Hermitcraft 7: Episode 60 - PACIFIC MEGA VAULT

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Mumbo Jumbo

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In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7, Mumbo meets up with Iskall at the Hermitcraft Pacific island and discusses business plans in the new Minecraft floaty Pacific Meeting Room! Mumbo Jumbo then builds up the Pacific Mega vault in the Mumbo mega base, where we are going to do all of the technical redstone testing. It is a huge 8 block high piston door, with a Minecraft 9 digit combination lock, redstone security and key codes!
COMBO LOCK: hrpost.info/history/f5CGmbPCX82yf6Q/video
Filming channel: hrpost.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
Mumbo Jumbo Prije mjesec
Anoop Brar
Anoop Brar Prije 12 dana
@Team Retro welp
d f
d f Prije 12 dana
William Anderson
William Anderson Prije 21 dan
The elevator design put on your website and Pacific or odea for hermits and us
William Anderson
William Anderson Prije 21 dan
Out the elevator design in odea or Pacific store and put the video on your website
CruiseBro16 Prije 23 dana
Hi Mumbo Jumbo!
Enderman Prije 7 sati
p4cific ez
Fuzzy Gamer13
Fuzzy Gamer13 Prije 16 sati
What’s the red stone circuit that closes and opens the door? Need the name so I can research it further on my smp
Alex Silverman
Alex Silverman Prije dan
Scar is holding a half Durability golden shovel
CPG Prije 3 dana
I'm gonna gess the password is. Pacific. Very secure combination there mubo pal. ;)
Diamond Mouse
Diamond Mouse Prije 4 dana
Mumbo you know “pacific” is named after a mini mall/apartment complex in Bondi beach (Sydney)
Irene Hughes
Irene Hughes Prije 4 dana
Mustache got snatched °0°
Alex Bellmore
Alex Bellmore Prije 6 dana
Pacific island shopping centre
Seabass O'Neal
Seabass O'Neal Prije 7 dana
I cant believe ive joined this party just barely to late, ive just discovered hermit craft and wouldve loved a chuffed to bits or mumbo for mayor shirt 😓
CongoRTX Prije 7 dana
Is the code P4C1F1C?
MadMax 5244
MadMax 5244 Prije 8 dana
Iskall: what do you need to travel the pacific? RUBBBER DUCK
TheRedstoneReed Prije 8 dana
I think I worked out how the combo lock works The line of redstone on the left is the signal coming from the button presses, and the similar circuits with the chests to the side of it are the individual decoders that allow the signal through only if it is the correct signal strength. Mind the fact that I’m a Bedrock player who is not the best at redstone and has played Java twice in his life. (The name RedstoneReed was a bit of a stretch don’t ya think)
Mert Özbek
Mert Özbek Prije 9 dana
Wait is there a block called "locked repeater" ?
LNC123 Prije 10 dana
p4c1f1c is the combo
OωO Prije 10 dana
Iskall spent all his budget on the so called “drawing”
O films
O films Prije 10 dana
that horse must like redstone
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije 11 dana
Did this man say poggerskal
Allie Syadiqin
Allie Syadiqin Prije 11 dana
Code: P4C1F1C
Hannah Woodard
Hannah Woodard Prije 12 dana
Thank you Mumbo for this amazing video. (Recent subscriber here loving the Hermitcraft series as I'm catching up) But I also want to thank the Google Employee who gave me that vault ad before the video started. Keep up the good work 👍🏻
TheMidnightTrain Prije 12 dana
I got an ad for vault doors
OrangeWolf 611
OrangeWolf 611 Prije 12 dana
No subtitles -_-
Mkhulisi Lab's
Mkhulisi Lab's Prije 12 dana
The combination is p1c
Cr7 Freestyle HD
Cr7 Freestyle HD Prije 13 dana
[Insert creative username]
[Insert creative username] Prije 13 dana
It’s Pacific, Pacif1c, Pac1fic, Pac1f1c, P4cific, P4c1fic, or P4c1f1c I think
The Codester 2.0
The Codester 2.0 Prije 13 dana
You should make an eye scanner instead of a code system
LiveLikeMarie Prije 13 dana
I- I just watched a face reveal video and I can't believe how old they all are!! It makes this server so much better because it proves that Minecraft can be enjoyed by anyone. Much respect 😟
John Hawkins
John Hawkins Prije 14 dana
Is the code p4c171c?
Ana Rojo
Ana Rojo Prije 14 dana
5:06 Comically Large Spoon
X Rocker Gaming
X Rocker Gaming Prije 15 dana
Markuss Trankalis
Markuss Trankalis Prije 15 dana
Mumbo: The vault will be very secure! Grian in his hermitcraft tour video: *throws random carrots down the open entrance*
CaptOW Prije 15 dana
I got an ad for a vault door on this video.
Nadif Khan Alrazi
Nadif Khan Alrazi Prije 15 dana
When did grian appear?
Texesh Prije 15 dana
The code is Pacific Basically Edit : with a few numbers here and there
The Skater Dude
The Skater Dude Prije 16 dana
The code is pacific he said so in his 10 hour video
Leland Becker
Leland Becker Prije 16 dana
Iskall: pacific is the biggest ocean Atlantic: am i a joke to you
Good Lil Dynamite
Good Lil Dynamite Prije 16 dana
season 6: Sahara season 7: Pacific what's next in s8? Antarctica?😂
Bozo__Gaming Prije 16 dana
The Passwords is pacific
Emmett Brashers
Emmett Brashers Prije 17 dana
love how all the titles are in ALL CAPS!!!!!
Lordsnord Prije 17 dana
It's pacific
Mr. Korok Man
Mr. Korok Man Prije 17 dana
the code is p9c1f1c
Beanzo Prije 18 dana
Mew And Acorn
Mew And Acorn Prije 18 dana
The code is pacific
Andrew Jack
Andrew Jack Prije 18 dana
Two grown men giggling like school girls for 10 minutes. I love it
Jason Stathon
Jason Stathon Prije 18 dana
"I've spent hours and hours working on designs" literally 2 dots and a mustache 😆 don't get me wrong it looks cool but still hahaha
Kian hughes
Kian hughes Prije 18 dana
ask grian t build the skyscraper plzzzzz🙏🙏🙏
Vasculitis Sucks
Vasculitis Sucks Prije 18 dana
I laugh every time ...I don't care how many times I watch the scenes with the squeaky sounds, just hearing those sounds and you two laughing... 😂. All you Hermits are awesome...❤
Nindroid20 Prije 19 dana
The code has to be p4c1f1c lol mumbo I got u
Federal Boob Inspector
Federal Boob Inspector Prije 19 dana
This video is wack This comment was made by Atlantic Ocean gang
Federal Boob Inspector
Federal Boob Inspector Prije 19 dana
No offence
Shawn Collins
Shawn Collins Prije 19 dana
Dude. Tomco built a 9 digit that is a fraction of that size. Works in bedrock too. She's awesome.
RUNDA. KA Prije 19 dana
The password is ‘Pacific’.
_Bryan _l_am
_Bryan _l_am Prije 19 dana
after re watching it, i guess its PCFC.
TheBurningWarrior Prije 20 dana
Only Mumbo would say a tshirt is pants.
Asher Stone
Asher Stone Prije 20 dana
"I've had merchandise in the past that is just- it's pants." Oh so that's why all your merch is shirts and hats.
Lilianna L
Lilianna L Prije 20 dana
The code is pacific with a few numbers switched out like 9ac1f1c I found out by watching the 10 hour video
Garrett B
Garrett B Prije 21 dan
Something about watching 2 grown men laughing over squeaky concrete is very satisfying.
Jeff Prije 21 dan
Mumbo: this is going to be a very secure place Grian walks in in his episode and chucks carrots at him 🤔
jeiiyrose pee
jeiiyrose pee Prije 21 dan
The code is pacific it’s in the 10 hr video
Gaming ray
Gaming ray Prije 22 dana
What 9:35 we are sex?
Maddie Walters
Maddie Walters Prije 24 dana
17:33 "slap me with a cold vegan fish cake"
Mary Letey
Mary Letey Prije 24 dana
the code is pacific duh
Adam Sherrill
Adam Sherrill Prije 25 dana
19:47 just 2 happy poggy boiis
the gamer
the gamer Prije 25 dana
While I was watching this I got an add for an actual vault door. It was black shiny and had gold colored handle
sharkito -_-
sharkito -_- Prije 25 dana
You could use bundles as bags instead of those minecarts
Olive64 Prije 25 dana
Why am I imagining that reddit meme like “I dunno if this is right but I cant be bothered to check so” *upvotes* for this part 9:00
Dillon Gardner
Dillon Gardner Prije 26 dana
Sahara 2.0
⓿SuperUltimateGodPotato⓿ Prije 26 dana
The code is Pacific, it was an Easter egg in a different video
Kitti Kutas
Kitti Kutas Prije 26 dana
Who's gonna tell him that he built a 9 digit lock last season? (1,5-2 years ago)
Dick Butt
Dick Butt Prije 26 dana
Im late but my guess on the code. P-1-C-9-F-9-C P-(1=A)-C-(9=I)-F-(9=I)-C
Darcey Olson
Darcey Olson Prije 27 dana
yaaa mumbo pog much poggers
Xenronnify Prije 27 dana
Pacific: Shop for whatevers, get _pacifically_ what you need.
Saphire Barker
Saphire Barker Prije 27 dana
Hmmmmm could it be pacific 😂😂😂
Allison Pantano
Allison Pantano Prije 28 dana
I have never cried laughing over 2 grown men in beach outfits on inflatable floating devices and I dont think I ever will again😂😂
FieryAidan Prije 28 dana
Guys the code is pacific
FieryAidan Prije 28 dana
They should buy iskalls magnificent art instead
HussLegends Prije 28 dana
The code is actually pacific from the afk lamp video for 10 hours. Yh i watched it all
Kumbum Likhith
Kumbum Likhith Prije 28 dana
Plot twist "he took an output from c to open the door " (17:40 )no combination!!
I Surrender
I Surrender Prije 29 dana
I was looking forward to mumbo using the towers outside his base, maybe you could make some of them small farms?
Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey Prije 29 dana
Pacific is the alter ego of Sahara Pacific ocean big Sahara Desert big
Issey Dallmayer
Issey Dallmayer Prije 29 dana
When he talks about red stone I think stop speaking another language
CSM Studio
CSM Studio Prije 29 dana
Hmm what password could start with P and end with C and have something to do with the ocean? Maybe *Problematic?* Nah I'm pretty sure it's P4C1F1C. And yes I figured that out myself btw
Colton Mims
Colton Mims Prije mjesec
You and Iskall make great stuff together. Y’all really play off of each other’s ridiculousness. Always find myself smiling. Haha
pixel strength
pixel strength Prije mjesec
I want to like but i had to dislike so thales vid isn't cursed. It is now at 667 so it's good. If you read this and there are more then 667 dislikes then lmk so I can like the video once again lol
Average forza player
Average forza player Prije mjesec
5:03 did Iskall just say Many Khoshbins Catchphrase, “Great success”
Derpy chicken CHICKENS
Derpy chicken CHICKENS Prije mjesec
Call it pipe pig
QuesadElla :3
QuesadElla :3 Prije mjesec
every member of business should get the ''gasp'' head XD
Max Riley
Max Riley Prije mjesec
Noah Maratchi
Noah Maratchi Prije mjesec
vXyll _
vXyll _ Prije mjesec
Is the password p4c1f1c
Bolpi95 Prije mjesec
I didn't hear the pulsating heart... the base died?
Stings 01
Stings 01 Prije mjesec
I’ve seen pass code, I randomly skipped to it
Stings 01
Stings 01 Prije mjesec
The pass code is Pacific c
Stings 01
Stings 01 Prije mjesec
I mean the Easter egg is a pass code to the vault
ethan matheson
ethan matheson Prije mjesec
My guess is the code is P4C1F1C
Tommaso Filipponi
Tommaso Filipponi Prije mjesec
Mumbo pog
*Toxic* Prije mjesec
the pacific vault code p4c1fic
Luna Sarah Abhinaya 8B
Luna Sarah Abhinaya 8B Prije mjesec
Is it just me, or seeing mumbo with the pogger face is weird to me but it doesn't look weird on iskal's face even tho his beard is gone But I think the reason why is that, mumbo's mustache was his icon so when it gets removed, it's look kinda strange. But when iskal use it, it doesn't look weird b'cuss even tho the beard has gone, his icon are not the beard, it's his lime robotic eye and it doesn't get removed when he use his pooger face. It's not that I dislike it tho, it's just my thoughts
Crystal Daniel
Crystal Daniel Prije mjesec
um is the base still alive..... ?
Sam Houston
Sam Houston Prije mjesec
P4C1F1C... that’s the code
Finn Danger
Finn Danger Prije mjesec
The code to his vault is p4c1f1c
Witherleadermc Prije mjesec
The code is pacific ;)
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel Prije mjesec
The code is PACIFIC with some letters swapped out with numbers.
tyty0526 Prije mjesec
the code for the vault is P4C1F1C
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