I Spent 100 Days in Medieval Times in Minecraft... Here's What Happened

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Forge Labs
Forge Labs Prije mjesec
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Noob E smart
Noob E smart Prije 10 dana
Don’t worry
Unknkowyt3270 Prije 14 dana
how to get mod
Mason Gureczny
Mason Gureczny Prije 22 dana
@boah-ist 909
NotkrazykidYT Prije 28 dana
Hey forge that beacon shoots a purple beam at any mob you point it at using the souls of how many mobs you have killed in minecraft dungeons. That was a really good weapon, but you made the right choice to not use it just in case.
David Nomack
David Nomack Prije 28 dana
They're outa my size :(
mike mørup
mike mørup Prije sat
Taming a horse, you have no hold nothing in your hand and click right click to jump on it, it will kick you off a couple of times, but keep trying till you ca use E to go in your horses inventory, it will also indicate with hearths around the horse when i gets tamed
Mort's Banana Carnival
Mort's Banana Carnival Prije sat
No idea if anyone has spotted / commented this yet, but to confirm what happened to your wolf, it died by a crocodile at 12:51
Joshua Maartens
Joshua Maartens Prije 2 sati
Zaq Prije 2 sati
8:56 The Bee Nest and The Explosive Crossbow is from minecraft dungeons. 18:50 More stuff from minecraft dungeons. (19:11 too) 19:34 The black chest near the pillager too. 20:33 The chest here and the bow too... 20:38 The stuff in there too... (Man, there's soo many minecraft dungeon stuff) 20:46 That green looking vase too... The glaive he's been using a lot is from Minecraft Dungeons too...
Arceus 101
Arceus 101 Prije 4 sati
I can't load up the map you played in it
Jay Postchild
Jay Postchild Prije 4 sati
Wow did they really steal your gear🤣
*.:Røbyn Bartkøwskî:.*
*.:Røbyn Bartkøwskî:.* Prije 5 sati
Wow, can’t believe a wizard stole all the stuff on day 28
BINh THANH Prije 5 sati
Am I the only one who watched the whole vid? I love these kinds of contents
heric Prije 5 sati
David Harris
David Harris Prije 5 sati
Hey, man. Don't worry about that crocodile. Subscribe for more original comments.
Russian Monke
Russian Monke Prije 6 sati
OUR* men
Kal-el Blue
Kal-el Blue Prije 7 sati
My parents almost grounded me because I spend so long watching these videos and you know what it is worth it
Abg Penyu
Abg Penyu Prije 7 sati
Hiccup when survival alone
LilKillaSoDope! Prije 7 sati
Cool vid
Waluigilover69 420
Waluigilover69 420 Prije 7 sati
To ride a horse need to ride on top of it until it is tamed then you can put a saddle on it
Carlo Show Studios
Carlo Show Studios Prije 7 sati
my man dont worry about the crocodile
KFM Farhan
KFM Farhan Prije 7 sati
So that's what happens when you get the curse of Bad Omen.
Dragonfox 16
Dragonfox 16 Prije 7 sati
I have an idea for you. Hardcore pixelmon. Rules: you must win as many gym badges as possible if not all of them. you can only get food from defeated pokemon. if one of your pokemon faint you cant use them ever again. with that you must make a good team of 6 pokemon.
snowboy gamer45
snowboy gamer45 Prije 7 sati
Phantom if you don't sleep for 7 days they will start to spawn at night they burn in the light
Amari Angeline D.
Amari Angeline D. Prije 7 sati
Its a bit funny that sean tried to tame something thats not tamable
The Squeaking Gamer
The Squeaking Gamer Prije 9 sati
Ah the Skyrim music is sooo beautiful and Calming
The_Spy Bloxman998
The_Spy Bloxman998 Prije 10 sati
Forge: oh look at this turtle Forge:*picks it up and sniffs up* Also forge:I regret my life
Conner Newcomb
Conner Newcomb Prije 10 sati
My man don't worry about that crocodile
Elio Christoffer Surya 1518006
Elio Christoffer Surya 1518006 Prije 10 sati
on day 22 you should have lour them then place it at the entrance then there traped boom. they ded its simple buuut its to late:/
ElSebas7u7 Prije 11 sati
Mi pana, no se preocupe usted por ese jakaré, no le haga caso
Asela Fernando
Asela Fernando Prije 11 sati
You know the flying scary things Phantoms
Bitch Fuck
Bitch Fuck Prije 12 sati
can someone please do it to Tutorial on how to install this mod
Shiny K Rool
Shiny K Rool Prije 12 sati
Can’t believe a wizard stole your stuff on day 28 😩😩😱😭
Shannon Robbins
Shannon Robbins Prije 14 sati
I bet when Shawn was born his parents couldn’t decide a name for them and then he just opened his eyes and said “My name is Shawn. Yep, I just came up with that.” And now he’s Shawn.
Will Standish
Will Standish Prije 14 sati
How did he not die to a dragon? I've been playing the modpack for 2 weeks and I can't turn a corner without being instantly killed by a frost dragon every 3 goddamn seconds
Ace Gauthier
Ace Gauthier Prije 15 sati
I can’t believe a goblin and wizard worked together and stole his stuff
NXR_duSKY Prije 15 sati
Mrbeast copied you with no credit
Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith Prije 15 sati
wind wizerd? more like wiredo.
Sarah Knapp
Sarah Knapp Prije 16 sati
Marek Vančata
Marek Vančata Prije 16 sati
The name of the Egg from trader: Nevolnik is Czech word for serf. So the whole time i was expecting some man will show up :D
Casen Horne
Casen Horne Prije 16 sati
Matti Raggi
Matti Raggi Prije 16 sati
My man counter next vid???
LEVI EBERT 27 Prije 16 sati
Out of all the survive 100 days this one was my must favorite NOT GONNA LIE BUT I LOVE TO SEE MORE DALDAR lol
Xander Provost
Xander Provost Prije 17 sati
i love your vids also the red thing is gray not red for me
Aimilia Alexoudi
Aimilia Alexoudi Prije 18 sati
Its a one use item....*turns around and stares while Rethinking life*
Plant E
Plant E Prije 18 sati
Day 200 would be nice
Brittany Gill
Brittany Gill Prije 18 sati
Rebekka Chalus
Rebekka Chalus Prije 18 sati
lol when u defeted the cyclopse it said 'my name is nobody' and percy kackson defeated a blind giant when saying he was nobody in greek mythology.
Rebekka Chalus
Rebekka Chalus Prije 18 sati
**8percy jackson
fiblib15 Prije 19 sati
whats the shader called?
IZ Toxicity
IZ Toxicity Prije 19 sati
Considering it’s a *Redstone* Monstrosity, and it’s also in MC Dungeons, (which it pops up underground) I imagine it would’ve been inside some cave system. Would’ve been cool to see you fight it, but it’s fine.
Hristo Petrov
Hristo Petrov Prije 20 sati
1:28:05 It's called *Phanthom* and it can be stopped with the command */gamerule doInsomia false* and they wont spawn anymore. The *Phanthom* can drop (secret) that is used for repairing the *Elythra* !
Camo vlogs
Camo vlogs Prije 20 sati
The flying thing is a phantom and they spawn when you don't sleep for three nights
Kat Pierce
Kat Pierce Prije 21 sat
this whole video just screams "welcome to applebees would you like the apples or the bee?"
William Spangler
William Spangler Prije 21 sat
Does it count if I have a pet snapping turtle cause he doesn't smell bad and it ate the cleaner fish
Arthur de Pro
Arthur de Pro Prije 21 sat
My man don’t worry about the crocodile it’s not a problem
sami ullah
sami ullah Prije 22 sati
29:40 that horse you had to keep riding it and then right click and then put a saddle
Noone Dickens
Noone Dickens Prije 23 sati
you tame a horse by not holding the saddle in your hand, the if it pushes you off try again, until hearts show up, or until the horse doesn't push you off.
Shrek Prije 22 sati
I can’t believe he couldn’t figure that out lol
The_Spy Bloxman998
The_Spy Bloxman998 Prije 23 sati
That crocodile JEEEEZZZZ i had a mod its so cool it makes minecraft realisticfind secrets not released yet but working on it
purp master
purp master Prije 23 sati
Welcome Dragon Village MDT update2 My dragon tycoon Thanks 10m visits
Logan Leonard-Myers
Logan Leonard-Myers Prije 23 sati
You could of just dug under the witch infested village and dug to all the loot.
Shrek Prije 21 sat
How good is the loot in those villages? And is it one room with the loot or multiple?
Tah 4
Tah 4 Prije 23 sati
“I spent 100 days in minecraft dungeons*”
Some guy with a Mosin.
Some guy with a Mosin. Prije 23 sati
Lmao, the man just commit genocide on some Nordic immigrant and a Roman expedition. But what worse is the fact that he keep referring to anything creature, from a snail to a dragon as a "man".
Monren Anmetal
Monren Anmetal Prije dan
This trader had items with sorta slavic names, so "nevolnik" in russian language spells "невольник" means "incaged man", then haha when you brought it I already knew what colud be in this spawn egg
JackNotBest Prije dan
Lol the mod is hard
tipxsy_ Prije dan
I would be mad that you didn’t know how to tame a horse, but I used to be so confused how to do that to
Centipede Prije dan
What about I spent 100 days in the desert in Minecraft, here’s what happened
Cherry on top
Cherry on top Prije dan
minecraft dungeons
Centipede Prije dan
Wow i can’t believe a wizard stole stuff on day 28
Moist Muffin
Moist Muffin Prije dan
From the bees and through all sorts of unfortunate events and defeating self-reflections... I felt like Rick watching Jerry try his best with a minecraft playthrough.
mamaco de awp
mamaco de awp Prije dan
Adam Westwood
Adam Westwood Prije dan
They’re Phantoms...
Ashley Koechig
Ashley Koechig Prije dan
Lazar Abdi
Lazar Abdi Prije dan
He missed a loot pig
Rafsan Riasat
Rafsan Riasat Prije dan
Wow , can't believe wizards stole all these stuff on day 28
GA.mr.Normal Prije dan
To forge labs
xin hui
xin hui Prije dan
wow, can't believe that wizard stole all the stuff on day 28!
Ella Rose
Ella Rose Prije dan
Can you please do 100 days of all your videos combined?
Mel Rose
Mel Rose Prije dan
More hydras?😟😟😟😟😟that is basically asking Medusa to tell you how you look
Mel Rose
Mel Rose Prije dan
If pumpkin man survived the fall that thing would not give him tea he would kill pumpkin man
Mel Rose
Mel Rose Prije dan
That thing that you decided not to find out what it was it was slithering around it was a hydra you mad a good decision
Ash Graff
Ash Graff Prije dan
1:08:54 this is what's called a Deathroll. A crocodile will grab it's pret, tug it into the water deep enough for it's prey to be unable to stand, and it will spin in order to break it's prey's legs, immobilizing it, and allowing the other crocodiles to feed on it as well.
Aldrae Waldin
Aldrae Waldin Prije dan
hey am I the only one who thinks forge sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty
SoAmazing5010 Prije dan
The alligator started to annoy the crap out of me lol… I either wanted him to kill it or leave it! Not build a cage for it!… but what are you gonna go 🤷‍♂️
DaLoneWolf KillerSinz
DaLoneWolf KillerSinz Prije 22 sati
Man, the alligator was my favorite.
ranran gaming
ranran gaming Prije dan
Try the demon slayer mod in Minecraft now!
Nigel Espinosa
Nigel Espinosa Prije dan
1:16:56 My most favorite scene from forge labs
Leev Meeh Aloan
Leev Meeh Aloan Prije dan
My man, I have not been to his Patreon, bet I still recognized at least 4 of the mods in this video.
tbonedude12 Prije dan
my mans.. the crocodile has the largest bite force in the animal kingdom no cap might wanna worry
James Miller
James Miller Prije dan
Young Creatures of Sonaria
Young Creatures of Sonaria Prije dan
why do I feel like this man is new to minecraft
Gianni Sandoval
Gianni Sandoval Prije dan
Only Ogden know what the plants are from
ButteredToast Prije dan
wow, cant believe that wizard took all that stuff on day 28
Young Creatures of Sonaria
Young Creatures of Sonaria Prije dan
dog name gobo also you cant craft a name tag
Young Creatures of Sonaria
Young Creatures of Sonaria Prije dan
My man dont worry about the crocodile
Mason King
Mason King Prije dan
You should do a part 2
Nerd Girl FTW
Nerd Girl FTW Prije dan
I love how the villagers have such simple AI that they can't even fight in a mod
Spider grass
Spider grass Prije dan
My man don’t worry about that crocodile.
Tristan plays 😏
Tristan plays 😏 Prije dan
During the 1 hour and 44 minutes of this amazing movie he said the word “man” 119 times and i love it
Sarek Loves Guitars
Sarek Loves Guitars Prije dan
1:26:17 plant just dancing while forge is being sad about a crocodile
Squipy 123
Squipy 123 Prije dan
Dame that story got emotional at the end
HwreNerdd Prije dan
nice video
LOH JOON KANG Moe Prije dan
bruh u got phantom in ur cages
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