How Apex Legends "Fight Night" Connects The Entire Story & Reveals Pathfinder's Purpose - Apex Lore

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The Gaming Merchant

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How Apex Legends "Fight Night" Connects The Entire Story & Reveals Pathfinder's Purpose. The Gaming Merchant explains the Apex Stories From The Outlands lore and ties it together to the Apex and Titanfall story with one theory. This theory includes Caustic, Crypto, Blisk, Q.W, Horizon, Ash, Amelie P. and Pathfinder.
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Intro 0:00
Meet Q.W 2:39
Pathfinder's Creators 4:33
Pathfinder's Purpose 7:04
The Memory Logs 7:36
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The Gaming Merchant
The Gaming Merchant Prije 2 mjeseci
HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a crazy year we've had, but it's behind us now and we can look forward to happiness! Wishing you all great health, good luck and happiness!
Hummaz Hughes
Hummaz Hughes Prije 13 dana
What could it be caustic's mum as the baby
bruh '
bruh ' Prije mjesec
9:46 While I can't say for certain if Blisk was or wasn't born in the Core Worlds, I can say that he didn't grow up there. He actual grew up in ghettos, and backwater slums. Imagine places like Smuggler's Cove and Backwater from Titanfall 1. Edit; I also don't really know where you're getting the whole "Frontier is on the edges of space" idea, but yeah, dunno about that one either chief lmao
minghee Prije mjesec
Could the baby be Detective Victor?
Doktor Dent
Doktor Dent Prije mjesec
Pathy's Energy source is Branthium maybe or It is hidden in his body
Misery Prije mjesec
Pathfinder defusing bomb, could be teaser for the legend fuse
Oliver Lueck
Oliver Lueck Prije 2 sati
The baby Fuse ?
Adrien Taylor
Adrien Taylor Prije 9 sati
technically, pathfinder already went to a different dimension in the season 5 quest
Tre Browning
Tre Browning Prije dan
That was definitely rampage Jackson at :30
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades Prije dan
Looking back at this... is the baby FUSE!!???
Fish King
Fish King Prije dan
It’s hard to listen to you talk
The Raven
The Raven Prije dan
It could be fuse I don’t know his age but it’s possible
Jacob M
Jacob M Prije dan
Fuse was the baby! He says something like going five decades strong
triadwarfare Prije 2 dana
Read the loading screen? Unfortunately, I don't have any. I'm on SSD
Dumb Gaming Films
Dumb Gaming Films Prije 2 dana
The baby, It could possibly be fuse but I doubt it
Jim Prije 2 dana
The new legend Fuse is in his 50’s
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Prije 2 dana
It could be fuse
Pojy05 Prije 3 dana
Could the baby be fuse
Natalie Antwan
Natalie Antwan Prije 3 dana
the baby had to have been a tease for fuse his age matches up he is 54
FlameFlamedramon VA
FlameFlamedramon VA Prije 3 dana
Creacjhrad idea: Pathfinder was made from Spyglass
Jesus Cervantes
Jesus Cervantes Prije 3 dana
I think the sydincate is actually a pro outland/independence movement. They use extreme measures to make they stay independent from the core world because just like in TF1 and TF2 the core worlds have a ongoing energy crisis. The event during and after TF1 TF2 makes it seems that the IMC/Core world have no contact at since the battle at gridiron. I believe that the sydincate has been try to make sure no free energy source surface because if they do the IMC/core worlds will catch on and attempt a hostile takeover once again. Blisk and Co are trying to prevent another war
UN9 Prije 3 dana
Pilot twist the baby is the detective
the Batman
the Batman Prije 3 dana
Should be a tv series
grizz thehunter
grizz thehunter Prije 3 dana
to be completely honest im starting to feel that if there is a main character its most likely pathfinder
Marilyn Rodriguez-Rubi
Marilyn Rodriguez-Rubi Prije 4 dana
Yes it’s true but in the the start did you see cheverx inc and Silva pharmaceuticals and that’s where lifeline and octane’s parents have there own company and their by eachother
Daniel Spellman
Daniel Spellman Prije 4 dana
2:10 OML i thought my headphones disconnected
imOctane15 Prije 4 dana
i love pathy hes so cute
Yvoeresma Resma
Yvoeresma Resma Prije 5 dana
I thought horizon was the mother of caustic. Hmmh confusing
ManiaMuffin Prije 5 dana
maybe the zipline originates from one of his oddjobs. he was a window washer, what if he did high rises and needed te grappling hook and zipline to move?
MiniMonkey76 Prije 5 dana
Why is maxis in the thumbnail
NtG_SLaYS Prije 6 dana
The baby in the memory logs is most likely fuse seeing as how fuse is the oldest legend to join the games, being in his 50’s. Which would add up in the amount of time since the memory was taken.
Cotorrita MK2
Cotorrita MK2 Prije 6 dana
Big brain
Wet towel
Wet towel Prije 6 dana
tha baby is fuse
Christian Prasetyo Thio
Christian Prasetyo Thio Prije 7 dana
Yep , Wattson's Grandmother is Amelie Paquette
Alexandro Calderon
Alexandro Calderon Prije 7 dana
The baby could be future wraith? I remember watching wraith trailer future wraith saving past wraith I really don’t know how old she is in game so this is all a big guess
Bruh Monkey
Bruh Monkey Prije 7 dana
If anyone sees this comment the baby could be fuse, he's 54
Ruben Lam
Ruben Lam Prije 7 dana
On one hand: This lore is getting juicy On another hand: how tf is he landing hip fire shots and downing people with the volt while so high/far midair
T0O Salty
T0O Salty Prije 8 dana
If the baby would be 50 now would it be fuse??
Michael Ortolano
Michael Ortolano Prije 8 dana
I want victor to be a legend
Projekt :O
Projekt :O Prije 8 dana
Wait caustic and crypto and technically brothers?!
DatBoiPercy Prije 8 dana
In the video you say that you don't know how pathy got his grapple hook. I think he just likes it since it did save his friends life when on that ship
Hunter Martin
Hunter Martin Prije 10 dana
Who else thinks the baby is fuse
GamerBlooder08_ Prije 10 dana
me cause fuse is 54
Darth Fluffy
Darth Fluffy Prije 10 dana
I think the baby is fuse
GamerBlooder08_ Prije 10 dana
true he's 54
Jason Berger
Jason Berger Prije 11 dana
I'm here now infusions came out fuse is 54 so that baby could be fuse
skylog566 99feet
skylog566 99feet Prije 11 dana
The baby could be fuse
B Ward
B Ward Prije 11 dana
baby blisk
izzy_4_Fun Prije 12 dana
Is the baby fuse age matches up
Brodius Prije 12 dana
about the statement at 10:08 it just so happens Fuse is 54 ;)
S T A N Prije 12 dana
Could the baby be Fuse?
not Ur average rubbish bin
not Ur average rubbish bin Prije 13 dana
I think that pathfinders creator is related to wattson because her last name begins with a p the same as wattson and she is french the same as wattson
ItsFoxiez Prije 13 dana
The baby might of been Fuse
Magicmaster73 Prije 13 dana
Remember how at the end pathfinder got turned on by a drop of water. This makes me think that he was protecting the power source inside him for Olympus and all you needed was water to make it work
Banana Man
Banana Man Prije 13 dana
I don’t really follow the lore but is the baby fuse?
- Forsaken -
- Forsaken - Prije 14 dana
10:57 because he got a grapple in the fight night cinematic
Blue Prije 14 dana
Is the baby Fuse? 🤔
G7Recon Prije 15 dana
I feel like the baby is Watson’s mother
David Rex
David Rex Prije 16 dana
fuse he is 54
Darnell Brantley
Darnell Brantley Prije 17 dana
Maybe it's the doctors son but he died. Path is probably a simalacrim
Loydred Prije 17 dana
So the baby could be fuse? And when pathfinder is defusing the bomb he was on salvo?
Guillermo Millan
Guillermo Millan Prije 17 dana
8:34 so that was a Fuse tease, right?
stinky stinky
stinky stinky Prije 18 dana
Pretty sure that pathfinder gets his grappling hook ability after he takes a grappling hook from one of the killer robots in his cinematic.
SkWoOds _2
SkWoOds _2 Prije 18 dana
Might be the Rita fall 2 protag
NavyBlue boi
NavyBlue boi Prije 18 dana
In 8:06 is an Easter egg of Titan fall 2. At the end of Titan fall 2. The planet was blown because Cooper [ the titan fall 2 protagonist] activated a black hole which in time blew up when cooper escape
Dekotop Gaming
Dekotop Gaming Prije 19 dana
The grappling gun is probably from his job as a window washer
Nujabro Prije 19 dana
Denver P
Denver P Prije 20 dana
prxncesscain Prije 20 dana
is the baby Fuse?
Taylor Nigg
Taylor Nigg Prije 20 dana
The baby might be fused because fuse is about 50
Erik Rosengren
Erik Rosengren Prije 20 dana
The baby might be jack cooper
Mr Dreads
Mr Dreads Prije 20 dana
Pathfinders creator is watsson's mom
Jihi Prije 21 dan
baby fuse
Domino's Prije 21 dan
The baby could be fuse? He’s 54, but idk
Mikey B
Mikey B Prije 21 dan
The baby is fuze
Tommy C
Tommy C Prije 22 dana
BRUH Fuse is 50 in Apex so the baby is defo him 10:12
Oscar Dawson
Oscar Dawson Prije 22 dana
Lmao I just realised fuze could've been the child since he's 51
白狐 Prije 22 dana
"They'd have to be 50" cue Fuse
AliX !!!
AliX !!! Prije 24 dana
Im waiting for the octane trailer
LegoCityFilms Prije 24 dana
Wait, what if the baby is Fuse? Fuse is quite old and looks around 50, that's my theory.
Angel Von
Angel Von Prije 24 dana
Man I would love wattsons backstory
MOE JoJoJo Prije 25 dana
Still can't believe this game is for free..
ソーダ市SodaCity Prije 26 dana
apex legends trying to keep plot holes so they can fill it up later TGM: Nah we don't do that here
アキラ Prije 27 dana
What if the baby is Wattson´s Father?
ecoliyoudie :D
ecoliyoudie :D Prije 27 dana
what if the baby is wattsons mom or dad not wattson herself? since wattsons grandma most probably created pathfinder it would make sense he would take care of her daughter/son.
Truefan92 Prije 28 dana
Fuse is in his 50s
Skye Zone
Skye Zone Prije 28 dana
Tbh crypto or mirage would make very good main characters
Armando Baeza
Armando Baeza Prije 29 dana
My bad I guess I dont fully understand. Does Pathfinder die in the fight night trailer? Is that trailer set way after the Apex games or is it before? I find the apex lore pretty cool, just am a little slow and dont fully understand
DogeTheDoggo Prije 17 dana
Kinda, but he is rebooted at the very end of the cinematic when a water droplet goes into his bullet hole. I assume this is before the apex games because he is still working jobs.
nightmare cartoonz clan
nightmare cartoonz clan Prije mjesec
The baby looked like ash
Derpy Prije mjesec
9:12 could the baby be the new legend fuse with him being age 54?
That1guy Prije mjesec
The baby could be Jack Cooper
JDskillz Prije mjesec
The bomb lowkey might tie up to the new apex character Fuze
zbricks Prije mjesec
im pretty sure the two guys who show up with qw were lobas dads guys but younger
DOM ? Prije mjesec
So we not gonna talk about ash that’s on these advertisements in the backround or a new legend
videos de la u cheveres :D
videos de la u cheveres :D Prije mjesec
I think path got a mineral in his power supply that keeps him functioning. That mineral might be branthium and that is the cause why the syndicate wants path. well just a speculation
Lord of Dumb
Lord of Dumb Prije mjesec
How do we know that woman is ash? I could have easily missed something in the video
MoosterChief Prije mjesec
The bomb could just be a counter strike reference
Alexander Shaitanoff
Alexander Shaitanoff Prije mjesec
Ok, so judgjung by what everyone is saying in the comments, this is the most popular theory. Pathfinder's power source is the branthium thing, so that's why he never needs to recharge, and that's why he was able to go through portals in the Halloween event, ending up in Revenant's world. This fits with the theory that the sindicate and QW wanted to control the rift, but they couldn;t because 1, they neede branthium, which they might've, might've not got, (as Jack Cooper killed ash, or really any other thing could happen) 2. if they did get the branthium, then they messed up, and research was abandoned. So now they need Path because he is one of the last resources of branthium, to give it their first or second shot, depending if ash succeeded or not And also, the person who bult him is probably Horizon's mother, or older friend, because she had branthium to build path, and Horizon thought it was a totally new discovery, while the train of thought is similar
Bigboylarge !
Bigboylarge ! Prije mjesec
Pathfinder was probably able to attach the grapple gun he stole off of QW’s soldiers, this is how he has his grapple gun
CigPhigs Prije mjesec
You think the baby is Fuse?
yung virg
yung virg Prije mjesec
Bro I watched dis vid 3 times still don't know jackshizz
William Craine
William Craine Prije mjesec
The theory behind Pathfinder's purpose makes too much sense because he was the only one that was phased to the alternate dimension with the fight or fright event!
Bubblse Prije mjesec
Bruh pathfinder have the grapple thing because he took the grapple from the other ship entering them and it made him fun so he took it and builded it in
starryshark Prije mjesec
Omg just watching the intro scene and my heart already can't take Pathfinders being adorable! I don't know what this move is called, when he hops a little bit and claps his hands together in excitement,I'm not sure what this move is called but it's super adorable!
Austin Duvall
Austin Duvall Prije mjesec
I still think the baby it's Watson's father it even has the same eyes as her
Blue_Hound 1307
Blue_Hound 1307 Prije mjesec
What if the baby is wattson mom
Mohammad Crafts97
Mohammad Crafts97 Prije mjesec
Qnon in apex let’s go
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