Filling My Computer With Spaghetti Then Hiring a Repair Man To Fix It

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FaZe Jarvis

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Today we are pranking a plumber, a computer repair guy, and a shoe cleaner at the FaZe House!
Friends in the video:
@FaZe Kay @HanRidge @FaZeAdapt
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FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis Prije 3 mjeseci
Shoutout to @RossCreations and @FaZeRug for the idea 😂😂😂
Edward Perez
Edward Perez Prije mjesec
Can we eat it 😂😂
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher Prije mjesec
FaZe Jarvis what a waste of food that food could of gone to the homeless
Anthony Brinson
Anthony Brinson Prije mjesec
free jarvis
DrAsianSmart Prije 2 mjeseci
DUNK TIMETM Prije 2 mjeseci
You wasting people time isn’t funny unless you gonna give them some extra money to make up for it...
D3athsku11 Gaming
D3athsku11 Gaming Prije 17 sati
it doesnt even have a graphics card lol
Games With you
Games With you Prije 20 sati
Oh shit
AUNG BHONE MYAT Prije 2 dana
You are wasting food but entertain
Gage Ayala-Ortiz
Gage Ayala-Ortiz Prije 2 dana
The “plumber” is wearing slides
lol Klevi
lol Klevi Prije 6 dana
Like the first guy only had to take out apples and all he probably sometimes has to take sh*t out of toilets like 😂😳🤢
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Prije 7 dana
Jarvis is so stupid!
David - Among us
David - Among us Prije 7 dana
like i knoq ur doin it for good content witch it is but thats wasting food
Frosted The goat
Frosted The goat Prije 8 dana
Bean sharingan jutsu😂🤣
George Simitzis
George Simitzis Prije 11 dana
Some people in the world don’t have any food and this guy is just going out and wasting food for no reason. Stupid
AARAV THE PRO BRO Prije 11 dana
this is a video made by FAZE RUG but still like it and like ur vids
uvop8700 / Wass
uvop8700 / Wass Prije 6 dana
it’s actually by vlog creations
ward haitham
ward haitham Prije 11 dana
he gave the credits
quality content
quality content Prije 13 dana
Your calling people who are trying to do there jobs during a pandemic and you call them for no reason how would you feel if one of them got sick because they went to your house to do there job and ended up getting pranked that's so messed up man I mean this guy was cleaning a toilet and dude it's so mean do you know how many germs are in that toilet and your making a guy put his hands in it you have no care for peoples safety
Exotic gaming
Exotic gaming Prije 12 dana
He got 500 dollars plus shit has more chance to give the rona plus I’m sire he’s safer then he would’ve been
myztik Prije 12 dana
Either way they still get paid... I'm sure they get paid way more than they would on their average job anyway. The guy that cleaned the toilet had easy work that day, usually hes sticking his hands down blocked shitty toilets. He even got paid way more than he would have. Wtf are you even talking about lmfao
ShockeR Bkjk0
ShockeR Bkjk0 Prije 14 dana
Sharingan jutsu really he could have said fire style jutsu
Landon Stern
Landon Stern Prije 14 dana
you could’ve given my the pasta 😢
Dre Jose
Dre Jose Prije 15 dana
TeaWap: Bean Sharinggan Jutsu Me: Whaaaat?! Also Me: TeaWap’s an Uchiha?!?!
Inpu T
Inpu T Prije 15 dana
Ha. First one be blackmail a bit tho
DragonX /Fire
DragonX /Fire Prije 16 dana
Jarvis that not good playing with food food is create to eat you are bad person i love u and i love your video but playing with food not good man😡😡😡you are not cool man not cool plz do not do video plying not all people love us man be a man u are not a baby plying with food i hope u read my comment and be a good person❤️❤️
DragonX /Fire
DragonX /Fire Prije 16 dana
استغفر الله العظعيم
RTV Flirt
RTV Flirt Prije 17 dana
أستغفر الله العظيم
Clay FN
Clay FN Prije 18 dana
Almost hit him with the Bean Jaranjoto mate
Tactical Hero
Tactical Hero Prije 22 dana
Bro you could give that food to homeless you could put something else bro
Thatboisam 23
Thatboisam 23 Prije 17 dana
@Rotanak Hun sounds good 👍
Rotanak Hun
Rotanak Hun Prije 17 dana
@Thatboisam 23 OK good job I don't have that much but I would do it soon. ♡⃛◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞⸜₍ ˍ́˱˲ˍ̀ ₎⸝◟( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )◞♡⃛
Thatboisam 23
Thatboisam 23 Prije 17 dana
@Rotanak Hun I do already
Rotanak Hun
Rotanak Hun Prije 17 dana
Why don't you do it
Thatboisam 23
Thatboisam 23 Prije 17 dana
Jadhan Piper
Jadhan Piper Prije 25 dana
mans said a 20ti
James Medina
James Medina Prije 26 dana
What is the sharingan justu 🤣🤣 I think he meant to say fire ball justu naruto fans will get this
Sunny Nguyen
Sunny Nguyen Prije 25 dana
Sunny Nguyen
Sunny Nguyen Prije 25 dana
Brenden 1516
Brenden 1516 Prije 27 dana
Straight robbed my boy Ross VlogCreations
Leandro Gomes
Leandro Gomes Prije 17 dana
@Kyle Wong he did in the comments
Kyle Wong
Kyle Wong Prije 23 dana
On god and didn’t even credit him
mohamed chebib
mohamed chebib Prije mjesec
The second one was funny 🤪😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️
Pierson White
Pierson White Prije 22 dana
Bro no weird shit Hanna had a fat 🐫
BallerBoy 16
BallerBoy 16 Prije mjesec
I love how the plumber wears sandals
BallerBoy 16
BallerBoy 16 Prije mjesec
My dad is a plum-er. No offence did u say plumb-er
Jokers_YT Prije mjesec
y yo man I gtg to my car *doesn’t even return*
Ramiro Garcia
Ramiro Garcia Prije mjesec
You should Give me that pc fam
Nat3d0g3663 Prije mjesec
What kinda plumber wears slides to work
ifaisal8 Prije mjesec
now my b day
Joel Guevara
Joel Guevara Prije mjesec
Flog Creations
spennyclxps Prije mjesec
Slashinstinct Prije 17 dana
Ok what is this DEMOCRACY
Emalineツ Prije 25 dana
Spenny if you "quit" then why is your pfp A fortnite skin 😶
spennyclxps Prije 28 dana
@FrostyPlayz I quit fortnite 3 months ago bud
FrostyPlayz Prije mjesec
@LyNx TiTaN 2 months ago...
LyNx TiTaN
LyNx TiTaN Prije mjesec
Wiktor Grajek
Wiktor Grajek Prije mjesec
He said he put beans into them like a gour again then 30 second later he says ive been trippin all day
JoE69 Prije mjesec
I feel bad for the plumber guy, he had to clean all the beans and s*it up, just for a prank.
Michael Salazar
Michael Salazar Prije mjesec
They got paid tho...? Why is that bad ?
Hugoking#1 Prije mjesec
The beans sharingan jutsu lol
JediPokemob Prije mjesec
Didn’t vlog creations do This?
Randhall De La Rosa
Randhall De La Rosa Prije mjesec
lol teawap said bean Sharingan justu🤣🤣🤣
SKULLZ YT Prije mjesec
20 seconds in the video they try to blur the man's face but then it got unblurred lol
winkface_sellers Prije mjesec
That’s teawap lol
Acton Lord
Acton Lord Prije mjesec
Could've gave me that pc 🤦‍♂️
riot Prije 17 dana
That pc is dawg shit wdym
itsRaiderZ Prije mjesec
Dermot White
Dermot White Prije mjesec
Go to 21 seconds the sooo called plumber
Anže Anže
Anže Anže Prije mjesec
0:40 what a waste of food like cmon not every family has for food and u're doing this OMG.
Matthew Coppola
Matthew Coppola Prije mjesec
変Okashi Prije mjesec
bro hes making profit out of this bro do get so mad like if familys need there food they have too work for it this kid worked for it bud dont get so tight
sirsnowy7 Prije mjesec
Very original
sirsnowy7 Prije mjesec
@Andreas Karagounis I know I was doin sarcasm
Andreas Karagounis
Andreas Karagounis Prije mjesec
not at all. search up vlog creatons
Jakub Kutta
Jakub Kutta Prije mjesec
Will Pelayo
Will Pelayo Prije mjesec
There’s people who can’t buy pc and your Ruining it
変Okashi Prije mjesec
@Jimmy 😃 LMAOOO IM DEAD Just like his nonexistent pc
Jimmy 😃
Jimmy 😃 Prije mjesec
It’s a joke u broke hater
Jake Prije mjesec
Calm down bud it’s a joke
Shifan Karedia
Shifan Karedia Prije mjesec
Bean sharingan jutsu also with chidori
Elapsed Prije mjesec
*BEEN SHARINGAN JUTSU* opppppppppppppppppp af
Joel Saquinaula
Joel Saquinaula Prije mjesec
the plumer at 2:55 on his rist their a braslet if you want it its in the budda power store
Dajour Johnson6
Dajour Johnson6 Prije mjesec
GRAY Prije mjesec
Some People in the world suffer from hunger and this kid throwing some bread and apples in the toilet 🙆🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Bipolar-Gaming Prije mjesec
@Fire760 Because not many people are in a multi million house, not many people are MILLION AIRS like jarvis. And he’s wasting food that could’ve went for a better cayse
Pixly Prije mjesec
@GRAY yea that’s true
GRAY Prije mjesec
@Pixly well I didn’t expect that this is coming I like them to watch but this is not right just sayin
Pixly Prije mjesec
Then why r u watching this video
Quantum Gamer
Quantum Gamer Prije mjesec
Mike young
Mike young Prije mjesec
Ross did it better
D4ncyy Prije mjesec
Ruben 24
Ruben 24 Prije mjesec
He got this from vlog creations
Spectatertot Prije mjesec
Rosscreations originally created this
Lapster08 Phelps
Lapster08 Phelps Prije mjesec
Vlog creation did it first
VIP_Blitzz Prije mjesec
Damn they just left
rashid aljalahma
rashid aljalahma Prije mjesec
Pro its food its not got to use food for content
Yeet Man
Yeet Man Prije mjesec
Wait what
Emalineツ Prije mjesec
Jarvis has to be the best faze member .
itzSyfy Prije mjesec
Beans sharingan jutsu 😂
Dajour Johnson6
Dajour Johnson6 Prije mjesec
Dajour Johnson6
Dajour Johnson6 Prije mjesec
0 48
Dajour Johnson6
Dajour Johnson6 Prije mjesec
Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson Prije mjesec
If you like you wil join the faze clan and have a good life 👇🏾
Ryan allen
Ryan allen Prije mjesec
Ross has been doing this
ten topia
ten topia Prije mjesec
Dark Raven Gamer
Dark Raven Gamer Prije mjesec
I can fucking smell it through the screen XD
Pelon 90_-
Pelon 90_- Prije mjesec
8:48 Alex fucked it up 😂😂😂
Kzoz Prije mjesec
Nice vid jarvis
de boss
de boss Prije mjesec
Weak af jarvis
de boss
de boss Prije mjesec
So many people hungry and you flushing bread down a toilet
Double Agent101
Double Agent101 Prije mjesec
plsmaa plsmaa
plsmaa plsmaa Prije mjesec
ok Karen we get it you didn't find it funny
r1cky- Prije mjesec
Why is there Madison Beer on the background?
MT Playz
MT Playz Prije mjesec
Wow what an original idea Jarvis
MobHasAimbot Prije mjesec
0:48 the solution for world hunger
MobHasAimbot Prije mjesec
@Eric Murillo no
Eric Murillo
Eric Murillo Prije mjesec
Eric Murillo
Eric Murillo Prije mjesec
Please do me a favor
WAJAHAT Zaidi Prije mjesec
You can also give the food to needy people
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Prije mjesec
WAJAHAT Zaidi yeah
Sivoe Prije mjesec
Teawop? Teowap? No No No Toewap
Team FNS
Team FNS Prije mjesec
tea wop said bean sharingan lol :)
Jayant Pant
Jayant Pant Prije mjesec
but a lot of food is wasted though which could also have been provided to the poor people waste of food sad 😢
Jayant Pant
Jayant Pant Prije mjesec
@Kyle M wth is happening over here XD
Kyle M
Kyle M Prije mjesec
UzMoZa APEX no u stfu
UzMoZa XO Prije mjesec
@TingelTangel Tony you shut up
TingelTangel Tony
TingelTangel Tony Prije mjesec
Cruz Garcia
Cruz Garcia Prije mjesec
All the people dreaming of a pc one day😢
GAMING _LIFE Prije mjesec
Samad Quddoos wow come down Samad don’t pull out the flex
Samad Quddoos
Samad Quddoos Prije mjesec
I have one
Jordan Fisher
Jordan Fisher Prije mjesec
What a waste of food bro that could of been gone to the homeless
Eric Murillo
Eric Murillo Prije mjesec
Eric Murillo
Eric Murillo Prije mjesec
Please do me a favor
Diamond Aye
Diamond Aye Prije mjesec
Yo faze Jarvis Sommer Ray kissed a girl on wild out
J2GOATED Prije mjesec
7:21 teawap the best for saying the sharingan jutsu 💯😂🤝
Kaiden_playz Prije mjesec
I love the way he said spaghettini
Block6ldn Prije mjesec
Tozo Loromai
Tozo Loromai Prije mjesec
Jarvis looking at how flat she is
Dark !
Dark ! Prije mjesec
After this video they ate the food in the toilet
Jed Edits
Jed Edits Prije mjesec
Lol the cleaner made me laugh so hard
Josiah Gilazgi
Josiah Gilazgi Prije mjesec
mad facts
ReverseZA Prije mjesec
Nate Rotzien
Nate Rotzien Prije mjesec
私omzz Prije mjesec
😳😕Waste of food😒
UzMoZa XO Prije mjesec
@Benjamin Paschall world hunger
Benjamin Paschall
Benjamin Paschall Prije mjesec
tiktok omzz_issa_qt Ari okay who cares
ItzFrogzyy Prije mjesec
Aint this from faze rug??
MrProfessorLightyear Prije mjesec
vlog creations
999. skhy
999. skhy Prije mjesec
no. the original video idea was from vlog creations.
dba quando
dba quando Prije mjesec
He mad 😭😭 And nobody know you my boy
Kid Cannabis
Kid Cannabis Prije mjesec
Small but
boneless bread
boneless bread Prije mjesec
ItsLGNDSyph Prije mjesec
LoL 🤣
Troll10 Colten
Troll10 Colten Prije mjesec
OmG sO LoL 😂
Noah Chavez
Noah Chavez Prije mjesec
I bet girls are like ''Boys are so immature''.
Flezx Prije mjesec
Teawap: bean sharingan jutsu! 😂😂😂😂😂
Flezx Prije mjesec
@Zifen ok
Zifen Prije mjesec
as soon as i heard him say that i knew some naruto fan would comment lmao
Anthony Baatz
Anthony Baatz Prije 2 mjeseci
When the meme that he $aid. It's so hard it sounded little 😏
ip_cris Prije 2 mjeseci
Every og knows where the pc repair man Prank comes from
c’est moi boo
c’est moi boo Prije 2 mjeseci
these people were weird 💀
Maxwell Norbury
Maxwell Norbury Prije 2 mjeseci
alex and jarvis finally getting along
Hridit Dhar
Hridit Dhar Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow wasting food for a video mate. Tff
UzMoZa XO Prije mjesec
@JoeYT Gaming! wtf
JoeYT Gaming!
JoeYT Gaming! Prije mjesec
It was for the sake of our entertainment.
Hridit Dhar
Hridit Dhar Prije 2 mjeseci
Mate the food he just wasted could fill up a hungry kids stomach
Tazinyu Prije 2 mjeseci
its not really wasting food he just uses it differently
Plyboycarti Prije 2 mjeseci
The bean sharingan jutsu 😂
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