Khabib on Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3, retiring at the top and coaching | MMA on ESPN

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Khabib on Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 3, retiring at the top and coaching | MMA on ESPN
Khabib Nurmagomedov sits down with Brett Okamoto to discuss his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, if his rivalry with McGregor will ever be over, life after retiring and if he believes Dana White will ever stop asking him to fight again.

0:00 What are you thoughts on Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.
0:30 You have to train always in this sport - Khabib.
1:00 Khabib: Mentally McGregor has become better since I fought him.
1:20 Khabib reacts to McGregor’s trash talk after UFC 264.
4:40 Is it still a “forever rivalry” between you and McGregor?
7:30 What would have happened if McGregor hadn’t broken his leg in the first round?
11:40 What has life been like since retiring?
13:50 Can you enjoy life as a champion?
17:30 Do you think Dana White will ever stop asking you to come back to fight?
20:30 What happens if Charles Oliveira starts to defend a bunch of titles? Would you want to come back?
27:20 Khabib talks about his father’s plan for his career.

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Pavle Pavlovic
Pavle Pavlovic Prije dan
khabib forgot how to fight , is going to commentator business , his mother told me i was there last night :) She said oh my son so tired of fighting , he wants to hang out with microphone people from now on and got fat a bit , got chubby look at him :)
Samsoor Dost
Samsoor Dost Prije dan
" It was Khabib time " now can be someone else - that is greatness!! :)
Blood Moon
Blood Moon Prije 2 dana
Unbeaten as an mma fighter and undefeated as a man. This guy is the true definition of a role model. A word that gets overused in this day and age. Khabib is the type of man that men should aspire to be in any walk of life.
Orlando Carrillo
Orlando Carrillo Prije 3 dana
probably Marketing guys hate Khabib, because he is not fake. And not willing to be, no matter how much money you offer him.
Vinay Venkatram
Vinay Venkatram Prije 4 dana
"They say Money and Fame changes people, but no, I think, when a person gains Money and Fame, it shows who he really is". This guy is giving life lessons like throwing grappling moves in the Octagon. Epic.
Assassin Force
Assassin Force Prije 4 dana
This dudes was searching for headlines so hard
micktiktok Prije 4 dana
He's fred dibnah son fred was on chimney job
David Reid
David Reid Prije 5 dana
U have too respect this man.
Michael Hunger
Michael Hunger Prije 5 dana
This guy is the biggest idiot in the sport
TAROTAI Prije 6 dana
Brett, you are a nervous interviewer - you talk too fast & don't adjust your dialogue to effectively allow Khabib to fully understand your prattling - meditate - that could help
marlinfish128 Prije 6 dana
Such a great interview. U really appreciated the humbleness and honesty between interviewer and interviewee.
Behnum Iz
Behnum Iz Prije 7 dana
Haha Ali passed by camera but Umar restrained
Joe R
Joe R Prije 7 dana
Hes definitely not a good Stricker u keep him on his feet he will lose
Joe R
Joe R Prije 5 dana
@Zarits11 Mode he doesn't know how to box. Again you keep him standing then he will definitely get KO,ed
Joe R
Joe R Prije 5 dana
@Zarits11 Mode your correct lmao
Zarits11 Mode
Zarits11 Mode Prije 5 dana
Ok islamophobic
SantoRosiello Prije 8 dana
khabib english might be broken but everything he says is clever and true champ always stays in a certain place
Timbo Prije 9 dana
The realist. Lightweight GOAT
Shayan Siddiqui
Shayan Siddiqui Prije 10 dana
When khabib said Conor and tony are good for promotion … it made me laugh !! 😂😂
João Pontes
João Pontes Prije 11 dana
Big Big fan of this warrior
Areef Zerg
Areef Zerg Prije 11 dana
The Goat : Lets talk now ... The Donkey : Its only business ...
Sangram Bhalerao
Sangram Bhalerao Prije 11 dana
What his father said when dying about Islam had me in tears. The amount of love his father has for Islam is rare! No wonder the brotherhood is so tight!
Sangram Bhalerao
Sangram Bhalerao Prije 11 dana
Dustin Poirier watching this with complete happiness. Whenever he feel sad and feel worthless like he’s not good enough for the sport, he should come here and watch this and feel complete savagery!
Sangram Bhalerao
Sangram Bhalerao Prije 11 dana
“I will go to jail and he’ll go to the hospital.” 😂😂😂😂 SAVAGE!
Tom Nash
Tom Nash Prije 12 dana
Gotta love Khabib. Dude is legit.
Albert Wang
Albert Wang Prije 12 dana
This interviewer is annoying IMO…
ricky ewart
ricky ewart Prije 12 dana
dok 24
dok 24 Prije 12 dana
love u khabib
Libra66 Prije 13 dana
Khabib can mades you confused what ever he said And he absolutely mades you twisted in that octagon 🤔
CryptoLinks Investing
CryptoLinks Investing Prije 14 dana
A great man
Faqih Abdurrahman
Faqih Abdurrahman Prije 14 dana
Real reason Khabib retired 1. His mom became the decision maker in family, and she didn't want her kids getting punch 2. He just bored, every time he finished highly anticipated opponent, media just hyped another man, great fighter but just regular. If he wait for a worthy opponent, he stall the division and he didn't want that. He bored that everyone below him scramble for a chance to fight him and he rather retire than wait without certainty 3. UFC didn't want Islam to climb the ranking bc its bad for promotor having two teammate took all and the fans only come from that part of team, even though that fans have oil money
Nas Amin
Nas Amin Prije 18 dana
I haven't seen anyone more dominant then khabib. I think he is the goat. In my opinion I don't believe he has lost a round. The 3rd round against Conor and the first round against Justin. I think khabib won them. I don't even know how the judges could give the first round to Justin. I think the judges were bios
Mike Hoffmeister
Mike Hoffmeister Prije 18 dana
So impressed, with his skill and his personality
nuze he
nuze he Prije 18 dana
14:37 make wakanda title
Thomas Dude
Thomas Dude Prije 18 dana
He talk senses and other competitor are on drugs when they speak on press. Like Khabib says fighters who talks nonsense are good for UFC because they bring more money for their business.
Chris Cassidy
Chris Cassidy Prije 19 dana
After everything khabib is respectful in his comments about Conner.
Jeffro4kag Prije 19 dana
Khabib is the best champion ever.
devil Nightmare
devil Nightmare Prije 20 dana
Don't focus on your opponent Focus on your self. That's really impressive
J Yocono
J Yocono Prije 20 dana
I wish they'd leave him alone about 30-0. He's earned the right as a great human being.
ortodox geto-dac
ortodox geto-dac Prije 20 dana
Nurmagomedov is still weak when he talks about Gregor subject. McGregor was very direct with him when he said that: he is married to a sheet. Allusion to Mohammedan women whose faces cannot be seen. To be onest, Mc Gregor made history, N. it's hard to believe that he will ever make it, having a really ugly and boring fighting style. Luckily for the pandemic period, with few fights and very with little interest..and remaining ,,champion,,.
Boxing Star
Boxing Star Prije 4 dana
Conor made history only as a businessman. That's it. When it's all said and done, when a group of people would be discussing about the greatest fighters to have ever done it, mctapper will be nowhere in the discussion. It'll be the names of fighters like GSP, Silva, Khabib, Jones, Nunes and DJ that'll be brought up.
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Prije 20 dana
Big boy is here
Soumitra Biswas
Soumitra Biswas Prije 22 dana
Very well spoken... Mark of a true champion 🔥🔥🔥
Kyle Anuar
Kyle Anuar Prije 23 dana
"who's gonna talk is never gonna do it"- Philosopher Khabib
OrdRfrm Ka0s
OrdRfrm Ka0s Prije 23 dana
I think khabib taught Conner to be humble
Smoke Smoker
Smoke Smoker Prije 24 dana
What great guy.
Wayan Prije 24 dana
Brett ist the truly best moderator 🧑‍⚖️ Great professional champ 🙏😎 Thank you
Dallas Watene
Dallas Watene Prije 27 dana
That's what you call a real warrior...very humble but can unleash a beast that is unstoppable but outside the ring hes the ultimate gentleman...God bless Khabi and his family...Khabi my brother from another mother you and your family are so welcome in New Zealand if you come here can I please be your tour guide and advisor...I will do it for love my brother.God bless you my brother.
Enscade Prije 28 dana
He almost said boxing 6:59
Fishing with Fro
Fishing with Fro Prije 29 dana
Such a super smart humble dude.
Forty Bounce
Forty Bounce Prije mjesec
The interviewer's neckbeard is giving me anxiety. Looks like some nearly-sentient tattoo that's about to jump off and attack me like a facehugger from Aliens
Phil Cliffe
Phil Cliffe Prije mjesec
What a smeshing guy!
James Rayson
James Rayson Prije mjesec
I'm happy connor broke his leg hopefully it humbled him
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Prije mjesec
Hey Brett, shave your neck
Reality Checc
Reality Checc Prije mjesec
this guy is like bag of sheet uno. love khabib straight facts. no respect = no love
Iroonie LA
Iroonie LA Prije mjesec
Turning into Karen of MMA, insulting Aldo, complaining about Mike Tyson smoking (even though it was his podcast) Insulting ring girls, list goes on and on. Wanna fight? Stfu and get back into the ring, instead of acting like know it all in every subject.
Wau Bulan
Wau Bulan Prije 27 dana
Cry harder..
Âdēēl Ãhmāđ
Âdēēl Ãhmāđ Prije mjesec
Why should he comeback when no one is of his level.. Everyone knows nobody can beat khabib nd he doesn't have to prove it anymore. And he didn't disrespect aldo,tyson family, country, religion so you stfu
Abdulai Turay
Abdulai Turay Prije mjesec
Khabib had 2 primes considering his injuries.
Team Tiramisu
Team Tiramisu Prije 15 dana
His prime was vs justin i think he left when he got strongest watch how he dominated the most dangerous striker with wrestling background
FuzzysnAnAngel Prije mjesec
Conor is a product of the ufc, khabib is the product of hard work
Âdēēl Ãhmāđ
Âdēēl Ãhmāđ Prije mjesec
No Conor is a product of devil... He thinks he's superior from all humans and that's why he turns into a chicken
Гази Гаджиев
Гази Гаджиев Prije mjesec
C Ray Vs the Internet
C Ray Vs the Internet Prije mjesec
If khabib was as good as y’all make him out to be he would’ve went up and fought at 170lbs.
Iroonie LA
Iroonie LA Prije mjesec
@slimetube * ya for fighting 80% nobodys and barely defending his title, stat padder.
slimetube *
slimetube * Prije mjesec
hes unbeaten 😭
Milan Popovic
Milan Popovic Prije mjesec
Lol never gave a chance to go second match against no one.. 😂 he talks about being spiritual and disciplined , but he is such an ego triper.. it is insane how much he beleves he is the best, but he is an imbecil..
Team Tiramisu
Team Tiramisu Prije 15 dana
He never had a fight who was close to beat him nobody wants a second asswhoping are u crazy think and then talk
Team Tiramisu
Team Tiramisu Prije 15 dana
@Iroonie LA when jon jones and anderson silva are better why they took PEDS when they belive they are the best the dont need substances to get better this guy never took steroids always trains he talks the talk and WALKS the walk unlike ur fakechamps
Iroonie LA
Iroonie LA Prije mjesec
He is all act mr good guy, day by day he is turning into Karen of MMA, insulting and taking shots at everyone. Goat of MMA? Ya right for stat padding and barely defending his title. GSP & Jon Jones, Anderson Silva million times better and actually defended their title and did rematches, unlike this guy.
Josip Poljak
Josip Poljak Prije mjesec
D Perez84
D Perez84 Prije mjesec
Man, I miss Khabib!!!
Spencer bridgman
Spencer bridgman Prije mjesec
The more he talks the more I like khabib ..... 💯
DumDum Clip & Animation
DumDum Clip & Animation Prije mjesec
Woah! Khabib is brutal with Cowboy Cerrone.
TheNameIsAlexWalton Prije mjesec
15:25 is so much pure 😂
donvasea Prije mjesec
Religion îs for retards.
Âdēēl Ãhmāđ
Âdēēl Ãhmāđ Prije mjesec
Oh really? Then why khabib got so much success in his life while following Islam (religion)
Brandalf Sr
Brandalf Sr Prije mjesec
Islam Makhachev (Alpha Lion) is truly the new champion, when he mentions the 5 lions of LW division, islam is the best. Nobody's gonna beat him I believe.
Pajci Pajcolino
Pajci Pajcolino Prije mjesec
🦅🦅🦅best in this sport🦅🦅🦅
samy bou
samy bou Prije mjesec
un homme un vrai rare de nos jours
FULLMETAL Prije mjesec
khabibs foot was actually a 'baloon' and he still dominated a top contender.
Tyler Ratliff
Tyler Ratliff Prije mjesec
This interview will go down as a classic 20 years from now
Santos Moreno
Santos Moreno Prije mjesec
It’s kinda funny how millions of views of very few are willing to comment their true comment khabib is a true champion and will always be remembered are 1 and my option the greatest mma fighter with GSP
William Fugga
William Fugga Prije mjesec
What if Conor humbled himself and reached out to Khabib and they started training.
Bee Man
Bee Man Prije mjesec
a class man and a class champion! a legendary fighter with an iron will and lions heart! he beat all comers. goat!!
Marcus Bonathung
Marcus Bonathung Prije mjesec
"You play soccer, you play basketball but you don't play MMA"
Marcus Bonathung
Marcus Bonathung Prije mjesec
"Money and fame doesn't change you it shows who you really are"
Rif Film
Rif Film Prije mjesec
😂 Everytime I hear stories about Khabib and Connor. It reminds me of the movie Rocky but this time the hero is the Russian. Can't deny that he speak and give his honest opinion. Not about money but about legacy.
X Prije mjesec
FatBabyOwner Prije mjesec
Love me some Khabib. The model of a man IMO
Disadapted Prije mjesec
I think the main tonys problem is the accidentaly last punch (after the bell) he gave to the cowboy. That punch changed him forever.
Eugene K
Eugene K Prije mjesec
You look like you finish lol
Hasib Sadat
Hasib Sadat Prije mjesec
jenni Turtle burger
jenni Turtle burger Prije mjesec
He says he never lost any rounds but he definitely lost rounds to Tibau.
Syaki Harris
Syaki Harris Prije mjesec
Its nice to hear Khabib thought about charles oliveira. 😊😊😊
lukas Van Der Westhuizen
lukas Van Der Westhuizen Prije mjesec
There is no one in the UFC that can beat Khabib, at any weight class.
Marius Toft
Marius Toft Prije mjesec
Break, not broke / when i in schul i smesh english testings
4c00h Prije mjesec
Khabib vs Usman - I'd like to see that more than GSP vs Khabib
4c00h Prije mjesec
9:23 lol poor cerrone
César Sertürner
César Sertürner Prije mjesec
Khabib "like" Nurmagomedov
plyingod Prije mjesec
In a second or third language he described it perfectly. If he could convey his thoughts in native tongue prolly sound like poetry
Игорь Д
Игорь Д Prije mjesec
Хабиб красава, все верно сказал!
Cheater Left
Cheater Left Prije mjesec
Gsp khabib John Jones are 🐐
R К Prije mjesec
Хлрошее интервью !
Dustin Moritz
Dustin Moritz Prije mjesec
He is to young to stop fighting!!!. I believe he stopped to keep from being a Conner etc! Kudos
Floodwaters Prije mjesec
McGregor is now 22-6 after back to back losses, another loss or 2 without some wins his record moves into journeyman level lol
M Al
M Al Prije mjesec
Yup👈😇🙏🏽☝️.. Now you all KNOW 👈😇🙏🏽☝️
Wild LoneWolf
Wild LoneWolf Prije mjesec
i am a hindhu, but my best friend and KHABIB showed as the ambassador's of Islam ,respect every religion guys, every religion has good in them
Avi Pandey
Avi Pandey Prije mjesec
Such a phenomenal example of character
150 Years Unparalleled Success
150 Years Unparalleled Success Prije mjesec
Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa Prije mjesec
"If I'm alive, I'm gonna be here, and I'm gonna smash all your boys".... - Yeah, umm, okay that's pretty badass....
Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa Prije mjesec
Maturity man.... Responsibility.... How can you not respect this guy??
Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa Prije mjesec
What Khabib said about ALWAYS staying in shape and NOT following the "training camp" routine that so many fighters have taken to, is exactly spot on.... Obviously there's always a "training camp" aspect to a UFC contracted and scheduled fight, meaning the way you adjust the intensity toward fight night, etc.... The point is, you never let yourself fall out of shape, and only whip yourself into shape 3 months before a fight. I just watched a video with Chael talking about that, and how he admired Randy Couture's longevity in the sport, and he attributed it to the fact that Randy was in the gym at least 5 days a week, 365....
Capital1312 Prije mjesec
You can clearly see how Much the Reporter loveees McGregor
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