Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon

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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show

Kelly Dimon
Kelly Dimon Prije sat
How could Alex be wrong about Trump? Or is he. 80 days of HELL!
Eamon Quinn
Eamon Quinn Prije sat
Joe seemed really tight on the carbon dioxide.
Juan Salgado
Juan Salgado Prije sat
What Alex Jones knows about the white papers fukkkkkk were all doomed
Fruity Tootie
Fruity Tootie Prije 2 sati
Alex Jones = Bill Hicks
Juan Salgado
Juan Salgado Prije 2 sati
His full of shit about the clean coal and using scrubbers to clean the exhaust
Its_foo Prije 2 sati
Am I the only one who never gets tired but about to bring out my laughing abilities when Alex Jones says something funny?
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Prije 2 sati
💣 🇮🇹
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Prije 2 sati
💀 ☠ 💊 👽 a round 🔫 the 🌎
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Prije 3 sati
🕷 🕸 catch U
Kyle Suarez
Kyle Suarez Prije 3 sati
2:52:19? What the hell
Dro Prije 3 sati
now we just need to spread this to the boomers
no one
no one Prije 4 sati
Alex Jones stated under oath during his divorce/custody trial that he plays a character on his show and that everything he says is for entertainment purposes. If you listen/watch Alex Jones you are being entertained with fictional content designed to sell products. He is a phony. Don't be duped.
Retrojunk's favorite Franchises
Retrojunk's favorite Franchises Prije 4 sati
At the end alex was crunching with his teeth like he were on ecstasy or anphetamin or as a result from the drinking alcohol!
Gulf War
Gulf War Prije 4 sati
My only goal in life is to see how many people actually "Like" my comment- even though it's among 152 thousand other comments.
Kush Kuniss
Kush Kuniss Prije 4 sati
That intro is 💩💩💩💩💩
Andai Prije 4 sati
Why does Joe seem so different in this one compared to the last one Alex was on?
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson Prije 5 sati
I'm sorry but Jones is so full of shit.
Davis Livingston
Davis Livingston Prije 5 sati
Joe “I’m a little high from this cigar” Rogan
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Prije 7 sati
J: How hammered are you on a scale of 1-10? A: Not at all😁
Leviticus Rock
Leviticus Rock Prije 7 sati
Every listen from 13:00 till they show A t and t rogans reaction at 15:00
Victor Shankle
Victor Shankle Prije 8 sati
You da man Joe
Gandalf The Gay
Gandalf The Gay Prije 8 sati
1:57:43 Confirmed, Alex Jones is gay.
Mr Turtle
Mr Turtle Prije 9 sati
Joe seemed too grumpy on this one
Gandalf The Gay
Gandalf The Gay Prije 9 sati
1:18:46 hahahaha
John Doesit
John Doesit Prije 10 sati
I said this a million times. Human biological shells are very flawed for space travel or adapting to new physical environments such as other planets. Humans must "evolve" and transfer the intelligence to some other form such as "AI". AI is not like engineering a new creature, it is simply a transfer of knowledge, humanity and intelligence to a new form. Humans are too fragile to take life to a new location. Just my oppinion.
Harder Oneechan
Harder Oneechan Prije 10 sati
Poor alex he knows the truth but his pursuit of it has made him batshit insane.
Jimi Light
Jimi Light Prije 10 sati
I like how the "crazy" people are becoming "sane" and the "sane" people are becoming "crazy"
Francisco BVRC
Francisco BVRC Prije 10 sati
They won't need metal robots because they figured out that it's easier and faster to turn people into robots via chips than it is to actually make robots from scratch.
Happy Individuals
Happy Individuals Prije 11 sati
How do I join the island
Sad Truth
Sad Truth Prije 11 sati
AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY IT IS A REPUBLIC!!!! Read the constitution people it is pretty clear. Also, green energy pollutes three times as much as conventional methods.
Kajetan Ka
Kajetan Ka Prije 11 sati
Great! Plz again!
Jason Massia
Jason Massia Prije 11 sati
"liberate tuteme ex inferis" "Save yourself from Hell".. Event Horizon is definitely an awesome film. Love the video Joe! Awesome work.
Missy Johnson
Missy Johnson Prije 11 sati You should do a video on this!! The United States is a Corporation? 🤔 Supposedly we have been sold!!
JJ Prije 12 sati
Alex Jones for President. Thank you for your work, for what nobody does, but you! KEEP UP!
thomas -cummings
thomas -cummings Prije 12 sati
Joe rogan is so annoying with the fact checking shit now
Ash Prije 12 sati
Actually they changed PCR false negative test guidelines in January so Alex was right, again.
Jonathan Brightwell
Jonathan Brightwell Prije 13 sati
Man. Alex can get on your nerves with talking over people. But this dude knows his shit and backs it up with facts. I respect that a lot. It's scary how often hes right.
The Miranda Project
The Miranda Project Prije 13 sati
I agree with alex. They are trying to kill us
Andrea Breton
Andrea Breton Prije 13 sati
Well he certainly predicted the kidnapping
Ufology 101
Ufology 101 Prije 14 sati
I would love listening to Alex tell fart jokes for 3 hours
Fergus MacLoud
Fergus MacLoud Prije 15 sati
Joe is so dumb 43:00 in the past 150000 years, we lived through over 100000 years of ICE AGE...
C H Prije 16 sati
God, this is embarrasing
Billnerd Prije 17 sati
Can’t dislike this if more than half Is true.
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Prije 18 sati
April Dahlenburg
April Dahlenburg Prije 17 sati
CO2 😇 😈.....WAR 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜 🐜
Dan Ag
Dan Ag Prije 18 sati
Ian Prije 19 sati
Joe get Del Bigtree on the show to talk about the pandemic and the vaccine.
Alex Mansfield
Alex Mansfield Prije 19 sati
God knows everything except one thing, where did HE come from? Alex Jones.
Big Draco
Big Draco Prije 19 sati
why is there a hindu god in the background?
Big Draco
Big Draco Prije 8 sati
@James just wondering.. never seen in his studio before, pretty random.
James Prije 16 sati
Why not?
goodfella Prije 21 sat
Alex jones for presidente
John Pluciennik
John Pluciennik Prije 22 sati
Here is the evidence. From chicago stage 4 lock down. Last week over 7k per day cases. Switched to all restaurants can open.
John Pluciennik
John Pluciennik Prije 22 sati
Everyone back to school. Same positivity rate over the last 5 months, actually a bit worse right now
doeme80 Prije 22 sati
Joe didn't watch planet of the humans
TaggsR85 Prije 23 sati
The Biden’s are so corrupt and disgusting and now he’s our president !!!! So pathetic!!!!!
Morgan Prije 23 sati
Compared to Christ, spaceships and extraterrestrials are small potatoes.
Neil Marsden
Neil Marsden Prije 23 sati
I laugh that everyone gets all their info of the web, seriously 🤣, whatever is on the Internet is censored and you see what you are meant to see. Play the game look at big picture and enjoy your life. Be in the moment!!!
Neil Marsden
Neil Marsden Prije dan
I get someone knowing something about something, but why does Alex know or says he knows so much about everyone ? Is he a plant ? He is hardly a spy !
Neil Marsden
Neil Marsden Prije dan
I just want to know if he feels good about his reaction with piers Morgan lol.
Spencer Hansen
Spencer Hansen Prije dan
Need Alex Jones, Tim pool and Edgy Brah in one setting
Echo Mckay
Echo Mckay Prije dan
3:03:30 while Alex is talking about the heart attack he's gonna have, dose anyone else hear a weird growl? Use headphones.
Echo Mckay
Echo Mckay Prije dan
2:55:29 what the fuck is that sound, I thought it was Alex because it's super deep but he starts talking and it continues as he talk.
Echo Mckay
Echo Mckay Prije dan
2:52:25 there's no way in hell that's joe's voice telling Alex "relax, we're both right here".... If you slow it down there's more than one voice there.
Seth Reynolds
Seth Reynolds Prije 3 sati
I heard that wtf
Zachary Curtis
Zachary Curtis Prije dan
Hate speech is a slippery slope and I can't wait for libs to get their comeuppance
DIRGES in the DARK Prije dan
Oh God knows where he came from. He is the first and the LAST!
Convilious Prije dan
1:38:22 Alex looks like such a fun person, I'd definitely wanna be friends with him IRL, he seems like he could keep a party going for hours. :)
DIRGES in the DARK Prije dan
LOL Buzz...perfect Aliens...Fallen Angels...only in God's Creation!
EEuphoria Prije dan
Sucks how Spotify owns Joe now, you can just tell. Bullshit ass deal
Kristian Prije dan
Alex Jones is just Joe Rogan on steroids, really.
Gregory Felock
Gregory Felock Prije dan
Alex Jones Does not know how to have a conversation And it’s a shame because he has so much to say
toast french
toast french Prije dan
Why do i always learn all this wild shit on JRE
Whiteguyindifferent Prije dan
JamesTheWaffler Prije dan
Daniel Keene-Lopez
Daniel Keene-Lopez Prije dan
Dillyn Stanford
Dillyn Stanford Prije dan
Team Carbon yeah 😎
Garry Clark
Garry Clark Prije dan
Klaus head of world economic forum "you will own nothing and be happy" the great reset'
Dillyn Stanford
Dillyn Stanford Prije dan
God created the earth to handle dirty humans, the earth is our filter it thrives off our farts and bad breath
Garry Clark
Garry Clark Prije dan
People in the uk are told our government has done the worst globally in tackling the plandemic. I'm sure your told the same in all the other countries taking part in the exercise.
Niko Fox
Niko Fox Prije dan
*2:37 and And infinitely small!
Garry Clark
Garry Clark Prije dan
Mr Rogan have you forgotten your interview with Randy Carlson?
Amy Nunya
Amy Nunya Prije dan
The mindset that we need more proof of these things happening is insanity. There is so much proof of this terrible plan and we have ignored it for 40 years. This is our last chance as regular people to stand up as one nation. Against this long standing evil.
Oh Kay
Oh Kay Prije dan
46:50 facts guys, you know that using electricity is still using gas right? How do you think we have electricy?
Rod iz Lik E
Rod iz Lik E Prije dan
I love Alex Jones. People hate him and talk a lot of shit but he's called a lot of stuff back in the day thats real now. He does great work.
Izzy Valens
Izzy Valens Prije dan
He was absolutely correct about the democrats opening up the economy after Biden enters the office now all of a sudden we need to get up and running scumbags
Birdieinthesky100 Prije dan that we have some viable vaccines, the U.S.A. (and the world) shouldn't try and get up and running then? When, politically speaking would be it okay in your your view to get up and running?
Bryan Flynn
Bryan Flynn Prije dan
This was by far the worst one and joe was not even close to being free and open... sad
FatherBootyHands Prije dan
1:10:53 hahahahaha
Sling and Stone
Sling and Stone Prije 2 dana
Tim, Eddie, Alex, same podcast 🙏
ChiliConQueso Prije 2 dana
I want to see Alex and Joey Diaz go at it again.
Chris Moltisanti
Chris Moltisanti Prije 2 dana
Alex.... ""her father was an MI6 agent thrown in the ocean"" Joe.....""Sasha Baren Koen is wonderful""". This is why I'm not a JRE fan anymore.
moonglum101 Prije 2 dana
I wish Alex Jones would stop interrupting people. It ruins the conversation.
Richie l
Richie l Prije 2 dana
I think you need to have Alex in a different room and have a switch where you control his mic. Seriously. This interview is not pro free speech if Alex is just gonna spurt out lies . You tried to control him but failed terribly so either control him properly or don’t have him on . Or check all he says after , and then cut the fact checks into the video after the fact .. that would be fun . Free speech and open forums for debate are good , but this was a one way diatribe of 50% conjecture and 50% lies . Totally disingenuous
Luis Arroyo
Luis Arroyo Prije 2 dana
Rogan needs to stop listening to people who want to control information and just let the conversation free flow next time
chucky cheese
chucky cheese Prije 2 dana
Chesley is most likely dead
Lee Connelly
Lee Connelly Prije 2 dana
RIDDLE ME THIS : if the WATER LEVEL of the OCEANS is RISING as ive heard scince i was a kid? then WHY HASNT VENICE DROWWNED yet ?they have been "RIGHT ON THE EDGE" for hundreds of years! the water LEVEL seems to have REMAINED COMPLETELY STABLE ! or VENICE would be LONG GONE? right? VENICE WOULD BE THE FIRST place you would notice it.RIGHT? one thing is SURE .EARTH is DYING and AGE is catching up with her. i can SEE why they are getting nervous. but im PUZZLED by how everyone is told and assured there is PLENTY OF TIME.all these reseorces and all these people can do ANYTHING....if we all wanted to think reasonably and use our time wisely theres MUCH we could DO THATS GOOD with the remaining time. including buying MORE TIME...perhaps? as for ROBOTS....I always dreamed of having a LOST IN SPACE robot buddy. but CONSIDER that these ROBOTS are gonna DO EXACTLY WHAT the BUILDERS OF THEM design and program them TO DO.think about that.
Chairman Kim
Chairman Kim Prije 2 dana
Alex Jones has been speaking the truth for a decade now. Holy shit
ozmond2600 Prije 8 sati
More like 3 decades.
Jared Pritchard
Jared Pritchard Prije 2 dana
I wish joe would shut up and let alex talk
Paulius Jacinkevičius
Paulius Jacinkevičius Prije 2 dana
Gideon Berger
Gideon Berger Prije 2 dana
made it to 43 minutes. quite surprised actually.
Marie-Eve Lapointe-allard
Marie-Eve Lapointe-allard Prije 2 dana
Oh I am lol and what isn't a show ? If you supress one you supress the others. Emotions are not to be supressed but understood and accepted. Would we have some much "bad behaviors" if it was'nt for all the "ismes" and "phobias" pretty much hammered in for ... how many generations now ... Just sayin'
Butt Hurts
Butt Hurts Prije 2 dana
Joe needs to shut up an let the man speak.
Joe T
Joe T Prije 2 dana
This shit is amazing
Cezar's Timepieces
Cezar's Timepieces Prije 2 dana
Joe "Hold on a second" Rogan
Joe T
Joe T Prije 2 dana
Lmao that smile of the other guy when Joe asks " are coal plants really clean" Alex" I'll tell ya"
Monox Prije 2 dana
like why kobe died but price is still alive
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