Robert Whittaker - "It's About Time We Cross Paths Again" | UFC Vegas 24 Post-Fight Interview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Prije 19 dana

Former UFC middleweight champion has his eyes set on a rematch with Israel Adesanya after defeating Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Vegas 24 on Saturday night. Whittaker has won three straight fights against top competition since losing his belt to Adesanya in 2019.
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Corey Who
Corey Who Prije 14 dana
Great man for the sport. Gastellum to,
Ahmed Alblooshi
Ahmed Alblooshi Prije 14 dana
This man is as real as they come. No fake persona or acting tough, just being himself. Big fan
Jonard Cadauan
Jonard Cadauan Prije 15 dana
i like how professional bisping is, bisping try to sell their fight soon but did not happen. i know trashtalking bisping is for the hype of the match, and after the fight bisping is a good guy.
PAST Prije 15 dana
Bobby Knuckles is just wholesome asl
Yessir Yousir
Yessir Yousir Prije 15 dana
Why the fuck would it be in Australia? The champ's fighting out of New Zealand via Nigeria, obv Nigeria is a no go but fight should be in NZ like the last was in Australia for the then champ Bobby Knucks.
fvpbz54 Prije 15 dana
Robert is still very under rated despite accomplishing so much. He's not loud and flashy, doesnt draw hype or attention. His wins aren't flashy wins either. But the man is a great fighter.
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer Prije 15 dana
🎤: "Would you fight Sisrael AdelSonya? ♀️" 👩🏻‍🦲: "... Yeah...uh.." 🎤: 😱 👨🏻‍🦲: "EQUALITY!"
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer
Captain Voluntaryist The Statist Slayer Prije 15 dana
Kelvin is the only one to wobble Izzy. Think about that. Robert deserves respect.
BLJKTV Prije 15 dana
Rob is such a great guy, would love to go for a beer with him. Hands down one of the greatest talents in the fight game. I am confident he can put a whooping on Izzy as long as he gets it to the ground.
Ssssssssssssssoooooooowooooooowowowo7373838 Prije 15 dana
Middleweight goat
MVProfits Prije 15 dana
The guy is so classy you couldn't beat it out of him
PlötzlichGelb Prije 15 dana
Damn this dude is constantly fucking up top fighters... what a beast
EL_DORADO1996 Prije 15 dana
Kelvin Gastelum, always give his opponents difficult times. He is a real challenge in his division.
Free Style
Free Style Prije 15 dana
This guy do is shopping in the same supermarket I go, very casual.
adnanalagic Prije 15 dana
Book the title rematch with Adesanya on UFC 264, the same night of the trilogy fight with Poirier vs. McGregor. That card would be absolutely SICK!
Aaron Unknown
Aaron Unknown Prije 15 dana
He deserves the title shot! He didn’t even get a rematch after being beaten and have destroyed everyone since
Jer Prije 15 dana
Hard to say who beat Kelvin better. Israel basically finished him but also almost died in the process. Rob did less damage but also took less damage.
The Kickboxing Community
The Kickboxing Community Prije 15 dana
I'd rather do it like Whittaker. Landed multiple kicks to the head and outstruck him every single round. Dealing with adversity in a fight sucks imo. It's a good test but it'a very unpleasant
Dylan James
Dylan James Prije 15 dana
Proud to be Aussie when watching rob fight🇦🇺🔥
David Auri
David Auri Prije 16 dana
Bobby knuckles should take a back seat and let his jaw continue to heal. It’s vettoris time.
One peice
One peice Prije 16 dana
Many people won't agree with me.. But I really wanna see gastellum vs Costa.. Both hit like tank... Who gets the knockdown
Frank the Tank
Frank the Tank Prije 16 dana
Robert Whittaker. Total gentleman and class act. Deserves to be and will be champ again.
Hunter Sg
Hunter Sg Prije 16 dana
I don't have as much appreciation for any other fighter in the UFC rn, than I do for this guy.
Cody Connell
Cody Connell Prije 16 dana
The extent of Rob’s trash talk. “I’ll give him a good run”
ben wood
ben wood Prije 16 dana
Bisping doing a better job than Rogan atm
Mahmod Abd Algafer
Mahmod Abd Algafer Prije 16 dana
robert is the only one that will beat adesanya atm
Harold Haynes
Harold Haynes Prije 16 dana
If Robert wrestles israel he will win. Not sure why israel is still confident when his ground game is weak.
Heathen Prije 16 dana
Lets look at who he has fought Romero x2 Till Cannonier Gastelum Brunson Souza Hall Tavares Hes beaten like half of current ranked middleweight division
Brandon McClellan
Brandon McClellan Prije 16 dana
What a good fuckin guy man. RW is awesome
Brandon McClellan
Brandon McClellan Prije 16 dana
Nickmercs brought me here
dat vergil doe
dat vergil doe Prije 16 dana
Robs a killer for sure. Love the guy.
Hamo Uzbrdica
Hamo Uzbrdica Prije 16 dana
Whever I see such respectful fighters dominate it makes me so happy.
rafa montejo
rafa montejo Prije 16 dana
I’m an Adesanya fan but I wouldn’t mind Rob being the champ again. Such a nice guy and a nice to watch striker
Mayank Yadav
Mayank Yadav Prije 16 dana
God bless Rob! One of the Nicest guy in MMA! ❤️
D M Prije 16 dana
Legit my favourite fighter to watch fight such an entertaining fighter to watch
Sudirno Van Dyke
Sudirno Van Dyke Prije 16 dana
I love and respect those two warriors, both are respectful gentlemen.
K T Prije 16 dana
If he uses wrestling in the rematch he'd do much better
Smeebles Ronson
Smeebles Ronson Prije 16 dana
Its impossible to not like Rob lol
Rovel Rysher Rubio
Rovel Rysher Rubio Prije 16 dana
What a humble duuude. #AndNew soon
MT NENO Prije 16 dana
Izzy beats him again
Alex Mehary
Alex Mehary Prije 16 dana
“Good job my son” lol Israel is funny as hell....
libbad Prije 16 dana
Robert that was FAR OUT!! Dominant performance. If he can remain patient with Izzy, he could beat him.
Michael Farmhand
Michael Farmhand Prije 16 dana
Strange how such a nice guy can be such a deadly guy in the ring.
Life in Detroit
Life in Detroit Prije 16 dana
Bobby is really well rounded I think him and Marvin for the title shot
blacktyu Prije 16 dana
He should say that as his intro to adesenya
winn htun
winn htun Prije 16 dana
Nah! Jake’s just going to take other fights he can win. He knows he’s not in that level yet.
winn htun
winn htun Prije 16 dana
Fire’s back in rob. Part 2 would be really great to watch
Viking Adventurer
Viking Adventurer Prije 16 dana
He's a tuff cookie. But needs to work on his weight and footwork.
Ken Adams
Ken Adams Prije 16 dana
Rob and Wonderboy are the two nicest fighters in the game . Amazing human beings.
The OneArmed Gamer
The OneArmed Gamer Prije 16 dana
And people criticized izzy when he went 5 rounds with kelvin. Kelvin’s no joke and that chin ain’t either!
nig nog
nig nog Prije 16 dana
kelvin gets so much disrespect
Fafnir Prije 16 dana
Rob is inmune to trashtalk, he's like just lold to Izzy.
Euphonik Prince
Euphonik Prince Prije 16 dana
Adesanya will smoke him again 😆
Adam Clements
Adam Clements Prije 16 dana
Whittaker is one of the most positive guys in the UFC. Great attitude and deserves another title shot.
Dan FM
Dan FM Prije 16 dana
You know when Michael Bisping likes someone, because he just isn't a dick to them lol.
MrIt83 Prije 16 dana
Angry Vettori wont be happy!
Darth Kushvinder420
Darth Kushvinder420 Prije 16 dana
Bobby and Michael are such gz
Mohammed Ibrahim
Mohammed Ibrahim Prije 16 dana
Can't hate Robert cool guy
Vali Gogu
Vali Gogu Prije 16 dana
Gastelum is a tremendous fighter, but he needs to fight at welterweight or lightweight. He is very very undersized for middleweight.
Alisher Alimov
Alisher Alimov Prije 16 dana
I hope Rob will win in the Rematch with Crysaniya
T.O.B Prije 16 dana
Class act, stay humble in victory or defeat! God bless you Robert
aforce2reckon Prije 16 dana
Adesanya always an asshole. Rob gave him respect and he replied in sarcasm
JR’s SimRacing
JR’s SimRacing Prije 16 dana
Bobby just needs to wrestle Izzy
Dwayne Sefo
Dwayne Sefo Prije 16 dana
Only fair to do the rematch in NZ. Izzy fought robbie in his backyard, only fair that robbie does the same
Vin 941
Vin 941 Prije 16 dana
Aussie Aussie Aussie
Can't handle an Opinion?
Can't handle an Opinion? Prije 16 dana
Michael "sensational" Bisping
Trill Flaco
Trill Flaco Prije 16 dana
pure class
Will Smith
Will Smith Prije 16 dana
I feel like Rob is my best mate even though ive never met him haha. Legend of the sport
Dr. Philth
Dr. Philth Prije 16 dana
I prefer vettori over whittaker for the title shot but at the same time rob can't be denied he's been the number 1 contender since he lost the belt and also hasn't lost since.
Greene Ligon
Greene Ligon Prije 16 dana
What a performance, sensational! Bobby Knuckles my favourite fighter.
iDinDuNuffin Prije 17 dana
Crazy to think kelvin sparked bisping, mma is all about the matchups, styles make fights.
MIHAJLO Prije 17 dana
Whittaker is too much of a sweetheart to be bashing skulls in.
Trip Trapper
Trip Trapper Prije 17 dana
Robert lost that fight
saty Ro
saty Ro Prije 17 dana
Kelvin definitely not the same after that izzy fight
Googleemployees Arecucks
Googleemployees Arecucks Prije 17 dana
Love Rob 💪🏽 Let’s hope he’s in same from against the last gynobender
CallMeRokaleta Prije 17 dana
Dana give this man his gold back 🙏🏻
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Prije 17 dana
Kevin can easily be WW Champ if he literally stops wake n baking.
Tim Osman
Tim Osman Prije 17 dana
I love The Reaper
ili Jeganu
ili Jeganu Prije 17 dana
Nice win. Rob survives maybe one more round with Izzy. 3rd round KO Izzy.
ACG Blanco
ACG Blanco Prije 17 dana
Juss Need The Reaper 👹To Snatch Adesanya’s Soul
MEXTEKA Prije 17 dana
Rudy McRudy
Rudy McRudy Prije 17 dana
Chael strikes again.
James V
James V Prije 17 dana
You can not like Bobby knuckles I’d love to see him get that belt back but ..
Sam Black
Sam Black Prije 17 dana
The combination of humble, respectful, level headed, and elite level human weapon, is a very rare one indeed.
Pruna Ionut Razvan
Pruna Ionut Razvan Prije 17 dana
Good job my son.
hasarutoe tensakey
hasarutoe tensakey Prije 17 dana
Worthy of a 690,000 dollar paycheck
TABI Prije 17 dana
i guees Rob will wrestle Izzy out.
Brutalford Prije 17 dana
So happy Robert Whittaker won that fight he is such a good guy
Brutalford Prije 17 dana
I love Robert Whittaker but I have to say in round 3 and 4 he looked exhausted work on your cardio Robert that way you can take Israel with a fair fight because you know he's coming in with a high cardio
neighbour squad
neighbour squad Prije 17 dana
Gas needs a new conditioning coach. Looked fat tbh
LeWard Johnson
LeWard Johnson Prije 17 dana
Absolute class act!!
Ripaldiyan Syah
Ripaldiyan Syah Prije 17 dana
Boby yauri
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Prije 17 dana
Bobby has faced straight up killers in his career man is truly a giant killer
Leandro Antelo
Leandro Antelo Prije 17 dana
There ain't more legitimate fighters on earth than the reaper and dustin poirier
тесн Prije 17 dana
Congrats 👏
mark brady
mark brady Prije 17 dana
This guys a gentleman 👍
Mike Walters
Mike Walters Prije 17 dana
Super likable guy. Glad he got the win
brennen spice
brennen spice Prije 17 dana
So happy to see whitaker killing it.
Howabouthetruth Prije 17 dana
Whittaker looked better than ever. What a masterpiece of a fight.
Recipe Recipe
Recipe Recipe Prije 17 dana
very smart fighter
Ren Nohara
Ren Nohara Prije 17 dana
Konw it
ZEROVOREZ Prije 17 dana
Iz is a bitch
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