Do couples remember the last time they had sex the same way? | Cut

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Do couples see the last time they had sex the same way? | Cut
#couples #relationship #Cut

Doug the idiot sandwxch
Doug the idiot sandwxch Prije dan
I like how there’s lgbtq+
Syndicate Prije dan
ThenX dude be4 he got ripped
Wes V
Wes V Prije 3 dana
0:45 What a lucky bitch to have him.
hey dylan!
hey dylan! Prije 6 dana
"after we played call of duty" bruh i cant.
child of the universe
child of the universe Prije 9 dana
Anyone knows the older gay couple's full names? Insta? Anything? They so cute!
Mady Hatter17
Mady Hatter17 Prije 11 dana
I really love this series
Lori Prije 13 dana
oh this guy gets pegged 3:10
punkybrewstar83 Prije 13 dana
Wow- people are so open 😳😳
Hyacinth Niemann
Hyacinth Niemann Prije 16 dana
The little Latina stud is hilarious I swear 😂
Precia Teen
Precia Teen Prije 18 dana I LOVE YOU 😘💋❤💓 みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね. .h
Amadeus vercingetorix
Amadeus vercingetorix Prije 20 dana
We gonna have to change puddles to tsunami or typhoon cause she trying to drown everybody
Eyes On Gh
Eyes On Gh Prije 21 dan
Stinkmeaner Prije 28 dana
The two blonde strait women were hot af.
Joe Prije 29 dana
WTF was that drowning incident how will I ever recover from this
scoobygms210 Prije mjesec
There all so secure its making me insecure lol
Alexis Kraus
Alexis Kraus Prije mjesec
These stories and people turn me off.
Joshua Hodges
Joshua Hodges Prije mjesec
I hope to be in a sexual fulling relationship like these
taiga’s secret stalker
taiga’s secret stalker Prije mjesec
telling the whole world about your sex life lol I’d be so embarrassed
Ashira Joelle
Ashira Joelle Prije mjesec
“ slap the leash on em let em walk around do his thing “ 💀 “ who’s butt ? My butt .... THIS time “ I love her lmaaaooo
Marie Prije mjesec
Gotta keep it balanced
Jaiden Arias
Jaiden Arias Prije mjesec
Follow the Ten Commandments Read Ephesians 4:29 plz and for anybody who does this: Don’t worship politicians, worship God plz
Daniel Salvador
Daniel Salvador Prije mjesec
Puddle 😍😍😍
Peace and Positivity
Peace and Positivity Prije mjesec
Watch Earthlings documentary to see the suffering animals go throughh for meat, dairy, and eggs. Ask do they deserve to die? Do they want to die?
amb0 Prije mjesec
God there is no way I would be this open hahahaha wow
Partha Sarathi
Partha Sarathi Prije mjesec
So it's a art.
Nocontext Prije mjesec
You know it’s not a suitable video for 2021 if there are no gay couples in it. Especially three lol
floccish Prije mjesec
do this much people really have " uh oh " this often? 😨
Chloe Gleeson
Chloe Gleeson Prije mjesec
sofia tsikrika
sofia tsikrika Prije mjesec
I don’t know why but the gay couple look like karma and life brought them together for a reason. I’ve never seen people who look like they are meant to be together so much as them.
Raven TV
Raven TV Prije mjesec
describe tha last time and the shirt be sayin "I wish a karen would"
Stephen Knox
Stephen Knox Prije mjesec
↿↑↖DIRTY BABY /QMULLZDHKFL 5:78 ✧✦✦✪✢බ ර බ සේ ල දී ආ ක මවය ව වි යෙටු වේ ද ඔරු ., ගැ සෙබද. ආක ක් ව.ම කැ එකා
Amaya Rijs
Amaya Rijs Prije mjesec
i told her to go to work BOOM is going to be my life motto
GodKillerX Prije mjesec
Bro why did you put they gay
the7thcolor Prije mjesec
I loveeeee this series and the couples they crack me up so much lol please more of them!
C E Prije mjesec
The name *KAREN* is becoming legendary bro both positively because it means many beautiful things in other countries - outside our crazy hateful American estates. And legendary “negatively” here in America just like the others names Americans tend to make fun of : Nancy’s, Becky’s and Susan’s or Felicia’s. BUT only *Karen* has many special cool and dynamic meanings all over the world. I’ve found out so much more from this beautiful name thanks to our ignorant “cancel culture” and of course the internet. Still don’t be naive believing that all knowledge is on Google. Little do people know all the beautiful meanings of the name. *I rather be a Karen than a dumb follower with no knowledge any day* Ha. There’s a Tibetan tribe call the Karen tribe... those who participate in slandering names especially ones with deep ancestral roots, trust me, misfortune will come to you. No cap, no joke.... Moving along. There was a Goddesses or princess of ancient Egypt who name was a variant of Karen as well. *In some European countries *KAREN name translates to peaceful Beauty, angelic being or graceful angel* one or more variations of those things... don’t quote me on it because I don’t recall the exact thing from when I was researching. *Yes I do my homework before being an internet bully or follower unlike millions of sheeps* I’m not about to be the bigger idiot or even look stupider while I’m trying to make a name look stupid or make fun of it. Is my Leader instincts. I’m a Leo. The actual original KAREN who *Ex-husband choose to publicly bully her as a white angry women with a bod cut that he had lots of children with and she works as a manager* is the dumbest man in the world. This dude made the name so popular whether notorious or not - is still popularity bro - as long as it is in peoples mouth. Probably doesn’t even face the Karen’s out there or at least the high vibing ones because they would just get it and know that more than half of the world acts worst than what they are trying to define their name by and that fame and popularity comes with hate, it just part of the territory too. Back to this dude who began the cyber bullying; now he has to live with never forgetting his ex wife name till the day he dies. And assuming that he is angry (ironically acted like karen himself) towards her, just imagine how much more annoying that is for him now... Is like being reminded of an ex you really hate over and over again now even seeing the name on shirts. Bruh! LMAO. My message to him, *using the name Karen for your bullying plot was not it bro* ! It was tasteless and lacks creativity and rhyme. It sounds off. *I can’t even remember to use the name in a sentence when I want to talk shit or anything or tell a racial joke* . It simply doesn’t roll of the tongue properly. I think it even makes the people who do use it sound stupid and idiotic. Is not like the catchy *Negative Nancy* for example.. you get my drift ? Hope I make sense. haha. Or like Bye Felicia or Becky or thotiana (Tatiana). I would still wear a “I wish a KAREN would” shirt only because seeing a sexy Karen getting mad would turn me the f*** ON - I mean who doesn’t like seeing a sexy women get mad huh. Oh is just me fellas ? Oh okay. GTFOH. And for you ladies out there do not forget that before you throw the stone at a glass house, if you do, to first realize that YOU will be acting like a KAREN yourself. That’s if you want to use the name negatively. Just remember that. *Don’t be looking dumb AF and like hypocrite when you use the Karen slang for real. Please don’t embarrass yourself. Because ALL you women out there have been or will be acting crazy at some point* . Just accepted it is in ya hormones so be careful how, who or what you throw shade at. Just saying lol. Those who talk shit cowardly bullying behind a screen and being a sheep they are missing the fact that they too are acting like the very same thing they’re making fun of or judging 🤦‍♂️ I wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually even worst humans than the public image and representative they portray. *Like this girl rocking the Karen shirt. Shhiittt. No offense but she looks crazy* . You couldn’t fool me. For example, I’ve had plenty exes act what y’all want to ignorantly call a “karen” even worst - and they were Jennifer, Marissa, Mary, Christina. The angry bully or ex husband of a Karen is a bigger idiot for choosing the wrong name or theme for what he was trying to intended for... Sucka... he’s probably some lame ass with a small peanut brain. lmao. #dontbeabully
Anthony Stephens
Anthony Stephens Prije mjesec
💀 wouldn’t be surprised if you are a 50 y/o virgin in your mom’s basement. Purely because of the essay you wrote about a produced video on HRpost 😂😂😂😂 like stop, save your energy. Im sure there’s somewhere else more deserving.
ky Prije mjesec
the lesbian couple kills me omg they too funny
RapidDecisions Prije mjesec
Could you have found a more unattractive group of people?
Mae Prije mjesec
I wish a karen would looks like kerry washington to me
Hilma Burholm MLGY
Hilma Burholm MLGY Prije mjesec
The guys with blue hair looks like sibblings...
Iiris Mäki
Iiris Mäki Prije mjesec
Why is no one talking about 2:50 💀 so cute
Ugly Guy
Ugly Guy Prije mjesec
"Just hit em' in the back" -quote 2021-
Jocelyn Perez
Jocelyn Perez Prije mjesec
Are these people talking about sex with each other or someone else ? 😂😂
O. Ruokonen
O. Ruokonen Prije mjesec
0:04 Choke me like you hate me
orical q
orical q Prije mjesec
Wtf did any of these people actually have sex together
Max Millian
Max Millian Prije mjesec
“Late at night, after we played CoD” - dis goals man
Jessy Manders
Jessy Manders Prije mjesec
Oh my goodness 🤣
Helen Walker
Helen Walker Prije mjesec
I'm married and had sex everyday for 3yrs. Sex was early morning a quickie. At night it was going to sleep. Now stress with the pandemic and my husband's job loss, we have sex, 3 days a week. Stress is a sexual killer. Everyone is stressed about a world pandemic and job losses now. The economy is unstable which causes stress. This is a virus that is not going away, its going to be part of our everyday life. There will be another virus in the future. The world is overpopulated, there will be hopefully a wake up.
Thea Daily
Thea Daily Prije mjesec
Honestly think a couple of them were talking about different nights!
Kayla Finch
Kayla Finch Prije mjesec
That guy with the vest is pissing me off with the upside down flag, so disrespectful
HESH DAD Prije mjesec
DUDE YES Prije mjesec
2:54 looks like she looked at him
Layla Thompson
Layla Thompson Prije mjesec
Love u
SiNsOfThEDeViL Prije mjesec
Aaaaaaand that is why I like to stay single
Pearl L
Pearl L Prije mjesec
imagine seeing ur parents on this
Lyric Ervin
Lyric Ervin Prije mjesec
when she mentioned the butt plug i cringed SO HARD
Cherry Wilson
Cherry Wilson Prije mjesec
The first couple is my FAVORITE and wish I knew them in real life.
Lyric Ervin
Lyric Ervin Prije mjesec
how did that white girl get that fine man😔
Manou Manou
Manou Manou Prije mjesec
ganiopro Prije mjesec
isnt it another Cut repost ??
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito Prije mjesec
If I would be an alien relying on this footage to get a general picture of humanity I'd end up pretty far off reality.
Senpaii Addie
Senpaii Addie Prije mjesec
“Describe the last time you had sex” Couple: “This morning” How the hell is that describing? 🤔🤦🏿‍♂️
Abdullah A
Abdullah A Prije mjesec
"I almost drowned her.." bring it on.
I can'tthinkofaname
I can'tthinkofaname Prije mjesec
I hope the kids of that couple never have to watch this. I wouldn't want to know this stuff about my parents...
pxrtlyclxudy Prije mjesec
“my butt!” “this time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”
Nusrat Jahan
Nusrat Jahan Prije mjesec
They were just doing it with two different people
Sakib Raihan
Sakib Raihan Prije mjesec
Today got my favourite car thanks to that here look on the internet this *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Dann MA
Dann MA Prije mjesec
3:40 Chris Heria here ???
Faruk Sarkar
Faruk Sarkar Prije mjesec
this week purchased my favourite car thanks to this here look online for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Mouad Labrahmi
Mouad Labrahmi Prije mjesec
Today got my favourite car thanks to that look on the internet this *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Roy H. Gladden
Roy H. Gladden Prije mjesec
just purchased my dream car with the help of that here look on the internet for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Taylor Fulton
Taylor Fulton Prije mjesec
There's no way they didn't lie on purpose just to make this seem more interesting. >_>
Mouad Labrahmi
Mouad Labrahmi Prije mjesec
just bought my favourite car because of that here look up online for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
hasta lavista
hasta lavista Prije mjesec
"slap the leash on him" *damn*
Zoobi Doobi
Zoobi Doobi Prije mjesec
just got my dream sports car with the help of this look on the internet for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
jainu behlim
jainu behlim Prije mjesec
this channel makes me feel like sexuality is not a thing
arnold tice
arnold tice Prije mjesec
just got my favourite car with the help of that here look on-line for *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar Prije mjesec
Today got my dream sports car because of that look on the internet this *g r e a t e a s y p a y*
Jacob Armstrong
Jacob Armstrong Prije mjesec
Do the producers/director tell them to awkwardly look the other way as if their partner was there when they're not speaking? I swear some of them look like they're looking over and listening to their partner's answer
JoigaFet Prije mjesec
They need to immediately interview both together to compare Would make it all so much more enjoyable
Nova Prije mjesec
How tf can ppl be this open
Bossy Tweed
Bossy Tweed Prije mjesec
"Iono know nothing like that😶😂" she's the same type of liar as me lmao.. can't keep it straight to save my life lmfao
Josie Rodriguez
Josie Rodriguez Prije mjesec
Lmao my hubby has a play list and it was starts with Earth,Wind & Fire and my daughters who r over 18 . Tell me we ur having sex when we hear the same song lmao
Zannia Ojibe
Zannia Ojibe Prije mjesec
The lesbian couple always crack me up😂😂😂
Reginald Prije mjesec
Keep watching the person in each couple that isn't currently talking. It's super awkward.
James Moriarty
James Moriarty Prije mjesec
As an asexual I am always baffled by these types of videos and “normal” relationships in general.
Riley bx
Riley bx Prije mjesec
dripking 12
dripking 12 Prije mjesec
bih sed she almost drowned herrrrr
Selene Prije mjesec
Naia Simone
Naia Simone Prije mjesec
I loved all these couples
Tee Martin
Tee Martin Prije mjesec
Some these people gotta be cheating cause some of the stories dont add up
Leonie Prije mjesec
I dont understand why they ask their names and include that in the video, its not interesting/doesnt matter and they do it everytime
Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Prije mjesec
Jenei Powers
Jenei Powers Prije mjesec
I’d love to see the same couples react to watching these😂
kitoa Kovacs
kitoa Kovacs Prije mjesec
Imagine banging someone to a country song
Simone M
Simone M Prije mjesec
"Gettin' it in the butt" 😂😂😂
Bradford Henderson
Bradford Henderson Prije mjesec
Luzvic Cordero
Luzvic Cordero Prije mjesec
This is old... or its just me?
DLS TUBE Prije mjesec
Oh my...
ashleylaurennnx3 Prije mjesec
lmfaoooo she said “idk nothin about that” 🤣💀
Justnooo Prije mjesec
Imagine ur daughters name is Karen and everybody makes fun of her. The girl with the shirt is dump
TVBnine Prije mjesec
Ok I've seen the “I Wish A Karen Would” shirt lady in previous cut videos and is nobody gonna talk about how stunning she is?... her husband is a lucky dude
HESH DAD Prije 23 dana
@j I like to reply from time to time at least when people are being nice 😊
TVBnine Prije mjesec
@HESH DAD Just subbed to your channel, you have a beautiful family dude. If you don't mind me asking what ethnicity is she?
HESH DAD Prije mjesec
I’m wildly lucky 🥰
jinetikz beatz
jinetikz beatz Prije mjesec
ThaSchwab Prije mjesec
Blue hair guy looks like Sam Smith
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