Emanet 58. Bölüm Fragmanı | Legacy Episode 58 Promo (English & Spanish subs)

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

Naila Bi
Naila Bi Prije 7 dana
Why isn't there subtitles for the full episodes
ROMLAH CHANNEL Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't forget to stop by my channel, friends🤗😗😘😘😘😘
Yum Avan
Yum Avan Prije 2 mjeseci
Here again more suffering for our lovely main character Seher. All the bad thing happen to her, I wonder where she gets so much strength and she also gets well easily. In the other hand, Yaman seems sorry for what he did, but it doesn't excuse his horrible actions, he trying to mend his error (or horror) but... There is not excuse for your actions!... viewers already forgive you (some say because you are so handsome and irresistible) then some viewers said that Seher will be very mad at you when she find out about your trap... Seher will not care because she will say: You did it for Yusuf...Seher
Fidan Cavadova
Fidan Cavadova Prije 2 mjeseci
Artık öpüşün aq
María C.
María C. Prije 2 mjeseci
Nada te pasará, yo te protegeré, ahhhhh!!! Ahora lo ves?es amor 🧡 o no?
TheZerekMan Prije 2 mjeseci
I love her
yusrakxn Prije 2 mjeseci
me thinking that all the comments r gonna be in terkish but their actualy all in english😂😂
بنت تركماني
بنت تركماني Prije 2 mjeseci
Anemix Fadet
Anemix Fadet Prije 2 mjeseci
Creo que Yaman le trae mala suerte, la pobre ha sido secuestrada, enterrada viva, narcotizada, mordida por un perro, acuchillada, encarcelada y casi muere en un incendio.
LIVIA GEOL Prije 2 mjeseci
Un idiot !
Ilwad Abdi
Ilwad Abdi Prije 2 mjeseci
I figured again no subtitle they don't consider us watching and try to understand what they say please don't forget subtitle
Əsma Ağayarova
Əsma Ağayarova Prije 2 mjeseci
Hoyyyy dünya ancağ inglislərdir e Türklər Azərbaycanlılar yoxdur diəsən sizin başnız Çukura Sefrin kızna qarşb Amma mən bu serialı çox sevirəmm uşşşşş marağldır😄
Əsma Ağayarova
Əsma Ağayarova Prije 2 mjeseci
Bildikdə ingliscə. Bilirsiz Türkcə danşn Türkcə yada Azerbaycanca!!!😄
Marcela Mengual
Marcela Mengual Prije 2 mjeseci
Y están buenísimos los capítulos Sean buenos y traduzcan algo
Marcela Mengual
Marcela Mengual Prije 2 mjeseci
Hola chicos Hoy van a traducir algo porque ayer me tuve que imaginar lo que pasaba
Duaa Nasim
Duaa Nasim Prije 2 mjeseci
Why they are not uploading today's episode short clips
Магамед Маммадов
Магамед Маммадов Prije 2 mjeseci
I looked, everyone writes ın english, l said l write(^_-)
kokojojo ahmed
kokojojo ahmed Prije 2 mjeseci
Please the episode of today quickly 🙏🙏🙏
Nicy Saju
Nicy Saju Prije 2 mjeseci
Waiting eagerly to watch how Mr kirmli will take care of his love... 😍
Samrah Rani
Samrah Rani Prije 2 mjeseci
I guess there will be more turn when zuhal would reveal yamen truth and it will separate them, may be she leave the men soon forever or accept marriage purposely of salim
syeda adeena
syeda adeena Prije 2 mjeseci
Noo this will not be happening main hero is yaman not selim ok😒
VLCSpain Prije 2 mjeseci
Pues ojalá me equivoque hoy, pero.... Hoy tendremos pequeños clips 👏 (espero que traducidos) y promo 👏(creo que 2), pero no habrá capítulo completo 🤷 Edito: sí tenemos capítulo completo 👏👏👏
Nessa G
Nessa G Prije 2 mjeseci
Ach mnie ten Selim wkurza nie toleruje go tak samo jak Ikbal i Zuhal 😡
Raja aftab
Raja aftab Prije 2 mjeseci
no english is written below
Andy Morraw
Andy Morraw Prije 2 mjeseci
Yaman's feelings are coming
Andy Morraw
Andy Morraw Prije 2 mjeseci
yousuf you are a good boy..
Olev Mogan
Olev Mogan Prije 2 mjeseci
who like yaman
Olev Mogan
Olev Mogan Prije 2 mjeseci
loves seher,
maria s
maria s Prije 2 mjeseci
I know most of us have a weakness for Yaman Bay 😎😎😎 but from now on he must wriggle for the love of Our Amazon 😂😂
Bian Moves
Bian Moves Prije 2 mjeseci
yaman seher couple
Bian Moves
Bian Moves Prije 2 mjeseci
who like seher
The Official Chris Hansen Gaming YouTube Channel
The Official Chris Hansen Gaming YouTube Channel Prije 2 mjeseci
Why was this in my recommendations
Jackie Ralat
Jackie Ralat Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh Yaman.. the guilt he must be feeling 🙃❤🙃
Graciela Churio
Graciela Churio Prije 2 mjeseci
Hermosa novela. Por favor traduzcan al Español. Mi gracias. Desde Argentina Mar del Plata.
Szarvas Lavinia
Szarvas Lavinia Prije 2 mjeseci
We love this careful, regretful, calm Yaman. 😍Please don't make him a beast again. At least not with Seher! 🙂
Becky mik Becky mik
Becky mik Becky mik Prije 2 mjeseci
comment puis-je récupérer mon compte instagram, avec l'aide de * hacker_john * j'ai mon compte bact.
Rachel Chandran
Rachel Chandran Prije 2 mjeseci
I really hope that Yaman confesses about his mistake. Ikbal will make sure that Seher comes to know about it and that will be devastating to both of them.
Elita Costa
Elita Costa Prije 2 mjeseci
estamos ha 57 capitulos ancioza por um romance entre os dois ta longe de acontecer agora seher na cadeia depois hospital coitada so desgraca cada capito que vem sera depois
محمد محمد
محمد محمد Prije 2 mjeseci
اكتير حلو
Mine Gunduz
Mine Gunduz Prije 2 mjeseci
Of Yaman bıktım senin anlamamazlıklarından sözde akıllı Zeki adamsın arkandan iki kadın neler çeviriyor farketmiyorsun
yo wen
yo wen Prije 2 mjeseci
man war start now
Ima Harun
Ima Harun Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it a sport..she got shot..he was stab..he took care of her..she took care of him..she reported him for abduction..he framed her for fraud..she regretted ..he regretted..she stayed in his room once ..he did it twice..she help him with his shirt .he help her with her cardigan..she buried alive and he save her..he broke down after ziya lost and she help him..
Serife Egitmenoglu
Serife Egitmenoglu Prije 2 mjeseci
Yaman simdiden dua et Seher ogrendiginde kacacak yerin yok
Scorpio1979 Prije 2 mjeseci
How to watch full episode with English subtitles??
Ima Harun
Ima Harun Prije 2 mjeseci
Never dream about that...🤣🤣🤣most of us learned the hard way to adapt this foreign language ..some may have to be an expert by this situation..falling hard in love with this drama .
game over
game over Prije 2 mjeseci
How he says this.... to selim... ☺️☺️☺️☺️😘😘😘😘😘
Sidra qasim
Sidra qasim Prije 2 mjeseci
I think seher in next episodes will know the truth about yeman;he sent her to jail.seher soon will come out of the jail and take yousaf with her,away from yaman.yaman will try to win her trust ,but this time seher will not forgive him.may be ,yaman will forcibly try to bind seher with marriage just to get her and yousaf together with him again.
Toleen Toly
Toleen Toly Prije 2 mjeseci
It will be so sad to Yaman and hard to believe him again as well.
Ernest Noeid
Ernest Noeid Prije 2 mjeseci
Let me guess, Seher was stabbed by other woman prisoner there. Just like any other series.
Jackeline Catella
Jackeline Catella Prije 2 mjeseci
Obrigada 💞
Amna Hameed
Amna Hameed Prije 2 mjeseci
Now i will watch todays episode.. 🤣🤣🤣
Samina Kamal
Samina Kamal Prije 2 mjeseci
I want yaman to doubt on iqbal,who ever agrees with me give a like
Rosella L
Rosella L Prije 2 mjeseci
Can we have more than 1 at a time and can we have it in English please
Samina Kamal
Samina Kamal Prije 2 mjeseci
When will iabal and zuhal get punished,they are going too far.
Julia Areaiiti
Julia Areaiiti Prije 2 mjeseci
"You need someone you trust by your side", means while she's in jail, so she doesn't end up like that.
Yossra Bou
Yossra Bou Prije 2 mjeseci
Ima Harun
Ima Harun Prije 2 mjeseci
Yamen might admit his mistake in front of everybody and shock them with his sincerity to clear everything up and gain her trust..or to make everybody believe that seher need not have to be involved in that fraud coz she is going to be mrs kirimly🤣🤣🤣
Севиндж Аскерова
Севиндж Аскерова Prije 2 mjeseci
Ama sen ihanet etdin
Nurlan R
Nurlan R Prije 2 mjeseci
Bu böıumu sebirsizliklr beklorum
souzy bicha
souzy bicha Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm so concerned how will you forgive him Saher after all he did with you, it's difficult🤦‍♀️
ilqar Hüseyneliyev
ilqar Hüseyneliyev Prije 2 mjeseci
Cok guzel dizi... InsAllah ,Yemin,,deki gibi sonu olmaz....Reyhanim ciktiktan sonra anca fraqmanlarini izliyorum
Angelyta Sliu
Angelyta Sliu Prije 2 mjeseci
Nothing will happen to her? Selim is right. Hmmm, Mr. Angry lion, it has happened... and a lot of bad things.
Syeda Naymal Gardezi
Syeda Naymal Gardezi Prije 2 mjeseci
Why aren’t they getting married it’s taking very long
Боряна Prije 2 mjeseci
Сериала става все по интересен . Започваме да виждаме промяната в Яман , мисля че Сахер като разбере доста ще поизмъчи Яман,дано той не се откаже от нея и тя от него.За повечето от нас зрителите те са любимата ни двойка🤗🤗🥰🥰
Marziya Alieva
Marziya Alieva Prije 2 mjeseci
Final olmasyn nolur
Marziya Alieva
Marziya Alieva Prije 2 mjeseci
Final olmasyn nolur
Monie Yuliyanova
Monie Yuliyanova Prije 2 mjeseci
*Emanet 777 episode: Seher falls from 77 floor building but is still alive* 🤦🏻‍♀️ God bless you all ❤️
Hasil Xalilov
Hasil Xalilov Prije 2 mjeseci
who love sıla türkoglu
Sara Khoshabeh
Sara Khoshabeh Prije 2 mjeseci
This is another Dailey show,it's not going to end in 50 episodes. Just look at some of American daily shows,they been going for years and years. Just enjoy the series, it has all the elements. What would we watch,if it ends next week???
Leyla Mammadova
Leyla Mammadova Prije 2 mjeseci
Meğer ne çok bıçak darbesi sığdırmışsın vucuduna...
zein ataim
zein ataim Prije 2 mjeseci
Cant wait till time of show
zein ataim
zein ataim Prije 2 mjeseci
What an episode we wait today
Nahid Pebdani
Nahid Pebdani Prije 2 mjeseci
How in the world prisoners could take their glass bottle into a jail when they can not even keep their necklace ? Lol
SimplyNatural Prije 2 mjeseci
Doesn’t make sense I agree
Maricel Dela sierra
Maricel Dela sierra Prije 2 mjeseci
This the time that yaman will protect teyze.
zein ataim
zein ataim Prije 2 mjeseci
My heart melt down what a relationship he is the killer and he is the saver
Zehra Hüseynova
Zehra Hüseynova Prije 2 mjeseci
Yhaaaa❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤İyiki varsınız yaaa Halil❤Sıla
ストヤーノフボイコ Prije 2 mjeseci
Que bom que a pequena cobra reconhece que o tiro sai pela culatra!
LorenaDaumontO Prije 2 mjeseci
The only thing I don't like is that they have 10 seconds being friendly to each other and pummmm the fight starts as soon as Seher finds out that it all happened because of Yaman. I hope Nedim clears it and tells her that he canceled or tried stopping it but someone else took advantage of it. And after that it's going to be 10 episodes of fight again. I hope not!!! She looks adorable when she smiles at him. But he still hasn't called her by her name.
Georgina Guerra
Georgina Guerra Prije 2 mjeseci
Veo y veo este corto estoy encantada c yaman celoso y amoroso gracias por traducir
YSY KIRIMLI. Prije 2 mjeseci
0:30 düz diyosun zuhal böyle devam et ki seher yaman dahada yakınlaşsınlar böyle devamm
Epic name kiko_9_0
Epic name kiko_9_0 Prije 2 mjeseci
sehyam forever
Ladyin Red
Ladyin Red Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh wait where did his hand bandage go 😂
Madzna Yusop
Madzna Yusop Prije 2 mjeseci
Charrrr... It's really means of love , you see what makes power of love? somebody wants them to separate but they are getting more closer...
Martha Waweru
Martha Waweru Prije 2 mjeseci
Finally YAMAN shows love in his face and heart wow bravo yaman seher is also falling in love
Samsung samsung
Samsung samsung Prije 2 mjeseci
Marie Marie
Marie Marie Prije 2 mjeseci
*Não vai acontecer nada com ela pq eu não vou deixar." Falou o homem que acha que a garota tem 7 vidas e já testou algumas delas.😁
Adan Salinas
Adan Salinas Prije 2 mjeseci
Hermosa novela 💘💘💘💘
Candelaria Escalante Ehuan
Candelaria Escalante Ehuan Prije 2 mjeseci
Ya casi va a terminar la serie y las hermanas veneno asta ahora no son descubiertas ni castigadas ya que la cuñada de yaman merese todo lo que sufrió el amor de yaman o sea la tía y x último la metan a la cárcel y divorciada y despreciada eso merese y su hermanita que la saquen de la mansión humillada es lo que meresen las serpientes y yaman que se case y le dé su hermanito al sobrino
Conhecimento Prije 2 mjeseci
Estou apaixonada😘😘😘
Mr.Means Prije 2 mjeseci
essa seher deve estar com a barriga como uma peneira é tiro é vidro acho que n vai poder ter filhos não isso foi armado pelas cobras
İbrahim Halil
İbrahim Halil Prije 2 mjeseci
Selim why you uncle disturb love birds stay out of it they both love each other and live happy life
Nigar Sultana
Nigar Sultana Prije 2 mjeseci
Y r de making a dishonest man of Yaman now 😡😡😡we like Yaman inspite of his darkness wishfulness...voilence ...anger ...but will we like him as a lair ???dishonest person who hides d truth n behaves all lovey dovey???Well not me .... I rather he confesses to Sehar n asks forgiveness then she finding it frm d others ....that’s way we love Yaman (like we alwyas do inspite of all his madness )...it’s then upto sehar who is portrayed as this simple true forgiving person .....n d love story can either start or end b4 starting cz with Nazmiye rest assured there is no guarantee of love even bet married couples 😜remember it took Emir 62 episodes to confess his love to Reyhan n even then de ended badly 😡😡here even aftr 57 episodes there’s not even mutual love yet🙄so for now plz redeem urself Yaman n dnt add one more vice to ur already overburdened negative character .....truth is what will win u ur love n truth is what we expect from you !!!Cz whatevr u r u not a sissy to hide behind a lie ...u not that person !!!!?
Beza Daniel
Beza Daniel Prije 2 mjeseci
Oha oha finally y’all our patients is paying off we are finally seeing a romantic scene... and selim being kicked like he deserves so happy 😁 💃🏾💃🏾
Croire Vi
Croire Vi Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel so bad for the actress who plays Seher. Majority of her scenes are either Crying and being at the end of Yaman's ire! 🤦‍♀️
Maziah Bthassan5636
Maziah Bthassan5636 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yaman tidak sepatnya melibatkan Iqbal dan Zuhal lagi perkara2 yg berkaitan dgn Seher dan Yusof. Yaman kena belajar dan siasat kenapa pihak Sodial servis beri kebenaran sementara kpd Seher untuk menjaga Yusof. The smart man like Yaman must smat all situasion and condition...
Bluey Bird
Bluey Bird Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey guys!!! I request u to wear a mask and maintain social distance according to SOP’s before entering comment section,🤣🤣u know people from several countries come here😪😪it shouldn’t be dangerous due to COVID-19 🤣🤣
Tracy Quick
Tracy Quick Prije 2 mjeseci
This show has lost it charm due to dragging of same situations. It's getting pretty boring.
Qudsia Munir
Qudsia Munir Prije 2 mjeseci
Thank god you give subtitles plz it would be more better if you will give subtitles in every episode plzzzzzz...... it's a humble request .......... plzz do for your non turkish audience......
sonia de jesus
sonia de jesus Prije 2 mjeseci
Que bonitinho ele cuidando dela
Luz Amparo Ardila Soriano
Luz Amparo Ardila Soriano Prije 2 mjeseci
Vamis a ver como va a reaccionar Seher cuando se entere, que el que la hizo detener en la prisión fue Yaman. Ojalá no lo perdone y tampoco le vuelva a hablar y lo desprecie por un buen tiempo.
Sebastiana Velázquez
Sebastiana Velázquez Prije 2 mjeseci
Yo tambien quiero que lo desprecie..este tipo de hombres solo cambian con la indiferencia esque ella lo sigue y lo perdona como si no valorara su vida
Georgina Guerra
Georgina Guerra Prije 2 mjeseci
Finalmente yaman reaccionó con selim ahora si esta celoso ya que selim no la deja a seher y pues ya yamancin la va a cuidar después de todo lo que hizo y terminaron las brujas c el trabajo bueno y rompió el vidrio y ya traía una venda de que le paso antes que no vi ya la zuhal me cayó mal que no las pueden correr e ir a vivir a otra casa
El-frida Rose Butarbutar
El-frida Rose Butarbutar Prije 2 mjeseci
Hope this doctor hot guys so that Yaman burn in jealousy. Malesef, this one is old....not jealous material at all....🤣😂
Cassia Novoletto
Cassia Novoletto Prije 2 mjeseci
Aguardando ansiosa pela legenda em português
Carmen Rojas
Carmen Rojas Prije 2 mjeseci
Estoy muy agradecida por los subtitulo se que es un trabajo duro y que lleva tiempo pero por favor no nos dejen así esta en uno de los mejores momentos de la serie y no entiendo el idioma turco de hecho espero que en algún momento se tomen la iniciativa de traducir los capítulos completos. Gracias de corazón gracias por favor continúen con los sub títulos en español.
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