HIGHLIGHTS | Leicester City 0-1 Aston Villa

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Aston Villa FC

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Anna Roche
Anna Roche Prije 5 dana
What a goal from Ross Barkley! Amazing!
THE PREDATOR Prije 15 dana
The genius of lampard, proven to be a wonderful rose, and the villa has killed the great club of the British league, thanks to aston villa 😁, nex please kill man.city and liverpool again.. Thankyou 😊😊
Emir Arnas
Emir Arnas Prije 26 dana
this is super delightful
Mc Hugão
Mc Hugão Prije 28 dana
hrpost.info/history/hdOFdtjGdKyBlKA/video 🎶⚽️😏
GG_MONKEYGUY Prije mjesec
U got bummed by Leeds let’s go💙💛💙💛
Tony Hundal
Tony Hundal Prije mjesec
Come on Villa ..make it 5 wins in a roll
Larger than Life
Larger than Life Prije mjesec
Aston Villa has won 7 English titles and 1 champions league. Leeds just 3 titles and 0 UCL. Why people hype Leeds and not Villa.
Lazzue Faggers
Lazzue Faggers Prije mjesec
because, Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds
Juned Hussain
Juned Hussain Prije mjesec
Well done lads winning 4 in a row at the start of the season. Let's hope we make it 5 games against Leeds. UTV!!!
Rafaa XD
Rafaa XD Prije mjesec
We're gonna win the league We're gonna win the league and now you're gonna believe us now you're gonna believe us NOW YOU'RE GONNA BELIEVE UUUUUUUUUUUS we've gone and won the league 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂
Mo Salah
Mo Salah Prije mjesec
Good! I hope you meet us at Anfield soon..... And you know what happens when a team plays us at our fortress 😀😀😜😜
Ruman Hossain
Ruman Hossain Prije mjesec
Emi effect!😍
muhammad fahmi
muhammad fahmi Prije mjesec
Thank You.
presidoe chidoe pastor de rapper
presidoe chidoe pastor de rapper Prije mjesec
PAPA BENJI REPENT by pastor de rapper,a gospel reggae m.hrpost.info/history/e9Z-oK66m6uqa34/video g
John Kearney
John Kearney Prije mjesec
Beautiful ..... UP THE MIGHTY VILLA 🦁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁👊⚽️👍
HONEST FPL Tips Fantasy Premier League
HONEST FPL Tips Fantasy Premier League Prije mjesec
I would love to know who takes penalties for villa. Might triple up on aston villa players.
Khalel Jainal
Khalel Jainal Prije mjesec
How tf have we let Emi go for 20 mil only
Vario 125
Vario 125 Prije mjesec
Aston villa mantapppppp
Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior
Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior Prije mjesec
The two teams sponsored by Cazoo, are in first and second place. (Everton, Aston Villa)
rotpeter Prije mjesec
Kalvin Philips for the Leeds game injured! It seems like everything is going our way. Come on Villa!!
Ross John
Ross John Prije mjesec
We never wear our away kits 😂
kyle mathis
kyle mathis Prije mjesec
Can Villa can a clean sheet vs dominant Leeds? 🤔
Cadman Sackey
Cadman Sackey Prije mjesec
Aston villa are playing good football this season ❤️
gokul dulal
gokul dulal Prije mjesec
Aston Villa should say thanks to Chelsea and arsenal
joe mama
joe mama Prije mjesec
aston villia are shit wolver can beet them any day way
damilare omotosho
damilare omotosho Prije mjesec
Shit Aston villa are the only team to have a 100 percent record in the season
Khadijo Ahmed
Khadijo Ahmed Prije mjesec
I am an arsenal fan, astanvila will be my second team from now
Charles Pickering
Charles Pickering Prije mjesec
glad people are seeing Barkley’s worth
귀찮아 Prije mjesec
아스톤빌라 이기세 이어서 쭉쭉 잘나갔으면 좋겠다
Muhammed Sekkeer
Muhammed Sekkeer Prije mjesec
Martiness 🤩💚
Gabriel Kesse
Gabriel Kesse Prije mjesec
A very passionate commentary
Ampiah Obed
Ampiah Obed Prije mjesec
What a strike by Rose
Edwin C Bwenge
Edwin C Bwenge Prije mjesec
this is ur last winning match.. surely telling u this.. next match and so so so.. u ganna lose and split ur 11 ☺
David Prije mjesec
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C S Eric Lui
C S Eric Lui Prije mjesec
Well done, keep working (^ ^)
sabhuku tarasburg
sabhuku tarasburg Prije mjesec
what a start to a season. We might lose Barkley to Villa for good
Gucci Jackson
Gucci Jackson Prije mjesec
Hii ndomana halisi ya kumfukuza Samatta 🇹🇿
Artour Babiev
Artour Babiev Prije mjesec
Grealish crack sol 😍😍😍😱
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇬 .hrpost.info/history/nJtqpa6oq5aLaIo/video 🇺🇲
Villa GAMER 1982
Villa GAMER 1982 Prije mjesec
Not many players we can afford to lose we have Horihane and elmo and traore i think there.our best bacck ups and may be hause
Pritam Pes
Pritam Pes Prije mjesec
Plz change ur jersey colour
Amman Phukan
Amman Phukan Prije mjesec
Chelsea fan and just came here to see our barkley playing for Aston Villa.
Aco Bat
Aco Bat Prije mjesec
Nice Villians! I hope Aston Villa can do something 2020/2021 😲
spectacular moments
spectacular moments Prije mjesec
Well grealish injury will end you and arsenal selling Martinez big mistake
Prosper johaness
Prosper johaness Prije mjesec
hey tanzanians where is you boy samatta look at ASTON VILLA now and before
Krisnahari Soemeri
Krisnahari Soemeri Prije mjesec
Go emii!!!
Adnan Prayogi
Adnan Prayogi Prije mjesec
I like the comentator, feels like we watch motogp 🔥
Roberto Luna
Roberto Luna Prije mjesec
John mcginn has been on fire he contributed 5 goals in 4 games there’s no way I’m gonna ignore that he’s my favorite player in the Aston Villa team
Arek Mesuji Chanel
Arek Mesuji Chanel Prije mjesec
Sangat mengesankan di Rumah Dinas Bupati Mesuji lampung ada binatang landak. Ayok liat di chanel ku. hrpost.info/history/qZhym9TZgsWKpoY/video
Tim Munkhbaatar
Tim Munkhbaatar Prije mjesec
I hope Aston Villa win the league
Matthew Emery
Matthew Emery Prije mjesec
Fatboi Gamer
Fatboi Gamer Prije mjesec
Up the mighty villa
Tacos S
Tacos S Prije mjesec
All of the sudden everyones a Aston fan now
Craig W
Craig W Prije mjesec
Crazy that it has been 90 years! Grealish, Barkley, McGInn and Luiz can cause any team in the world problems. My only concern would be an inury to Watkins, hopefully see Wesley back in January.
Jacob Goddard
Jacob Goddard Prije mjesec
Nice game
Kennedy Ed
Kennedy Ed Prije mjesec
Good buying player with good price... Tactical is great... With two playermaker one team doing something different.. Good loan player for barkely...at chelsea barkely mostly play in side but him strong position amf and cm...that is playermaker player..but villa need to route player in some game...reduce injury first 11 player...
Puji Heryanto
Puji Heryanto Prije mjesec
Go Go Aston Villa !!!
M Music
M Music Prije mjesec
Skills of aston villa hrpost.info/history/k9toqLKRdrx9m4o/video
Jah Thomas
Jah Thomas Prije mjesec
well done Villa we are off with a great start. The best is yet to come...
Daniel Ernest
Daniel Ernest Prije mjesec
Since 1941
Jacob Owembabazi
Jacob Owembabazi Prije mjesec
Arsenal going to regret ever selling Martinez helped Arteta win 2 trophies n he pays.him by selling him😔
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Prije mjesec
Please don't say Björn Engels is unnecessary 🇧🇪
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq Prije mjesec
How long till wesley is back ?
Max Godfrey
Max Godfrey Prije mjesec
You guys are on fire this season. Good luck from a saints fan
Bossman Prije mjesec
Cameback to chelsea ross barkley
Happy Bear
Happy Bear Prije mjesec
Dean smith out 😒
Neil Cheshire
Neil Cheshire Prije mjesec
That Grealish dribble was magical!
Sahra Beauty
Sahra Beauty Prije mjesec
I LOVE seeing my team doing good!! What a time to be a villa fan😍😍😍😘
Mohamed Nabil_76
Mohamed Nabil_76 Prije mjesec
The team is very good, especially the second half, Barkley is distinguished in shots. This advantage should be used and focus on ending attacks Forward Aston Villa
Julian Massaldi
Julian Massaldi Prije mjesec
Good villa¡¡¡
Baraka Shadrack
Baraka Shadrack Prije mjesec
Mpira huu samata hauwezi bora alivyotoka
Immanuel Bute
Immanuel Bute Prije mjesec
Thanx for upload Bdw good goal Ross A Manu fan here
Villa will be relegated count from me
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay Prije mjesec
Am really happy for villa
Navaz Merchant
Navaz Merchant Prije mjesec
Chelsea made a mistake letting barkley go, they can actually benefit from selling Hudson odoi and getting jack grealish
Navaz Merchant
Navaz Merchant Prije mjesec
Aston villa can finish top 6 this season if they don't have injuries..
Favor Astonvilla fc
Favor Astonvilla fc Prije mjesec
I love martinez
Favor Astonvilla fc
Favor Astonvilla fc Prije mjesec
Astonvilla got best goal keeper ......t Heaton worst good bye
Tilak R
Tilak R Prije mjesec
Grealish "The wizard".
Chriss joel
Chriss joel Prije mjesec
Unaumia ukiwa wapi ukiangalia mechi za *Aston Villa?* Mimi nipo Tabora 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Never Mind
Never Mind Prije mjesec
They need to hold ball more.
Roman Cassius
Roman Cassius Prije mjesec
What a difference from when we faced Leicester last season and got plastered all over the shop by their commitment, organization and pace. Sure, they were missing a few key men but it's still a solid result and a dream start to the season. We were genuinely lucky to stay up last season, despite some brave performances at the end of the campaign. We've done some good deals over this summer though. Martinez is the best goalie we've had for a good few years, Watkins looks a very tidy centre-forward and Barkley coming in on loan was very clever; not only is he a fine player in his own right, but it means Grealish gets a few more inches of room to play, and he's carving teams up. Early days but we look good for a Top 7/8 finish, and maybe even a European place.
Liv Key
Liv Key Prije mjesec
we’re gonna win the league and pull a leicester, u heard it here first
Gregory Chambers
Gregory Chambers Prije mjesec
Enjoy it while it last👍
Will Hughes 16
Will Hughes 16 Prije mjesec
Would love to see villa react to there fifa 21 ratings
Abel Mutshinya
Abel Mutshinya Prije mjesec
Giant Killers courtesy of Chelsea FC 😁
cristian de María Campos
cristian de María Campos Prije mjesec
Is this the best version of the aston villa past?
Lalrinawmi Rinawmi
Lalrinawmi Rinawmi Prije mjesec
Aston villa..is better than Leicester and loserpool..
John Aston
John Aston Prije mjesec
Can we please have another commentator, this one is awful. I have a Dog that doesn't growl as much as this, bloody awful.
Captain Leeroy
Captain Leeroy Prije mjesec
Not a peep from Skychester Sports
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
"SkyChester" 🤣 funny as
Barbarossa Prije mjesec
JEFE GORGORY Prije mjesec
Aston villa quiere ganar el campeonato
TheMaskedKid Prije mjesec
Sign Ross Barkley Villa please!
Minh Hoàng
Minh Hoàng Prije mjesec
Well done AV
Sign ross permanently he is like gareth barry with better tekkers The first XI they have build is amazing Watkins,Grealish(southgate enemy no.1),Both Matty's in fullbacks,Barkley,Bertrand,Mcginn,Emi,Mings,Douglas,Konsa and Trezeguet
yeme Prije mjesec
clearly, the title is Villa's to lose now
Noob Saibot
Noob Saibot Prije mjesec
Southgate, can't u look Grealish 😶
MEONG-MEOW kocheng
MEONG-MEOW kocheng Prije mjesec
Sudah di bilang, Ross Barkley itu Seorang AMF... Bukan CMF atau DMF... Lampard ga bisa lihat posisi pemain.. akhirnya bintang jadi redup
Lim Pei
Lim Pei Prije mjesec
I swear if you guys end up winning the league with Martinez, the whole arsenal board has to go. Can't believe we sold this guy.
Lim Pei
Lim Pei Prije mjesec
@Larger than Life So winning a European trophy decades ago means your team is better. So, when was the last time you guys were in europe?
Larger than Life
Larger than Life Prije mjesec
@Lim Pei lol kid, Arsenal have never won champions league. Aston Villa have. Aston Villa > Arsenal.
Lim Pei
Lim Pei Prije mjesec
@The Normal One well, I'm guessing you don't have to since you're unemployed.
The Normal One
The Normal One Prije mjesec
@Lim Pei Take the rest of the day off pal
Lim Pei
Lim Pei Prije mjesec
@The Normal One oh ya. How many times have you been relegated? 54?
Justin clark
Justin clark Prije mjesec
Are you watching Gareth mountgate 🤔
Uncle Ken
Uncle Ken Prije mjesec
Who are we?????
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