Finally Revealing My Secret | NikkieTutorials: Layers Of Me

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After being blackmailed, Nikkie takes control as she prepares for her powerful coming out video, but behind the scenes she is battling with telling her closest friend the truth.
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Rosanne Veldboer
Rosanne Veldboer Prije 26 minuta
leah brown
leah brown Prije 30 minuta
I’ve watched so many of Nikkis videos This is the first episode I watched , I went back and watched the first one again, an amazing story told by a beautiful woman🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
X Knight
X Knight Prije 3 sati
This is so moving. I am moved to tears. I thank you for being you and helping people to understand what this process is like for others. ❤
Mann Sharma
Mann Sharma Prije 3 sati
Omg Nikki I love u u are awesome ... Amazing 😍😍😍🤩😍🤩⭐👑⭐
Kimmy Ball
Kimmy Ball Prije 4 sati
I know its none of our business but im super curious as to what Dillions reaction was when she told him! I do want to say that she is one of the strongest people I have ever seen!! For her to make that video had to have been so beyond scary!! ❤❤❤
Maria Joseph
Maria Joseph Prije 13 sati
Such a Darling🥰😍
Bere garcia
Bere garcia Prije 18 sati
Omg your bestfriend ❤ love her That's what a bestfriend should do same as your real supporters. Anyone else doesn't matter are people you don't need in your life
NARA Qiem tan
NARA Qiem tan Prije 20 sati
I ❤ u nikkie
Alissa Habachi
Alissa Habachi Prije 20 sati
I think it’s absolutely disgusting and vile that someone would blackmail her about something this sensitive. This was none of our business and Nikkie would tell us when she is and was ready.
Breanna Honeycutt
Breanna Honeycutt Prije 21 sat
I was in tears 😭😭😭 it's a amazing I just starting transitioning last year and it's been hard but I made it and Nicki you are changing our community
Crisa Lis
Crisa Lis Prije dan
Nikkie's best friend is truly an amazing person, she didn't even feel betrayed despite the fact that Nikkie hid the truth from her for such a long time. She's so lucky for having such a great best friend.
Kenna Ndir
Kenna Ndir Prije dan
It's so sad that she has to feel like she has to apologize for not telling anyone. She really doesn't. We love you Nikkie.
Tara Pelaccio Ellis
Tara Pelaccio Ellis Prije dan
Ian Go
Ian Go Prije dan
I LoVE YOU Nikie 💕💕💕💕💕
Tasha Charnetzky
Tasha Charnetzky Prije dan
I just wanted to say this is the first video I’ve seen of your vlog, and 1) your mother is GORGEOUS, 2) I LOVED watching your first video morph into you now, and 3) your voice is like HONEY and I love you to pieces, thank you for your ray of sunshine in this world!!
Claire Bee
Claire Bee Prije dan
Nikkie, you will always be Nikkie! A beautiful woman that does incredible make up 🥰
Claire Bee
Claire Bee Prije dan
Big props to mom 💕 She let her daughter be herself. She's wonderful!
Tran Tran
Tran Tran Prije dan
Linda is such a wonderful friend!
Jae Lempriere
Jae Lempriere Prije 2 dana
OMG NikkieTutorials I have been watching you since I first found youtube and makeup tutorials and you inspired me and made really explore and find my love for makeup. You are a amazing person! your so strong and this coming out story is so sad but also you didn't have to be scared for one second because everyone that truly mattered and truly understood was was gonna continue to love and adore you for you and your work!. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO BRAVE AND THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! MWAH XXXXX Also I've watched every single one of your videos and ive now got my own youtube channel which im gonna to juts have fun and explore and create. lots of love LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY LOVE
Andrea Salazar
Andrea Salazar Prije 2 dana
I am pretty sure most of us including myself, keep seeing you as Nikkie, a strong independent woman, You are amazing and so strong we are very proud of you
KoreAn A
KoreAn A Prije 2 dana
Thank you thank you thank u.....for sharing EVERYTHING..u inspire me more and more
D'Arcy Jane
D'Arcy Jane Prije 2 dana
so so many tears....
Jessica Tavares
Jessica Tavares Prije 2 dana
we love u 🤍🤍🤍🤍🌷
Druvis Gerrits
Druvis Gerrits Prije 2 dana
You are a beautiful person inside and out. ❤ This world could use somr more of the unwavering love and support that your mom and best friend have for you. It's amazing. You are amazing.
DD O Prije 3 dana
Nikkie was a born a woman. She was just trapped in the wrong body, now she is the most beautiful woman and queen ever!💕🤍🖤
agvi13 Prije 3 dana
proud of you
Lalena Conklin
Lalena Conklin Prije 3 dana
That was probably the hardest decision to keep to yourself... I already thought you were wonderful but now knowing the whole story I think you're even more wonderful! Just be you 100% and never look back your past your past you're nothing but your future and it's okay to just look forward and it's okay to just be who you are no matter what it is... There's nothing wrong with any of us the only thing that we need to stop doing is judging one another we don't know each other stories we all Harbor secrets about ourselves! It's okay to just be ourselves you're a beautiful woman and you're Perfect Just the Way You Are and if you don't feel perfect just the way you are then change and become the perfect you and don't worry what the world thinks I know that sounds hard especially in this world at this day and age but that's what needs to change we have to stop worrying and living in fear about what the people around us are thinking! I say everybody just start being truthful with ourselves first and through that the truth will come... Much love to all and much love to you Nikki keep up the great work I'm sure you'll never see this but I hope you do!
Tanya K.Beckerman
Tanya K.Beckerman Prije 3 dana
😭😭😭😭😭 it is so exciting!! You are amazing person ❤
Michelle Leuch
Michelle Leuch Prije 3 dana
Brianna Bodin
Brianna Bodin Prije 3 dana
Brave beautiful woman. 💜💜💜
Maddie Smith
Maddie Smith Prije 3 dana
That was one of the most powerful things I have ever seen. I love you so much Nikki. You will FOREVER have my support and most importantly, love.
Mayra Macias
Mayra Macias Prije 3 dana
Can we talk about the remarkable not only mother, but woman Mama Tutorials is 🥰 Everyone needs a mom so loving, accepting and understanding 😍🥰
Bae Goals
Bae Goals Prije 3 dana
The weird thing is..I still only see the woman Nikki. I’m trying my hardest to see someone else but I cannot because she’s truly walking in her actual truth.❤️
Zara Castellaz-Faico
Zara Castellaz-Faico Prije 3 dana
So inspiring I love you even more, you’re amazing
Brena Bolick
Brena Bolick Prije 4 dana
bro when she came out i was so so so excited. this is beautiful and i adore that she’s willing to let us all in on her story
Stacy Trueshot
Stacy Trueshot Prije 4 dana
I didn't know and now that I do it changed nothing. I love Nikki. I think she is wonderful.
Seven Vasquez
Seven Vasquez Prije 4 dana
MiNd BlOwn 💥💣
Liz Kunst
Liz Kunst Prije 4 dana
FranCat Creations
FranCat Creations Prije 4 dana
Nikki! 😢😍 this series was amazing and you are amazing 💜
Lady Grace
Lady Grace Prije 4 dana
I appreciate you 🥰
Niknak Prije 4 dana
I want more. Nikkie is so real, brave and full of life. She is gorgeous. There was no big lie, it was just the past.
Angelina Federle
Angelina Federle Prije 4 dana
I love that track that is playing in your whip girl ;)
XxnothingxX Prije 4 dana
I love nikkie for how she is not bc of her gender i love her bc she is so tallented she is so entertaining and funny and she is perfect as a boy and as a girl we luv you nikkie 💗💗
MARZWERA06 Prije 5 dana
Her voice now reminds me so much of Kathrine Heigls!
Jenny Di
Jenny Di Prije 5 dana
what an amazon mother, you are so bless this is amazing i will always will love my kids no matter what they want to be in life and i can understand your mother that love wow ❤️
Jessica James
Jessica James Prije 5 dana
This is soooooo inspirational. have and always will be an empowered, beautiful women! Your past makes no difference. You are YOU. and thats.....amazing we love you girl
Galaxy Light
Galaxy Light Prije 5 dana
Your layers helped me define my layers Thank you
Iris Dorhout
Iris Dorhout Prije 5 dana
Omg your mom is so supportive 🏳️‍🌈💞
Luka Runningwolf
Luka Runningwolf Prije 5 dana
I hate whoever blackmailed her. This was none of our goddamned business. She should have been allowed to live her life as she was. She should have been allowed to have that peace.
Nandipa Ndlovu
Nandipa Ndlovu Prije 5 dana
Stephanie Murphey
Stephanie Murphey Prije 5 dana
She is soooo gorgeous ! Keep going girl love you!
Camila Dellasanta
Camila Dellasanta Prije 6 dana
You're BEATIFUL girl, be you. Dont be afraid ❤
Pirkko Davis
Pirkko Davis Prije 6 dana
Mad props to Nikkie’s mom. Saskia Spee allowed and encouraged Nikkie to become who she wanted to be. ❤️
Janet Jj
Janet Jj Prije 6 dana
Kristen Aubin
Kristen Aubin Prije 6 dana
Sheara 46
Sheara 46 Prije 6 dana
Kudo's to you for being strong, beautiful and living your best inspire so many people so shake off the haters because you' are a star!!
Chelsea Bree Ann
Chelsea Bree Ann Prije 7 dana
NIKKIE!!! I would have never guessed but your story is unique and has molded you into who you are. Be proud of it. You are so amazing and such an inspiration. This is seriously incredible. Love you so much. 💓💓 It’s amazing to see you at your highest feeling great and on your way to even more amazing things. 💓💓
tara pettigrew
tara pettigrew Prije 7 dana
I went and watched a lot of your videos from when you were younger!! Such a beautiful beautiful soul......I have not gone through the things you have in your life BUT you have still INSPIRED are truly beautiful inside and out..... Thank you Nikki thank you!!!! And KEEP SHINING
Yaiza Sanchez
Yaiza Sanchez Prije 7 dana
i love you :') this was so beautiful.
Zosia Aniela
Zosia Aniela Prije 7 dana
You're an extremely beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for being you.
Jill Kolb
Jill Kolb Prije 7 dana
Loved this documentary series 💕🎉 Love you Nikkie 💛🧡❤💜💙💚
CinnamonBasic Prije 8 dana
Aww Nikkie. It never felt like a lie! I felt like your mom when I saw your coming out video. Like "she's every inch a woman!" I just see you as a woman, and was just surprised that your journey to become her was slightly different than I assumed before. 💞
CinnamonBasic Prije 8 dana
We have Nikkies mom to thank for allowing her to be herself and follow her passions 🧡
DemiGreek Kateouras
DemiGreek Kateouras Prije 8 dana
i mean how are you that thick in that head to not be able to look at a person and not be able to tell this was dude? like come on. even I knew at first glance, and then didn't say anything because I didn't want to insult a possible female, but this isn't a female. that is a male!
Rachel Hey
Rachel Hey Prije 8 dana
Just curious if she is still allowed in the Middle East?
Kyra Lawson
Kyra Lawson Prije 8 dana
Nikki you are a beautiful talented successful women, I’m so proud of you!
Elaina Bannister
Elaina Bannister Prije 8 dana
For all the people who are saying:”no one asked” or “it’s not a lie” or “ it’s not our business you just don’t have to bring it up” it’s not about that it’s about letting everyone know who you used to be to get it off of YOUR chest to make YOU feel better.😌
Lindzy Earp
Lindzy Earp Prije 8 dana
the similarity between Swedish and German is scary lol I was like wait I understand a lot of this
Barbara Fischer
Barbara Fischer Prije 2 dana
Shanna Prije 6 dana
Veronica Valdez
Veronica Valdez Prije 8 dana
Your and amazing soul 💕🙏🏼 keep doing YOU I’ve loved you for YOU since day one! Your so talented and gorgeous human being.
Zandra Ignatov
Zandra Ignatov Prije 8 dana
Honestly I wish it was always like this. Its no ones business. Be yourself and call it a day. You don’t need to “come out” or admit anything to anyone. You are you and that’s it
Milleny Rodriguez
Milleny Rodriguez Prije 8 dana
She did show us that if people love you they will accept you no matter what and no one can take it from you.
Imelda Ronces
Imelda Ronces Prije 8 dana
Do you sometimes feel like you don't want to "Help" ppl with their journey? Because you don't feel like like you had that life before? Do you feel like you were never born a in the wrong body?
clo Prije 8 dana
we stan her mum
Sophie W.
Sophie W. Prije 9 dana
She is so inspiring.
valeria lopez
valeria lopez Prije 9 dana
you are beautiful and keep positive body positively
Jacqi Lane-Leonard
Jacqi Lane-Leonard Prije 9 dana
Finally watched these and wow... Watching you growing in your journey. Seeing the splicing of you doing these videos over the years. You are an inspiration and you use your spark to show others how to find theirs. 💜
Derek Lamontagne
Derek Lamontagne Prije 9 dana
girl if u can eat and have a bed/ shelter grow the f-up... previelages comes hard for most., more than others struggling after 5-15 yrs+homeless on same situation... due lucky...
Meri Musheghyan
Meri Musheghyan Prije 9 dana
It's really true what Lynda says. The first thing I felt when I saw your coming out video was the pain. Love your story Nikkie! All the fame and the wealth didn't change you one bit! You just grew into being you! Goed gedaan meid ☺️😘❤️
Heaven Lee Szczepaniak
Heaven Lee Szczepaniak Prije 9 dana
I have not cried this much since my mom passed in 2010!!!! The video of your brothers passing and your coming out video which I remebr both and watching you showing us the behind the scenes,!!!! Nikki your amazing and so strong and if I can speak for everyone here we love you regardless and sooooo proud of you and all you have become and grown from and gone through! Keep being you !! Xoxoxoxooxoxxoxox
Ms Nzbody
Ms Nzbody Prije 9 dana
Its so much Bull, when people think that you owe them an explanation of your past.
Cazzle Evo
Cazzle Evo Prije 9 dana
I've only ever known you as a woman are beautiful x
Sümbül Ağa
Sümbül Ağa Prije 9 dana
I don't see it as a lie. It's more like you don't have to talk about your identity.
Sümbül Ağa
Sümbül Ağa Prije 9 dana
Im Germany and I kinda understand everything lol.
Okami Wolfee
Okami Wolfee Prije 9 dana
No one has to announce their gender. It's none of anyone's business - but I'm proud of those that do it bc it must be hard. Nikkie - I've watched you for 7 years and never once questioned your gender, to me you were always a woman. I didn't see or have any inkling of anything different. You didn't lie because a woman is what you are. No one should be expected to announce or explain their gender.
x Prije 9 dana
I completely forgot she’s transsexual even after watching her coming out video. Only because I see her as a woman, as Nikkie.
Elizabeth Haderman
Elizabeth Haderman Prije 9 dana
Cool cool.. But like i didnt know you where this way. Like YOU SPEAK DUTCH?!?!? WOOOW
Gabrielly Persi
Gabrielly Persi Prije 9 dana
Britt Day
Britt Day Prije 9 dana
You are so AMAZING!
Nancy Merchant
Nancy Merchant Prije 9 dana
I just can't stop watching this I love her so much I can't wait to go to the Netherlands I hope to run into you and mama tutorials she is the best
MsDidas10 Prije 9 dana
I tip my 🎓 to you♥️ you are very strong and beautiful person. I love watching your HRpost videos 🤗 and I send you love, light , kindness, respectfulness and peace ☮️🕊️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ keep up with the video's 😊 from Denver colorado ♥️🌸
Kaleigh Bowers
Kaleigh Bowers Prije 9 dana
I am so proud of you ❤
Little Miss Budget
Little Miss Budget Prije 9 dana
Nikki you are beautiful sod the haters you are incredible 💞
KylieKayFinch Prije 9 dana
How Nikkie feels about rabbits is how I feel about cats. 😂 definitely felt that 🤣
Xixi Splash
Xixi Splash Prije 10 dana
This video should have stayed in the drafts.
JustJaydon Prije 10 dana
I'm not crying you are 😭
BeautyVlogs Prije 10 dana
Is this the last part ?????
Sammy Notten
Sammy Notten Prije 10 dana
Ikk ben ook nederlands
Becca_MS-fighter! Prije 10 dana
Wow. This was interesting. I'm wondering why we never seen any baby/toddler/tiny bopper, before her's part of her story. It always intrigues me to see the befores and afters. She is absolutely stunning and would have never guessed she was anything other. Wow. This made me tear up.
Dustin Yoder
Dustin Yoder Prije 10 dana
Much love to you Nikkie
fanny boni
fanny boni Prije 11 dana
No but wait, is it the last épisode !? Tell me no please
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