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Armwrestling friendly sparring vs Kirill Sarychev ( RAW Bench Press World Record Holder 2015 -2019 with 335 KG ! )
November 5th Moscow Russia 2020
SCHOOLBOY aleksandr_toproll
Kirill Sarychev
HIS INSTA sarychevkirill
Referee vesorokin
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Alex Toproll
Alex Toproll Prije 2 mjeseci VS Referee 😁 🎥
Tony Chandley
Tony Chandley Prije 6 dana
Lol ok
Albert joseph
Albert joseph Prije 10 dana
He is win
Anya Paramitha
Anya Paramitha Prije 19 dana
@Saritha Shaji 55t
Weghweh Hwewehwhe
Weghweh Hwewehwhe Prije 24 dana
Technique-wise schoolboy is on top; I think he could need a bit more weight, but also on the wrist - the injury was related to the wrist yes? That is probably the weakest point right now.
Doka Dokovich
Doka Dokovich Prije 25 dana
Oni realjno slili etomu youtub chmoshniku
Akash sharma
Akash sharma Prije 6 sati
I missed the match watching Referee's reaction lol 🤦🏻
The American
The American Prije 8 sati
Taking the shirt off helps with wind resistance.
Richard Barragan
Richard Barragan Prije 8 sati
How is school boy so strong? Doesn't even look like he lifts but he still beats these monster looking dudes!
Fhatima Montalban
Fhatima Montalban Prije 9 sati
Madaya ksma ktwn
SKYLARK FF Prije 10 sati
Indo mana anj-_
Казак вольный
Казак вольный Prije 11 sati
Машина Саня
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez Prije 14 sati
дмитрий янецукс
дмитрий янецукс Prije 15 sati
Сарычев просто шарик
дмитрий янецукс
дмитрий янецукс Prije 15 sati
Судья живёт ,судья сам армер,ходил в зал качков валил
khoon tan
khoon tan Prije 18 sati
The school boy is using his whole body weight during his downward movement. This should not be allowed
Dan Trix
Dan Trix Prije 22 sati
I think if the big guy used his whole body too” he would win IMO
Mark. G.
Mark. G. Prije dan
The big guy knows how to arm wrestle properly,no this crap leaning over and using body weight nonsense ??
Aanandlahar Prije dan
Imagine schoolboy's arms becoming the size of Kirill Sarychev's arms. Opponents would take his blessings and leave.
Юрий Миронов
Юрий Миронов Prije dan
Вам не кажется что рефери напрягаться больше чем участники? 😆
Ace AJ
Ace AJ Prije 2 dana
Ha he understood your little trick
Entombed Prije 2 dana
ИМ Prije 2 dana
Сарычев не армреслер, чего вы ожидали.. но пацану респект + все равно красавчик..
mike dundee
mike dundee Prije 2 dana
The secret is the so called schoolboy isnt just using his arm he is using his whole body as leverage.
Deepu Rajpoot
Deepu Rajpoot Prije 2 dana
Play Skills
Play Skills Prije 2 dana
Сарычева, как школьника положил))) аа вот чем пошёл заниматься Гарри после триллогии "Гарри Поттер".😆👍 лайк.
Иван Смоленский
Иван Смоленский Prije 2 dana
Парень в очках русский?
Blue Moon
Blue Moon Prije 2 dana
Total fakery....
K.A Rolstad
K.A Rolstad Prije 2 dana
that was the quietest match i have ever seen. im sure i could hear some stomach growl. someones hungry =P .. Alex and School-B, thank you guys, for letting us getting entertained with your channel!
Мыша Krebslehrer
Мыша Krebslehrer Prije 3 dana
Аххахахаха а на правой то руке сарычев дал ему пробздется, хорошшшшш
Flèche Du temps
Flèche Du temps Prije 3 dana
Quand le gros balèze s est mis a trouver la bonne technique, là,plus personne pouvait le battre, le gros balèze est carrément supérieur en force pure😁.
Steve Clarke
Steve Clarke Prije 3 dana
Why dosent the guy on the left cheat like the guy on the right?
Maximilien Robespierre
Maximilien Robespierre Prije 3 dana
C est de la gonfflette
Александр Александров
Александр Александров Prije 3 dana
Охренеть,ну тип...
2020truthbombs Prije 3 dana
Ref could start his own reality TV show where he just travels from tournament to tournament, would be GOLD I tell ya :)
Regis Lima
Regis Lima Prije 3 dana
Ele pensou que si tirasse a camisa ficava mas forte kkkk
Justin M.
Justin M. Prije 3 dana
Fuuuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! "SCHOOLBOY" is taking 'em too school for sure!!!
Blackstar Prije 4 dana
ma l'arbitro che droghe usa ?
jerome5ify Prije 4 dana
The referee is on a cloud, another dimension
Sorin Barsan
Sorin Barsan Prije 4 dana
Eddie Cheaz
Eddie Cheaz Prije 4 dana
The ref is emphatically connected to the space between their hands and expressing how the air is feeling.
Emin Ks
Emin Ks Prije 5 dana
Fuck of muscle juge man Bear .
G Allen
G Allen Prije 5 dana
I'm a building contractor, hired a big pumped up body builder years ago. He could barely pickup a bundle of shingles. Muscles of air.
Necronaut Prije 5 dana
Now imagine if schoolboy and Alex were taking steroids, Kirill wouldn't even be on their radar.
Ricardo Tomás
Ricardo Tomás Prije dan
Imagine if they took steroids but he trained for armwrestling as well, they wouldn't even be on kirill's radar
bigpump 416
bigpump 416 Prije 5 dana
Imagine the strength of Schoolboy after he graduates
Hamonangan Manihuruk
Hamonangan Manihuruk Prije 2 dana
Sebastian Menayang
Sebastian Menayang Prije 2 dana
gabrielirlanda Prije 5 dana
SB has a brilliant technique, he puts his arms, foot, body direction etc perfectly placed, each centimeter counts and he knows it, but he makes it to look natural that nobody realises it. He also knows when to attack first and when it is better to hold on and attack when rival is tired.
KimJongUnVEVO Prije 5 dana
The arm wrestlers : 🙂🙏🙂 The referee : 😣😖😮😣😦😲
PrincePrettyPancake Prije 5 dana
removing shirt will not change anything
Tom Hall
Tom Hall Prije 5 dana
I'm not sure, but I have skinnier arms than school boy, so I could probably beat him. He only arm wrestles with bodybuilder types that have a massive amount of muscle tissue surrounding their otherwise, normal, skinny twigs for arms. All that muscle mass hampers their ability to concentrate on the job at hand. 💪
Павел Иванов
Павел Иванов Prije 5 dana
Рефери закинулся и откунился) 😂
Иванов Иван
Иванов Иван Prije 5 dana
Гооу .....мля испанскийстыд.вэри гоу 😖.рашн парашн
The Saaxxx Baba
The Saaxxx Baba Prije 6 dana
pretty sure the referee was on crack here
BH B Prije 6 dana
Schoolboy using his body weight to win, not a true winner
서도식 Prije 6 dana
뒤에 심판분 표정 킬포임
СЛАВА К7 Prije 6 dana
Нихуя силище
Zef Qwerty
Zef Qwerty Prije 6 dana
Судья пиздец в штаны спустил
Tony Chandley
Tony Chandley Prije 6 dana
Lol ok 👍😂
Gogen Olenev
Gogen Olenev Prije 6 dana
Один рукой только давит, другой всем телом и рукой)
mitzvah golem
mitzvah golem Prije 6 dana
Nice polite guys
Tony Angelo Davis
Tony Angelo Davis Prije 6 dana
With or without the shirt schoolboy still managed to pull that off his opponent was huge way bigger than schoolboy and he still dunked his ass good shit 👍💪👊
Ryros Flammare
Ryros Flammare Prije 6 dana
I hope the muscular guy doesnt think he gets buffed when he takes off his shirt
pak kpk
pak kpk Prije 6 dana
Fake videos, don't use your money for publicity
Антончик Юрий
Антончик Юрий Prije 7 dana
РеФЕРИ ЧУТЬ больной по здоровью видимо, но здорово что хоть без работы не остался
Гена Хробатенко
Гена Хробатенко Prije 4 dana
Мастер спорта по реслингу , между прочим 😁
Ali Reza
Ali Reza Prije 7 dana
Авось Prije 7 dana
Короче очередной школьник уделывает очередного кочка, ничего нового.
Jelal Armstrong
Jelal Armstrong Prije 7 dana
hey big man try to use the principles of arm wrestling to be able to win with that school boy. Pull it not pushing the arm of your opponent.
gabo serglez
gabo serglez Prije 7 dana
Steroid doesn't make you strong enough for this kid
Ferret Face
Ferret Face Prije 7 dana
Kirill did the ole 'rope-a-dope'. Let 'Schoolboy' wear himself out... then go in for the kill.
Drinkurmilky Prije 7 dana
My question is how????????????????????????? This is very very very Impossible in most people's eyes! But the School Boy is a beast!
Explodingtraps Prije 7 dana
Is that ref ok
LuckyOwl Prije 7 dana
Huh DragonBall Z is pretty accurate... the shirt does come off after they lose the 1st round 😁
Blas Noguera
Blas Noguera Prije 7 dana
Yo también voy a ganar si es que me cuelgo del brazo ajeno..
حسوني gh
حسوني gh Prije 7 dana
شنهاي الجذب يول
Данил Антоненков
Данил Антоненков Prije 7 dana
Вот тебе и МС Слил качку До этого елозил по метке локтем А качок как дурак держал точку. Качок выиграл бы возможно больше, если б знал правила
евгений Петросяныч
евгений Петросяныч Prije 6 dana
это не качок а лифтер ! Чемп мира с жимом от груди 335 кг
Yakidon Warren
Yakidon Warren Prije 8 dana
2:17 First time seeing him lose 😲
A Greek in Norway
A Greek in Norway Prije 8 dana
when the referee shows the winner it is as if the winner shows it comes from far away ::DDDDD
Stacy M
Stacy M Prije 8 dana
I wonder if I'm stronger with my shirt off
Мирослав Prije 8 dana
Качек просто надутый как мыльный пузырь!!Видимо нужно больше мельдония Росийским спортсменам.Привет из Торонто.
Мирослав Prije 7 dana
@Виталий Фишман в экипировке и под мельдонием)))смешно
Виталий Фишман
Виталий Фишман Prije 7 dana
Да, какой-то там рекордсмен мира в жиме лёжа без экипировки 335 кг, и в троеборье 1100 кг:)
Pullman 52
Pullman 52 Prije 8 dana
This ain’t proper arm wrestling. Use the whole body not even sitting in the chair. Cheating it is🤔
Naam Shah
Naam Shah Prije 8 dana
Incredible power. Giving away tons in weight and still winning. The man is still getting stronger. Its all within rules. Fantastic stuff.
Robert Poole
Robert Poole Prije 8 dana
Wow..Schoolboy is amazing!
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson Prije 8 dana
The kids technique is bar none scary........he doesn’t even look like an arm wrestler which makes it more beautiful when he defeats these behemoths ❤️🔥
DYH Prije 8 dana
Its called strategy! It looks like ego from having big muscles and doing steroids prevents people from actually thinking about strategy! See how the kid is pulling his whole body back while mr. muscles is leaning in? Common sense really, something that seems to not be so common anymore.
Michael Jorden
Michael Jorden Prije 8 dana
First of all, did that tool think taking his shirt off would make a difference? Second, what the hell is wrong with that ref?
Hbmd Prije 8 dana
its allowed to use your body like that.
Alta Prije 9 dana
Le gris triche
факс ирвин
факс ирвин Prije 9 dana
Рефери надо наркоманов играть в час суда
Денис Я.Р.Т.
Денис Я.Р.Т. Prije 9 dana
Все в зал, господа!!! Все в зал!!!
DiceY OP
DiceY OP Prije 9 dana
And the winner😂
Дел Делай
Дел Делай Prije 9 dana
Химик обсарычев.
Drac Rummins
Drac Rummins Prije 9 dana
I’m starting think some of this is a work
Денис Красильников
Денис Красильников Prije 9 dana
Почему я весь напрягаюсь когда смотрю?))
Дмитрий Паньков
Дмитрий Паньков Prije 6 dana
Мужчина, выйдите из туалета😅
Jim Owen
Jim Owen Prije 9 dana
Sylvester Stallone has a tattoo of schoolboy on his back!
Jay van jay
Jay van jay Prije 9 dana
When did Nicholas Cage become a skinny Russian referee?
Jay van jay
Jay van jay Prije 9 dana
I only lost the first one because I had my shirt on...
Keshav Bahl
Keshav Bahl Prije 9 dana
No smart person gonna think that the school boy is leftie and the others can be righties and that’s why they losing
DavinSteidel Prije 9 dana
imagine being a genetic freak beast with world record in one of the most prestigious lifts, only to be given a tough time with such an innocent looking kid lol
99 99
99 99 Prije 8 dana
I DONT understand, clearly he beat schoolboy quite easily
cult classic
cult classic Prije 9 dana
We need a heavyweight olympic weightlifter vs schoolboy
Kal Pierson
Kal Pierson Prije 9 dana
That dude is a giant
Aaron Day
Aaron Day Prije 9 dana
He might be killing him in arm wresting but I think the Russian guy would eat him for breakfast.
triverBY Prije 9 dana
Сарычев старался до последнего .
Расул Рысбеков
Расул Рысбеков Prije 10 dana
Рефери это же Цыплянков))))
Игорь Литвинов
Игорь Литвинов Prije 10 dana
Дайте уже оскар рефери
Jheng Jheng
Jheng Jheng Prije 10 dana
The referees face expressions 😅
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma Prije 10 dana
without proper technique the bodybuilder is holding him this means is is super strong
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