Caves, Cliffs & Other Updates: How We Make Minecraft - Episode 5

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Go behind the blocks of the endlessly demanded Caves & Cliffs update! Discover the design pillars that keep development on track, how we cater to as many playstyles as possible, and who gets humiliated when we make these episodes long before we lock the name of new game features. Is it Jens? For once, no! find out how we make How We Make Minecraft

Ken Wells
Ken Wells Prije 41 minute
Can you make a Minecraft movie?
Choce Bq
Choce Bq Prije 51 minute
Farid Alberto Ru�z Carvajal
Farid Alberto Ru�z Carvajal Prije sat
Please, Make and Ender update it would make more incredible the End, and why not a moon update were you can go to moon?
Nuriya hussine
Nuriya hussine Prije 3 sati
Make mine craft free
Фатьма Рзаева
Фатьма Рзаева Prije 3 sati
Светящее понятие души. Светящая баня
마인그래프트 Prije 4 sati
해이 네이버로깔느거 풀어줘!!!
Умид Ахундзада
Умид Ахундзада Prije 4 sati
Hello My name is Osman 😀😀😀
MasterBro Network
MasterBro Network Prije 6 sati
Poor M.A.R.I.L.L.A (was pickaxed by Mobbo)
Entertainment plus games
Entertainment plus games Prije 6 sati
Pls one day make Minecraft for free only one day who is agree with me hit like button
Light Artzthecticel
Light Artzthecticel Prije 8 sati
We already have overworld and underworld updates, now where's end update.
Marvin Marzan
Marvin Marzan Prije 9 sati
Can you pls make a real life update where you add real life mobs,new blocks,real life items and everything else in real life
Marvin Marzan
Marvin Marzan Prije 9 sati
Can you pls add a new mob
Marvin Marzan
Marvin Marzan Prije 9 sati
Please a swamp update where there are frogs,crocodiles,flies and other new blocks,items and more
Marvin Marzan
Marvin Marzan Prije 10 sati
Please add vultures,baby cactuses with flowers and other stuff in the dessert
Marvin Marzan
Marvin Marzan Prije 10 sati
Can you please make an dessert update?
AlexInnit Prije 10 sati
NOT MY IDEA, IDEA BY ALEJANDRA TREJO Hey Mojang what if you add an achievement that's called "Happy Birthday!" You get the achievement by placing a candle in a cake 🎂
Caleb Gray
Caleb Gray Prije 13 sati
Do you even read these comments?
Caleb Gray
Caleb Gray Prije 13 sati
Hey next can you make a sky update...?
G20EE08 Pandya Het
G20EE08 Pandya Het Prije 13 sati
Hey mojang Tell more about herobrine
Withered Funtime freddo Fajardo
Withered Funtime freddo Fajardo Prije 14 sati
U should add severe storms like tornadoes and all that
Ray Prudência da Silva
Ray Prudência da Silva Prije 15 sati
Cade está 1.17 que não chega
Julia Serrano
Julia Serrano Prije 17 sati
Светлана Михалева
Светлана Михалева Prije 17 sati
When cave & cliffs updates will be aded to minecraft bedrock?
O mundo criativo de David
O mundo criativo de David Prije 20 sati
mojang adds the option to build on top of nedher in Minecraft badrock please only those from java have this possibility so add it please thanks mojang
Katherine Johnson
Katherine Johnson Prije 23 sati
Can u do a sea update
Sebastian Schumann
Sebastian Schumann Prije dan
TelmuunBNO Mongolian guy
TelmuunBNO Mongolian guy Prije dan
Umm is cave,cliffs 1.17 is available on pocket edition ?
Dark Cyclops
Dark Cyclops Prije dan
you should make it so that you can remove certain enchantments from tools or Armour like for example, if you have a mending and unbreaking 3 gold pickaxe, you can get rid of mending and then it becomes a book
Pro is live
Pro is live Prije dan
I elardy play minecarft
Skydoes17 *
Skydoes17 * Prije dan
Can you teach us about the pvp system?
niopie 88
niopie 88 Prije dan
who els hopes mobs spawn on drip leafs
Hoglin Prije dan
Caves and cliffs is coming on 21 june monday
salihho YT
salihho YT Prije dan
The most awsome thing in this update is drip leaf cuz it have d r i p on it and yes the update is gonna be awsome man i wanna play it
Lag Gaming
Lag Gaming Prije 2 dana
Sega: loses employees Mojang: it’s free real estate
James and the Fun
James and the Fun Prije 2 dana
Make vertical slabs
Syed Faheel Ali Bokhari/SICAS DHA
Syed Faheel Ali Bokhari/SICAS DHA Prije 2 dana
Pls remove kick I always get kicked when I join someone
Yash Thakur
Yash Thakur Prije 2 dana
Mojang Minecraft is best crafting game in world
Yash Thakur
Yash Thakur Prije 2 dana
Can you add Mojang in Minecraft- 1. Also add other mobs and biomes 2. Ia am Subscribed
Rand0odle Prije 2 dana
Minecraft please fix your website because many of us are not able to buy Minecraft java because when we press purchase it says (Error placing order)
CheckerMater Prije 2 dana
"Circles Don't Exist In Minecraft" *Sad Shadow Noises*
Raghu Somani
Raghu Somani Prije 2 dana
Can you make an Ancient Diamdrite Update - Gives Diamdrite (Diamond + Nethrite). Obtained by going to Ditherome (Blue + Maroon) Ditherome block is like netherack but shiny. The colour of it is Blue + Maroon. Make a Nether portal but instead of obsidian, you need to put nethrite blocks. light it with a diamond.
ikinyupe77 Prije 2 dana
can make new mob it call drownpers
Template !
Template ! Prije 2 dana
Can you make a sky Update 🙏🙏🙏
Noob JJ
Noob JJ Prije 2 dana
Hey Mojang When Will the Cave And Cliffs Update Come To Bedrock?
Ketan Tiwari
Ketan Tiwari Prije 2 dana
Lauch this update fast
omegaspace Prije 2 dana
I like the old commercial looking part lol 😂
gamemode tree
gamemode tree Prije 2 dana
Minecraft is the best game
Slash2324 Prije 2 dana
6:35 Steve's scream is An Egg's Guide to Minecraft reference. That makes me happy. And a tad sad RIP Scott
El genial Eric y sus animaciones.
El genial Eric y sus animaciones. Prije 2 dana
I have a question: Minecraft can run in a nintendo 64?
Grant A
Grant A Prije 2 dana
Can we get a pitchfork in the nether carried by a piglen that does fire damage when you hit something with it?
Luz M Garcia
Luz M Garcia Prije 2 dana
Mojang please make a golden pickaxe stronger and it lasted longer and please add something new to the nether and please make a redstone pick axe and sword
THZNN FF Prije 3 dana
You brasil
Garini sahasra kirana
Garini sahasra kirana Prije 3 dana
Wooow thats very beautiful update 😀
Ravager Gaming
Ravager Gaming Prije 3 dana
Cosmic Axolotl
Cosmic Axolotl Prije 3 dana
Who else thinks the tree you find above the lush caves looks like a oak tree with pink flowers?
Checkerboard Cubing
Checkerboard Cubing Prije 3 dana
You should be able to tame axolotls so they can fight drowned for you
Baumichkeit Prije 3 dana
How about making dungeons more fun to explore and add more of them?
Baumichkeit Prije 3 dana
Maybe add some like crystals in the caves Like in many modpacks
Baumichkeit Prije 3 dana
Sadly only 1 update a jear :(
Aser Ayman
Aser Ayman Prije 3 dana
We want "The End update"
superman Prije 3 dana
Upgrade update game minecraft
Ardi said Napitupulu
Ardi said Napitupulu Prije 3 dana
Why the warden so over pawer
Ardi said Napitupulu
Ardi said Napitupulu Prije 3 dana
I love minecraft
Keanu Prije 3 dana
i hate notch
Shah Sabree
Shah Sabree Prije 3 dana
Is it out on iOS the new update
вкусный чай
вкусный чай Prije 3 dana
где 1.17 бета
Jaby PH.
Jaby PH. Prije 3 dana
Its ok but is too paid
22, Miguel Joaquin Rodas
22, Miguel Joaquin Rodas Prije 3 dana
I’m soooooo sad that I don’t have 1.17 cuz I’m on sniff BEDROCK WAGHHHfFsD sniff sniff but I’m not mad at u I’m a lil sad when will it come on on BE
Potato Josh
Potato Josh Prije 3 dana
How can I get 1.17 on Bedrock edition?
Arman shaikh sweet memories
Arman shaikh sweet memories Prije 3 dana
When you will launch this 1.17 update and also shoutout me
Sir Mopsolot
Sir Mopsolot Prije 3 dana
"Not that i'm an elitist snob or anything, although I am British so, granted, it is hard to tell" genuinely funny
Jc Gourth
Jc Gourth Prije 3 dana
Bradycool710 Prije 3 dana
Hey Mojang/Minecraft I used my Minecraft account to buy the game and realized all I got was the demo
Rong Wang
Rong Wang Prije 3 dana
ducky boi
ducky boi Prije 4 dana
hey wait, where’s the mooblooms?
Burokkorī Prije 4 dana
So did you get home or?
Raihan Shihab
Raihan Shihab Prije 4 dana
Make villages and froest update
Raihan Shihab
Raihan Shihab Prije 4 dana
Add pets uptade
ALEX 303
ALEX 303 Prije 4 dana
You're welcome sadako😄
Qasim Farooqi
Qasim Farooqi Prije 4 dana
yap i will never the nether but impressive knowledge
Minecraft pro
Minecraft pro Prije 4 dana
When will it be realised which date we know on 2021 but which date
ItzEdd YT
ItzEdd YT Prije 4 dana
wat where is herobrine.................... Werid he supposed to still be in the game he’s a pretty cool boss battle but I never seen it my uncle said he did since years ago but if you wanna know read more.. He was 14
ItzEdd YT
ItzEdd YT Prije 4 dana
Nah he was 14
ItzEdd YT
ItzEdd YT Prije 4 dana
He was actoully? Actoully 24
TheJavelin Prije 4 dana
I just cannot wait to set boobytraps near my base with the vibration sensor :D
Pac_dash 45
Pac_dash 45 Prije 4 dana
hey can u mabe have realms free? pls!!
Antonette Marie Alejaga
Antonette Marie Alejaga Prije 4 dana
Hey mojang can you make 1.18.0 version. And the name is... Revolution Minecraft 1.18.0 IM HAPPY FOR THAT:)
Diron Channel
Diron Channel Prije 4 dana
It’s finally out. 1.17. Bedrock please
Maximiliano Francos
Maximiliano Francos Prije 5 dana
Jugar pelota estoy viendo malditos
Felipe Nask
Felipe Nask Prije 5 dana
No Notch!👏👏👏👍
Felipe Nask
Felipe Nask Prije 5 dana
Hey Mojang,Ask Mojang?
Eskoouley Prije 5 dana
3:42 Diamond! :D
Fouad Binameer
Fouad Binameer Prije 5 dana
0 respect for bedrock players
Amy The Cat YT
Amy The Cat YT Prije 5 dana
"Caves should be more interesting to explore, but not as dramatically different as the Nether." *Shows very revolutionary plant caves and gigantic caverns*
DiausXD Prije 5 dana
aether update is next
Floricel Moran
Floricel Moran Prije 5 dana
Cool are you mojang?
julio faz coisas
julio faz coisas Prije 5 dana
Mojang adoro voces principalmente o nothi p jogo minecrafi e incrivel
Its Gacha Nixah'-'
Its Gacha Nixah'-' Prije 5 dana
i wish its free :( minecraft
Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell Prije 5 dana
I have Minecraft for the Nintendo switch and I’m trying to get a skin I made on my switch and I don’t know why but it keeps saying that I don’t have Minecraft
Varun Jojawar
Varun Jojawar Prije 5 dana
Hey minecraft we cannt find this beutiful caves inside near trees what to do
The Coolest Monkey
The Coolest Monkey Prije 5 dana
The best part of this show is that it really shows you that mojang actually has a soul and emotion
Mildrey Perez
Mildrey Perez Prije 5 dana
Hey mojang u should make the wither storm in minecraft
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