Jeff Wittek Comes Clean - IMPAULSIVE EP. 273

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Former Vlog Squad member \u0026 internet barber, Jeff Wittek, joins the boys to discuss the Vlog Squad fallout, rumors behind his glass eye, ending Jeff’s Barbershop, Jake Paul confronting Cody Ko, perfecting the craft of dark humor, his secret to washboard abs, failed friendship with Jonah \u0026 more…

***This episode was previously recorded on March 12, 2021***

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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel \u0026 we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter Prije 18 sati
I love Jorge janko
Lukas Pettersson
Lukas Pettersson Prije 2 dana
Why is mike and draymond green the same person almost
Tony Trujillo
Tony Trujillo Prije 5 dana
Came from shit beginnings to these humble ass homies. Gotta love mike and jeff!!
Tanner Hodgdon
Tanner Hodgdon Prije 7 dana
mikes such a tool
Daphne Gsell
Daphne Gsell Prije 9 dana
I love that Jeff is using the trauma to help others 💜
Martin Carlberg
Martin Carlberg Prije 12 dana
I feel I missing something, big?😅
Martin Carlberg
Martin Carlberg Prije 12 dana
Stranger Things, nope, or?
Martin Carlberg
Martin Carlberg Prije 12 dana
Im drunk and fall a sleep, and woke up in the middle of this, had to google to know who the guy in the sunglasses is, and after that I still not know.😳😬🙈
captain knuckles
captain knuckles Prije 13 dana
Jeff is fucking awesome
yourbestfoot4ward Prije 13 dana
Erin Havelock
Erin Havelock Prije 14 dana
Kenzie Armstrong
Kenzie Armstrong Prije 14 dana
Listening to Jeff’s story is honestly good since almost losing my life due to an accident.
Tater Kilgore
Tater Kilgore Prije 15 dana
maybe thats his job but i mean let some of your guests speak
Tater Kilgore
Tater Kilgore Prije 15 dana
enjoyed the podcast but i hate this one a lot because of mikes heckling
Marco Prije 16 dana
Mike is acting so hard, this guy just knows he cant box he doesnt have to back himself up
Cody Corum
Cody Corum Prije 18 dana
Love ya Jeff
Molly Jackson
Molly Jackson Prije 18 dana
Holy shit. Logan looked like *DEATH* 😐
V L Prije 18 dana
Logan is hella fascinated with Jeff’s humour and his personality
V L Prije 18 dana
This episode is literally peak Jeff Witteck! Whatta guy man
Jessica Merouane
Jessica Merouane Prije 20 dana
mike stop pressuring jeff to take off his glasses
Jessica Merouane
Jessica Merouane Prije 20 dana
jeff is hot
Adrianna Motton
Adrianna Motton Prije 21 dan
does anyone know where i can find jeff’s glasses?
OZZY xKC Prije 21 dan
Jeff has to be the funniest guy I have ever seen
Skittles👑 Prije 22 dana
Bro imagine anwar and impausive
OZZY xKC Prije 22 dana
One time at a party a girl spit on me and my brother knock her ass out wo thinking twice 😂 ride or die
OZZY xKC Prije 22 dana
I got a feeling Jeff can throw hands
alexandria Prije 20 dana
he literally spend half of his life involved in street fights since teenager💀
Josh Watkins
Josh Watkins Prije 22 dana
‘banter’ in an american accent jesus😭😭😭
Cody Nguyen
Cody Nguyen Prije 24 dana
“That’s a dark piece”
Luke Prije 25 dana
Hold that amc!
Louis Brown
Louis Brown Prije 25 dana
Cody ko hangs out with the people he roasts. So don’t try to throw him under the bus. Jake Paul just couldn’t handle the roast hence when Cody didn’t wanna meet up with him after.
MPactGamer Prije 29 dana
george said 3 words this whole episode lmao
Lauren Mills
Lauren Mills Prije 29 dana
Fucking love this guy!! 👏
Stephen Sutton
Stephen Sutton Prije mjesec
Yo I never really knew anything ab the Jeff dude but he is more like myself then anyone on HRpost.. whole new level of respect bro I hope I can make the leap from the under ground making quick an good money to some real legit investments
Lexie Thomas
Lexie Thomas Prije mjesec
I wish I could just mute Mike’s voice.
Tio Zzz
Tio Zzz Prije mjesec
Mike really think he’s 18 n cool
Stephen Sutton
Stephen Sutton Prije mjesec
13:50 an George still hasn’t said a word. 😂
Ian W
Ian W Prije mjesec
I was going to quit everythinggggg, boooo hoooo lmao no the fuck he wasn’t. If anything he knew he’d get even more attention, oh no I was facing life in jail, stfu bro.
Ramya Smriti Soma
Ramya Smriti Soma Prije mjesec
49:18 and he LIED! There you go chemical man out of a ***.........🥴
JM G Prije mjesec
23:00 The new Joker is EXACTLY who Jeff reminded me of, even long before he proclaimed this. It's so nutts to me that he thinks his story is similar to Joker now too. He's absolutely amazing.
Samantha Carrier
Samantha Carrier Prije 29 dana
I hope his story doesn’t end like the Joker’s...
sandeep kashyap
sandeep kashyap Prije mjesec
This guy mike, he's all talk dude. As a guy who's been in fights ever since 3rd grade and did boxing in my days in college he doesn't appeal to me as someone who's gonna face you one on one. He's just trying to act tough. I've seen numerous douche bags like him. All bark and no bite.
Cory Prije 29 dana
Well, he overcame one of the darkest addictions a human can experience, went through the fire and came out the other end, gained success and all that. It takes a warrior to overcome. Someone who’s been around the streets for that long, I’d imagine he’s pretty tough. And I’ve been boxing / doing mma since 07. Think your reads might just be super shallow bud.
death dude
death dude Prije mjesec
Imagine Jeff just kill David in his show like joker does
John W
John W Prije mjesec
Anyone know what sunglasses Jeff is wearing in this podcast?
brainrot Prije mjesec
gucci gold&green gg0872S sunglasses
Josiah_w7 Prije mjesec
why do some people hate on mike bruh he gives a very advanced look on a lot of great topics.
Kristin B
Kristin B Prije mjesec
1:11:02 😂 I laughed way to hard at this. Jeff! You're the best!!
Moumen Moumen
Moumen Moumen Prije mjesec
I need an American friend to practice english with So if you want to learn arabic or even for fun chat me 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Moumen Moumen
Moumen Moumen Prije 29 dana
@Abdurauf Karaev do you have whatapp ??
Abdurauf Karaev
Abdurauf Karaev Prije mjesec
I do
Boris gaat los
Boris gaat los Prije mjesec
The best episode jet
005Amergin Prije mjesec
When you have an injury in one eye, the other eye can still be affected bc the brain doesn't separate one fr the other. I really hope he'll be ok. TBI is no joke
Nicholas Black
Nicholas Black Prije mjesec
those shades are dope anyone know what brand?
Shivakumarnaik B
Shivakumarnaik B Prije 23 dana
JamesOM Prije mjesec
Holy fuck that mike guy is a pain in the ass
Julie Arnold
Julie Arnold Prije mjesec
David is like sub par mike. They would do anything for content.
Arhum Z
Arhum Z Prije mjesec
I hope Jeff held AMC cuz today, on May 17th, it trading for much higher than where it was in March/April.
Lo Jo
Lo Jo Prije mjesec
The omniscient nail biologically touch because manicure compellingly suggest qua a ignorant gosling. calculating, phobic hose
Fight Fear
Fight Fear Prije mjesec
Ok imma say it...I like the old Impaulsive set up way better.
Mr_Esondidas Prije mjesec
Rajat Bansal
Rajat Bansal Prije mjesec
Mike is just a clout chaser even Jeff predicted it.
Cory Prije 29 dana
You guys don’t even know what a clout chaser is lmao You’re literally just following shit you hear other people say.
Francis saxer
Francis saxer Prije mjesec
I think there's no better person to talk to than mike in a situation like jeff is
Thenew Man
Thenew Man Prije mjesec
L K Prije mjesec
Life happens, and then life happens to you. As an ex athlete I have plenty of metal in my femur. It changed me, but I am alive. Metal in your face its painful, very painful. I had over ten surgeries and I am still not good. Brain damage went unnoticed, but I know I have it. Jeff, this is the time to get close to God.
Lindsey Rasmussen
Lindsey Rasmussen Prije mjesec
What is up with these HRpostrs just reading their ads off pieces of paper? These guys just look like they’re trying to be bad actors who don’t even know what they’re talking about
Rachel B
Rachel B Prije mjesec
damn, Jeff saying he's changed at 1:00:52, I felt that. his whole persona is different after the accident, but not in a bad way. he's no longer just the sarcastic, tough guy - he's shown himself to be a layered and complex individual, and he now has the ability to impact people in a more profound way. can't wait to see him continue to kick ass
Ashleigh Vickers
Ashleigh Vickers Prije 15 dana
I agree!
Salma Prije mjesec
Beautifully put
Malcolm Prije mjesec
Bro I could listen to Jeff all day
uptomyknees8 Prije mjesec
If you really want to see how LA people are, watch this podcast. So many egos and innuendos, the fake is written all over this. Coming from a born and raised LA’er
Chavonne Slack
Chavonne Slack Prije mjesec
Jeff “ we’re doing the lords work” 😂😂😂😂
Tamusie echalook
Tamusie echalook Prije mjesec
Jeff just got pussy to these guys, no more Staten Island attitude, Cali force only 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
D G Prije mjesec
Lol his wearing the shades to hide his eye not because it's hurt but because it's healed and he's playing up the part because he's promoting an "eye incident" documentary where the events happened months ago lol.
brainrot Prije mjesec
bro his eye havent healed at all. he literally just undergone his 7th surgery 2 weeks ago. what u on about
Kaitlyn D
Kaitlyn D Prije mjesec
“ like why did dababy call jojo siwa a bitch” LMAO nah I’m dead
Cindy Jovino
Cindy Jovino Prije mjesec
Lol my name is Jeff
Ror Prije mjesec
Jeff needs to join the crew
E R Prije mjesec
george is george lmao
nek a
nek a Prije mjesec
Jeff ❤️
Jackson Silva
Jackson Silva Prije mjesec
Adam Beiter
Adam Beiter Prije mjesec
why could i listen to jeff all day
Adam Beiter
Adam Beiter Prije mjesec
or a book narrator
Adam Beiter
Adam Beiter Prije mjesec
like a nice therapist
Adam Beiter
Adam Beiter Prije mjesec
his voice is so soothing
Adam Beiter
Adam Beiter Prije mjesec
maybe i'm just high
Emma Garkow
Emma Garkow Prije mjesec
why the hell is George even there. I. 3.5/4 way through and he said 2 or 3 sentences.
Clayton Anderson
Clayton Anderson Prije mjesec
Jeff’s barbershop is a criminally underrated HRpost show.
EJ x SB Prije 2 dana
@Clayton Anderson good point
OZZY xKC Prije 21 dan
How ? It gets millions of views
dielawn Prije 29 dana
@Clayton Anderson So it gets a lot of praise and millions of view but it's still underrated? Ok gotcha lol...
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prije mjesec
The only thing criminal is Jeff
Clayton Anderson
Clayton Anderson Prije mjesec
@dielawn it gets praise because it’s good, again just because it gets praise doesn’t mean it can’t be underrated.
Jackson Lemon
Jackson Lemon Prije mjesec
There saying that it’s bad to go after people on the internet and if you see them face to face what’s gonna happen. That’s literally what jake the snake does
Gunner Flanders
Gunner Flanders Prije mjesec
Jeff is a prophet, he set in motion the cancellation of Mike.
Gunner Flanders
Gunner Flanders Prije mjesec
Oh or his eye now let’s him see the future
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal Prije mjesec
Mike is such a sad person.
gracsley Prije mjesec
Mike's mom gave him one too many compliments
Soham Purav
Soham Purav Prije mjesec
What was happening to Mike at 13:41
Sandra L
Sandra L Prije mjesec
Bring Jeff back!!!
Chris Weedman
Chris Weedman Prije mjesec
It’s funny af how subtle Jeff/David & luke/mike beef is throughout this entire episode lmfao
Cole Kempinski
Cole Kempinski Prije mjesec
throwback to when you guys put episodes out
Susovan Mohanty
Susovan Mohanty Prije mjesec
Jeff and Taylor all the way 👍
Isaiah Roman
Isaiah Roman Prije mjesec
That must suck seeing ur friend keep succeeding when ur at home and being made fun of his eye and getting a lot of criticism because his friend almost killed him, and David acts like nothing happened, it's good to see Jeff getting through all that stuff hes been through
Meral Kamran
Meral Kamran Prije mjesec
Is it just me who hates mike but at the same time can't see the show without him??
Tuna Bean
Tuna Bean Prije mjesec
Jeff reminds me of my ex, they kind of look a like. Random thought.
Vinesh Singh
Vinesh Singh Prije mjesec
No one's back since Jeff's doc??
Leonaldo J. Garced
Leonaldo J. Garced Prije mjesec
I hope hes gets better
Suha Fitaihi
Suha Fitaihi Prije mjesec
My respect for Jeff 📈📈
Lucy Warren
Lucy Warren Prije mjesec
If Jeff has a family and kids when he gets older, he's gonna have some of the best stories and life lessons to teach them
Lindsey Rasmussen
Lindsey Rasmussen Prije mjesec
That’s a good point
prison mike
prison mike Prije mjesec
The jojo siwa bar was a play on words. Dababy's real name is Jonathan and Jojo is his nickname, so he's really saying "you a bitch and jojo see why"
Nadia Radu
Nadia Radu Prije mjesec
i am demanding a pt. 2 to this jeff pod .
Adonna Rowe
Adonna Rowe Prije mjesec
I automatically love Jeff
HarveyShankar Prije mjesec
God all these guys are so insecure
Samuel Skelton
Samuel Skelton Prije mjesec
petition to swap out Mike for Jeff as co host of Impaulsive!!!
Maiyoonis Papoonis
Maiyoonis Papoonis Prije mjesec
Awkward exit
Aaron Robert
Aaron Robert Prije mjesec
Mike said fuck it this will be fun!! Stfu bro u can't fight the only reason u felt tough was because u had Logan right next to u, honestly Logan would most likely have drop all them himself!! As much as I can't stand Jack Paul and I like logan Paul but I will say both of the paul brothers can fight.. I mean Logan really can fight, Jack likes to act like he can fight but every person he has ever fought can't fight the only one that a random joe off the street couldnt beat up is ben but even ben is a complete bum when it comes to stand out!! Like he trys to act is if he deserves to be called a boxer but wont fight an actual striker of course no one takes u serious because of that, stop finding the weakest fighter u can, then acting like ur a badass..
Far Z
Far Z Prije mjesec
Cody ko is class. I hope he continues the same style of roasting. Lol @ Mike making satirical commentary into some bullying campaign haha 🤣
Sligerman Prije mjesec
jeff is so clearly fake and tryna dodge the whole situation with dom and the rape allegations. cause let's be honest that situation is fucked and non of them should get away with it. and the way they turnt the vlog squad categorized by popularity in the group is when they lost me, way before the allegations. even if david is a good person all the people around him have the mentality of high school bully's in they're 20's, straight up. they did't grow up and still care about popularity lol, just an observation
brainrot Prije mjesec
@Sligerman i think he is still cool. i watch few of his videos on other ppl channel and it was kind of surprising that he's such a sweetheart off camera but his internet persona is being sarcastic asshole who has dry sense of humour so i get why you said that, it means he's doing a good job at what he does
Sligerman Prije mjesec
@brainrot ego too big
Sligerman Prije mjesec
@brainrot witch shouldn’t be happening. I don’t think jeff was involved in that situation but u can kinda tell that he was the popular kid in school and still thinks he is, again just an observation lol
brainrot Prije mjesec
idk what u on about but this interview is filmed before the allegation come out. jeff aint dodging anything lol and also dom and david basically get away w everything. hence dom himself continuing his day, uploading shit on his social media like nothing happened
Shelby Reynolds
Shelby Reynolds Prije mjesec
*logan reminding mike its not his podcast!
Shelby Reynolds
Shelby Reynolds Prije mjesec
@Cory well he's a partner💁 but logan is Daddy. I think he has a good oportunity working with logan and earning a fan base, dont doubt he would be successful if things dont work out at impaulsive.
Cory Prije mjesec
@Shelby Reynolds yep I mean fans are pretty short sighted. Mike was a massive part in making the podcast what it is. He’s been dope the vast majority of the time. Not perfect, but he’s a character, offers a lot of comedic value, entertainment, experience and an underrated level of intelligence and wisdom on things which some might not see. Recently he’s been hit or miss but they’ve literally done 300+ podcasts. Believe it or not humans are deeper than the last month or two we remember of them. Speaks volumes for how shallow people are in general. Most of you are just awful people, overly butt hurt over absolutely every little thing and act like you’re this picture of virtue.
Shelby Reynolds
Shelby Reynolds Prije mjesec
@Cory umm does he now? 😆
Cory Prije mjesec
Kinda is. He owns part of it, lol.
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