Would your sibling use this sex toy? | Versus | Cut

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Would your sibling use this sex toy? | Cut
#cut #versus #sextoy

Jordana Nettie
Jordana Nettie Prije 4 sati
The girl with the purple hair is so pretty omg
P J Prije 4 sati
Thats TMI bruh.
Frank Woods
Frank Woods Prije 4 sati
that one girl has a long ass neck
Spitfire is My Captain
Spitfire is My Captain Prije 6 sati
Dude wtf? Did you just like blackout? 🤣🤣🤣
Amber Adams
Amber Adams Prije 8 sati
"I am a fleshLight"
oxforddictonary Prije dan
My sister's boring, I could never play this with her. Can one of these families adopt me???
fabian castillo
fabian castillo Prije dan
Harpers sister with the glasses is super attractive and beautiful 🤩😍🥰!!!
Gavin Barnes
Gavin Barnes Prije dan
Me forgetting they’re siblings 👁👄👁 I. Could. NEVER.
Grace Dan
Grace Dan Prije dan
7:25 it’s veiny 😂
Harper Thompson
Harper Thompson Prije 2 dana
my names harper lmao
Lizabeth Daniel
Lizabeth Daniel Prije 2 dana
I’d use some of those 😂👍🏽
Yellow Banana
Yellow Banana Prije 3 dana
Used to be bi but now she's just hetero
Quinn Prije 3 dana
The "have you ever given a blowjob" "No" "I respect that" nooo 😂😂😂
im dani
im dani Prije 4 dana
yourtelephonecallsaremyfavouriteplace Prije 4 dana
Why does the purple haired girl in the thumbnail look like Linus from Sharkboy and Lavagirl???
Qirfz Prije 6 dana
i love how shes wearing a nasa jacket and my pfp is nasa too
Gamerun Prije 6 dana
0:42 the eyes of a flamboyant killer
hotpockets69 Prije 6 dana
"I AM a flesh light" *fans face*
Avaadam D
Avaadam D Prije 6 dana
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Kassandra D
Kassandra D Prije 7 dana
“Now she’s a nun” 🤣
Rebekka Prije 7 dana
wow these two don't support their sister at all, why are they laughing about her
D M Prije 7 dana
I love the girl with the purple hair
Gus Guerrero
Gus Guerrero Prije 8 dana
This is gross as fuck lol
Kiks' Prije 8 dana
We need Duranged siblings on this.. Idk if you've already done it.
Bucsfan 541
Bucsfan 541 Prije 10 dana
Lol I hope if anyone asks him he responds with hella gay. Great answer
Princess Tae
Princess Tae Prije 10 dana
We need a part 2 😭😭😭✋🏾
Sahayeda Prije 10 dana
love the discount, but is it true adam & eve sell ur address so that you'd get porn mags in the mail anyway? I've heard the horror stories on reddit lol
Willard Fasto
Willard Fasto Prije 10 dana
Wtf is wrong with you people?
Josée S. Etienne
Josée S. Etienne Prije 11 dana
"It was a good break up so why should I be sad"
Dessi Marie
Dessi Marie Prije 11 dana
Who wants to know this about their siblings?! Bring back Coco!
Joshua Benito
Joshua Benito Prije 11 dana
5:19, 3:20 This is one of the most bipolar decision making ever.
Joshua Benito
Joshua Benito Prije 11 dana
3:02 Yo!!! LMAO!!! WTAF!
bradstr77 Prije 11 dana
Gay guy “I have 7 sisters” me thinking how he became gay. Huh I wonder
Okay Mommy
Okay Mommy Prije 11 dana
Margarette Sanchez
Margarette Sanchez Prije 11 dana
"im hella gay" meeee
Datwhitejit Prije 11 dana
I love this bro lmao wtf bro who else is stoned watching this 🤣
milk clouds
milk clouds Prije 11 dana
it’s the music in the beginning that’s sending me
Marx14 Prije 11 dana
They got the gorilla glue girl for this????
the haunting supremacist
the haunting supremacist Prije 11 dana
alright flynn if ur single pls dm me
Turkey Sandwhich
Turkey Sandwhich Prije 11 dana
Lorn123 Prije 11 dana
HE is freak nasty hahahaha
Man LeFab
Man LeFab Prije 12 dana
Maja is nice
Bob Joe
Bob Joe Prije 12 dana
Flynn give major middle child vibes and i relate
Noèmi Vega
Noèmi Vega Prije 12 dana
This made my day😭
bella starr
bella starr Prije 12 dana
why is this a video
Elijah Rudin
Elijah Rudin Prije 12 dana
"You like things holding your mouth open" "yes" "oh shi here we..." IM DEAD
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez Prije 12 dana
2:24 "I'm Hella Gay" 😂😂 bro had me dead
ZZZ Prije 12 dana
Me and Harper the same level 😂
Left Fielder
Left Fielder Prije 13 dana
For your safety 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Caleigh Dickson
Caleigh Dickson Prije 13 dana
* sees the title of this video * no
marcelo Milon
marcelo Milon Prije 13 dana
Hannah is so damn cute! omg!
Phoebe Prije 14 dana
this was fucking hilarious i loved it
JSlego Productions
JSlego Productions Prije 14 dana
This is beyond messed up
Ignite Moonlight
Ignite Moonlight Prije 14 dana
Not me laughing my ass off the whole vid 😂😂😂
Adam Lubert
Adam Lubert Prije 14 dana
What stupid but amazing ideas this channel has
averagewhiteboy 69
averagewhiteboy 69 Prije 15 dana
this is the kinda shit you watch alone but still have another tab ready to switch over
aubrey lynn
aubrey lynn Prije 15 dana
this is great
Melissa Picard
Melissa Picard Prije 15 dana
These are my favourite videos
Secret Lovejoy
Secret Lovejoy Prije 16 dana
Great range of toys!
Farzad Esmaeili Tarki
Farzad Esmaeili Tarki Prije 16 dana
So this is where the elderwand actually ended up being found
Lili :p
Lili :p Prije 17 dana
your sexuality can’t change...
Elaraya ew
Elaraya ew Prije 12 dana
Technically not in the way she described it, but sexuality is fluid and it can sort of shift over time- like some people who are bi may over time start to like men way more than they do women
#beyourself Prije 17 dana
"Do you ever talk about sex with your sibling?" Me: "not sober"
naruse’s gf
naruse’s gf Prije 17 dana
i usually dislike at least one of the sibling pairs/trios whenever they do videos like these, but i actually loved every single one of their dynamics 💀🤚🏼
geovana Prije 17 dana
hi! thanks so much for the subtitles i can watch the videos because of them. help me a lot to understand them :)
Abbey Champion
Abbey Champion Prije 17 dana
Does anyone else think this is weird
Anastasia Petridi
Anastasia Petridi Prije 17 dana
There's no way Harper is straight omfg I'm getting major gay vibes
Drxtini Prije 17 dana
“I’m straight but I use to be super gay” uhhhh that’s not how it works baby girl
Oddsomehypermusic Prije 17 dana
7:13 I choked on my food
Brittney Herrly
Brittney Herrly Prije 17 dana
Omg. Watching this I realized I'm just way too open about my sex life with people 😂
Kayla Dattilo
Kayla Dattilo Prije 17 dana
The "I'm straight" and "I am a fleshlight" KILLED me. Best group of siblings
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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elif duru
elif duru Prije 18 dana
''i said no'' ''you said... yes'' DEADDD
Nguyễn An
Nguyễn An Prije 18 dana
The black guy yes for every toys
Mark Bly
Mark Bly Prije 19 dana
This was lovely. More of these!!
cristahoffer24 Prije 19 dana
That flashlight thing looks like a fuckin child
Colin Godfrin
Colin Godfrin Prije 19 dana
Lmk if someone gets Harper’s @ on insta
Emília Marguca
Emília Marguca Prije 19 dana
Hmmm.... I kinda don't like that "top-bottom" apologize. Okay so Top is who dominites ín the realitionship And the bottom who is underdominated Or...?
Brielle 420
Brielle 420 Prije 19 dana
She used to be gay? How can u wake up and be like yeah I’m no longer gay
Kíara !
Kíara ! Prije 19 dana
The girl never remembering her answers is hilarious
Cyn Prije 18 dana
lmaoooo her answers were news to her too
AJ Prije 19 dana
The fact that there are no straight men LOL
Lixa Doot
Lixa Doot Prije 19 dana
An ideal word
ROHIT GOGOI Prije 19 dana
I am a fleshlight.
ROHIT GOGOI Prije 19 dana
Really ducking weird.
T S Prije 20 dana
This is weird. Y’all are wayyyyy too comfortable with your siblings. I could never.
Adam Prije 20 dana
This concept for the video just seems fuckin weird
Reese Boudreaux
Reese Boudreaux Prije 20 dana
Her neck is long
Amadeus vercingetorix
Amadeus vercingetorix Prije 20 dana
5:41 if every girl talked to me like this i have a feeling that the worlds population would double in about 9 months
Amadeus vercingetorix
Amadeus vercingetorix Prije 20 dana
5:10 I volunteer as tribute
Amadeus vercingetorix
Amadeus vercingetorix Prije 20 dana
You got some serious problems to workout if your flesh light has a face on it
chloe qualls
chloe qualls Prije 20 dana
😂😂😂loved this one
CorinneGames Prije 20 dana
i laughed so hard at 5:41 that I scared my sleeping kitten on my desk lmao
Febiola Sheryn
Febiola Sheryn Prije 20 dana
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char smith
char smith Prije 20 dana
Don’t be deceived we are living in the last days, take your salvation seriously. god so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believe in him shall not parish but have everlasting life.. repent from your sins(turn away) before it’s too late and don’t take that mark of the beast DNA altering vaccine 💉 warn everyone not to take it. God bless you all ✨SPREAD THE MESSAGE PASS THIS ON!!!✨
Depressed fork
Depressed fork Prije 20 dana
You are on some serious cocaine
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit Prije 20 dana
Get more normal people
Depressed fork
Depressed fork Prije 20 dana
fae Prije 20 dana
i cant even talk about this with my parents because if i do, i would get yelled at and my devices would be taken away, also why would i buy toys
ScapeGoatzzz Prije 21 dan
Things that made me laugh while watching this video high 3:02 ; Yes I would 7:30 ; shaking the dick like a stick shift Overall Harper forgetting her answers. 😂 relatable
Vanessa Unvericht
Vanessa Unvericht Prije 21 dan
What celebrity does Hannah look like? It’s killing me, her side profile reminds me of someone
Roy 24
Roy 24 Prije 21 dan
"Wow that's pretty large. IS THIS THE BIGGEST ONE YOU'VE SEEN IN REAL LIFE?" (nods) 😭😭🤣🤣🤣
Leah Goutremout
Leah Goutremout Prije 21 dan
“Now she’s a nun” Y’all😭💀
burnt into oblivion
burnt into oblivion Prije 21 dan
what the fuck is the point of this video? why would you discuss this kind of thing with a family member. that's just wrong
No Comment
No Comment Prije 21 dan
People in these comments being so weirded out "I'd never talk to my siblings about sex!" Me: my sister bought me my first vibrator as a birthday gift... 🤦‍♀️😆
JustAnotherYoutuber 07
JustAnotherYoutuber 07 Prije 21 dan
“Yes I would” 😂😂😂
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