Tipping My Driver $1,000

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FaZe Jarvis

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We tipped delivery drivers up to $1,000 using the mystery spin the wheel challenge! We got a lot of good reactions. 10,000 likes and we will do this again, maybe with more money?! XD
🕺 TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@jarvis
📸 Instagram: fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: liljarviss
🍉TeaWap: teawap

Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson Prije 7 mjeseci
Best HRpostr ever love u man keep safe
Kj White 8u Mosiah White 6u
Kj White 8u Mosiah White 6u Prije 5 mjeseci
Blxed Gaming one of the best funny me the best
Jennifer Romero
Jennifer Romero Prije 7 mjeseci
Ew wtf is Sam pepper doing in your video @ Jarvis
Fortnitegod Kid
Fortnitegod Kid Prije 7 mjeseci
I miss Fortnite y get Ban
Boss Rule
Boss Rule Prije 7 mjeseci
Blxed Fn simp
Boss Rule
Boss Rule Prije 7 mjeseci
Blxed Fn simp
baybeegirlb_ Prije 3 dana
that number 6th guy was homieeee😎
Cruzex hoppes
Cruzex hoppes Prije 3 mjeseci
Xalvion Prije 3 mjeseci
What’s her IG boys ?
Da GermanPro
Da GermanPro Prije 4 mjeseci
I followed him on Insta. Did anyone else do it too? Or, at least check him out?
James 0w0
James 0w0 Prije 4 mjeseci
Adapt was like nahhhhhhh
Niko Nuñez
Niko Nuñez Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis I loved this video❤️❤️❤️ you have to do it again
EnveyLuvsU Prije 5 mjeseci
7:25 he laughs like Clevelan Or however u say it
Cata Sposato
Cata Sposato Prije 5 mjeseci
anyone else just looking at Jarvis' feet in the mirror flower pot thing
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis head🥔🤣
fortnite twitch8858
fortnite twitch8858 Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis is the best HRpostr in the entire world and in faze
TTK Rubix
TTK Rubix Prije 5 mjeseci
Oh yahh DMV
GUMMIEGOD1 2 Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvis nice vids brooo your insaaane
Elya Ahmed
Elya Ahmed Prije 5 mjeseci
grace f6666
grace f6666 Prije 5 mjeseci
hi faze jarvis,
Magy Zavaleta
Magy Zavaleta Prije 5 mjeseci
Guy that declined totally deserved it
unknown girl
unknown girl Prije 5 mjeseci
why did they cover his body up with the blue image they have shown it on other channels???
unknown girl
unknown girl Prije 5 mjeseci
i hate that guy that is so rude you declined the first time you cant do that
TB7 Katana
TB7 Katana Prije 5 mjeseci
Joey Henderson
Joey Henderson Prije 5 mjeseci
Dude didnt want to get out of car until he got the 100 tip lmaaaaooo
Meinardas Galvydis
Meinardas Galvydis Prije 5 mjeseci
Teawap every time you say it gonna be a thousand its zero
Shane Giesser
Shane Giesser Prije 5 mjeseci
The first couple of people seem pretty ungrateful lol
Hexx ggs Ashton
Hexx ggs Ashton Prije 5 mjeseci
Hi g3' gut
Kevin Nunez
Kevin Nunez Prije 5 mjeseci
If I won 1k I would buy a gaming pc to stream
CalebD5429 Prije 5 mjeseci
this man sniffed his fingers
WildBoy NM
WildBoy NM Prije 6 mjeseci
Bruh karma's a bitch hahaha. Why would you say no to some free money. That wheel really said "Stupid, Im not goin let you get the chance" 6ix9ine meme lol
Imagine G
Imagine G Prije 6 mjeseci
The it’s cold? Had me dead 😂
Imagine G
Imagine G Prije 6 mjeseci
So we not gonna talk about how dude declined the first time and then sees someone win 100 then he spins and it lands on 0 💀 he walked off fast asf😭😭
Dylan [MC]
Dylan [MC] Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis vibing with the girl thoo
KeyMan1610_TTV Prije 6 mjeseci
On the front of the house they should out faze house logo on the 2nd or 3rd floor on three outside to make the house look cooler
Julian Giustiniani
Julian Giustiniani Prije 6 mjeseci
Drop a part two this was fire
Freka Prije 6 mjeseci
The girl was actually wearing the mask below her nose F
Hemlock [ZR]
Hemlock [ZR] Prije 6 mjeseci
Prezident Gaming
Prezident Gaming Prije 6 mjeseci
Ur a simp, ur a simp. It’s a joke btw
Botlockey Prije 6 mjeseci
simp So hard I like that
BenTheMyth YT
BenTheMyth YT Prije 6 mjeseci
Fun fact: this is the least viewed video on the HRpost account, faze jarvis. (As of now)
Criz Diaz
Criz Diaz Prije 6 mjeseci
Ayyy bra from da DM(V) foo
pez Prije 6 mjeseci
i love how TeaWap says "tousand"
Official Elvergazo75
Official Elvergazo75 Prije 6 mjeseci
When TeaWap Said We Simpin I felt that
Astrex Prije 6 mjeseci
Can someone tell me the song at 8:23 when the girl came?
Dxrk Tae
Dxrk Tae Prije 6 mjeseci
The thing I hate is that they get 0$
POTATOzMASTER Prije 6 mjeseci
anyone notice how teawap was panting a lot, especially when the girl delivered food
Qubeh Prije 6 mjeseci
this deserves more views
Its Įce
Its Įce Prije 6 mjeseci
love jarvis rn
Nathen Prije 6 mjeseci
Teawaps my favorite camera man
Vizors Prije 6 mjeseci
The girl didn't have a bra 😍
g t
g t Prije 6 mjeseci
Hahah brah “it’s cold” 😂😂teawap the goat
Anuel AA
Anuel AA Prije 6 mjeseci
You can see the girl in the white shirts nipple
Selso Gamebred
Selso Gamebred Prije 6 mjeseci
Teawap is happy filming with jarvis
Unknown Channel
Unknown Channel Prije 6 mjeseci
8:00 Other postmates that declined earlier: karma is a b****.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon Prije 6 mjeseci
Crristiaan _09
Crristiaan _09 Prije 6 mjeseci
I feel like getting banned from fortnite is the best thing that could’ve happened to jarvis
Odom Pech
Odom Pech Prije 6 mjeseci
Is it just me or this guy in 7:24 sounds like Cleveland
Mai TV
Mai TV Prije 6 mjeseci
LMAO that guy deserved $0
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton Prije 6 mjeseci
We’re simpin😂😂
Krish Vlogs
Krish Vlogs Prije 6 mjeseci
thats why quit gaming . fire content
kj AllDay
kj AllDay Prije 6 mjeseci
No offense but it all ways the black guy shouting literally everyone
100T Midlxsシ
100T Midlxsシ Prije 6 mjeseci
Why dont you make a New acount on fortnite to play it again
gerrard hermansen
gerrard hermansen Prije 6 mjeseci
Ayyy homie was from the dmv respect #703
がペットトトロ Prije 6 mjeseci
Adam Amezcua
Adam Amezcua Prije 7 mjeseci
When Jarvis smells the guys finger 😂
4real Prije 7 mjeseci
Teawap hilarious
Randall Sinflorant
Randall Sinflorant Prije 7 mjeseci
Such a dope video, love it brodie!!!
Benjamin Lafortune élève
Benjamin Lafortune élève Prije 7 mjeseci
I love you s much you are the best!
Luke Ditchfield
Luke Ditchfield Prije 7 mjeseci
Not social distancing
Casper King
Casper King Prije 7 mjeseci
U such a good HRpostr man keep it up hope you hit 3 million subs
Camila Shafiyeva
Camila Shafiyeva Prije 7 mjeseci
Ahhaahhaa Dude that was so funny 😂
Tigershark Gaming
Tigershark Gaming Prije 7 mjeseci
Haha when the guy who left and came back got $0 I was like Karma's a bitch
Tigershark Gaming
Tigershark Gaming Prije 7 mjeseci
Nice original vid
xSheLuvsIzzy Prije 7 mjeseci
Free icecream! 🤣👅
igooberrr Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m glad that the postmate who declined came back and got $0 😂😂
-York Prije 7 mjeseci
Why ol dude rocking the blue block body this how shit is now of days?
WyaGonzo Prije 7 mjeseci
Teawap got so nervous with that girl lmaooo
Gilles Desjardins
Gilles Desjardins Prije 7 mjeseci
Better than mrbeast
Gerilson Monteito
Gerilson Monteito Prije 7 mjeseci
Ryhdry Prije 7 mjeseci
8:50 😂😂😂
guadalupeheredia40 Prije 7 mjeseci
Mandy Bee
Mandy Bee Prije 7 mjeseci
Hey Jarvis you should do giveaways
999.drizzy Prije 7 mjeseci
Why these people so damn rude 😒
Mumbla Prije 7 mjeseci
Jarvis has had MUCH better content since he got banned
Justice Tamaalii
Justice Tamaalii Prije 7 mjeseci
Good shit boys!!!
Deizel Martin
Deizel Martin Prije 7 mjeseci
DMV for life
Josh Prije 7 mjeseci
I feel like the video title could have been worded in a better way
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson Prije 7 mjeseci
Jarvis is the nicest Pearson ever
Juan48 Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m also from da dmv
YNW Dior
YNW Dior Prije 7 mjeseci
That last driver was SOOOO BAD 🥵 BUT I feel like she was for the team and if ur for the team get off the screen😔
Flaming Ying
Flaming Ying Prije 7 mjeseci
The guy in the thumbnail looks like faze Jay if he was black
Fenx Prije 7 mjeseci
Look at the jarvis' foot reflecting from the pot 😂
عزوزز- Prije 7 mjeseci
Your makeing 🔥 videos lately
Sweaty Corps
Sweaty Corps Prije 7 mjeseci
0:13 if you failed a test and you trying to find an excuse.
Dead Rider
Dead Rider Prije 7 mjeseci
DMV gang stand up
iyome Prije 7 mjeseci
The girl at the end had see through☠
Demigod Status
Demigod Status Prije 7 mjeseci
Making best of what he got ❤️
Arodz1056 Prije 7 mjeseci
You guys are simps for getting the 0 out
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers Prije 7 mjeseci
He said he will follow him
Jordan Family
Jordan Family Prije 7 mjeseci
Blue Prije 7 mjeseci
TDF _VAL1D Prije 7 mjeseci
you are on faze sway stream bro i love your vids keep it up could you help me by buying me a psn card
Top5hunnid Scoozie
Top5hunnid Scoozie Prije 7 mjeseci
8:30 why is teawap breathing so loud thirsty ass
Sam Hurren
Sam Hurren Prije 7 mjeseci
mate youve been uploading like every man keep it up
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