Strangers Guess Who's Atheist | Lineup | Cut

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Guess Who's an Atheist | Lineup | Cut


David Snyder
David Snyder Prije 3 dana
Religion should be eliminated from society immediately. Religion is the most evil thing that humanity has ever invented.
Zander Putney
Zander Putney Prije 4 dana
here before cody
Barb L
Barb L Prije 6 dana
can someone tell me, what does Mormon mean?
Jaedyn Mendoza
Jaedyn Mendoza Prije 6 dana
i hope people don’t think this is all seventh day adventists- sad he had to go through that but it is most certainly not what the church stands for
Hadassah 1313
Hadassah 1313 Prije 6 dana
Fatuma is one of my favourites. So kind, open, and understanding!
m.s. Prije 7 dana
fatuma is one of my top guessers she is amazing and is so open minded . I LOVE HER PLEASE KEEP BRINGING HER OPINIONS !!!
abc defg
abc defg Prije 9 dana
I'm an athiest but I feel identifying as luciferian is offensive to people who believe in god and the devil. It just seems attention seaking.
C S Hunter
C S Hunter Prije 9 dana
Fawtuma is has cool energy but ‘her gut’ is just a lot of inaccurate assumption/judgement. The minister is young and looks sort of hip but actually, to me, seems really uptight. Insecure, hostile? Not sure. What is the whole idea of this video anywa? To prove that quick judgements are usually wrong? To prove that most people can’t be judged by their exteriors?
Joshuquon Prije 10 dana
Kailah is my dream mom
mhm .l.
mhm .l. Prije 10 dana
i love the second dude sm
Rain_ man
Rain_ man Prije 10 dana
"I'm Jewish". "Fuck yeah ✌🏽✌🏽"
????! Prije 11 dana
The girl who talked about being religious out of fear really sums out how so many people feel when they’re brought up in toxic religious household
The Experiment
The Experiment Prije 13 dana
“It’s probably the dress you’re wearing” 😂
cqxmrvcoy Prije 13 dana
it is largely possible to identify religious people from appearance given a random sampling of people. namely, religious people tend to be better off and have healthier skin and altogether are objectively more beautiful. there are other indicators but beauty is the largest one.
SuperStandard Prije 13 dana
"I'm Fatuma and I'm a stri- student" it almost sounded like she was saying lol
Grymlox Prije 14 dana
Luciferians are the theistic branch, this dude doesn't know shit
Jasmine Surreal
Jasmine Surreal Prije 14 dana
The blonde girl in beige with jeans is beautiful, I was really taken aback how lovely she was, and enlightened with life.
Rozhina Moonchild
Rozhina Moonchild Prije 15 dana
10:29 the struggles we all go through 😂😂😂 growing up in a muslim family
Atheist ex Muslɪm
Atheist ex Muslɪm Prije 15 dana
Why all these people in this vid are so attractive??
Schwinn D.
Schwinn D. Prije 15 dana
I was like why is this guy's first question ALWAYS about masturbation, then he was like "I had to commit to not touching myself" AH it makes sense now
Joy Edwards
Joy Edwards Prije 16 dana
I feel bad for the seventh day Adventist guy because I was raised seventh day and it's honestly the worst
sofiane R
sofiane R Prije 17 dana
Fatuma girl !! we want more Fatuma in videos hahahaha
thesunisup_ Prije 17 dana
3:40 Ok, TMI
Uzair Ahmad
Uzair Ahmad Prije 18 dana
islam isnt merely about calling oneself muslim. If that was it, no point in following islam. Do whatever the f u want.
Kim Prije 18 dana
Fatuma is such a bright, intelligent and open minded person, i really love them.
cjschwieg247 Prije 19 dana
Exmo boy doing some PROJECTING, but like I feel you been there
Kimberly Nunez
Kimberly Nunez Prije 19 dana
omg I grew up seventh day adventist too, and a few years after I left the church I found spirituality. I used to believe that I was never going to heaven and I accepted it because, I choose the “life of sin” but that just goes to show how much of the doctrine was instilled inside me. Life is so much more beautiful without fear and restrictions ❤️
Krizben Prije 20 dana
"what do you think happens when we die?" "i hope we just die." yeah same.
FRC Prije 21 dan
greetings from taiwan
Paul Milde
Paul Milde Prije 21 dan
First of all, I don't think it's good that there is some kind of compulsion in religions. Furthermore, I think the thought of idolizing something powerful is stupid. In addition, I am of the opinion that people interpret their wishes and the things that they cannot be into an invented being. And just from the fact that there are so many religions, you can already see that something like a god is a being created by humans. Also, religions make and have caused many wars, which is another reason I am not a believer.
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli Prije 21 dan
John 3:16-21!!!
Eileen85 Prije 22 dana
I love the woman trying to hit her highest note 🤣🤣🤣
RextheRebel Prije 23 dana
Ok, so I'm a little confused. Luciferian satanists worship the devil and LaVeyan satanists are the atheists. So why does he call himself the former? But what is really confusing was that guy with the mustache talking about foreskin. Dude, I'm atheist as hell but you need Jesus, bro.
Fredie Friday
Fredie Friday Prije 24 dana
Give me your highest note :aaaaaaaaaaaa😩
Serena M.
Serena M. Prije 25 dana
Fatuma says and does all the right things^-^
Will Wallace
Will Wallace Prije 25 dana
Christians aren’t homophobic
Will Wallace
Will Wallace Prije 24 dana
@Helmi yes, I am Christian and do not support LGBTQ+, however that doesn’t mean I think lesser of them, because we are all sinners. I wish some of Christians would actually pay attention to what matters and not focus on rules.
Helmi Prije 24 dana
Not all of them (thankfully) but the church does say that homosexuality is "wrong" and fsr some Christians just can’t grow tf up and insult gays.
Dāwîḏ Yosef and Eden Menastrees
Dāwîḏ Yosef and Eden Menastrees Prije 25 dana The Truth of the matter
Farah Prije 25 dana
juan18x Prije 25 dana
“If you’re not gonna deliver...”
Katie Prije 25 dana
3:45 what do you hope happens after we die? *I hope we just die*
Johanna Bonana
Johanna Bonana Prije 26 dana
The girl asking what they think happens after they die was way too much of a giveaway question
rez Prije 26 dana
fatuma if you’re seeing this you’re a genius and i fcking love you!!
Javeria Khan
Javeria Khan Prije 26 dana
fatuma looks like the goddess of son and moon
bridge_this Prije 27 dana
Rose Toronto
Rose Toronto Prije 27 dana
Us Muslim women sooo smart you guys 🌸🌸🌹🌹🌹
Leo Prije 27 dana
9:13 : I'm Christian. Proceeds to say she doesn't believe in any Christian values...
William Riveley
William Riveley Prije 27 dana
We are all born as atheist until someone starts telling us lies.
William Riveley
William Riveley Prije 17 dana
@Kira • which god(s) are you referring to? Thor? Ra? Seth?
Helmi Prije 17 dana
@Kira • and why are we weird? For not living our life based on a 2000 year old book?
Helmi Prije 17 dana
@Kira • evidence? Lol
Kira •
Kira • Prije 17 dana
Y'all are weird.
Kira •
Kira • Prije 17 dana
Gods are real.
Seras Prije 27 dana
0:47 Turn it off like a light switch, just go flick, it's our nifty little Mormon trick
Nur Aisyah
Nur Aisyah Prije 28 dana
Fatuma used to wearing hijab right?? Just asking
not so helpful person
not so helpful person Prije 28 dana
Fatuma I fell on her already
Johnpaul Hutton
Johnpaul Hutton Prije 28 dana
she sounds like yachty, but like, wamen
Ella Nolan
Ella Nolan Prije 28 dana
The scandalous paper expectedly pass because treatment sporadically stay for a questionable expert. sharp, rare era
Alexandra Simon
Alexandra Simon Prije 28 dana
Fatuma is great
K I N G Prije 29 dana
3:00 dude looked way past the fact that he’s selfish. He became atheist at the age of 8 because God didn’t do what he wanted.. now he only prays when he’s in pain even though he’s an atheist. Selfish
K I N G Prije 27 dana
@cameran mayfield
K I N G Prije 27 dana
Only praying when U are in pain means I don’t need to believe 24/7 just when I need something. I went ahead && answered anyway just to be clear.
K I N G Prije 27 dana
8 year olds are selfish (in their own rite)
K I N G Prije 27 dana
Before I reply.. are U referring to my comment ? Just to be clear. He was 8 years old when he decided a higher power could not possibly exist. Not because of anything other than him not getting what he wanted (Amanda Baynes)
Aa Prije 29 dana
i have such a massive crush on Fatuma
baekhyunee is nation's uwu
baekhyunee is nation's uwu Prije mjesec
The first atheist person is just a vibe lmao
dab or die trying
dab or die trying Prije mjesec
love that the church of satan gets some representation in this video. its not often we see that
GoodPup Axel
GoodPup Axel Prije 29 dana
That's why I just had to get on this video ^.^
Brandon Hazel
Brandon Hazel Prije mjesec
Aesthetic Garbage
Aesthetic Garbage Prije mjesec
8:50 omg look at the subtitles lmaoo
Mahrufur Rahman
Mahrufur Rahman Prije mjesec
Atheism Is Evil.
Helmi Prije 24 dana
No. Religion is evil. Has atheism ever caused wars? Yeah delete the comment
Charlyn Baseka
Charlyn Baseka Prije 29 dana
Vivian Fitzgerald
Vivian Fitzgerald Prije mjesec
Wait is her name Fatma or Fatuma cause my name is Fatma but my nickname is Fatuma and I’m confused
alicia was here.
alicia was here. Prije mjesec
"I accidentally stepped on a worm and I cried" ME I accidentally crushed a stinkbug and I felt horrible for two weeks straight
alicia was here.
alicia was here. Prije mjesec
"I have no further questions"
Taylor Jordan
Taylor Jordan Prije mjesec
8:10 I grew up seventh day Adventist too & identify as more spiritual than religious..
Yahney-Marie Prije mjesec
i really liked everyone in this video
ttraphouse420 Prije mjesec
did anyone else watch The Amanda Show when they were little? it was my favorite show , that & Are You Afraid of the Dark
Resolve Rub
Resolve Rub Prije mjesec
The bashful carp oddly fry because mexican startlingly replace but a bite-sized bra. healthy, clear stranger
Definitely Not
Definitely Not Prije mjesec
'What happens after we die?' 'Nothing.' 'Hmmm... my gut says atheist or non-religious.' This is Sherlock Holmes levels of deduction.
JustAnAmericanKid 7272
JustAnAmericanKid 7272 Prije mjesec
This feels kinda anti-religious, I could be wrong idk it just comes off that way.
Joline Lima
Joline Lima Prije mjesec
Blair 🏳️‍⚧️
Blair 🏳️‍⚧️ Prije mjesec
Fatuma is so freaking gorgeous! Holy-
pq az
pq az Prije mjesec
06:36 she is NON JEWISH. She has Jewish origins. She herself NOT considered but a Zera Yisrael.
pq az
pq az Prije mjesec
00:40 this person has brighter skin than the background
Kirsten Traut
Kirsten Traut Prije mjesec
Bi Iuu
Nightmare Prije mjesec
Fatauma isn’t religious if she was she would wear hijjab
Nightmare Prije 24 dana
@Helmi I meant that maybe she was the atheist bruh
Helmi Prije 24 dana
@Nightmare please. I am no Muslim but man it’s their Choice. Your weird god won’t hate her just because she doesn’t wear that dumb head thingy. We live in 2021 a lot of Christians aren’t homophobic too even tho the bible says homosexuality is wrong
Nightmare Prije 29 dana
@Charlyn Baseka I know but if she’s religious she should wear a hijab and if she’s not religious she wouldn’t wear the hijab and not wearing a hijab is haram but ppl still respect the choice but just saying I AM MUSLIM so if ur not Muslim don’t pretend you are
Charlyn Baseka
Charlyn Baseka Prije 29 dana
No, it her choice
Tesla Explained
Tesla Explained Prije mjesec
Person asking questions: What happens after death 💀. Person answering: nothing. Person asking yep I think she’s an atheist 😂🤦‍♂️
K Prije mjesec
fatuma’s voice is just 🤌
H Patel
H Patel Prije mjesec
No people from Eastern religions? Really?
Axel Kunyu
Axel Kunyu Prije mjesec
Kenyan girl Fatuma back again
Bexx Chin
Bexx Chin Prije mjesec
One time at the dinner table my little bro said "I'm not a Christian anymore, I worship the Norse Gods."
Lyric Newton
Lyric Newton Prije mjesec
Hold The Fuck On 😭😭 “I Have An Addiction To Foreskin, I Just Wanna Pull It Over My Head.” ?????
Amber Skye
Amber Skye Prije mjesec
This is a Fatuma stan account
MichaelSnipes800 Prije mjesec
Religion is fake tho I can’t believe people still do that
Helmi Prije 17 dana
@Kira • no no nothing wrong with that I just think it’s weird how you said that it’s weird that we don’t believe in a god
Kira •
Kira • Prije 17 dana
I'm spiritual.Anything wrong with that?
Helmi Prije 24 dana
Me neither. But I guess we gotta except everyone’s believes
Chloe Peterson
Chloe Peterson Prije mjesec
I am LDS and feel so bad for the guy on here whose parents told him he had to marry a woman. I am a huge supporter of queer rights all though I am not part of the community. There are a lot of members who also agree with me, and I know it’s tough to be gay and religious so I respect his freedom to do what he wants. You do you boo-I wish your parents loved you regardless
Hoor Prije mjesec
i need the @ of the guy in the purple sweater and the overalls PLEASEEEEEE!!! 7:15
yerry derek
yerry derek Prije mjesec
Fatuma is so iconic 😍
Alexa Prije mjesec
"i accidentally stepped on a worm and cried" big cancer energy i love him so much lol
Mr Random Guy
Mr Random Guy Prije mjesec
Some of the comments here are so edgy. Feels a bit like r/atheism
Helmi Prije 24 dana
Idk. Last time I was on r/atheism it was full of kids getting disowned by their parents for being atheist and shit. Some really sad and serious stuff
Ryohiko Akiyoshi
Ryohiko Akiyoshi Prije mjesec
So what do you do in a (satanic church) when you sin (as a satanist) Do you repent or do you get a high five or how does that work, and whats considerd sinning)
Margherita Jackson
Margherita Jackson Prije mjesec
Fatuma is always on point, I love her
a sAck of pAtAtOes
a sAck of pAtAtOes Prije mjesec
I’m not saying this in a rude way buy it surprised me that the hUman didn’t know that some Muslim females don’t wear hijab.
kat turner
kat turner Prije mjesec
9y2bgy Prije mjesec
What's the difference between atheism and secularism?
9y2bgy Prije 24 dana
@Helmi Seems to me that atheists are much more entrenched in their belief than secularists. I thought I was an atheist, but I think I'm a secularist. I personally don't have any strong feeling toward theism one was or the other despite my personal feelings. I do however strongly believe that it has no place in political and social arenas in society.
Helmi Prije 24 dana
Atheists are against religion and don’t believe in any god. Secularists can believe in a god but say that we shouldn’t live our life based on religion so no praying and stuff. That’s what I know of secularism. If any one here knows more about secularism pls correct
Rants And Faves
Rants And Faves Prije mjesec
Yey! Fatuma. I stan
Eliza Totty
Eliza Totty Prije mjesec
"Ahhh no but thankyou....."
Luke Jashnak
Luke Jashnak Prije mjesec
Jesus loves you
Linzie Lee
Linzie Lee Prije mjesec
I just hope I’ll be with my family and my animals when we die that’s all I want
Danielle Sheppard
Danielle Sheppard Prije mjesec
I’m Agnostic I had one Facebook friend figure that out for me LOL
Big Stank
Big Stank Prije mjesec
Godbless all these lovely folks
Katie G
Katie G Prije mjesec
Jesus loves you and died on the cross for you✝️✝️❤️🥰He has a plan for you!
Helmi Prije 24 dana
No. Your believe states that I will go to hell
vanna kinder
vanna kinder Prije mjesec
The last girl I was going to guess that because the way she gives answers very similar to how I would.
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