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This is the all-new Kia e-Niro! It’s a fully electric SUV that comes with a surprisingly cheap price tag compared to competitors like the Jaguar I-Pace! But with such a low starting price, has Kia cut some corners with the e-Niro, or does this EV SUV offer good value for money? Join Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out whether the e-Niro is the must-have electric SUV for 2019!

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١٩ سنة
١٩ سنة Prije 12 dana
The brake sounds like a 🚢
Gee Williams
Gee Williams Prije mjesec
I am not impressed by this car at all! Styling and interior is dull. Interior looks like it feels cheap. Infographic etc look old. 29 hours to charge! And £35 base. Crazy
Licancabur Prije mjesec
If someone likes physical buttons, then this infotainment system is 10x better than Teslas :)
Life on the Rails
Life on the Rails Prije mjesec
2:50 lol
Jemila Gulston
Jemila Gulston Prije mjesec
I love this i love kia cars
Mark Wellington
Mark Wellington Prije 2 mjeseci
More practice on the parallel parking !
solo o
solo o Prije 2 mjeseci
So do u have to charge it, at the service station, every 150 miles on the motorway ?
Mike Biddell
Mike Biddell Prije 2 mjeseci
Where's the rest of the review?
Revolutionary 10
Revolutionary 10 Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ve been in a few electric Kias’ and still haven’t heard it brake like that?
Ryan Young
Ryan Young Prije 2 mjeseci
I drive a 2006 scion xB and I'm in the market for a new car and wanted to go electric. This looks like the closest for what I'm looking for. I love the "in-between" an suv and a hatchkback design. I just wish they had an "extended range" version, since I don't feel like America has the charging infrastructure built in and I live in an apartment without charging availability.
ovidiu adrian zamfir
ovidiu adrian zamfir Prije 3 mjeseci
What range you get with mg ev
James Smith
James Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Loved watching this e-niro and your 2000 miles but what I would like to know is How much did it cost you for the mileage covered?
Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett Prije 3 mjeseci
All vehicles have been increasing a lot over the last few years.. The manufacturers have been forced into adding all sorts of emission kit and safety kit... This has pushed the prices up a lot.. EVs have gone to a whole new league of prices that most people either can't afford or don't want to pay.. After all who wants to pay these prices for a Korean hatchback on stilts? If it was around the £20-25,000 it would have interest from a lot of people but at West of £35,000 it falls off the radar.. It will attract well healed, naive middle class types but that's it.. Those with more money won't want a KIA.. Those with less money will look for a lightly used ICE vehicle that will cost £15-20,000..
Shah Alam
Shah Alam Prije 3 mjeseci
Harm Kok
Harm Kok Prije 3 mjeseci
The mirrors do turn down if you flick the switch to L or R.
throwthejavelin368 Prije 3 mjeseci
Android auto wireless or still with cable?
C S Prije 3 mjeseci
Why not put the batteries on the ‘engine’ well as under the back seat...
Yellow Prije 3 mjeseci
Only thread to tesla...
Ron Speers
Ron Speers Prije 4 mjeseci
I have a 2020 Niro. I noticed that your seat trim is white. My cars seat trim is the same colour as the body trim. I live in Canada may be that is why.
CB tests Blom
CB tests Blom Prije 4 mjeseci
Its a good car we have de kia e Niro my 20
Bart van Eijck
Bart van Eijck Prije 4 mjeseci
Nice review. Bought one and I am really happy with it. Value for money and it's a normal car.
Tommy Kidd
Tommy Kidd Prije 4 mjeseci
Is that you doing the Harry Potter thing ,with the magic pointer and specs?????
sssssneaker Prije 4 mjeseci
2:42 8-way electrical adjustment for the driver's Cee't
peter martin
peter martin Prije 4 mjeseci
No room for spare wheel as most new cars.
Alexandre Roussel
Alexandre Roussel Prije 4 mjeseci
I like the bicycle that fits into the car. That did it for me, I'm buying one !
DC Mac man flat out
DC Mac man flat out Prije 5 mjeseci
the model 3 starts from 40k
Gary Quinlan
Gary Quinlan Prije 5 mjeseci
One is a well screwed together car that does everything it promises to do reasonably well and made by a company who has a good record for after sales customer relationships and knows how to make cars for profit as opposed to relying in selling environmental credits to stay in business. The other is a Tesla!!
John Smith
John Smith Prije 5 mjeseci
12:45 Rapid charging is NOT the best way to charge, as if you do, you'll considerably shorten the battery life. i.e. Tesla S shuttle from LA to Las Vegas... It's a bit like saying cigarettes and going to help with your breathing difficulties! :D It's a pity that carWow couldn't find someone who knows about electric cars to review it. and not 250m but if driven carefully can do over 400miles on a charge!
Philip Kerry
Philip Kerry Prije 5 mjeseci
In the UK it's against the law to do a U turn at a mini roundabout .
Robert Merritt
Robert Merritt Prije 5 mjeseci
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Pasha 540
Pasha 540 Prije 3 mjeseci
Well said Robert
ChreaKeNa Prije 5 mjeseci
Thank you. Is there a reason you don't review Soul EV?
Mr. Max
Mr. Max Prije 5 mjeseci
elbatemano Prije 5 mjeseci
Kia screens are basically an Android tablet, so you can install ANY app on them via the hidden menu behind... should you desire.
sf ayuesa
sf ayuesa Prije 5 mjeseci
Nice review with a wooden stick at the beginning teacher. 🙂 Thanks for the demonstration of baggage placements. That was actually I was wondering. Great work! 👏
Dino_sore_asd Prije 5 mjeseci
Does anyone know if I can get either a Roma Marbella or quickie tango wheelchair into the boot of this car. I'd like to get the niro hybrid but I also require room in the boot for a wheelchair..Thanx in advance 🧘🏾‍♀️
Safargris Prije 6 mjeseci
The mirrors do tilt down if you set the selection button to either L or R and not middle position, then the car will put both mirrors downwards when put in reverse.
Massy Prije 6 mjeseci
The bike test is not so impressive. I once loaded my mountain bike into my 91' Fiesta. Soooo yeah....:D
MovieViking Prije 6 mjeseci
Around 4:20 the 2nd USB is charge only which is why it is behind a cover
marius lunguleasa
marius lunguleasa Prije 6 mjeseci
finally an affordable electric car :)
Anglosaxon Mike
Anglosaxon Mike Prije 7 mjeseci
Is this the model that catches alight?
J Mack
J Mack Prije 7 mjeseci
I like, the glasses..
Syed Reyadh
Syed Reyadh Prije 7 mjeseci
Please do one in-dept review on new Vauxhall Corsa E. The electric one.
pudden pop
pudden pop Prije 7 mjeseci
i can't look at this car unless it's in white
dkmyww Prije 7 mjeseci
Looks like a solid car... and good value for money relative to other EV’s ... the external design though is shocking... who dreams up such boring design !
Tika Khatri
Tika Khatri Prije 7 mjeseci
Guess u can’t parallel park 🤦🏻
Adam Cowen
Adam Cowen Prije 7 mjeseci
I lost it when he mentioned the speakers at 2.50 🤣🤣🤣
oberrhein_freak Prije 8 mjeseci
Heating only possible with a combustion engine👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Please take a critical look at the subject of heating on all KIA plug-in models! From October to Easter you not only need winter tires but usually also a heater. Therefore, the E-license plate for the KIA plug-in hybrids is only an empty sign for the period mentioned. This situation is criminally to be denounced! The resulting CO2 emissions (this is even significantly higher on short trips) compared to other manufacturers with electrical heating of the interior, this technical implementation is not too acceptable! Here the Federal Environment Agency should threaten the manufacturer with consequences (e.g. cut the innovation premium). Maybe then KIA will react ... Related customer inquiries about the faux pas are dismissed with flimsy justifications to protect the engine.
Alan Howe Music
Alan Howe Music Prije 8 mjeseci
Why buy a new car the depreciation is so high. I think the government need to look into this as soon as possible. High Depreciation puts people off buying new cars and second hand cars as well.
David Lumm
David Lumm Prije 8 mjeseci
If it only had a slightly bigger boot I could get my dogs crate into I'd have one like that. Probably my favourite of the "affordable" electric cars at the moment.
James Mccormack
James Mccormack Prije 8 mjeseci
I think its pretty easy to be negative with things like the infotainment system and old style interior bulbs etc however what you need to remember is, the amount of standard kit is huge with these. In some cases way more than much more expensive cars in the electric field. That, the amount of range this model has along with how much you save in cost compared to the e Niro's rivals, you have to be fair Kia have came along and shown all the big players that it can be done and done well for a reasonable price. They have nailed this car, for the market its intended, everyday family life.
HassaanLazar YT
HassaanLazar YT Prije 8 mjeseci
I love your accent
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala Prije 8 mjeseci
Good news is that Kia will let you turn some of the sounds Mat refers to off by using the dashboard computer options.
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala
Carlos Gonzalo Ibanez Alcala Prije 8 mjeseci
Also. The 7 year warranty from Kia is valid in the UK, but it is not a worldwide warranty. Some other countries will have a shorter warranty span.
Sean Lee
Sean Lee Prije 8 mjeseci
I have just rejected one after 3 weeks of ownership. It broke down twice with the same faults. The second breakdown was only a couple of days after getting the car back from kia after 10 days. To be fair to Kia and the dealership they have been spot on and very understanding and equal as frustrated as us. They have offered to swap the car for a new one and lucky for them my wife is happy to give them another go as personally I'd walk away from kia for good and ev's for another couple of years. I understand this kind of thing happens to all cars from time to time but when it happens to you its hard not to be impacted by it. We'll get the second one in a few weeks and hopefully everything will be alright, as it is a fun drive when it works. Just wanted to post here as I watched every HRpost video there is and read every Facebook post and lots of online forums and never seen or heard anything like this. Not the eutopia I was expecting and so far my worst car ever hopefully I have a different tune after a few thousand trouble free miles on a new one.
Jea H
Jea H Prije 8 mjeseci
I test drove several compact crossovers past several days and decided on Niro lxs today, it felt roomy inside and the ride was satisfactory plus the warranty is better then the rest not to mention upfront and future gas $$ savings, it was a no brainer choice.
Stewiedude1 Prije 8 mjeseci
I love matt and I love carwow but the remark at 12:00 is just absolute bollocks and adds to the spread of misinformation. The car has a genuine 200 mile range minimum. If you commuted even 60 miles a day you would easily hit 100k in 7 years. It would be arguably easier to do it in this if you only ever charged at home than in an ICE car where you have to go out of your way to a fuel station. Disappointed 😞
Paul Yates
Paul Yates Prije 9 mjeseci
Do you know whether the e Niro 4 has the heat pump that increases range in the winter months by reducing battery drain when the interior heater is on?
David Prije 5 mjeseci
FYI...The 2021 4+ model incorporates a heat pump.
Darkbyte2005 Prije 9 mjeseci
Stick of truth never lies
william goss
william goss Prije 9 mjeseci
Useful review, thks. Seems b the best ‘Value’ EV car, but not convinced by its looks or the space & light inside ...but the range is fantastic ,,
Ahmed Aziz
Ahmed Aziz Prije 9 mjeseci
15:13 wow look at his hands 🤣🤣🤭
E K Prije 9 mjeseci
Is there a spare tire in the boot? I would encourage you to make a point on this. I know the Tesla S and X do not have a spare tire, and I am assuming the electric BMW and electric Mercedez Benz do not have one either, but I honestly do not know. Sadly, many car manufacturers are not placing a spare tire in new cars.
David Prije 5 mjeseci
A spare wheel isn't supplied as standard as is common with virtually all manufacturers. However there is a well in the boot that will accommodate a spare wheel. You can purchase a spare wheel either from the (s)dealer if you want to pay through the nose for it, or on the internet for a third of their price. You will of course also require a jack!
G Acs
G Acs Prije 9 mjeseci
Charging a phone is faff itself. Now charging a car? No way. Long live petrol cars - 5 minutes to fill up, no range anxiety.
David Prije 5 mjeseci
Sorry to disappoint....but is is short-live the petrol car, they are now a dying breed. And quite rightly so, it's about time that we all did our bit to reduce pollution. We are are all responsible for the destruction of our planet, now is the time that we all took responsibility for trying to save it.
Lee Lis小恩
Lee Lis小恩 Prije 9 mjeseci
iD3 & Niro
Noor the light
Noor the light Prije 9 mjeseci
How much is the electruc mike's per hour ?? Lol and how much is the service and mot etc
Ian Plummer
Ian Plummer Prije 9 mjeseci
Strange that having done the review it's not one that's available via carwow
Satori Prije 9 mjeseci
it's not a 2020 Eniro !!!
Barry Atkinson
Barry Atkinson Prije 9 mjeseci
In the UK, unless you live in central London, it makes no financial sense whatsoever to run an EV. They are just another vanity vehicle to show how much money you have to waste
David Prije 5 mjeseci
I disagree, my EV costs 1.2 pence per mile to run, no road tax, no engine with hundreds of parts that can fail or wear out, no oil/filters, spark plugs to change, brake pad wear is negligible as brakes are rarely used (one pedal driving). Then there is no wasted time visiting petrol stations tediously waiting for someone to vacate a pump while they browse and do their weekly shopping in the shop, it has a "full tank" every morning if desired, can be pre heated and defrosted automatically before departure. Oh, and in the year and a half that I have owned it has depreciated by less than £ 3k.
Diamondblade2008 Prije 9 mjeseci
Drove one on a test drive today. It is seriously quick pulling away from a standstill. It is near silent when cruising along, save for a bit of road noise from the tyres. The only sound I heard from the motor is a gentle hum when slowing to a standstill or slowly pulling away. However I do have a few minor gripes though: The steering has an obvious 'dead centre' feel going in a straight line. The rotary gear selector is a bit fiddly; I would have preferred a standard lever. There seems to be far too many buttons for the aircon/infotainment system and on the steering wheel. The ridiculous 'Windows XP' style noises when you start it up and turn it off and the overbearing wealth of information displayed on its screens. It felt like driving a laptop at times. Having said those, I would probably buy one when they start to come more mainstream, more affordable and its time to change my existing car when it eventually starts to conk out.
Anthony Prije 9 mjeseci
I love how Kia keep all the buttons and controls left hand drive oriented 😂 Volume knob, left side, drive modes, left side Really trying to save the most on these
Rohit Sajwan
Rohit Sajwan Prije 10 mjeseci
I dont see a link on your website to get the offer for this e-Niro. If there is one please share. Thanks.
M Prije 10 mjeseci
I'm still don't know if I want an EV or a PHEV? .. but the Niro might do the trick with that long range
David Prije 5 mjeseci
I recommend that you research PHEV's thoroughly before you decide. Try these for starters...
Peter Kiss
Peter Kiss Prije 10 mjeseci
Arnel Cap
Arnel Cap Prije 10 mjeseci
Thanks for a great review and it helped me made up my mind!
Stuart Anderws
Stuart Anderws Prije 10 mjeseci
Never seen some one that didn't want to do a review.
Cody Gaga
Cody Gaga Prije 10 mjeseci
This is very outdated
Cody Gaga
Cody Gaga Prije 10 mjeseci
Do one on the 2020 niro ev Ex premium
Avni Mewar
Avni Mewar Prije 10 mjeseci
The best is a polestar 2
David Prije 5 mjeseci
Polestar2 is a lovely car, great design & build quality but currently has many problems. It is inefficient compared with other EV's due to the weight which equates to very poor range. I had one on order an cancelled it.
Daan van der Keur
Daan van der Keur Prije 10 mjeseci
The reason why I totally LOVE the Kia e-Niro, Kia e-Soul (and Hyundai Kona) is because you can still turn off the ESP and TRC. That makes it possible to go around the corner with smoking tyres and that's just big fun although it's totally wrong in every days traffic. But hey why shouldn't we car journalists (my website is a Dutch online Car Magazine) have fun sometimes.....
Ronin585 Prije 10 mjeseci
For me, the Kia e-Niro is the best battery electric vehicle BEV today in quality, price, equipment, range, energy efficiency, safety and warranty.
David Prije 5 mjeseci
I agree, there is currently no better alternative car that offers value for money at this price point. Extremely well equipped with a great range. Many e-niro owners achieve 309+ mile range.
Reece Lucas
Reece Lucas Prije 10 mjeseci
Why’s it got flappy paddles ?
David Prije 5 mjeseci
The paddles allow adjustment of the level of regenerative breaking to suit the drivers taste or dependent upon the driving style. It also has an "auto" mode that adapts it automatically. A great feature well worth having.
Uhuru Mkali
Uhuru Mkali Prije 10 mjeseci
The Tesla Model 3 is £10k more so not quite a valid comparison
LornyLuPots Prije 10 mjeseci
I wish I could win the lottery i want this car so bad x
blackhound rise
blackhound rise Prije 11 mjeseci
I’m surprised at the price tag. Was expecting 50k to 65k. I love Kia Niro and I’m sure I’ll love the e-Niro. Great review. Bit harsh on plastics but I expect that 😂 and for this car and it’s price I’m not bothered by the scratchy bits.
Andrew Le
Andrew Le Prije 11 mjeseci
I just got Kia Niro EV 2019 and I agree the seats are a bit firm and narrow... so it's not as comfortable as my old Nissan LEAF, which had wider seats and softer too...
Mike Stoddart
Mike Stoddart Prije 11 mjeseci
Wow, four ads during one video.
Mini Prije 11 mjeseci
We got ours a few days ago, it’s amazing
Filsaf Falah
Filsaf Falah Prije 11 mjeseci
it is 2019 model
David Prije 5 mjeseci
Correct, the 2021 4+ model is even better equipped, it has a bigger screen, electric memory seats and a heat pump.
Jon H
Jon H Prije godine
Getting mine in November.... Not sure if they have made any alterations to it since your video. Would you know?
Roam Around GISG
Roam Around GISG Prije godine
Would u consider that car as a mere hatchback or a crossover?
TeleManiak M. Wojtania
TeleManiak M. Wojtania Prije godine
The Kia E niro is better than the honda crv
NL3044 Prije godine
For the tech you get, range and electric performance, this is crazy value for money! I can't believe it comes with autopilot too, this is amazing. Kia leading the way to budget friendly and practical electric cars.
Doan Le
Doan Le Prije godine
@11:06, there no fuel, nothing to conserve... maybe electricity!
Flightcoach Prije godine
Great video but small point: This is not the 2020 model, its the 2019 model. The 2020 model has some minor differences and a major one: 3 phase speed charging. Also you state that it only comes in one edition: fully loaded, but there is an executive edition and a dynamic line if i recall?
M A Prije godine
Yet it is the 2019 Kia not the 2020
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith Prije godine
The port between the front seats is USB and the cover is designed to not crimp a cord to the back seat, and younger kids can’t stick anything in them.
Lotus F
Lotus F Prije godine
Most cars have low resolution reverse cameras and the door mirrors are actually quite big because I have one. Why compare the Niro to a Jag that is twice the cost? If anything we should be give credit to car company's like Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, and Nissan making electric vehicles more affordable to ordinary people.
David Prije 5 mjeseci
Car reviewers do this "comparison" mistake all the time. Obviously can't be compared with a car costing twice the price. It's because he can't find a car at this price point to compare it with, because there isn't one! This is currently the best value for money EV, nothing is even close other than their sibling cars (kona, soul).
Gabrael St Hilaire
Gabrael St Hilaire Prije godine
I would buy this car right now. I presently own a 2015 Kia Soul non-Hybrid and it’s a great little car.
M. X
M. X Prije godine
I swear to Allah this guy can easily I mean deadly easily be a comedian. He’s so funny 😂 😂😂😂
Humayun Habibi
Humayun Habibi Prije godine
Thanks for the review,I am a taxi driver and lost at the moment with these Electric Car,I need to buy one but don't know a lot,can you please recommend any of these electric car.I just need your view and won't hold you responsibly. Thanks
David Prije 5 mjeseci
You might find some useful info from this guy, he uses an e-niro as a taxi.
Ben Prije 7 mjeseci
Don’t you cabbies all drive Bloody Prius’s
jabadam2002 Prije godine
This english accent is very gay and sound f top, try to speak normal like American people
Kieran Martin
Kieran Martin Prije godine
Why do I only have 480p?
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