Dracula Factory | SCP-2191 (SCP Animation)

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SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation

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SCP-2191 is a temple complex located within the dense Hoia Forest of Romania. Inside houses the dangerous vampirics beings controlled via larvae by a large supernatural being called The Mother. The Mother is one with the earth, and causes huge earthquakes throughout the Balkan Peninsula; that is, unless it's given a sacrifice...

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Original Authors:
►"Dracula Factory" based upon “SCP-2191” written by Metaphysician
Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0

2bit Prije 10 sati
Me who lives in macedonia OOP
Panzer Ausf Productions
Panzer Ausf Productions Prije 23 sati
Lawrence: the man who will hopefully never die and is extremely badass
Wolvezz Alpha
Wolvezz Alpha Prije dan
1:52 ok we need to know that story.
Alex Schwieger
Alex Schwieger Prije 2 dana
Wonder if agent Lowrance is secretly Doom guy
cora rose
cora rose Prije 2 dana
did anyone watch the Black Shuck video before this and just think YOOOOO
Oh Hey its Gabe
Oh Hey its Gabe Prije 3 dana
Idk about you guys but I am.. ATTRACTED. To Lawrence
Brice Cass
Brice Cass Prije 3 dana
ever since the 106 event Lawrence make me clinch my fist and go survive this shit bro
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz Prije 3 dana
My man agent green is getting some... My man
facalet ciprian
facalet ciprian Prije 4 dana
I'm From Romania But Far Away From That Forest So I'm Safe :D
Cheddar Bob
Cheddar Bob Prije 4 dana
Can you make a legit show from this please?? I would watch it every single day lol
MrSeanfish Prije 5 dana
I am now watching this for the characters, not the SCPs. This is really good
Tcheco Lee
Tcheco Lee Prije 5 dana
That female doctor looks like Alexia from RE code veronica.
Darkblade Prije 5 dana
Dr.Buck got my hots
lux6991 Prije 6 dana
"and causes earthquakes through the balkan peninsula" holy shit there was an earthquake in croatia 2 or 3 weeks ago
lewis jensen
lewis jensen Prije 6 dana
wow actual animation at the beginning i thought it was all just still images sliding from one place to another
natalia arias
natalia arias Prije 6 dana
I have to write that down
natalia arias
natalia arias Prije 6 dana
What lord
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger Prije 6 dana
5:00 6:00 7:20 9:00
Benjamin Forni
Benjamin Forni Prije 7 dana
5:35 para los argentinos: nooooooo dr buck feminista de panuelo verde, se me cae un ídolo
Tanmi Joshi
Tanmi Joshi Prije 7 dana
Soooooo uuuuh........when should I expect to see/read the Agent Green x Dr. Buck fanfiction?
Front Line Tomcat
Front Line Tomcat Prije 7 dana
D. Negrescu - Negru=Black and Negrescu is based on Negru so it is Mrs. Black Hoia Baciu Forest - Haunted forest in Romania Vampires - Mythical creatures asimilated with Romani Boss, this is quite something, ain't it?
A E S T H E T I C S Prije 7 dana
Well time to call the GOC
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson Prije 8 dana
How bout you take a good editor
Conspire The Storyteller
Conspire The Storyteller Prije 8 dana
Oh shit its mufuckin LAWRENCE!!!
Bruh dude
Bruh dude Prije 8 dana
6:53 what happend to Dalmatina??????!!!!
Dez Chase
Dez Chase Prije 9 dana
“No I don’t!🥺” 🤣🤣🤣
DARKXASHITH prohacked Prije 9 dana
b Prije 10 dana
All I can think about is the map of Bosnia with a coastline
Nora Bellerose
Nora Bellerose Prije 11 dana
Dr bakk is so f****** attractive!!
Edmond Green
Edmond Green Prije 11 dana
She loves me
horror demon fan
horror demon fan Prije 11 dana
is the hentai bats
Riggy1991 Prije 11 dana
1:48 is it just me or did she sound disappointed when she said that? like she would have preferred that the agents died
Arstotzkan Plague Doctor
Arstotzkan Plague Doctor Prije 12 dana
`ˆ `
Jenson Taunton
Jenson Taunton Prije 12 dana
or one of the scarlet kings wives.
Nigga Lord Ozai
Nigga Lord Ozai Prije 12 dana
Buck is such a bitch....and I fucking love it.
Mr. Seal
Mr. Seal Prije 13 dana
Dr. Buck is so terrible
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Prije 13 dana
Damn Buck must be married to Mr Freeze, because she's stone cold.
SealableMite61 Prije 13 dana
Smug buck is scariest buck
Crab Master
Crab Master Prije 13 dana
alutard Prije 13 dana
Why does docter cub never smile Petition. For smile reveal XD
Anchy The Cat
Anchy The Cat Prije 13 dana
Actually... recently in Croatia, one of the Balkan countries close to perimetar of earhquakes shown in video, had quite a few earthquakes all over country. They started in March of last year and there were quite a few strong ones during end of the last year and of beginning of this one. Makes u think...
The Noob
The Noob Prije 13 dana
knew it had to be romania for "dracu's" sake
【ᴄʜᴀᴏᴛɪᴄ】 Prije 14 dana
Agent Green and Dr. Buck?... *I knew it.*
My cat is named Melon
My cat is named Melon Prije 14 dana
Agent green took one for the team
Ioerca YT
Ioerca YT Prije 14 dana
Alucard will single handedly kill all the vampire
pr0si0nalizm Prije 15 dana
In all of this video I only see one mistake. Independent Kosovo
Shadow_ Legend?7
Shadow_ Legend?7 Prije 15 dana
Me: *see’s agent green* Also me: HE’S BEEN BIT! I REPEAT HE HAS BEEN BIT!
Daniil Prije 15 dana
The white knight moment tho... oof
Jotaro Kujo gun
Jotaro Kujo gun Prije 17 dana
I'm kinda getting stranger things vibes from this tbh
Charmaine Harangee
Charmaine Harangee Prije 17 dana
Please can you make a video of scp166 vs scp239
Sara Liker
Sara Liker Prije 17 dana
Dr.buck is worse then all of the SCPS at once
Ph4nt0m Nova
Ph4nt0m Nova Prije 17 dana
3:30 they are talking about the Romanian forest Hoia Baciu ,it said it's the most haunted forest in the world
Bird House Watch
Bird House Watch Prije 17 dana
I'm really getting invested in these characters! Keep up the good work, don't forget to take your time and stay safe too
That guy named GABESTYFY
That guy named GABESTYFY Prije 17 dana
Me: Haha that’s so funny a agent has a crush on doc Buck who is the unfortunate soul It’s agent Agents green Me: shit noo agent green
Roderick Pixler
Roderick Pixler Prije 18 dana
Poor dr moore... Poor dr moore.
Sydney Joselyn
Sydney Joselyn Prije 18 dana
Buck. What are you doing. Put that smile away.
lazy Montenegrin
lazy Montenegrin Prije 18 dana
Edward Turner
Edward Turner Prije 18 dana
I swear these videos just keep getting better and better!!!
Andere Noor
Andere Noor Prije 19 dana
Where is Geralt of rivia when you need him
Ștefan Mateescu
Ștefan Mateescu Prije 21 dan
Me, a Romanian: Wait, those aren't normal?
Kepsutti Gepe
Kepsutti Gepe Prije 21 dan
Dr.buck is really attractive and wise
Pavka Petrov
Pavka Petrov Prije 22 dana
By M*******a you mean Bulgaria
mrzeloswilder Prije 23 dana
this didn't really tell a whole lot about the anomoly in this one and dagum it I can't spell right tonight!
KallatassHusky Prije 23 dana
I love that this went from being like, semi-isolated stories just about the Anomolies, to a full story about those of the foundation talking about them.
Mr Storch
Mr Storch Prije 23 dana
5:18 that smug expression.
TOTORO-playz Prije 25 dana
8:57 cant blame him even if she is only animated, she is rather pretty....
Eduardo Barros
Eduardo Barros Prije 25 dana
The thing extends for almost a million kilometers and he still doesnt think it causes earthquakes...
Tupac Shakur fan
Tupac Shakur fan Prije 25 dana
I live in the heart of transylvania in the city where the dracula castle is (bran castle) . I love this
Anxiety Mochi
Anxiety Mochi Prije 25 dana
The fact i live in romania iss .. uhm nice
annie Anna
annie Anna Prije 26 dana
I swear that lady is cruel to all her employees
Lauren Goff
Lauren Goff Prije 27 dana
I love these characters. Dr. Buck is my favorite. But Lawrence is amazing too.
Noble_ Crusader
Noble_ Crusader Prije 28 dana
Is no one pointing out how ironic it is to take blood from a lamprey
maggoli67 Prije 28 dana
"Men baaaaad! men baaaaad!!"
SPRING TRAP Prije 28 dana
Bruh when he said the agent dosent want her to visit him cuz he has a crush and she said like she dont give a damn REALY? I laughed my ass off haah
Elfo Prije 28 dana
Dude this characters are better and more complex than the ones in most dramas and movies this days.
apv9236 Prije 28 dana
The genre went from horror to romance way to quick
Nikola Max
Nikola Max Prije 28 dana
NO! The map of the Balkan you used is fake and a discusting insult to more than 7 million Serbian people in Serbia, more than 2 million in the region and more than 3 million world wide. I love your videos, Im the guy who is subscribed, hit the notification icon and likes every single video i watch, and i try to watch them all. There is no better way to insult me and more than 10 million Serbs worldwide than getting political and using wrong maps!
JackRival Gaming
JackRival Gaming Prije 28 dana
This animation looks like in the movie "Priest" (vampire slayers)
BoniBon 666
BoniBon 666 Prije 29 dana
Hold up that thing might be located in my country 🇦🇱🇽🇰
SimplyBobaTea Prije mjesec
lawrence looks like he has byakugan eyes TF
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf Prije mjesec
6:05 you have the eyes of a a damsel in distressed no i dont >:(
Mr. P
Mr. P Prije mjesec
“I have to hear that story!” “No, you don’t.” “Awww...”
Reaper Prije mjesec
Anybody else get Castle vibes from this? I'm referring to the work of Oscar Johansson.
MyCatIsWeird S
MyCatIsWeird S Prije mjesec
I always love it when Romania gets a mention in any media
youneyouneyou Games
youneyouneyou Games Prije mjesec
vampire tycoon
Ben Greeley
Ben Greeley Prije mjesec
This feels like the show Torchwood
TheYeetShiba Prije mjesec
That’s more like a xenomorph goblin
Jack the alpaca
Jack the alpaca Prije mjesec
She’s starting to lighting up
Bo 2da Janglez
Bo 2da Janglez Prije mjesec
Haile Sankara
Haile Sankara Prije mjesec
Dr.Buck got this voice , I just can’t explain but she sounds hella attractive . I could be wrong but as a blind guy I wouldn’t complain
Moundew baby
Moundew baby Prije mjesec
The plot twist just got me
Emmy Fordyce
Emmy Fordyce Prije mjesec
Dr Moore: no I don’t 😞
Ezra Didier-Sober
Ezra Didier-Sober Prije mjesec
the mother is Lilith
Ajourus Prije mjesec
That fucking i told you so smirk
MarkPlayz-Gaming Prije mjesec
Not agent green
Whippetha creem
Whippetha creem Prije mjesec
Those look a LOAD like the vampires from Priest!!!
Rickie Brumaire
Rickie Brumaire Prije mjesec
is this the first time dr buck smiled its weird seeing that heartless demonic soul smile
Ryan Vander
Ryan Vander Prije mjesec
Having the same name as Lawrence, you can imagine my intimidation when Dr. Buck addresses my name so sternly
Gilberto Tabares
Gilberto Tabares Prije mjesec
Damn. I really need to watch these in order. I just spoiled this romantic subplot for myself.
Of course it’s in the balkans, why is it always the balkans.....
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