I Got My Whole Body Tattoo'd

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FaZe Jarvis

Prije godine

I hired a professional makeup artist to get my whole body tattoo'd. My roommates from the FaZe House reacted to it, @FaZe Rain @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Teeqo @Cizzorz @FaZe Temperrr .
My brother @FaZe Kay and my mom aswell. She really could not believe it.... btw Avani whats up.

🎨 Makeup Artist: emilyfiora

🕺 TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@jarvis
📸 Instagram: fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: liljarviss

🍉TeaWap: teawap

Cynix Prije godine
*Jarvis content keep getting better and better*
Griffin Mercer 32 (STUDENT)
Griffin Mercer 32 (STUDENT) Prije 3 mjeseci
Really tho
leo cyrus
leo cyrus Prije 4 mjeseci
It's at 300k
MIdas Prije 4 mjeseci
Villum Prije 4 mjeseci
No cap
Fluid x Onzo
Fluid x Onzo Prije 5 mjeseci
So is his aimbot😂
Mythical Gamer
Mythical Gamer Prije dan
What happened to getting the sleeve
Y u Bully Me? ツ
Y u Bully Me? ツ Prije 6 dana
0:13 lol it says beetle juice
Rehan Azaad
Rehan Azaad Prije 6 dana
It's hit 300k likes
Hsar Moo
Hsar Moo Prije 7 dana
Zack Locklear
Zack Locklear Prije 11 dana
Rapper name lil jar
Saleyy Prije 15 dana
He hit 200k likes tho
Victor Villa
Victor Villa Prije 16 dana
new sleeve tats coming soon
Tractor man
Tractor man Prije 18 dana
Jarvis get pulled over? Police:do you have any weapons? Jarvis:I have a concealed fire arm and Jarvis shows in fornite scar
zay lara
zay lara Prije 21 dan
He got 322k likes
Black Onyx Ocean
Black Onyx Ocean Prije 23 dana
Jarvis we got 321k
SCU1QZ Prije 24 dana
Now you got 321.000 k likes and you have not have get a sleeve😂
NRG Noah
NRG Noah Prije 25 dana
Logan hiatt
Logan hiatt Prije 28 dana
200k passed still no sleave
soa_legitbro Jhett Adkins
soa_legitbro Jhett Adkins Prije mjesec
SamTastiq Prije mjesec
He still didn't get that sleeve bruv
Zero Change
Zero Change Prije mjesec
Legend says he never got a sleeve tattoo
Cross Ramos
Cross Ramos Prije mjesec
did you get that sleeve?
SZN Demon
SZN Demon Prije mjesec
300k? Likes jarvy
Cooper Harrison
Cooper Harrison Prije mjesec
get jarvie sleevie
nicola farrell
nicola farrell Prije mjesec
what happened to your tats
Hassan Muhammad
Hassan Muhammad Prije mjesec
We want that sleeve 👀 300k likes 😏
Spaß mit Tobbe
Spaß mit Tobbe Prije 2 mjeseci
Emilio Terrones
Emilio Terrones Prije 2 mjeseci
Yo wheres that sleeve arm tattoo it's way past 200k likes
Selah Paschke
Selah Paschke Prije 2 mjeseci
Lil Jarvis😂
Leticia Lucero
Leticia Lucero Prije 2 mjeseci
Well we got 3k so come on tats let’s get it
RVC_RIO Vids Prije 2 mjeseci
Rockin Prije 2 mjeseci
Where’s the tattoo he hit 200k
T. Banks
T. Banks Prije 2 mjeseci
Momma bear wasn't having it at all! Lol
T. Banks
T. Banks Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok who's the young man with the man bun?????!!!!😏
Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson Prije 2 mjeseci
No you didnt
Jacob Perez
Jacob Perez Prije 3 mjeseci
it hit 200k
Heath Walker
Heath Walker Prije 3 mjeseci
Teawap should have edited when Kay said damn thats crazy when Kay saw jarvis's tats
Rowena Gomez
Rowena Gomez Prije 3 mjeseci
Wait your 6ix9ine now man hahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gravity elite8
Gravity elite8 Prije 3 mjeseci
where is the sleve huh
Bullxtツ Prije 3 mjeseci
where FaZe logo bro
skylar winegar
skylar winegar Prije 3 mjeseci
Hey my boy we hit over 200000 like so I gonna get the sleeve ?
DrAg Prije 3 mjeseci
Deacon Jones
Deacon Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
Scratch the face and neck tatts and he would look fire
Marito Leon
Marito Leon Prije 3 mjeseci
Omg he actually hit over 200k likes omggggggg
GRICE Prije 3 mjeseci
LILTONECHI Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis look young
ilias elamrani
ilias elamrani Prije 3 mjeseci
You Will go to the hell
MTL Vize
MTL Vize Prije 3 mjeseci
Someone got blackmailed Jarvis: f*** u teawap
aidan vognetz
aidan vognetz Prije 3 mjeseci
yo its over 200,000
charliesn32 Prije 3 mjeseci
wheres those tats at?
Xman 18
Xman 18 Prije 3 mjeseci
Xman 18
Xman 18 Prije 3 mjeseci
so where is the sleaf
Mr Inferno
Mr Inferno Prije 3 mjeseci
Bro it has 300k
Gaming With The Bois
Gaming With The Bois Prije 3 mjeseci
Wheres that sleve
CB the editor
CB the editor Prije 3 mjeseci
we got 200k likes you have to get your arm all tattoo
tracey Mann
tracey Mann Prije 3 mjeseci
It’s not bad
Ayaz Er
Ayaz Er Prije 3 mjeseci
Get tatting Jarvis it’s reached 300.000 likes
عبد الله الغامدي
عبد الله الغامدي Prije 3 mjeseci
Ok bruh I like jarvis doing vlogs more than doing fortnite videos 😀
RMSJ Lowery
RMSJ Lowery Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruh 3k likes get a friken sleeve
ELY LVA Prije 4 mjeseci
thas teawap arabic i know it from آمير and i am Arabic so i have to know it
Marshadowmello X
Marshadowmello X Prije 4 mjeseci
Now u have 300k likes so tattoo your body hahahahahaha 😂🤣😂🤣
Lillie Whitehead
Lillie Whitehead Prije 4 mjeseci
Yo Faze Up
Ethan Todd
Ethan Todd Prije 4 mjeseci
If you a rapper make a song called fortnite gang about ban people
Potato Lover
Potato Lover Prije 4 mjeseci
Is he ever getting a sleeve lol
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain Prije 4 mjeseci
Does he actually have a tattoo the scar
Shihab Islam
Shihab Islam Prije 4 mjeseci
Mohammed Luqman
Mohammed Luqman Prije 4 mjeseci
Bro u got 200k liked get the tats
brian Prije 4 mjeseci
Cizzors has the same reaction every time
Citrus f8de
Citrus f8de Prije 4 mjeseci
Axtro999 Prije 4 mjeseci
me waiting for him to get a sleeve👁️👄👁️
Lance 210
Lance 210 Prije 4 mjeseci
this vid has 300k likes where is the whole sleeve of tats you promised .
Audrey Aaron
Audrey Aaron Prije 4 mjeseci
EPIC Gamer
EPIC Gamer Prije 4 mjeseci
it is over 2ook and he hasn't got it
Ethan Masoch
Ethan Masoch Prije 4 mjeseci
1:25 The suppressed sub
Eloosiv Prije 4 mjeseci
He never got the sleeve
DudHud09 Prije 4 mjeseci
hello machine gun kelly
leo cyrus
leo cyrus Prije 4 mjeseci
It's at 300k
Dream Prije 4 mjeseci
Armed Prije 4 mjeseci
He got over 200k likes but nothing happened
オクタビアン Prije 4 mjeseci
It was 317k likes cmon Jarvis tat time
Random Demon
Random Demon Prije 4 mjeseci
looks like he gettin a sleeve
joshua zamora
joshua zamora Prije 4 mjeseci
ILIA Ghp Prije 4 mjeseci
3:45 now it’s 300k likes bro
Sergiop1013 Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis 200k Us 300 k
Alan Chhackappan
Alan Chhackappan Prije 4 mjeseci
jarvis chabge hairstyle
Kevin gamer YT
Kevin gamer YT Prije 4 mjeseci
You need to get a real tattoo you say you will make it for 200,000 likes
quixzz Prije 4 mjeseci
yo that crazy Jarvis
Xxavi Fn
Xxavi Fn Prije 4 mjeseci
It hit 200 k
Tristan White
Tristan White Prije 4 mjeseci
we got 317k
Mr BadGuyPlayz
Mr BadGuyPlayz Prije 4 mjeseci
Your arm snake tattoo looks the same as Lil Mosey
MR GAMING Prije 4 mjeseci
300k likes and not 200k
Rumen Chinchirov
Rumen Chinchirov Prije 4 mjeseci
I guess Jarvis has to get his whole arm tattooed😂😂😂
TD_Simplify Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis we hit over 200k it’s 317k
Unlegendary Gamer 47
Unlegendary Gamer 47 Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis you said 200k likes and a whole sleeve so do a whole sleeve because you got 300k like
charles rowland
charles rowland Prije 4 mjeseci
yo jarvis 316k likes were the sleeve tat
adrian otaku_oficial
adrian otaku_oficial Prije 4 mjeseci
Now faZe jarvis is like faZe rug “no gaiming” 😂😂😅
Jesse23 Prije 4 mjeseci
2:46 cizzorz
Mana Vi
Mana Vi Prije 4 mjeseci
bro; you past 200k likes @ FaZe Jarvis
Giovani Alvarado
Giovani Alvarado Prije 4 mjeseci
He got 300k likes were the tats
GucciGamer_XD Prije 4 mjeseci
Waiting for Jarvis to get the sleeve
Zorawar Mangat
Zorawar Mangat Prije 4 mjeseci
Stupid Prije 4 mjeseci
when you hit ss1 in 2k lol
infinity dave_
infinity dave_ Prije 4 mjeseci
Caden Balser
Caden Balser Prije 4 mjeseci
It gets 300k likes he’s like nah
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