Unus Annus - Post Mortem

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1.5 Million people were watching as we laid Unus Annus to rest. Thank you for turning these past 365 days into something truly special. Without you, it wouldn't have mattered at all. Memento Mori.

momento mori
momento mori Prije 9 minuta
Unns annus is back the chanal is still there wtf is happening
Someone You don’t know
Someone You don’t know Prije 18 minuta
I wasn’t able to watch the stream I’m so sad
Hi I’m Gill
Hi I’m Gill Prije 38 minuta
I watched it the second it started all the way up to 1am, I really wanted to make it but I went to sleep because I got way to tired. I cried a little when I woke up at 4 to see that the stream was done and again when I woke up the same day because I went back to sleep.
Riley Mumbler
Riley Mumbler Prije 41 minute
Remake it
fried weeb
fried weeb Prije sat
Mark i know you probably wont see this but, thank you. Thank you for giving me a glimmer of hope and, a idea. I want to do HRpost now. I want to continue my writing. Thank you. Thanks ethan, aswell. You both inspired me to work on bigger and better things in my life.
Mudkip Master
Mudkip Master Prije 2 sati
Someone is reuploading Unus Annus videos with titles saying the resurrection. Should probably check that out
Nicole Harrison
Nicole Harrison Prije 2 sati
GO CHECK THE CHANNEL some weird shit is going down.
Mister Unlovely
Mister Unlovely Prije 2 sati
You know, when i first started watching Markiplier, i thought he was a bit kooky, you know in that funny way where it doesn't feel like he actually is crazy then as i watched him throughout the years, i ended up realizing he may actually be a little crazy but thats okay, but its with this video here that i truly understand how batshit insane this man is and i truly appreciate how much of that has contributed in him being such an entertaining content creator and i hope he never changes ❤
Enigma's Web
Enigma's Web Prije 3 sati
I have a question! Was the black screen/forces you to look at yourself at the end of Unus Annus saying "You still have time to live before your clock ends for you or when we're gone, you're still here, you still have time." Or something like.
Chyan L
Chyan L Prije 3 sati
My heart stopped when the stream ended. That moment of silence when the screen went black, a sigh of sadness and relief. For them. And almost felt like crying the way mark was talking to you at the end🥺 Thank you 👁unnusannus
Midnight Artz Ò3Ó
Midnight Artz Ò3Ó Prije 3 sati
First time watching mark- I'm already having an identity crisis GREAT ^-^
thatguy Prije 3 sati
To be honest, mark really is built different
Elijah Jones
Elijah Jones Prije 4 sati
It's really annoying I only heard about it really after it ended, everyone mourning it was the first I truly heard of it...
Occamy Prije 5 sati
Confirmed, mark is a also a sadist
Bob Simsans
Bob Simsans Prije 6 sati
never forget. momento mori
RaidTheApples Prije 7 sati
There’s a unus annus account up so I was wondering is this the channel or is it one we have to take down
SkittleJuice Prije 7 sati
Now that I know what videos Unus Annus made I'm pissed I never watched them
My Dad: Look it's like your guy's Unus Anus Me: ..excuse me? My Dad: I just said that to get your guy's attention Me: *Do not disrespect the dead*
AULIS A.O.T Prije 7 sati
Memento Mori Unus Annus
She-Demon Andrea
She-Demon Andrea Prije 8 sati
Why put effort into a channel just to delete it? You get rid of something you put so much effort on. And it's so stupid. You made us grieve more in 2020. We grieved over idols we lost, HRpostrs we lost, and maybe family members we lost. And yet you add up to that great grief of 2020 by ending Unus Annus. We dealt with too much, Mark. This is leading us to the final straw. If this will be every time we're a month or a few months before the new year, then no. That's ending our year with losing something special? VERY MANIPULATING. And I need an explanation on how "It will make sense when it ends." Right now I'm just angry with this plan of yours and I hate it. It's basically reliving pain and grief. I HATE IT.
ang burge
ang burge Prije 8 sati
Mark: Happ boi Ethan: confused boi
Illuzionfn Prije 8 sati
Who tf is unas anas
Zombie ok
Zombie ok Prije 8 sati
Illuzionfn Prije 8 sati
You look so different from when I used to watch you
Jerry E
Jerry E Prije 8 sati
I've never regretted so much for not watching a youtube channel.
300 alex
300 alex Prije 8 sati
Will you make another unus annus channel
old ally
old ally Prije 8 sati
i don't think unus annus should continue
Kid Titan
Kid Titan Prije 9 sati
There are a decent amount of people who are reposting their content and I reported all the ones I saw so far
Dr. Dark
Dr. Dark Prije 9 sati
Unas Anus? Never heard of it
Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis Prije 10 sati
Hell yeah! Wasnt able to catch the whole thing but i was there for the last like 30 min or so.
Kitodylan Babich
Kitodylan Babich Prije 10 sati
Hey guys, I took a year off of HRpost, what happened?
How to Ratatoing Your Panda
How to Ratatoing Your Panda Prije 11 sati
Why was I so invested lmao. I had no idea about the channel, yet when the clock hit 10 seconds, when mark said "see you on the other side", then the screen went black and I felt deprived of something that could have been really cool to watch
blue sansball
blue sansball Prije 11 sati
Bro I never watched Unus Annus and I’m sad about that
kaikalai Prije 11 sati
ImmortalRager Prije 11 sati
I missed it. I was in Basic training. I’m genuinely sad about the fact I missed the end
Leon Schneider
Leon Schneider Prije 11 sati
et duobus annis maybe
Angel Joshua Cantú Hernández
Angel Joshua Cantú Hernández Prije 12 sati
Lisa Weathers
Lisa Weathers Prije 12 sati
do try not to laugh #24
Candy Kanna
Candy Kanna Prije 13 sati
it feels like as soon as it was actually gone i had some fight or flight response of purging memories so i couldn't look back and be sad
The Devil
The Devil Prije 13 sati
apology for bad english where were you when unus annus died i was sat at home eating doritos when phone ring 'unus annus is kil' 'no'
furry Izzy
furry Izzy Prije 13 sati
But I don't get it everybody sad you deleted your channel and you worked so hard
Demon the Gamer
Demon the Gamer Prije 14 sati
Why did you rebirth unus annus?
Confused Demon Noises
Confused Demon Noises Prije 4 sati
rebirth? No, that's a fake account, cheif
JerichoMations Prije 14 sati
I already miss Unus Annus I haven't even watch every video ;-;
Minevet Prije 15 sati
*Unus Annus ends* Mark: Oh no! *Heist 2* Mark: Anyway,
Koko Loco
Koko Loco Prije 15 sati
a channel dies at one point good respect unus annus
Jessica hatch
Jessica hatch Prije 17 sati
taeminnietoe Prije 17 sati
There’s a channel up now literally called Unus Annus that’s reuploading the content and has a livestream of the videos. We need to mass report it so it’ll get taken down or so Mark and Ethan can do something about it.
MAXWELL Doherty Prije 17 sati
I’m gonna go watch unus annuas live 24/7
B Mc
B Mc Prije 18 sati
Im sad, i wanted to watch all the unus anus videos at some point but i couldent because of school work
Brandon Fisher
Brandon Fisher Prije 19 sati
Now I will never be able to look at an hour glass without yelling UNUS ANNUS UNUS ANNUS UNUS ANNUS
AST_ Invader
AST_ Invader Prije 19 sati
A new chapter starts
CriticalAcid Prije 19 sati
Turns out, all the views here are all the Unnus Annus members
MrGr1zzlyB3ar Prije 20 sati
this ending stands for more reason than one, its like you wont appreciate a person until they are gone and you would feel your real emotions and etc
ZepTar - Roblox And GD
ZepTar - Roblox And GD Prije 20 sati
That pressure washer video was amazing
Download_Failed Prije 20 sati
I had joined at the LITERAL last 3 seconds, I’ve never felt bigger grief since
Mayank Prije 20 sati
Kamisama Prije 21 sat
Uhhh what is the point of this? Just curious lol
Malina Xx
Malina Xx Prije 21 sat
I missed it because my internet was out for 2 weeks..... 😱😱☠️☠️☠️
Bagel Prije 21 sat
I can't believe that I didn't know what this was until it ended
Joe Ferguson
Joe Ferguson Prije 22 sati
You don't miss some thing on tell its gone
Bratty Prije 22 sati
Geez that is a ton of people
Kohl sin nombre
Kohl sin nombre Prije 22 sati
mark when he just destroyed a years work in a single second: i am proud of what has happened and i am content of what i have made Unnus Annus (btw we are making heist 2 lol) mark a week later: FUCKING DEL MONTE GIVING ME 10 DOLLARS WORTH OF CORN
lemon boi10
lemon boi10 Prije 22 sati
i stopped sleeping, i could have gotten so much more sleep, but i didn't, just to see it end
donkey donkey
donkey donkey Prije 22 sati
i was a fan of unnus annus but i still missed some videos and i’m sad
Dr Tommy Coolatta
Dr Tommy Coolatta Prije 23 sati
Why is mark gonna fuck up del monte?
Caro Barn
Caro Barn Prije 23 sati
ethan: thank you so much you guys are amazing this helped me so much *very bittersweet and soft vibes* Mark: Heist 2!! oh yea also unnus annus is gone so... you guys are probably sad, anyways Im going to fuck up del montes life!!
GB VIVID Prije 23 sati
Woody Rogers
Woody Rogers Prije dan
The bad thing is that some people, including me, had no idea of Unus Annus until it was deleted and will forever wonder what happened during that year
Otter.r Prije dan
Thank you, HRpost for recommending me Unus Annus a day before it was deleted.
Ja Niya Willis Ja Niya Willis
Ja Niya Willis Ja Niya Willis Prije dan
Name of the new HRpost channel because I keep finding other people name as a saying HRpost channel you’re making thanks
Eashaan Chakravarty
Eashaan Chakravarty Prije dan
He sounds like a spoken word poet rn... rip
Its Xefo
Its Xefo Prije dan
I lowkey cried
soinu foig
soinu foig Prije dan
"The entirety of what something is can not be truly appreciated until it dies." -mark
Seth Padgett
Seth Padgett Prije dan
I think my favorite is when mark went into the ocean. I think it is so amazing that he got the chance to go and conquer his fear, and I hope to have the same kind of courage in my life.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Prije dan
The higher you climb, the harder you fall.
Hellhound666 Prije dan
Not surprising though people are not respecting your wishes and took your work, created channels called Unus Annus and uploading your videos there and making comments they don't care. It was an amazing trip with Unus Anus and the year just flew by... can't wait to see what more you're going to be doing 🖤
soinu foig
soinu foig Prije dan
I woke up at 2 am to catch the end of the stream. I don’t regret a second of it
Vulter God
Vulter God Prije dan
This message was brought to you by people like you thank you
Angeline Mendoza
Angeline Mendoza Prije dan
Yes heist 2
Angelina Deviana
Angelina Deviana Prije dan
Mark: now that is done... it’s immediately that me for me to start on the next project literally everyone: wait a damn minute-
Octo Gen
Octo Gen Prije dan
Mark could be a Marxist one day, But right now he’s a sadist
Lil Wooklet
Lil Wooklet Prije dan
So excited for the heist with Markiplier 2 😃
Roseborn 69
Roseborn 69 Prije dan
Unus Annus will never really die since Re-upload exist ^^
Julianna The Lioness
Julianna The Lioness Prije dan
That little chuckle at the end gave me life
Michael B.
Michael B. Prije dan
Oh ya fun fact about your team... ya someone I’m not gonna say who but someone was trying to put an end to the clock and stop it
Alberto Prije dan
Mark: A heist with Markiplier 2 is on the way Me: yes, YES, YEEEEESS!! Also that sentence that he said about facing your own death and feel satisfied, DAMN that really hit me. Very proud of have been part of this journey with all of you 😄
Unus Annus
Unus Annus Prije dan
The last second of the Chanel my grand pa died the next day
Ronin C
Ronin C Prije dan
0:45 every famous artist ever
Gondi Zsolt
Gondi Zsolt Prije dan
As soon as I heard a heist 2 was coming my eyes lit up SO HARD that it actually hurt
Isaac Reser
Isaac Reser Prije dan
Theres two channels one called [Deleted channel] and Unnus Annus the first channel just has random things relating to the channel. the second has videos with clickbait video names and its just random reuploads of the videos.
Jonathan Burdekin
Jonathan Burdekin Prije dan
dude what
Semi Decent
Semi Decent Prije dan
I woke up at 2 am to catch the end of the stream. I don’t regret a second of it
YuZef Prije dan
I watched 1 unus annus video in my life....why am I sad?
Pati Prije dan
Momento Mori Unus Annus 😔
hederick WoW
hederick WoW Prije dan
Don't be sad because its over, be happy because it happened.
unknown user
unknown user Prije dan
karsyn layne
karsyn layne Prije dan
uhm so there is a “new unnus annus channel” im so confused. are those fake?
DiamondGaming20 Prije dan
Memento Mori
Archie’s Rain Cloud
Archie’s Rain Cloud Prije dan
Everyone: **cri** Me: “ight way back machine, I need you again.”
Cooldude Shaner
Cooldude Shaner Prije dan
Oh god
Elite Fluid
Elite Fluid Prije dan
What if they made an unus annus 2, start of next year, called "second year"
Evan Moriyama
Evan Moriyama Prije dan
Mark on his deidara vibes
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