 dana
I love❤ ad
Logan Hepp
Logan Hepp Prije 16 dana
You need to do rocket league solo games till ssl I would watch it no matter what
Jonah Scott
Jonah Scott Prije 17 dana
I like to call these sorts of tests, "Restoration in Humanity" Projects.
Niles Peter Clemens
Niles Peter Clemens Prije 17 dana
Toxic players always have the halo
Anthony Castillo
Anthony Castillo Prije 20 dana
When you notice the title is wrong😅
zhen Prije 20 dana
what boost does he use in this video?
Nick Mine
Nick Mine Prije 21 dan
The milky thomas isely harass because nerve early shiver during a laughable tyvek. wonderful, stormy level
ron ronaldino
ron ronaldino Prije 21 dan
I quit video games because of a toxic rocket league encounter I had, haven't played in 3 months. Basically me and TM got up 3-0 early and the other team guy was roasting his TM, then he missed a save so naturally me and my TM What a save!'d him, he writes " if you keep spamming or being rude I'm gonna report you" so naturally we both started trolling him but it was harmless, typical rocket league stuff and the game was already won. He then messages me on PSN saying " 1v1 me unless you're a scared bitch, oh look it's a scared little girl crying for his mummy" so I responded "there's no point because I can't win, if I win I send a fragile boy to the brink And he might even hurt himself and if I lose I give a man baby an undeserved ego boost and a momentary distraction from the ever-present evidence of his inability to process emotions like a big boy" (I'm paraphrasing but I made those exact points) and he responded "HAHAHAHA ENJOY YOUR PERMABAN, inciting suicide is a crime you know xD" and then I got logged out of my account by PSN and I vowed to never play again or give PSN my money, I only have 97 games so I barely supported them anyway
richgaming-DRK Prije 23 dana
i love how J still what a saves in the second match
tryAGAIN 1987
tryAGAIN 1987 Prije 23 dana
Next video: Git gud at Athena Flicks in a scarab, while dancing on Tik Tok.
Rob P
Rob P Prije 23 dana
The lesson I have learned is do not play duos with toxic players unless you enjoy forfeiture :D
Perfection Prije 23 dana
‘And u really took that to heart’
Irishbreakfast100 Prije 26 dana
It would be cool to get a new "Why you suck" video, been a while. Maybe involve another tuber, prod each other on why the other person sucks. Idk. Either way, I appreciate the content and keep it going, "paragon till death."
ohdearmygosh Prije 26 dana
bro u were not expecting diego's uno reverse
Miguel Gama
Miguel Gama Prije 28 dana
Is Octane still OP? All I see in high ranks make me wanna not use dominus lol
capybaras Prije 28 dana
I don't get what happened in the 3s match. Why didn't sunless play?
Zach Sorah
Zach Sorah Prije 29 dana
Ive done this before... it was soooo funny!
Ryan !
Ryan ! Prije mjesec
Diego is a douche
Joe Prije mjesec
5:20 can someone please explain why I never see the icons like those on the top right. The only ones I ever see are the shot icons and the saves.
Yazoo keeps me Hydrated
Yazoo keeps me Hydrated Prije 28 dana
Look in your gameplay settings
Michael Irlesberger
Michael Irlesberger Prije mjesec
how can you say, saying "what a save" is not toxic? maybe if you are using it once in a situation where the miss was horrible, ok that is just a comment, but when you repeat on each or most goals and spam it, dude, that is indeed toxic, its like trying to jump over smth irl, falling and having someone behind sarcasticly saying over and over: awesom jump dude, nice going. (said once can be just a joke, but the unneeded repetition makes it clear is just toxic)
Adem Rizvić
Adem Rizvić Prije mjesec
You guys remember papa Moon Who whe hated SO much.
Hyfaru Prije mjesec
J was a real one
YoDailySpazz Prije mjesec
U can tell J might actually not belong at his rank
Hortencia Dorathy
Hortencia Dorathy Prije mjesec
The cooperative innocent crucially walk because bookcase splenomegaly yell after a wary ambulance. economic, eatable good-bye
fo22est gump
fo22est gump Prije mjesec
I love when someone asks me to a 1v1. I always host on China servers with the worst mutators on! It's always a great time lol
john coari
john coari Prije mjesec
did this man really foreshadow the whole video
Noah Baksmati
Noah Baksmati Prije mjesec
What colour is your octane sunless
Zachary Vered
Zachary Vered Prije mjesec
Text chat stays off. Except for team passing info
Steel.Lancer.Arena.International Prije mjesec
We need more of j
Robert Verwijs
Robert Verwijs Prije mjesec
The funny part is that every tm8 is like the second 1 u showed. Every player in plat and diamond is just like that. My mom this my mom that kys everything. Very bad game
Anthony Twinto
Anthony Twinto Prije mjesec
You Diego if you see this then "1v1" 😂
Eoin hodson
Eoin hodson Prije mjesec
I played with you in a normal casual match like 6months ago
Ciinyk _
Ciinyk _ Prije mjesec
Mfw my name is Diego also
Muncak0 Prije mjesec
Th3 Rezur3ct1on
Th3 Rezur3ct1on Prije mjesec
as always solid video. liked the last guy. seemed chill.
KickOn Prije mjesec
Rocket league with a scarab as the ball!
BenCarter42 Prije mjesec
I wonder if Diego is lurking in this comment section somewhere... lmao
Thomas Swab
Thomas Swab Prije mjesec
Sunless, humorless, speechless...
Notadoctor Prije mjesec
All the hate Diego is about to receive is 100% self-inflicted. I feel no remorse for this man lmao.
Joel Douet
Joel Douet Prije mjesec
I've been watching your vids for a long time but I only just subscribed because of the arrested development clip 👌
Aaron Phelan
Aaron Phelan Prije mjesec
ur profile pic looks like an npc hipster
Ronin Klingbeil
Ronin Klingbeil Prije mjesec
i have played with j
_zoro_ Prije mjesec
2nd guy said the n word
Akira Lives
Akira Lives Prije mjesec
I’m new to Rocket League, been playing about 2 months, and I don’t understand why I keep getting teammates in 3v3 that vote to forfeit when we are up 2 goals. I’m silver 2 in 3s and this has only just started happening now. It happened twice last night when my team was up 4-1 and we got scored on with around 2 minutes of game time left, making the score 4-2 in our favour and a teammate votes to forfeit. Is this a community thing I’m not aware of? Are they basically saying I think all my teammates are shit so I want to make a point? I find it strange it keeps happening.
Michael DiMaria
Michael DiMaria Prije mjesec
Rocket league with the nets moving or something, idk, I guess like some rocket labs esc type thing idrk lol
Snoz .mp3
Snoz .mp3 Prije mjesec
Rocket league but its open world
said Prije mjesec
toxic ppl to sunless: "test subjects"
Djs Animations
Djs Animations Prije mjesec
J was a champ
Overt Drugs
Overt Drugs Prije mjesec
Gotcha. Lol
LandonMM Prije mjesec
be my dadddd
Codylucky13 Prije mjesec
Your videos have made me a better player; both in skill set, and an anti-toxic mindset. You are a wholesome human being. Keep up the great work!
CloudKoF Prije mjesec
Too many balls for my liking.
RiceFarmerKai Prije mjesec
more videos like this this shit is great
Chris Matura
Chris Matura Prije mjesec
i do this in doubles with my brother we pull them into 4s and leave lol
yayayaokoksure Prije mjesec
Three tournament throws in one week. Two games the guys didn't even play. Just sat there wiggling wheels. Third game guy threw while we're up 2-1. Rocket league sucks now.
Jennifer Eidson
Jennifer Eidson Prije mjesec
anybody else notice the in game vc and get reminded of it bc they completely forgot it existed???
Nrwlz Prije mjesec
why is the green car so fucking clean
CasualWeeb Gamer
CasualWeeb Gamer Prije mjesec
That was fun and interesting ngl
Dewayne Prije mjesec
the arrested development just sent this video over the top for me well done sunless xD "well no ones going to top that!"
Christoph L
Christoph L Prije mjesec
Why do toxic kids not get that everyone hates them?
Gavin O'Mahony
Gavin O'Mahony Prije mjesec
Diego is yet to reply..
Raymond L. Carney01
Raymond L. Carney01 Prije mjesec
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ha he
ha he Prije mjesec
So I did this but rumble and got plat 2
Sajeda Elmansuri
Sajeda Elmansuri Prije mjesec
Slayer Drip
Slayer Drip Prije mjesec
Cheech and J had the best redemption arcs
Jonah Clark
Jonah Clark Prije mjesec
I have does wheels and I’m a little new and I’m confused why there popular
Jonas Kennedy
Jonas Kennedy Prije mjesec
I want more plays with J. That's it.
James Marrero
James Marrero Prije mjesec
I love this video the end is so wholesome
Vollar Prije mjesec
You could do an obstacle course race for a video
Max Headroom
Max Headroom Prije mjesec
I mean yeah, baiting them into another game with a teammate they despised was still a pretty toxic thing to do, ngl.
Eric W
Eric W Prije mjesec
I don't understand half of what you're saying but whatever... I find that stupid games typically have stupid players so I guess this is no surprise? I'll stick with the FPS games and their toxic crybabies thank you :)
Michael Julian Caruso
Michael Julian Caruso Prije mjesec
What boost are you using in this video ??????? Its sick
H Λ Z Y Prije mjesec
This video was so effin funny, the buster clip, the guy thats just like yeah we're playin 2s now lmao
JayNonymouse Prije mjesec
Yeah this was good
B. Virtues Incorporated
B. Virtues Incorporated Prije mjesec
His wheels I think are called tunicas I think they're legacy wheels
Ser Jaime Lannister
Ser Jaime Lannister Prije mjesec
I really wonder if there is anything we can do about full parties of toxic players. I used to constantly run into toxic solo queue players, but lately its been toxic teams. It’s like they are combining their powers for full effect.
Bryan Hewett
Bryan Hewett Prije mjesec
Diego sus calling sunless baby
Jonathan Guerrero
Jonathan Guerrero Prije mjesec
DizzyLV Prije mjesec
J change acctualy was unusual
D3monVolt Prije mjesec
What does the dude mean "How do you have those wheels"? Do pros get unique wheels? Or did he just never see [wheelname here] on someone before?
Mclain Willison
Mclain Willison Prije mjesec
Alternate title: playing 2's, then playing 2's
niklas fink
niklas fink Prije mjesec
Thats so fcking toxic sunless..
Zones Prije mjesec
320speed Prije mjesec
Bro you ducked Diego. He would have destroyed you in 1v1 you coward
Moggy Ψ
Moggy Ψ Prije mjesec
Are you diego?
Pros vs Golds but the Golds have aimbot...
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