Last To Stop Eating Hot Wings Wins $3,000

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FaZe Jarvis

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Last To Stop Eating Hot Spicy Chicken Wings Wins $3,000 With The Fortnite Pros featuring @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Sway @FaZe Dubs @FaZe Kay and @FaZe Nikan

🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Mac Tonight
Mac Tonight Prije 15 sati
HighSky Gay
SZN_24 Prije 3 dana
All the black people watching this : eat the rest of the meat off the bone
SZN_24 Prije 3 dana
ProjectFl4me Prije 3 dana
Jarvis: (Worlds hottest wings in L.A)
Larry Murray
Larry Murray Prije 3 dana
Sway needs to eat 2 Coralina reapers
UnknownHunter Prije 3 dana
*spiceking has joined the room*
romeo 2021
romeo 2021 Prije 6 dana
My mouth when u eating the wings 🌊🌊🌊🌊
Phenix Alec
Phenix Alec Prije 6 dana
I'm craving hot wings now 😩
Cosmic Duck
Cosmic Duck Prije 7 dana
My grandma would beat all off u. She is immune to spice lmao
Tommy Diehl
Tommy Diehl Prije 8 dana
Bb boi
ann loraine togle
ann loraine togle Prije 8 dana
Faze jarvis are u a brother of faze rug
hyawii yt
hyawii yt Prije 9 dana
the next morgan?
Blaze Renegadez
Blaze Renegadez Prije 10 dana
Disclaimer: only chickens were harmed during making of the video.
Typical Pkt
Typical Pkt Prije 10 dana
The worst part of the video is highsky
Joey941 Prije 9 dana
Carcar Fn
Carcar Fn Prije 11 dana
I can't believe their buttholes l
Angus Odonohue
Angus Odonohue Prije 12 dana
He said we have the wordsssss hottest wing in lllllaaaaa
Pixel- Vise
Pixel- Vise Prije 12 dana
for some reason i knew sway was gonna win
Sh4dow playz
Sh4dow playz Prije 13 dana
You kicked Kay out of FAZE YOUR THE WORST he’s your brother 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👿👿👿👿👿
Jeff Prije 8 dana
Jarvis didn't kick him- he got suspended him self-
Team Gamer
Team Gamer Prije 12 dana
He dint temper and apex kicked kay out
Sway Prije 13 dana
All day
Sway Prije 13 dana
Alol day
Sway Prije 13 dana
I love hot wings I can eat them
Sweaty-shah Prije 13 dana
Yessir sway
L2 Gravez
L2 Gravez Prije 14 dana
Sway deserved the whole lot
Ruby Stell
Ruby Stell Prije 14 dana
Who makes meat with A$$!
Mr. Gaming
Mr. Gaming Prije 14 dana
I want to Jarvis to knock out Michael Lee
Esteban Guzman
Esteban Guzman Prije 14 dana
Plz I so hungry it is so good my mouth is watering
Variantss亞 Prije 15 dana
Sway is using the power of a Hispanic
Michael Marquez
Michael Marquez Prije 15 dana
Beat that up like Michael Le
Alex Arredondo
Alex Arredondo Prije 15 dana
Bro I like hot stuff I would’ve eat it all
Antidote Zack
Antidote Zack Prije 16 dana
my biggest flex on jarvis is that I can still play fortnite
Ryan&Ryan Podcast
Ryan&Ryan Podcast Prije 16 dana
sway on crack
milanos123puff bruh
milanos123puff bruh Prije 16 dana
Sway be like : I am the new spice king
Jay jay
Jay jay Prije 17 dana
Jarvis : Last to stop eating hot wings wins $3,000 Mrbeast : LAST TO STOP TOUCHING THE LAMBORGHINI KEEPS IT Wich challenge would you pick?
Banana Prije 17 dana
“Today we have the worlds hottest wings in L.A” -Jarvis
TheMario PlushShow
TheMario PlushShow Prije 13 dana
Your the type of guy to edit your videos for your channel with your iPhone
TheMario PlushShow
TheMario PlushShow Prije 13 dana
Your the kind of person to pay a hooker to give you a hug
TheMario PlushShow
TheMario PlushShow Prije 13 dana
Your the type of guy to read from the owners manual to your kids before bed
TheMario PlushShow
TheMario PlushShow Prije 13 dana
Your the type of guy that trips over a wireless controller
TheMario PlushShow
TheMario PlushShow Prije 13 dana
Your the type of guy to call the police on a tornado for destroying private property
noob loops
noob loops Prije 19 dana
They don’t eat chicken wings that well they don’t eat all of the meat
Black lions
Black lions Prije 19 dana
Mr beast
Sergej Podvinski
Sergej Podvinski Prije 19 dana
Worlds hottest wings in la...
aditya narayan sahoo
aditya narayan sahoo Prije 19 dana
Dino DuDeGaming
Dino DuDeGaming Prije 20 dana
Nobody: Jarvis: Worlds spiciest wings in L.A
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada Prije 20 dana
The only people that watch these videos are dumb eight-year-old kids
Ava Diane
Ava Diane Prije 20 dana
nooooooooooooooooooooo team b win
halokidkai12 Prije 20 dana
There but🔥🔥🔥🔥
YT KAKAROTSSG Prije 20 dana
Sway be cracked at Fortnite and eating wings. What more could you want
Jacob Prije 20 dana
Indians be eating these like freaking jolly ranchers
Tattyanna Neils
Tattyanna Neils Prije 21 dan
I Heat faze Jarvis
Duckelx Prije 21 dan
ik its spicy but it looks really good
Jason Phan
Jason Phan Prije 22 dana
Can I try
Arien Anderson
Arien Anderson Prije 22 dana
sorry can't like the racist's in this vid
Faze Mxnic
Faze Mxnic Prije 22 dana
It’s not even blazing it’s wild I bet
Chaosninja Prije 22 dana
if u act dramatic then its spicy if u don't then it won't be spicy
Diana Tijerina
Diana Tijerina Prije 23 dana
You are 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢
its-peep !
its-peep ! Prije 23 dana
Sways face is just like wait why am I here
•THEEDUCKY• Prije 23 dana
빵 안녕하세요있어요
JEZER Reks Prije 23 dana
It's prob me eating yogurt while I am eating hot wings 🍗🍗🍗
axie fnf
axie fnf Prije 24 dana
Emily Balderas
Emily Balderas Prije 24 dana
panhareach Chhun
panhareach Chhun Prije 24 dana
Can you get me to do dat pls I will win for sure
Johnny Brianna
Johnny Brianna Prije 24 dana
The only dislikes where that sway said the wings aren’t spicy and in the title his face is sort of red
Depressed Prije 24 dana
Sway makes it look so easy
Elias Valdez
Elias Valdez Prije 25 dana
They look so good
CarsongamesYT Prije 25 dana
Malte Nielsen
Malte Nielsen Prije 25 dana
Whos here after Kay got kicked out?
Besnik Ismalaj
Besnik Ismalaj Prije 25 dana
I just cant imagine Black people reacting to this video 🤣
d rose
d rose Prije 25 dana
Sway thinks he’s so cool after this 😹
Corgo Prije 25 dana
anyone here when jarvis got suspended from faze?
OriginsPlayz Prije 25 dana
when sway was eating i kinda saw him jump bc the spice
Tyler De Los Reyes
Tyler De Los Reyes Prije 25 dana
Indians be like: light work
LopalDope Prije 25 dana
Jarvis In pain: "it just got to the back of my throat" Frazier: "Where else is it going" 😂😂😂😂
Mahtab Sharifi
Mahtab Sharifi Prije 24 dana
LTFD -Style
LTFD -Style Prije 26 dana
Rip Kay be missed brother
Gamer 64
Gamer 64 Prije 26 dana
Bruh the only reason why sway won is because he Mexican
SolFR Prije 25 dana
ChickLe Prije 26 dana
Sway felt the heat he just wanted to act like he didn’t feel anything 😂
quizy Prije 26 dana
When Kay was in Faze...
Brayden Carroll
Brayden Carroll Prije 26 dana
Free kay
Johnny Wallace
Johnny Wallace Prije 26 dana
Nikon is the only person that eats at a decent rate y’all are slow af lol
Lepsther Nafarrete
Lepsther Nafarrete Prije 26 dana
Jarvis remember you are the champ you beat Michael le
sam Prije 26 dana
This makes me wanna eat wings
Yair Tapia
Yair Tapia Prije 26 dana
Did anyone else catch where Jarvis said it went to the back of my throat His own brother well there where is it going 😂
Idk ok
Idk ok Prije 26 dana
Who is here after faze kay got kicked out of faze clan
YouToX1k228 Fortnite
YouToX1k228 Fortnite Prije 26 dana
Свей тупо чиллит когда другие не могут есть
Maskify Prije 26 dana
Its literally faze vs The Most OP Fortnite trio
JeffKH Prije 26 dana
POV: your watching this after faze Kay got kicked :(
Cristian Tamayo
Cristian Tamayo Prije 26 dana
Ayo spice king and FaZe Sway collab?
Shin Skates
Shin Skates Prije 26 dana
Yum 😋
enderrr 123
enderrr 123 Prije 26 dana
From eating to boxing wow
Itz_shadezzYT Prije 26 dana
If I was in there I'll be a solo I love hot wings lol
Ethan Vu
Ethan Vu Prije 27 dana
I just like the reaction of them getting the money its just hilarious
YoFade Prije 27 dana
Who’s here after Kay got kicked from FaZe 😔
Icy Prije 27 dana
Jarvis:Eating the worlds hottest wings... in LA Me:???????
Zackrey Andrewson
Zackrey Andrewson Prije 27 dana
Has anyone noticed Eli said the hottest wings in the world in LA
TT240 Prije 27 dana
The world most spusiect wings in la?
Siphelele Tukani
Siphelele Tukani Prije 27 dana
Sway is just chillin he don't care about the spice
ImLukah Prije 27 dana
Sway outside: give me more plz more!!!! Sway inside: 😢🥵🥵😭
シJøhñシ Prije 27 dana
ALFA Mah Prije 28 dana
Å#`#jag öe eld,dkdd
SHANE air Prije 28 dana
Faze sway built different
HoneyPinelz Prije 28 dana
a true boner 🍫🥛
a true boner 🍫🥛 Prije 28 dana
I bet these are like hot cheetos or some sh#t like that
akract Prije 28 dana
What he ate before the fight
Lunar シ
Lunar シ Prije 28 dana
albert Chugs
albert Chugs Prije 28 dana
Never seen a person capping more than this Sway dude, Holy
Lili Hhsj
Lili Hhsj Prije 28 dana
I am watching this at 2x and it's still slow
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