ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video)

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Prije 20 dana

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Listen here:

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Director: Mike Anderson
Producer: Nick Barratt
Production Company: Able

Music video by ABBA performing Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video). A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB

M. ZACK Prije 40 minuta
It's been 40 years. And they come back and its like they never left. ABBA left a void that no one could fill so they had to come back and fill it themselves. Well be back ABBA.
DavidNYC Prije 2 sati
Thank you ABBA! I really needed you.🤗❤️
António Karmos
António Karmos Prije 2 sati
the world need more of this
1415w Prije 3 sati
Whoever did the graphics deserves an award. I think they already have as such. "I did it for abba, 2021". Astounding simplicity. Imagine their next job interview... 'Well, I did this one.'
Tijs Prije 4 sati
as a 43 year old , i love this song
Heinz Wortmann
Heinz Wortmann Prije 4 sati
Ohrwurm......Danke, aber ich liebe IHN ! ^^
Canal do Siqueira
Canal do Siqueira Prije 4 sati
Awesome, amazing! ❤️
M keane
M keane Prije 4 sati
ABBA should never have left, thank you for getting it together again, I was born in 73, the most amazing songwriting.
WM Electronic Songs
WM Electronic Songs Prije 4 sati
Tommy Reid
Tommy Reid Prije 5 sati
its great
James Armstrong
James Armstrong Prije 5 sati
After a awful 18 months with covid. This is what we need
Skyler Borg
Skyler Borg Prije 5 sati
Still loving it!!!
Олег Виничук
Олег Виничук Prije 6 sati
Припевчик фирменный!!!!
Miroslav Hokeš
Miroslav Hokeš Prije 6 sati
I am happy for your arrival, now I don't know, if should I laugh or cry. A long time ago, when I was young tiger and when I kissed the teacher, ABBA already was my love, my life and I was able to listen it on and on and on. From those years on, I've been waiting for you, because I didn't believe all is said and done, and now I'm glad you're back as good as new. Well, some ugly rubber ball men could say this gonna be your Waterloo and that the king has lost his crown, but I don't believe it. I'm knowing me, knowing you and mostly of all I know ABBA is winner and winner takes it all. So let the music speak and thank you for the music. Now, move on and sing a new song, chiquitita...! :-)
80s DJ
80s DJ Prije 6 sati
Back for another fill :) A B B A 2021
Nick Katanakis
Nick Katanakis Prije 6 sati
We need ABBA and this kind of music more than ever...
Mark Haigh
Mark Haigh Prije 6 sati
Tune x
Eirik Rødberg
Eirik Rødberg Prije 6 sati
I have ordered the Lp. If they release any more songs Prior to the album I will avoid listening. Want to have heard as little as possible when the album is released. I know it will all be good having heard these two tracks. Hope there are one or two classics on the album like mamma Mia, Sos or summer night city.
Tjoppy Prije 6 sati
The unmistakable ABBA sound. Bless you Agneta Bjorn Benny Annifrid 👍
POP JOZEFINA Prije 7 sati
I've been waiting for this for a long time, and look, it happened ❤️beautiful song can’t stop listening x
Christian Ulm
Christian Ulm Prije 7 sati
goksun v
goksun v Prije 7 sati
Prepare your soul to get synchronised with entire the universe when Benny tickles the ivories at 3:00
Elizabeth Saunders
Elizabeth Saunders Prije 7 sati
Love it !
Marie-France Leonard
Marie-France Leonard Prije 7 sati
Le retour. Magique.💚🙏💙
Izumi Yuki
Izumi Yuki Prije 7 sati
I know if my mom was alive she would have loved it to hear Abbas music as a kid I would sing with her to the songs
Elo Jensen
Elo Jensen Prije 8 sati
Thank you ABBA.... for the return when you was most wanted
Constance Cherry
Constance Cherry Prije 8 sati
Its a hit
Polsor Prije 8 sati
I like it beacuse you can make a old-good song in 2021. When i hear it i'm in 1992? 1982?
David Bosquette
David Bosquette Prije 8 sati
I... can't.... stop..... listening....... Its......... so........ perfect ❤️
Cyber Space Official
Cyber Space Official Prije 8 sati
Pascal Lavidalie
Pascal Lavidalie Prije 8 sati
Tout simplement génial ce come back et cette chanson , ils sont reparti pour 40 ans !!
AMBERSTRIP Prije 8 sati
Wonderful song. The genius that is Benny Andersson . The girls voices are fabulous. The usual inventive vocal harmonies. Female singers in their 70s have no right to sound this good. Its been nearly 40 years but their voices are still there. Amazing. I love this song.
Skyler Borg
Skyler Borg Prije 5 sati
They are quite good at perfecting their voices and working on it until they're happy....and when ABBA's happy...we get great tunes!!!
Pascale D.
Pascale D. Prije 8 sati
Help, I' m addicted to this song 😱 Love at first hearing 😍 So glad my favorite band is back, and how 💞 Thank you for this music @abba
Lucia Oliveira
Lucia Oliveira Prije 8 sati
Christiane Schmidt
Christiane Schmidt Prije 8 sati
I love
CFW Prije 9 sati
I love this song, I can't stop listening to it!!
Guy Michel
Guy Michel Prije 9 sati
Abba is the only therapy I need!
Guy Michel
Guy Michel Prije 8 sati
@Skyler Borg I know 40 years is a long time but it was worth the wait, including that a new album is on its way! I can feel happy hormones whizzing around my body thanks to Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Frida!
Skyler Borg
Skyler Borg Prije 8 sati
Yes, It's amazing!
1415w Prije 9 sati
It's like a bunch of 70-yr olds showing the present (wannabe) generation how to do it.
Ingo Steinmeyer
Ingo Steinmeyer Prije 9 sati
ABBA is back!!!!! Wunderschöne Musik
Michael Rahbek
Michael Rahbek Prije 9 sati
After all what we have been through the past years, this is simply magical!. Is it ok for a grown up man at the age of 45 to get emotional in the most awsome way
jose carmo
jose carmo Prije 9 sati
Feel the Dame😁😁😁😁😁
Евгений Чпйка
Евгений Чпйка Prije 10 sati
Нормально и песка немного
Bill Karnes
Bill Karnes Prije 10 sati
Hey Agnetha, finally people will pronounce your name right! ogNETa, instead of agNETHa. You are all legends and I think the world loves you more than you know! I made my first real talking video (no profits or promotion, other than asking you, if you want), it's about my experiences with ABBA
Bill Karnes
Bill Karnes Prije 8 sati
@Skyler Borg I'm just happy they're back, regardless.
Skyler Borg
Skyler Borg Prije 8 sati
It doesn't sound as pretty as it's spelled or as she looks.
Lisanne Freudenborg
Lisanne Freudenborg Prije 10 sati
I wonder if they know how much this song means to me, as a transgender person: "When I left, I felt I've had enough But in the shape and form, I appear now I have learned to cope, and love and hope is why I am here now" I can't stop crying, though this song can have many explanations, to me it is like my life story.... 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈
Skyler Borg
Skyler Borg Prije 8 sati
Cool, many different levels.
Lily Blume
Lily Blume Prije 10 sati
no other music on earth is like ABBA 😀
Michel CHELMI Prije 10 sati
ABBA du vrai ABBA...j'aime...
Waited 30 years for this
I'm so happy
Lukacs Eduard
Lukacs Eduard Prije 11 sati
A trip back in the future!!
Ranadil xyz
Ranadil xyz Prije 11 sati
Brilliant!!!!!! Sending across lots of love which was not possible in the days of vinyl records.... Long live You Tube!
landofw56 Prije 11 sati
Welcome back, ABBA!
Steen Rytter
Steen Rytter Prije 11 sati
Life just getting better again 😀
Love To Travel
Love To Travel Prije 11 sati
Abba is just everything good about the human race. We need them.
Tom Augello
Tom Augello Prije 11 sati
IT IS A COMMUNION WITH ALL YOUR FANS INCLUDING ME AND YOU Are blessed from the sky do not change anything it is like on the first day !! Thank you
Nick Sharp
Nick Sharp Prije 12 sati
This is amazing I love ABBA legends
Feldj Verfaillie
Feldj Verfaillie Prije 12 sati
After all those years, ABBA still got it
𝙰𝕤𝚑𝕥𝚘𝕟 Prije 12 sati
Yuhyuh, they're back. It's kinda sad that they kinda use a bit of autotune (Idk if they do but it sounds like it, but if it's just my ears hearing things, I'm sorry if I was mistaken)
Brand New Rock
Brand New Rock Prije 7 sati
Man… 40 yrs later after thier peak in the end of the 70ts…. uhhh… and they still almost sound the same 40 yrs later… duuuh? You complaning???
Paul Lehmor
Paul Lehmor Prije 8 sati
@Skyler Borg Rumors tell that Michael studied a book by Phil Spector about audio engineering.
Skyler Borg
Skyler Borg Prije 8 sati
The ABBA girls have always worked hard on different sounds. Back with Michael Tretow they would layer with different tracks for a full sound and adjust the speed off just a hair to make the sound sparkle...his words. No indication from B and B that it was done at all this time, just their 2 voices just work together for a unique sound, but now at a lower tone.
x7video Prije 12 sati
I like the song. But 1 thing i really dislike. 0.39 - 0.47. That stupid sound should be mixed out if the song.
Jane Guest
Jane Guest Prije 12 sati
Love this song thanks Abba :)
Warren Goode
Warren Goode Prije 12 sati
A simple word that explains everything regarding the songs . Brilliance of abba . Ok three words
shivamayi Prije 13 sati
we love you ABBA!!!
Mike 999
Mike 999 Prije 13 sati
Nov 5th can't Come around soon enough! Excellent
Anna-Lena Olsson
Anna-Lena Olsson Prije 13 sati
I love this
Carl Heese
Carl Heese Prije 13 sati
Check out this excellent extended version by the best remixer here (I'm a big fan). It's so addicting and satisfying to listen i swear y'all.🤗
NIkolay Yakovlev
NIkolay Yakovlev Prije 13 sati
I listen this song every day 🤩
Brigitte Frederich
Brigitte Frederich Prije 14 sati
Super Song . Ich freue mich auf die neueste ABBA CD
Romi Darlington
Romi Darlington Prije 14 sati
Thx for coming back Abba, love from Indonesia 😻
Bucur Ion
Bucur Ion Prije 14 sati
Very musical...
Kurt Sveistrup
Kurt Sveistrup Prije 14 sati
Well if I could have a voice like this at age 71 it would be a miracle ♥️
lemxnqvartz old
lemxnqvartz old Prije 14 sati
idk sounds alright to me
Bjorn De Laet
Bjorn De Laet Prije 14 sati
Haunting me. Makes me cry😢
Dan Smith
Dan Smith Prije 15 sati
You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice.
Pokojni Toza
Pokojni Toza Prije 15 sati
First Ghost, then Greta Van Fleet, then ABBA releases new songs... 70's ARE COMING BACK!!!! FINALLY!!!!
Gabriel Uuttera
Gabriel Uuttera Prije 15 sati
My whole life, all about their music.. And my parents listened Abba too when I was born.. Only thing I hate about Abba that my god those hairstyles I had when I was kid and all lovely clothes 😂😂 Well cant blame anyone, for me this is more than just comeback..
suzzana joy
suzzana joy Prije 15 sati
You may lay down for a very long time but...
Miaou Maw
Miaou Maw Prije 15 sati
I am 23 and I love ABBA so much that I cried listening this song
ernesto visconti
ernesto visconti Prije 15 sati
Bellissima canzone è un bell video significativo sieti grandi bei tempi Ricordi vi vorrei stringere la mano a tutti 4 è una bella foto cosi farò un bell poster grande .è un sogno se conto mè ok ciaooo
RC-XD Prije 16 sati
Playboicarti > ABBA.
classical love songs
classical love songs Prije 18 sati
Legends, do you agree? 😍
TRUMP WON BY A LOT Prije 18 sati
IMO this song starts being pretty weak (I think intentionally) and it gets bigger and brighter and 90 seconds in, you know that this is an EAR-WORM in the making. Do half a dozen listens and then walk away for a few days and I guarantee you are still humming it . . . It's a classic! I dont know how they do it . . . BRAVO
Manuell Cooper
Manuell Cooper Prije 18 sati
That sound like the old stuff... but somehow modern.
maria cristina ruchti
maria cristina ruchti Prije 18 sati
Brasil ai Setembre 2021 .
Hugo Alberto Vicente
Hugo Alberto Vicente Prije 19 sati
Hernosa melodía, hermosa canción... Lo volvieron a hacer... Grande ABBA!! Cuando hay magia, lo demás viene solo!!!
Jose Mazo
Jose Mazo Prije 19 sati
Magnificent singers
MLWHEP Fiorino
MLWHEP Fiorino Prije 20 sati
At last, a brilliant hook to compliment today's artists. Love it!!!!😊☝
rene teuwen
rene teuwen Prije 20 sati
It's like they've never been away with their wonderful music. Thank you for all the beautiful moments with your music all these years
Salah Alsulaiman
Salah Alsulaiman Prije 21 sat
Seeing them at their real age would be nicer than avatars !
R.D.A. 1968
R.D.A. 1968 Prije 21 sat
Great Song.......Abba for ever.....Grüße aus Deutschland
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire Prije 21 sat
Hope you know Jesus as savior I grew up on this love this music th you abba
Helen Stephens
Helen Stephens Prije 21 sat
Six weeks time the new album comes out can’t wait so excited
KnightBear Inc.
KnightBear Inc. Prije 21 sat
I just keep coming back
Eq Queen
Eq Queen Prije 22 sati
it feels like old times
Paper Moon
Paper Moon Prije 22 sati
Wissam Alatki
Wissam Alatki Prije 22 sati
I finally feel alive ❤❤❤❤ the first song i listened to ABBA i was 6 years old ... now i m 45 and they still my heroes.
Samuela Cabe
Samuela Cabe Prije 22 sati
We really miss you, wish you still here,.but you’re still not forgotten,.💙🤩👏
John William Kennedy
John William Kennedy Prije 22 sati
Thank you, Abba, for coming back. It's been a very long 40 years without your music and you have been greatly missed. Your new songs are wonderful.
RW WisdomFromAshes
RW WisdomFromAshes Prije 23 sati
Stunning in its beauty. Best ABBA song ever.
B Nor
B Nor Prije 23 sati
I'm not only listening this and I Still Have Faith In You multiple times every day, I'm also listening to their entire back catalogue every day. I especially love the Visitors album - It's wonderful - a timeless classic! Like all their songs really...
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