I Have a Confession to Make...

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This isn't easy for me to talk about... For the past 6 months there has been a shadow looming over my life. A pastry shaped shadow that has started to bleed into other parts of my day-to-day and I neither me nor my personal trainer can handle it anymore. You deserve better and, more importantly, I deserve better. And the only way to face this head on is to go straight to Pop Tart HQ and confront Mr. Kellogg himself... Wish me luck.
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Matt C
Matt C Prije 56 minuta
I'm just imagining markiplier roasting Pop-Tarts after he says the acronym "People Over Person To All Really Tragics" as if he means the actual organization
MsBecki Prije sat
As a long-time Pop Tart connoisseur, I understand your obsession! I must admit I am a raw-ist, I eat them right out of the package. I will occasionally toast them, but to me I get more of the essence of Pop Tart in it's raw form. Couple it with tea it is amazing! My personal favorite is Frosted Cherry.
Hani Rashid
Hani Rashid Prije 3 sati
why do you look like Walmart Keanu reeves
The Titus
The Titus Prije 6 sati
dude markiplier's content has really gone through something over the years,. last vid I saw was fnaf 4
The Titus
The Titus Prije 6 sati
poptarts is food for the gods
GhostyBoi Prije 8 sati
Strawberry milkshake is my personal favorite
Arcade EverRed
Arcade EverRed Prije 8 sati
as being ex military duck burpees.... just no *cries from years of burpees* (brown sugar is the best one js)
Robloxian Caliphate
Robloxian Caliphate Prije 10 sati
Best moment of the video by far: 12:04
Eloyster Prije 11 sati
strawberry's my favorite dont really like cherry that much
Wow Its Lena
Wow Its Lena Prije 17 sati
The moment before disaster.
Bi-Butt M
Bi-Butt M Prije 17 sati
that's about 8 poptarts a day...
Mateja Igrutinovic
Mateja Igrutinovic Prije 20 sati
Clickbait 100%
28:05 IM DIEING!!!!!😂😂😂
Imagination Animation
Imagination Animation Prije 22 sati
"I'm a salt kind of guy" Me: used to eat salt on a day to day basis, drink ketchup, and ingest butter.
dabestbr0x yt
dabestbr0x yt Prije dan
Markiplier before 2020: Normal successful HRpostr occassionally uploading memes Markiplier at the end of 2020: Food reviewer
00The_Golden_Gamer00 Prije dan
Why review something if all your gonna do is make fun of it? If you don't like it then don't do it. 😒
ebrahim khalil
ebrahim khalil Prije dan
Fun fact: Bugs have more proteins than Pop tarts
Ана-Мария Маркова
Ана-Мария Маркова Prije dan
If you don't wanna watch the whole video, here's everything in general: The kid of Keanu Reeves and Willford Warfstasche ranting over a company for ice cream and it's curse.
Kyle Griggs
Kyle Griggs Prije dan
me clicking on this video thinking it was another deep sad story or event in Markipliers life
Alphah Prije dan
Welp the health gods struck him down after this🙂
•††Forwardspider54††• Prije dan
Alternative title:Mark being mad at different flavors of a so-called *bReAkfAsT foOd* for 33 minutes and 55 seconds
bigbabyboy420 Prije dan
he said that it is dry he put it in the toaster
Katherine Broadway
Katherine Broadway Prije dan
See, here's the thing. The best part about strawberry milkshakes (which is the best flavor of average milkshakes btw, I don't know what Mark is talking about) is that they're cold. So like... toasting a milkshake flavored Poptart... I-I-is just gonna defeat the purpose of the cold treat that is: A milkshake.
Katherine Broadway
Katherine Broadway Prije dan
"What a waste of food." Mark, just take all of the ones you already tried and bake the world's largest, most Pop-Tart themed crumb cake ever.
Wolf Hound
Wolf Hound Prije dan
Dude your going to get FAT XD XD
Fizzy Animations
Fizzy Animations Prije dan
I thought the confession was gonna be something bad but now I’m having trouble keeping a straight face but pop tarts aren’t that bad
Mike Prije 2 dana
Not to be the bearer of bad news but there's about 190 calories in each pop-tart and two come in a bag so that would actually be 190 calories times 2 times 84 which comes out to 31,920 calories.
John Boy
John Boy Prije 2 dana
In fifth grade I always felt so depressed when there was no frosting on my Pop Tart.
Triple S
Triple S Prije 2 dana
Man who doesn't like chocolate & loves fruit wastes 30 minutes to conclude fruit tastes better than chocolate
MFP Prije 2 dana
Hahahahahaha. The editing quality and his personality, are AMAZIIING
Tiernan Lanoie
Tiernan Lanoie Prije 2 dana
OMG I LOVE POPTARTS. That would litterilly be me if I could spend all my parents money on pop tarts
Micheal afton
Micheal afton Prije 2 dana
18:04 *me when I overheard that I'm spending two nights at my best friends house* :o
picsmics4 Prije 2 dana
This has same energy as MeatCanyon's goku video
Camdyn Dickerson
Camdyn Dickerson Prije 2 dana
Man said there are 4 left in here and it's a 16 pack. Then he said 8. Mark's logic: 16-4=8
Atsuhiro Sako
Atsuhiro Sako Prije 2 dana
You know what I drink 5 pounds of Apple juice per 10 hours you do you I do me
Austin Conrad
Austin Conrad Prije 2 dana
Thought he was going to be gay or something Not that there is anything wrong with being gay
Zara Forsland
Zara Forsland Prije 2 dana
Alternate title: Hiding poptarts from Amy's holy peepers.
DaMemeBoi _
DaMemeBoi _ Prije 23 sati
Its_Prks Prije 2 dana
Man, finally he's coming out to his that he's gay... Wait, nevermind.
Katie Bowdoin
Katie Bowdoin Prije 2 dana
Mark: People who eat potarts microwaved or cold are heathans. Me, who eats both: 😳
that.one. bookshelf
that.one. bookshelf Prije 2 dana
The next time i play among us my name is gonna be Marks poptart if it'll fit. I SWEAR IT ON MY LIIFEE
TheKoreyVolcom Prije 2 dana
Pengu Prije 3 dana
I thought this was fucking serious until the joke with lixian
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Prije 3 dana
I’m a diabetic, and 69 CARBS?!
Philip McDonald
Philip McDonald Prije 3 dana
Cherry is literally the worst fruity flavored poptart there is. Strawberry is one of the best, and so is Wildberry
Tae Kang
Tae Kang Prije 3 dana
Whats YOUR guy's favourite pop tart flavor?
kentrell lee
kentrell lee Prije 3 dana
Who keep $500 worth of Pop Tarts a secret?
Kaylee Spooner
Kaylee Spooner Prije 3 dana
The pause at 16:57 has me cracked up... this is different packaging 😂
waksdm rkdfgvdfm
waksdm rkdfgvdfm Prije 3 dana
amy: you dont need to tell me what everything means what amy is really saying: shut up.
Puk Sørensen
Puk Sørensen Prije 3 dana
Mark: poptart better sponser me when this video is done Also Mark: this is garbage, this taste like shit, I dont know how the got you to think this was a good breakfast, This is really bad for you. Also also Mark: eats 84 poptarts
waksdm rkdfgvdfm
waksdm rkdfgvdfm Prije 3 dana
waksdm rkdfgvdfm
waksdm rkdfgvdfm Prije 3 dana
mark: burps toaster: AHHHH mark: oh look its done
waksdm rkdfgvdfm
waksdm rkdfgvdfm Prije 3 dana
mark: even if this changes your opinion on me.. everyone: no its gonna change your comments
Mayhem AND Friends
Mayhem AND Friends Prije 4 dana
I think no Ethan + quarantine is getting to him guys
Mr Gore
Mr Gore Prije 4 dana
Yo Mark you got anymore of the tarts?
Haven Walters
Haven Walters Prije 4 dana
Markiplier makes my day
fluffipinkbunnies Prije 4 dana
Poptarts are cookies and no one can tell me otherwise.
Fireblxze Prije 4 dana
Looking at your vid reminded me of TheActMan and i went to watch him and im now a fan of TheActMan all because i saw mark close up
Momo Yuki
Momo Yuki Prije 4 dana
review the video Its not true Sry mark 😃 you still have my love and respect
puppetmasterin Prije 4 dana
What are Pop Tarts?????
puppetmasterin Prije 4 dana
@Fireblxze Ha???
Fireblxze Prije 4 dana
Fireblxze Prije 4 dana
Poop tarts are my childhood
MotorMatt Prije 5 dana
Mark? Has reviewing food finally broken you?
Larissa Wu
Larissa Wu Prije 5 dana
Did anyone else write a list?
toxiclunch Prije 5 dana
Frosted Pop-Tarts < Frosted Toaster Strudel
Julianna Venisce Perez
Julianna Venisce Perez Prije 5 dana
Oh my lord theres so much poptart boxes ;-;"
Roman Sanchez
Roman Sanchez Prije 5 dana
I fell you
Kars Aja
Kars Aja Prije 5 dana
Vomer Conch
Vomer Conch Prije 5 dana
yeh but pop tarts are supposed to be like pie-ish things and pies aren’t frosted so if you wanna have a pie for breakfast get the unfrosted ones.
Liandre Prije 5 dana
@Vomer Conch you can just buy pie's XD its probably not the same than making them yourself but according to markiplier everything is better than pop tarts. they dont do those in my country so i dont know how bad they must be. But theres alot of unhealthy food anyway so idc XD
Vomer Conch
Vomer Conch Prije 5 dana
@Liandre but then you have to make a pie
Liandre Prije 5 dana
or just get a pie instead XD
Cody Mendola
Cody Mendola Prije 5 dana
Keanu Reeves.. anybody else or just me?
Charles Moreland
Charles Moreland Prije 5 dana
20:21 😂😂 *then cRaZy gOod!*
Unbelievable Bravo
Unbelievable Bravo Prije 6 dana
Quarantine hit mark so hard
The Chief
The Chief Prije 6 dana
I don't like chacolate anything because it's usually all cheap very overrated flavor.
Nicole L
Nicole L Prije 6 dana
Even Mooorrrreee unhinged........ (notice the same shirt as Del Monte video) STOP...get some help ( jk everyone)
Zack Grech
Zack Grech Prije 6 dana
look at 3:28 😂😂😂😂his face is hilarious
beefunny247 Prije 6 dana
so its not just me
Fireball Flamingo
Fireball Flamingo Prije 6 dana
Yah! Yah! Yah! (Whip sounds) 😂😂😂
William Gabriel
William Gabriel Prije 6 dana
kerptic Prije 7 dana
That you are John wicks brother 😎
Baboonballs Prije 7 dana
Mark. What did you do with all the extra Pop-Tarts?
What the fuck is love?
What the fuck is love? Prije 7 dana
18:05 mark pog
B1x Prije 7 dana
554k people love cinnamon roll pop tarts
Maya Prije 7 dana
i love how mark has learned that his fans will watch a 33 min video about poptarts with a 5 minute intro and its just not questioned
Taylormade Chaotic
Taylormade Chaotic Prije 7 dana
Also, I've never actually toasted a Poptart :)
Taylormade Chaotic
Taylormade Chaotic Prije 7 dana
Evan knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he bought all those Poptarts.
Smol Emo Bean
Smol Emo Bean Prije 7 dana
Fun little story! So my dad used to eat PopTarts a lot when he was in college because his brother was so hyper that they never got sugary treats. He was a diehard, we're talking a couple PopTarts per day, but then one day he screwed up. He had this janky toaster that he bought for himself and would launch food out, but he didn't see the harm for a PopTart cause hey! It's just a worse strudel, right? And when it launched, it landed icing down aaaaand he had to go to the hospital for the burns. Idk, he repeats it a lot so it's funny to him and embedded in my brain by now man.
Drips Forever
Drips Forever Prije 7 dana
Just give it away
Eucis93 Prije 7 dana
I’m finnish and trying so hard to understand what poptarts are. Is it bread? Is it a cookie? I’m so confused
Eucis93 Prije 6 dana
@Kim Eye that sounds gross. Thank you!
Kim Eye
Kim Eye Prije 6 dana
Closer to a cookie texture than bread, but not even a good cookie. Very dry, and then the filling is like the sweetest most "fake fruit" flavored jam you can imagine.
Celestial System
Celestial System Prije 7 dana
I eat my toaster pastries frozen.
CynicSaad Prije 8 dana
Ayyy now I'm not sad for not being allowed pop tarts thanks Mark
Ronnie-Lee Flynn
Ronnie-Lee Flynn Prije 8 dana
mark dont complain because you love pop tarts >>>>>>>>>>>>:(
Ronnie-Lee Flynn
Ronnie-Lee Flynn Prije 8 dana
1: mark has been eating to mutch 2: MARK IS EATING THATS AGAINST HIS DIAT EAT AIR NOW MARK >:(
JustBobby Prije 8 dana
NAAAHHHHH unfrosted strawberry is the move
Jordan Fleming
Jordan Fleming Prije 8 dana
his math was off. the number of poptarts that he calculated shouldve been multiplied by 2. there are 2 poptarts per foil package.
TheRisingHero Prije 8 dana
So fun fact that I just found out is wild berry pop tarts are called crazy berry here in Canada
KidKaster KK
KidKaster KK Prije 8 dana
Mark desserts better
A Different Channel
A Different Channel Prije 9 dana
my toaster doesn't have the word toast in it...
Amy The wolf
Amy The wolf Prije 9 dana
“You guys won’t tell anyone about this right?” The five million of us: Yep! We won’t tell a soul!
Terry Stover-Dodrill
Terry Stover-Dodrill Prije 9 dana
There are no words.
Kyan Cuarte
Kyan Cuarte Prije 9 dana
The editing of this video is Top Tier. 😂😂😂
Rebel1121 Prije 9 dana
Didn't Poptarts almost kill you earlier in the year?
John Roland Binamira
John Roland Binamira Prije 9 dana
Hes confession is just a fuckton of poptarts
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