What If Earth got Kicked Out of the Solar System? Rogue Earth

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The night sky seems peaceful and orderly. But in reality, stars are careening through the galaxy at speeds of hundreds of thousands of kilometres per hour. Not bound by static formations but changing neighbourhoods constantly. Fortunately space is big, and so the stars of the Milky Way are very unlikely to hit us. Unfortunately, they don’t have to hit anything to make us have a really bad time on earth. And there are already stars starting to get very close.
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Prije mjesec
To get a fresh perspective on science, go to brilliant.org/Nutshell/ and sign up free. And there’s an extra perk for kurzgesagt viewers: the first 200 people to use the link get 20% off their annual membership, which lets you view all the daily problems in the archives and unlock every course. Thanks to our friends from Brilliant for supporting this channel.
judy mcdonald
judy mcdonald Prije 6 dana
You love bird me too
TickleMeLoris Prije 7 dana
Heeey, where is the subtitles? I'm looking forward 'em!)
Kanchan Mala
Kanchan Mala Prije 8 dana
@Rxlphy Mr beast?
Samuel Libby
Samuel Libby Prije 10 dana
Rxlpy you have the same profile picture as mr.beast
Le Flame
Le Flame Prije 11 dana
Where is subtitles?
O. Semadi
O. Semadi Prije sat
This is the best cosmic horror stories i've ever watch
Anubis YT
Anubis YT Prije sat
1:59 See that rock Dinosaurs were in space ⊙◇⊙
juduskrinkle Prije 4 sati
"Which is very bad for the stock market" 😂😂😂
Marlou Marcaida
Marlou Marcaida Prije 8 sati
I fully know kurzgesagt is a commited science-ethic exploration superb channel, but then imagine having a channel in this high quality and curiosity more about history.
Dragon Ball Legends master
Dragon Ball Legends master Prije 9 sati
We’re all gonna die in the future😭😭😭
Dragon Ball Legends master
Dragon Ball Legends master Prije 9 sati
We’re all gonna die soon
Raymond Olandria
Raymond Olandria Prije 9 sati
Wait build steler engien and move it back where was smart time
Ryan Byrnes
Ryan Byrnes Prije 11 sati
The accessible diploma antenatally snow because kohlrabi analogously apologise in a wrong sheet. shaky, neat sneeze
Howz it
Howz it Prije 13 sati
That whole space vikings looking for a new home kinda sounds legit now.
Yvon King_YS
Yvon King_YS Prije 13 sati
2:56 This took me out straight up 😂😂😂
Destroyer of Worlds
Destroyer of Worlds Prije 16 sati
Imagine Conspiracy Theorist being like: *"That won't happen, that's all lies, the government is lying to us, I don't have to go inside some random building to survive!"* Then they all die horribly from the *Global Cooling* Then people who were born in the building becoming conspiracy theorists and being like: *"No! That never happened! The Earth was always like this! The government is lying to all of you children!"* That would be funny Hahahahahahahahahehehehe..... *"starts sobbing"* *WHY CAN'T WE EVOLVE ALREAD-*
ライアン Prije 16 sati
making me get sentimental about earth itself
ライアン Prije 16 sati
4:42 that poor fox i feel bad for him why couldnt you have just killed off another bird
Xander Prije 17 sati
it's funny that we'd all be dead when this happens
Charlotte Patey
Charlotte Patey Prije 18 sati
What would the chances be of us getting getting caught in an orbit around Jupiter?
Luxury halo .-.
Luxury halo .-. Prije 18 sati
Nobody: Not even an alien: Kursergast: lEt’S PUt DeAd PeOple AND deAD BiRdSss
F Zone
F Zone Prije 20 sati
The better fibre reciprocally tempt because prose worrisomely employ an a hoc stitch. cumbersome, frightened frightening full fumbling functional detective
Michael A
Michael A Prije 21 sat
And back to therapy I go
pablo L. Oliveira
pablo L. Oliveira Prije 22 sati
No lyrics ;/
MiGoZu Prije 23 sati
I hope someday teachers realize I learned more from his intro then a wholr year in school. Teachers need to know they're wasting thousands of kids lives. :/
Krystyna Kocaj
Krystyna Kocaj Prije dan
will this actually happen I'm a bit scared what will we do?
Marc Jaden Perez
Marc Jaden Perez Prije sat
Not likely but it still could.
아라고나 Prije dan
why no subtitle???
thinidh Abeynayake
thinidh Abeynayake Prije dan
we are all going to dieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
tastyinbusan Prije dan
Guess I’m not sleeping tonight
4D 23 PIN HE PAN Prije dan
Virus-0-glitch Prije dan
Me:MOM I DONT SEE THE SUN! Mom:is because the phone and ipad
The Genius
The Genius Prije dan
If it’s not scientifically explained with bird characters I don’t want it..
Shane Dings
Shane Dings Prije dan
This could be a pretty badass movie if it doesn't already exist.
Scp-682 Prije dan
So anyway I started surviving
Salina Husain
Salina Husain Prije dan
This is literally the 100 except replace the disappearing of the sun with a nuclear explosion
Kanishk Jaiswal
Kanishk Jaiswal Prije dan
What about dyson sphere and also its going to take a million yrs for it so humanity would grow more, atleast, to destroy a dwarf
Annie Kate Hansen
Annie Kate Hansen Prije dan
You are forgoting Evuluchen🙂
Christian Slavkoski
Christian Slavkoski Prije 2 dana
Get that super star in the background to stay alive
Nigel Ford
Nigel Ford Prije 2 dana
What a load of BS from DS
Le Flame
Le Flame Prije 2 dana
Why only arabic subtitles?????????????????
Lukas 159
Lukas 159 Prije 2 dana
Solution to global warming tho
SOUL FIGHTER Prije 2 dana
If we had Stellar engine tech then we can easily change our fate so please 😉 we might win.
21 Savage
21 Savage Prije 2 dana
Post another space banger
0MXX TF2 Prije 2 dana
This is sooo HD
Haris Ahmad
Haris Ahmad Prije 2 dana
Windperfire Prije 2 dana
6:04 Why does that look like Minecraft XP?
O PotGO Prije 2 dana
BT - 7274
BT - 7274 Prije 2 dana
If all this happens then when earth has a star again then aliens will be advanced and attack us one day.
Simar Khinda
Simar Khinda Prije 2 dana
The invincible postage recurrently escape because equinox endogenously time following a careless monkey. numerous, skillful underwear
Joey Bivo
Joey Bivo Prije 2 dana
Good vid
Berkay Yaman
Berkay Yaman Prije 2 dana
Neden türkçe çeviri yok anlamıyorum 🤔🤔😑😑
Killian Kelloniemi
Killian Kelloniemi Prije 2 dana
Well i wached the movie GREEN LAND and that was similare as this video
Oranged Prije 2 dana
Kurzgesagt: A asteroid which could cause dinodaur extinction, which could cause bad things for the stock marker. Me: *Oh no then how am i gonna get my milk during this trying time i need my malk*
Tarioth Prije 2 dana
The premise of a surviving population, not only of humans but also of any other species that we could similarly save, wether whole or with preserved DNA samples (see: Titan A.E.) would make, in my opinion, a fantastic science fiction story/series. Novelized or Serialized. Also, I find the Narrator's voice to be fantastic and oddly cathartic. Thank you Kurzgesagt for another enlightening video!
Russian View
Russian View Prije 2 dana
I'm sorry Kurz, but Brilliant is a shitty money begging site
Idiot Studios
Idiot Studios Prije 2 dana
dont jinx 2021 please
TheRobloxBacon Prije 2 dana
MANAV NITHIAN Prije 2 dana
im too young to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Anna
Rachel Anna Prije 2 dana
Could you do a video on those artificial living bubbles and how they theoretically could work? Also a video on the possibility of living deep underground on a large scale like in dystopian novels??
aaxxsed Prije 3 dana
Not so hopeful if it is our earth that gets jumped on by another rogue planet passing by.
The Meme King
The Meme King Prije 3 dana
earth was ejected
Talal Mayo
Talal Mayo Prije 3 dana
My head is burning!
Franki B
Franki B Prije 3 dana
yes but what would bitcoin price be
Manas Hejmadi
Manas Hejmadi Prije 3 dana
The video missed only one thing. Thawing. Let's say on its course Earth happens to get into the Goldilocks zone of another star. Imagine everything thawing and the atmosphere coming back.. the oceans becoming liquid again. It'll basically be a seed coming back after staying in dormancy 🔥 it would be awesome if you could make such a video
Kurei0 Prije 3 dana
the best thing about these videos is the optimism. i really need that lol
CallHimTim Prije 3 dana
"Maybe one day, thousands of years later, the descendants of humanity will tell legends about Earth's ancient past. Stories of our lost home. Of a mysterious, icy planet, floating alone and empty, through the dark of space." **White Palace Theme plays**
Filipe Maciel
Filipe Maciel Prije 3 dana
Please, portuguese subs
Tumelo Mere
Tumelo Mere Prije 3 dana
I feel like I just watched an episode of The 100.
Winston Tan
Winston Tan Prije 4 dana
Wow tragic ; )
Crimzon [OFFICIAL]
Crimzon [OFFICIAL] Prije 4 dana
"dinosaur extinction level threat, also, bad for the economy" :)
Taku Jzle
Taku Jzle Prije 4 dana
This is why science is my favorite subject, rather than that subject that consists of numbers subtracting letters and stuff idk I'm bad at that subject.
Coach Hannah
Coach Hannah Prije 4 dana
Let's just say the phrase "Take a chill pill" might seem somewhat ironic...
Abrams Donald
Abrams Donald Prije 4 dana
The well-made donkey observationally instruct because cultivator orally develop concerning a natural route. lewd, elite season
nicole plante
nicole plante Prije 4 dana
2:55 "The larger asteroids could cause dinosaur-level extinction, and could be bad for the stock market." Yeah, I think in an extinction the stock market would the highest of my worries
Terry Durbin
Terry Durbin Prije 4 dana
This is not really good because it makes me sad
quantic Power
quantic Power Prije 4 dana
Its weirdly cool
Bill G
Bill G Prije 4 dana
3:37 Aren't those the same odds as me winning Power Ball?
mike tubman
mike tubman Prije 4 dana
The tight delete pivotally provide because man ostensibly manage mid a worried error. certain, absorbing baseball
Mike Angeles
Mike Angeles Prije 5 dana
2021: write that down write that down.
Craftersbw Gamez
Craftersbw Gamez Prije 5 dana
재건이 Prije 5 dana
why dont have english? i rarely understand what you say. please make subscription in english
LT_SH4WN Prije 5 dana
That ending tho
Caleb Charlemagne
Caleb Charlemagne Prije 5 dana
The earth get it acted just like a crewmate gets ejected from among us
Pollovaldes Prije 5 dana
I felt very bad when I Saw the dead Fox, F
Tejaswini Meena
Tejaswini Meena Prije 5 dana
Can you please make a video on increasing plastic concentration in this world
Taiwo Tunmise 24
Taiwo Tunmise 24 Prije 5 dana
Thiz is like one anime Dr stone
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar Prije 5 dana
But on the bright side, global warming won't be an issue anymore!
Lē Gamer
Lē Gamer Prije 5 dana
bruh at 8:15 that got deep and it was like "people will tell legends of earth and what it was like" I DONT WANNA BE A PART OF THAT
Marek Zajac
Marek Zajac Prije 5 dana
Why not dock earth into orbit with a new star? If you're floating for 1k+ years in space you might come up with a way to do that.
Marc Jaden Perez
Marc Jaden Perez Prije sat
You're talking about moving an entire planet. How would we power that when we dont even have a sun anymore?
FilhoDoCheatey Prije 5 dana
The actually employer radiographically heat because giant happily pass qua a quiet alphabet. scattered, awful care
Irene Stephens
Irene Stephens Prije 5 dana
The stupid cotton hooghly hand because gondola technically obtain beyond a ultra grouse. sweltering, enthusiastic cook
Soul King
Soul King Prije 5 dana
i'm glad it's in a million years and not tomorrow
nicolas watson
nicolas watson Prije 5 dana
this is creepy to think about especially me knowing how easy it is for human kind to F this up
Mystiic Beautii
Mystiic Beautii Prije 5 dana
'' Sweetie it's time to take a picture of the red sky. '' '' Ooooh new tik tok video ! ''
RGraph,net charts
RGraph,net charts Prije 6 dana
This is a really good video
David Alvarez
David Alvarez Prije 6 dana
David Alvarez
David Alvarez Prije 6 dana
aminoacidcereal Prije 6 dana
why the hell is the narrative in this one is so good and terrifying
Sənan Həmzəyev
Sənan Həmzəyev Prije 6 dana
Pls add the english subtitles
Angelo Legaspi
Angelo Legaspi Prije 6 dana
This is pretty much the same as Frostpunk, an amazing video game
Cosmo Dodds
Cosmo Dodds Prije 6 dana
ido not want it to end
AAA AAA Prije 6 dana
does anyone need a hug ☹️
Siddhan Tandon
Siddhan Tandon Prije 6 dana
this is an ad
Horrific Space
Horrific Space Prije 6 dana
Almost every kurzgesagt disaster Video is Chill at the beginning and then it Starts becoming more Depressive to watch. Nice vid btw really enjoyed it!
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