Last to Stop Playing Fortnite Wins $10,000 Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

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Jaydin Kelley
Jaydin Kelley Prije 20 sati
00:05 that fast do 00:01 so why am I here Jarvis lol I 💀 died
Oliver Barnes
Oliver Barnes Prije 22 sati
Are you in uk when you where filming this vid
Ares Waves
Ares Waves Prije dan
This just makes me wanna play fn again
Theylove Flu
Theylove Flu Prije dan
Is anyone watching this while he banned
Peter Arciga
Peter Arciga Prije 2 dana
I am here when he got beanned
Charlie Play
Charlie Play Prije 2 dana
I yorned
Ben Lumley
Ben Lumley Prije 2 dana
Who’s watching in 2021 when Jarvis is banned
Tyler Zee
Tyler Zee Prije 2 dana
The big White
The big White Prije 2 dana
Isn't that Torture?
perprocket Prije 2 dana
I yaned
Bryce Wade
Bryce Wade Prije 2 dana
Who is here in 2021
Hoxxar SkullZ
Hoxxar SkullZ Prije 3 dana
me in 2021 watching this video
James Dougan
James Dougan Prije 3 dana
Uses 3 guns this is the game we’re doing it
Allan Whitty
Allan Whitty Prije 3 dana
who’s here from 2021
Gaming With Devin
Gaming With Devin Prije 3 dana
Who is 11 or 10 i just turned 10 on January 8
Gaming With Devin
Gaming With Devin Prije 3 dana
In 2021
Jakob Adamič
Jakob Adamič Prije 4 dana
Sam Bob
Sam Bob Prije 4 dana
I’m here in 2021 while Jarvis is still banned
Mallysgaming Prije 4 dana
I’m gone to miss him playing fortnite
Goddamn Bunny
Goddamn Bunny Prije 4 dana
on the other one mate
AuA gamers 297
AuA gamers 297 Prije 4 dana
Drinks hahaha your gonna need to go to the bathroom
Crazy man
Crazy man Prije 4 dana
Crazy man
Crazy man Prije 4 dana
i did not mean that sorry jarvis
TtvKam Prije 5 dana
does faze jarvis reply
Nicholas Barton
Nicholas Barton Prije 5 dana
I hope faze k brushes his teeth
Flixzy Prije 5 dana
Steele Brothers
Steele Brothers Prije 5 dana
I yawned
_Dark_ Prije 5 dana
Please bring back the memory epic unban him
Devin Ko
Devin Ko Prije 7 dana
Who’s here while Jarvis is banned ‘2021’
BadBoy BS 84
BadBoy BS 84 Prije 7 dana
Arik Mitchell
Arik Mitchell Prije 8 dana
Jarvis has aimbot
Matt Freitag
Matt Freitag Prije 8 dana
But jar is is banned
Tyler Prije 8 dana
I love your videos I am so sorry that you got banned from fortnite
Noah Hoskins Vlogs
Noah Hoskins Vlogs Prije 8 dana
People who here in 2021 can like
Thozzer YT
Thozzer YT Prije 8 dana
Who's here in 2021
CARD COLLECTOR 21 Prije 8 dana
Bro that funder tho
Dean Harvey
Dean Harvey Prije 8 dana
I know it is 2021 but u can just tell Jarvis has aimed bot
YT Crispi BTW
YT Crispi BTW Prije 8 dana
11:41 elite raider
Solo Kaleb
Solo Kaleb Prije 8 dana
Who’s Here In 2021 ?
kaanoi keaunui
kaanoi keaunui Prije 8 dana
Knight—Dani Prije 9 dana
You guys should try to do this challenge again😂
Voltage Prije 9 dana
Who's here in 2021 while jarvis is banned?
YPLeka Leka
YPLeka Leka Prije 9 dana
wait guys you know how we have that x-xotic weapong sniper thing from alex or something play look and watch it from there u can see the sniper and the storm thing is on the bottem 3:43/27:05 skip to 3:43 or 3:42 you will see what im talking about
YPLeka Leka
YPLeka Leka Prije 9 dana
stop at 3:44
LG yesfuee
LG yesfuee Prije 10 dana
Frazier:I'm just destroying people with this pistol Also Frazier:"only has 1 kill
Toni Nation
Toni Nation Prije 10 dana
Bro I wish Jarvis still played Fortnite
Sarah Mangano
Sarah Mangano Prije 11 dana
Sarah Mangano
Sarah Mangano Prije 11 dana
faze Gaming
faze Gaming Prije 12 dana
i wish he wasnt bandd
faze Gaming
faze Gaming Prije 12 dana
Fortnitetygoat oliver
Fortnitetygoat oliver Prije 12 dana
Qtgrant- Prije 13 dana
anyone watching in covid
jason o halloran
jason o halloran Prije 13 dana
I yawned hahaha 👍
OctalCascade Prije 13 dana
when jarvis wasnt banned
Tariq Mahmood
Tariq Mahmood Prije 11 dana
Alphajafs 123
Alphajafs 123 Prije 13 dana
Who still watching in 2021
SJ Gamer
SJ Gamer Prije 14 dana
It’s 2021
Sammy Kirsten
Sammy Kirsten Prije 14 dana
I yawned
Yorky's World
Yorky's World Prije 14 dana
i like to see jarvis play i miss it
Amanda Nixon
Amanda Nixon Prije 14 dana
He is still using 2 guns
Phantom Ghostyy
Phantom Ghostyy Prije 15 dana
bro jarvis was so cracked why did he have to get banned
Saxrk Prije 9 dana
Epic was dum
Saxrk Prije 9 dana
Viktor Sandström
Viktor Sandström Prije 15 dana
5:23 frazier snezd exaktly when jarvis pumped him in the head
Icey Prije 15 dana
whos here while hes banned ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Jason Bronson
Jason Bronson Prije 15 dana
Stop bullying Jarvis
Logan Brookes
Logan Brookes Prije 15 dana
one of the grenades went in the slipstream
ZARDY Prije 15 dana
Bro bro bro bro bro hahahaha
Dennis1977 Salinas
Dennis1977 Salinas Prije 16 dana
rwkt Prije 17 dana
its so funny how kay used to rage on fortnite now he just is calm and i wanna get there because im like highsky when he was raging on twitch before he got teminated
zenzy Prije 17 dana
tahan keppi jarviseganiiet
FIID GAMING Prije 17 dana
4:04 I had no meds but it was next to him lamoo 🤦‍♂️
FIID GAMING Prije 17 dana
3:47 Jarvis really said I’m alive but I’m dead heheh 😅😂
Nick DeVoe
Nick DeVoe Prije 17 dana
I miss this
Junior Rodriguez
Junior Rodriguez Prije 17 dana
Monk Khalil
Monk Khalil Prije 18 dana
maymax 3883
maymax 3883 Prije 18 dana
MR. Doof
MR. Doof Prije 18 dana
Frazier lands on a launch pad: Omg you do not understand what I just did bro!
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Prije 19 dana
Jarvis got cake 🥰
ChunkoPop Prije 19 dana
ughhhh pls epic games just unban him his content is soo bad now without fortnite
Aaron Sanford
Aaron Sanford Prije 19 dana
Don’t give Jarvis a combat
Ducky Lucky
Ducky Lucky Prije 19 dana
I miss the old fortnite like if you agree and dont like if you dont want to
PWR jordan
PWR jordan Prije 20 dana
JarVs shod of won
Aayu Panda
Aayu Panda Prije 20 dana
Who’s watching this in 2021
Joshua Sisifa
Joshua Sisifa Prije 20 dana
Res Prije 20 dana
2021 anybody
Mikey Berry
Mikey Berry Prije 20 dana
I used to drop mega
Sharnjit Bhachu
Sharnjit Bhachu Prije 20 dana
m1ni_ kiwi
m1ni_ kiwi Prije 20 dana
Jarvis won solo fell up first
Ozzie Hanks
Ozzie Hanks Prije 20 dana
Who is here in 2021
Mario Van Brussel
Mario Van Brussel Prije 20 dana
When you played fn you was getting so many likes
mario zetino
mario zetino Prije 21 dan
He was using aimbot
koko_zip Prije 21 dan
how much he pays u ? 0:06
Denis balog
Denis balog Prije 21 dan
Jarvis: "im not even that tired bro" 5 mins later "yo im actually kinda tired rn" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dakota Hall
Dakota Hall Prije 21 dan
Isle of faces Garvis
Mustafa Sarwar
Mustafa Sarwar Prije 22 dana
The world: Say a 360 noscope is insane Faze Kay: Gliding, and landing on a bridge, is insane
Kanden Lee
Kanden Lee Prije 22 dana
baned for life
Kanden Lee
Kanden Lee Prije 22 dana
rip javv
Kanden Lee
Kanden Lee Prije 22 dana
i im in 2021
9756-Ahmad Ali Abou Chakra
9756-Ahmad Ali Abou Chakra Prije 22 dana
maybe if faze jarvis didnt get banned he was goonna play at mouse and keybourd
SteezyBr3eezy Prije 22 dana
Me watching this in 2021
SteezyBr3eezy Prije 22 dana
Right now
MooreMyth1c Prije 22 dana
The old days
Lenzz-_- Prije 22 dana
people watching this in 2021
Sako Keoshgerian
Sako Keoshgerian Prije 22 dana
The unequaled carp electrophysiologically press because fan originally consider after a cumbersome revolver. foamy, small guarantee
TN Riley
TN Riley Prije 22 dana
Wait this video has faze 5 in it
TN Riley
TN Riley Prije 22 dana
Ones monogram all
logan gillson
logan gillson Prije 22 dana
funny thing is when kay asked him to check his phone it didn't even turn on LOL
Musty On gfuel
Musty On gfuel Prije 23 dana
It was the SMG
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