Highlights | West Ham 1-1 Aston Villa

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Aston Villa FC

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MAYANK BISHT Prije mjesec
Who here after aston villa beat liverpool 7-2
AVB 81
AVB 81 Prije mjesec
Ngl john cena’s commentary do be good
Muziwandiswe Ndebele
Muziwandiswe Ndebele Prije 2 mjeseci
well done villa lads are in the prem
Andrés P
Andrés P Prije 2 mjeseci
Just realized I'm better than most of these, and by the way football without an atmosphere not entertaining at all. Next sport.
flyvon fernandes
flyvon fernandes Prije 3 mjeseci
Jack the saviour
abdur rahman
abdur rahman Prije 3 mjeseci
Never give up villa❤❤😍
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men Prije 3 mjeseci
great .......
Kyle Barton
Kyle Barton Prije 4 mjeseci
Sportology TV
Sportology TV Prije 4 mjeseci
Check our our interview with Mark Bosnich, giving his thoughts on Villa's season, whether Grealish will be sold and former teammates Solskjaer and Lampard as managers. Check it out! hrpost.info/history/ntV7ZtK0gZmLipg/video
Mohamed Nabil_76
Mohamed Nabil_76 Prije 4 mjeseci
Andy Clark
Andy Clark Prije 4 mjeseci
Aston Villa FC (I've asked Villa On Tour) but he's failed to get back to me. Aston Villa FC (or any Villa Fans) Which one was better, Villa winning the plays offs (to get into the Premiership) or staying up in the Premiership.
X Raba Material
X Raba Material Prije 4 mjeseci
Grelish come to manu
hollywood movies
hollywood movies Prije 4 mjeseci
watch movies and series trailers on this channel
manoti msanii
manoti msanii Prije 4 mjeseci
Claude Zavala
Claude Zavala Prije 4 mjeseci
Great Villa!!!! 🥳🥳🥳
Mohamed Ahmad
Mohamed Ahmad Prije 4 mjeseci
Hongera sana Aston Villa kwa juhudi mulizoonesha.Tanzania moja.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Prije 4 mjeseci
Vamoooos, lo celebre como un villano mas desde España. ❤️💙
karnafully ctg
karnafully ctg Prije 4 mjeseci
আপনাদের ভাগ্য ভালো av
Ben Fostahhh
Ben Fostahhh Prije 4 mjeseci
Comgratulations from Kazakhstan Aston Villa 🇰🇿🥳😍
denis makweba
denis makweba Prije 4 mjeseci
Nifuraha kwa watanzania wengi Samatta kutoshuka daraja,nani tuko naye pamoja? 👇
Salman Khan
Salman Khan Prije 4 mjeseci
Hamna hata mmoja
Айип Шарафидин уулу
Айип Шарафидин уулу Prije 4 mjeseci
Смотрю Пепе реина там думал кубок взяли
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Prije 4 mjeseci
Felicidades villanos desde Venezuela 🇻🇪✌️ soy seguidor del liverpool por con mucho aprecio al villa por black sabbath
BDCORE FUTBOL TV Prije 4 mjeseci
Shrief El Shorbagy
Shrief El Shorbagy Prije 4 mjeseci
U have to thank trezeguet he brought u 6 points
adam smith
adam smith Prije 4 mjeseci
*BEST VOCAL & VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!* hrpost.info/history/p7Vpf9bVY6yoi5w/video
Владимир Петров
Владимир Петров Prije 4 mjeseci
Yes yes yes we are still in EPL! Congratulations from russian Villa fan)
Seta Soujirou
Seta Soujirou Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm a Blackburn fan...so happy to see a big club like Villa stayed up...congrats
Carol Mannion
Carol Mannion Prije 3 mjeseci
Thankyou seta for your comment been to blackburn so many times. Take care
Adam Bushell
Adam Bushell Prije 4 mjeseci
All I can say is now. Please spend well this summer I beg🙌.
Jhe Prije 4 mjeseci
230k viewers 🧐
Malone m
Malone m Prije 4 mjeseci
Still can't believe it what a day UTV
Online video
Online video Prije 4 mjeseci
I think they win on cup🤣😂
fahri muhammad
fahri muhammad Prije 4 mjeseci
Aston villa feels like a champion
Gucci J
Gucci J Prije 4 mjeseci
Fredy master
Fredy master Prije 4 mjeseci
hrpost.info/history/q81loJyydJCDiKQ/video Ni mimi tena fredy master nakuja tena kwako kuomba support yako ili tuweze fika malengo #usisahau kusubscribe, kushare, kukomenti na kulike pia🙏🏻naamini utanipenda maana yajayo yanafurahish
lets game
lets game Prije 4 mjeseci
Your welcome
Alberto Ugas
Alberto Ugas Prije 4 mjeseci
Felicidades villanos desde Venezuela 🇻🇪✌️ soy seguidor del liverpool por con mucho aprecio al villa por black sabbath
Secret Shadow Knight
Secret Shadow Knight Prije 4 mjeseci
CONGRATULATIONS! lads, you deserve it. From Newcastle United :D
Bayarsaikhan Bayaraa
Bayarsaikhan Bayaraa Prije 4 mjeseci
That was the longest hour and half of my life. Great job lads! Villa fan here from MONGOLIA!!!
BABATUNDE SANNI Prije 4 mjeseci
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇬 Understand the threshold of the most important knowledge hrpost.info/history/nJtqpa6oq5aLaIo/video 🇺🇲
Top random Vids
Top random Vids Prije 4 mjeseci
I wanted trez 95
Hicham Bella
Hicham Bella Prije 4 mjeseci
Always FLY
Always FLY Prije 4 mjeseci
Juned Hussain
Juned Hussain Prije 4 mjeseci
Well done boys. I'm so proud of you and let's hope we play better next season. UTV!!!!
Joaquin Cáceres
Joaquin Cáceres Prije 4 mjeseci
come on villains!! 💪🏻
wanai mushambadope
wanai mushambadope Prije 4 mjeseci
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rotpeter Prije 4 mjeseci
Good luck with that.
-xXmarhidXx -
-xXmarhidXx - Prije 4 mjeseci
Grealish is the best!!!
Tz Channel
Tz Channel Prije 4 mjeseci
Congratulations villa 👏👏👏
Simon Baker
Simon Baker Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm a safc fan but so pleased for villa it's not nice going down, well done Jack
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey I am a Club bruges fan, from Belgium. Hopefully you can let Wesley play next season.
Good Day
Good Day Prije 3 mjeseci
He would have played, but he’s had a bad injury since January.
David Gadea
David Gadea Prije 4 mjeseci
Equal to both !!! I'm Happy for the Hammers and For The Vila Team Too !!! Cheers to All !!! Come On You Irons !!! Aúpa Pucela !!! Up The Hammers !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On !!!
andy tilly
andy tilly Prije 4 mjeseci
well done villa from a pissed off forest fan glad you stopped up :)
WoE Games
WoE Games Prije 4 mjeseci
Amazing job by Jack Grealish
Resi MX
Resi MX Prije 4 mjeseci
Commander Rex
Commander Rex Prije 4 mjeseci
Nigel Reo Coker- Bad Mbwanna Ally Samatta- *BAD*
Alan Montañez
Alan Montañez Prije 4 mjeseci
Fantasy history for Villa
Farid Manafli
Farid Manafli Prije 4 mjeseci
Especially Pepe Reina
Farid Manafli
Farid Manafli Prije 4 mjeseci
Takudzwa Dzingai
Takudzwa Dzingai Prije 4 mjeseci
Villa for real from Zim
Samuel Geleta
Samuel Geleta Prije 4 mjeseci
Carol Mannion
Carol Mannion Prije 2 mjeseci
To all the fans from your clubs who congratulated us villa for staying up.thankyou we deserved it . I love this club with all my heart goes back to.when i was 5 my dad and uncles took me to.villa .i am 65 now and.still go home and away on my own as my parents passed away and my uncle.holte enders now in the sky god bless them . Thanks again you.nice people
Kaka Tua
Kaka Tua Prije 4 mjeseci
No Drop Out! 🤣🤣🤣
AAA BBB Prije 4 mjeseci
Secret Seeing
Secret Seeing Prije 4 mjeseci
Super Star Grealish
Alexandra Downing
Alexandra Downing Prije 4 mjeseci
fudge the blues
Alexandra Downing
Alexandra Downing Prije 4 mjeseci
Sweet Caroline
King Leonard
King Leonard Prije 4 mjeseci
We are staying up! UTV
Lekurishkun Prije 4 mjeseci
Villa staying up, United will not go after Grealish then
Matthew Watts
Matthew Watts Prije 4 mjeseci
Love it! And bless their keeper having a shocker on Jack's shot!
Ali kamal1987
Ali kamal1987 Prije 4 mjeseci
Good work , from Iraq.
Luigi95 Prije 4 mjeseci
Well done villans! Please, keep Mings, McGinn and Grealish, and bring a new manager. Next season we have to fight for better things.
Bonnie Tin
Bonnie Tin Prije 4 mjeseci
Congrats Aston Villa !
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer Prije 4 mjeseci
What a goal
Modele Lanre
Modele Lanre Prije 4 mjeseci
I have a strange feeling this game was professionally fixed
Nabeel -_-
Nabeel -_- Prije 4 mjeseci
Tinaasja Tinaasja
Tinaasja Tinaasja Prije 4 mjeseci
Geezer gonna be very happy,i suppose!
what the hell
what the hell Prije 4 mjeseci
Well done villans...you don't deserve relegation ♥️🇩🇿
Wilson Leeroy Marichi
Wilson Leeroy Marichi Prije 4 mjeseci
Villa for life
Anand prakash
Anand prakash Prije 4 mjeseci
Congratulations Aston Villa from Chelsea Fan 💙
Jamal Jimmy
Jamal Jimmy Prije 4 mjeseci
I hope Samatta will remain a villa player next season
volk_z_franika Prije 4 mjeseci
They are more happier than Liverpool 😂
HOME Prije 4 mjeseci
Bewket Sisay
Bewket Sisay Prije 4 mjeseci
Big credit for Arsenal.
MC SWAI Prije 4 mjeseci
we need to see more from Samatha next season n all player of Aston villa n to finish next season on top 4
the mens design
the mens design Prije 4 mjeseci
Trụ hạng.com
Grxcie007 Prije 4 mjeseci
Deanos leaving 🦁🥺🥺🦁😰
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi Prije 4 mjeseci
if grealish leaves then villa will have to sign a player of his calibre.
Bar1 Prije 4 mjeseci
We stay up now for the second half of prediction to come true Newcastle's take over to fall through so we can laugh at Newcastle
nazim douma
nazim douma Prije 4 mjeseci
i am so happy villa still in PL
Señor AM
Señor AM Prije 4 mjeseci
What a pity game become football, defenders afraid of touching rival because everything is a penalty nowadays
LambShanks Prije 4 mjeseci
Well done villa so glad you managed to stay in the prem.
mazoukar Prije 4 mjeseci
Jak te kurwy sie ciesza ze sie utrzymali xd
JWA Miki
JWA Miki Prije 4 mjeseci
Glad villa stayed up. Great football club. Congratulations to tge fans
Meghraj - Dolphins and Chargers Fandom India
Meghraj - Dolphins and Chargers Fandom India Prije 4 mjeseci
Love Villans from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 Congratulations we stayed up 🙏💪💪
Elmi Mohamed Elmi Egge
Elmi Mohamed Elmi Egge Prije 4 mjeseci
Aston villa deserved to be religated been so poor in premier League boring and lack of creativity , don't have the quality of premier League .
Ash B
Ash B Prije 4 mjeseci
First season is just about surviving then you start buying more quality
Johnny Hartley
Johnny Hartley Prije 4 mjeseci
What is the point of doing unbalanced highlights like this, that don't give a proper idea of the overall match, where you only show the opponents touching the ball once?
blaise russo
blaise russo Prije 4 mjeseci
The question is can they keep Grealish
Jayl H
Jayl H Prije 4 mjeseci
nice social distancing bro
Private Artyom
Private Artyom Prije 4 mjeseci
Congrats from a liverpool fan..always had a soft spot for villa
German Science
German Science Prije 5 dana
7-2 BOI
AVB 81
AVB 81 Prije mjesec
How abt now
Bayezid II
Bayezid II Prije mjesec
Ugh ...
James Beardmore
James Beardmore Prije mjesec
How about now 😂😂
KOMMA TUBE Prije 4 mjeseci
Il Calcio
Il Calcio Prije 4 mjeseci
Así se hace mierda Un grande como el aston villa no debía bajar y lo demostro en estas últimas jornadas Felicitaciones desde Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱
iam ADEL
iam ADEL Prije 4 mjeseci
Jack should stay, unless its from a top club where he can start. United should be a definite NO!
Anderton Chigoneka
Anderton Chigoneka Prije 4 mjeseci
Aston Villa well done on surviving in first season back but my god you got away with it. I remember against Sheffield United ball clearly went over the line and somehow wasn’t given. Bournemouth also had four goals not given. Villa got away with murder
Ash B
Ash B Prije 4 mjeseci
Villa got a lot of bad VAR decisions that cost us points
Ian Jones
Ian Jones Prije 4 mjeseci
Aston who?
Woden's hitman
Woden's hitman Prije 4 mjeseci
Founding member of the football league and fifth most decorated club in England.Dont you have skytv in your village?
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