iPhone 12 - The iPhone is New Again

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Prije 12 dana

iPhone 12 is finally here. Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are my thoughts on Apple's latest smartphones.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Prije 11 dana
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next big thing
next big thing Prije 19 sati
I need that blue one
Beatriz Carvalho
Beatriz Carvalho Prije 2 dana
hi my dream is to have two iPhones one for me and one for my mother an iPhone 11pro for 256 gb and a pro Max silver 256 gb and q in Brazil the price of the iPhone went up a lot I really wanted one and with cases
Hasyim Asyari
Hasyim Asyari Prije 2 dana
U look very handsome🤩🤩🤩 love you
Chris Stephenson
Chris Stephenson Prije 7 dana
Does it bend?
nick00less Prije 7 dana
Lew I’m impressed, not with the new iPhone but with your level of professionalism by not bashing Apple. 👍🏻
Alex747 Prije 30 minuta
My iPhone 4 is 1 year old. Time to use my iPhone 5 now 😂
Random Being
Random Being Prije sat
Fastest CPU and GPU !
Raj Plays!
Raj Plays! Prije 2 sati
@Unbox Therapy : Hi I'm from India. Currently, I'm using a Galaxy Note8 which I had bought few years ago. I was hoping to switch to an iPhone but the price of the 12 has thrown me off. The 11 is a deal breaker for me as it has a LCD screen and I want an OLED/AMOLED display. The 11 pro is also similarly priced along with the 12. Please help me in choosing an iPhone, anyone.
speedbird109 Prije 3 sati
Hi what is that wrist watch you are wearing? Is it the 🍎 watch?
Kingdom Key
Kingdom Key Prije 5 sati
At this point, Apple is confident that people will buy their products regardless. I’m just invested in seeing what more can they take out next.
Leather Face
Leather Face Prije 5 sati
So basically, it’s not worth the upgrade. It’s just a faster phone with a better camera. Not buying
F Prije 6 sati
iphone 12 mini for me
Jeremiah Mann
Jeremiah Mann Prije 8 sati
Why apple, why?
Cosmo 82
Cosmo 82 Prije 8 sati
Bigger pixels 😂
Kai Channel
Kai Channel Prije 10 sati
Kai Channel
Kai Channel Prije 10 sati
Very nice
Kai Channel
Kai Channel Prije 10 sati
I love I phone Can I have one
josefa gomez schmeisser
josefa gomez schmeisser Prije 13 sati
I’m so happy than they made a mini version, because I had the 5c and the size was perfect, i used for 4 years until stared to get slow and with bugs, so then I got the 6 and I still uncomfortable with the size, I’m 20 but I have small hands, I can’t text with using only one hand, or navigate though the highest places of the screen with my thumb holding the phone with the same hand, even is uncomfortable for holding it when I’m in a call, and I’ve waiting for the comeback of the smaller phones because some of my friends have the same issues and we agree than the 5 gen had the best smartphone size to one hand use and smaller hands as ours >//
masguapoako Prije 15 sati
As Wendy;s once said "Where's the charger ?"
Louay Afadar
Louay Afadar Prije 16 sati
no one
holocoust Prije 18 sati
I don't know but can anybody tell me when 699 became cost saving?
jose araujo filho
jose araujo filho Prije 18 sati
O would like the mini one with the high specs of the pro Max . I hate phablets
Md Saikat
Md Saikat Prije 18 sati
Inshallah I will buy an iPhone one day
Scott Beesley
Scott Beesley Prije 18 sati
I have 5g on my 11
k 4 GAME
k 4 GAME Prije 19 sati
I have subscribed your channel lew
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 20 sati
My iPhone 11 Pro Max is just fine. Me: sees iPhone 12 Also me: hey loook! An iPhone 4 rip off!!!!!
Kenny Noel
Kenny Noel Prije 20 sati
Typical Apple, adds old technology to their phone (years later) and calls it "Exciting".
Fudo Shin
Fudo Shin Prije 20 sati
Can you imagine if Apple made an Apple note like the Samsung note? Would be a best seller
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 19 sati
World of pes mobile
World of pes mobile Prije 20 sati
Iphone making pple stupid .....I mean who will know if u r using iphone 11 or 12 ..they look the same...LOL🤔
Haidi HD
Haidi HD Prije 20 sati
Comment section...why bother? He's not gonna read them
Teddy Prije 20 sati
U ugly
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez Prije 20 sati
I can't believe that finally i got my iCloud unlock with the help of *scozhacker_* on iG You did a grêat job bro
A Ash
A Ash Prije 21 sat
Lol this is getting stupid...the consumer needs to stand up to these cunts...i thought shrinking chcolates was bad .. jeez
Matt1527 Prije 21 sat
Went iPhone 12 pro for specs but I do like a smaller phone as they are getting to big
Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!!
Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!! Prije 21 sat
Now i'ma sell my last kidney 😴😴😴
Thomas Kuntze
Thomas Kuntze Prije 21 sat
I say the 12 max but my wallet says the mini
Thomas Kuntze
Thomas Kuntze Prije 21 sat
I’m so jealous of my dad who just got an iPhone 12
Christian Butera
Christian Butera Prije 22 sati
The Mini! I want a small phone!
Srinivasan Krishnan
Srinivasan Krishnan Prije 22 sati
Here's an idea... Why not u just charge ur phone the regular way rather than sticking the magsafe on my phone.. ? Am not understanding the innovation here
bannedfahim thugrapper
bannedfahim thugrapper Prije 22 sati
I still have iPhone she old gen
Red Raven
Red Raven Prije 23 sati
Imagine buying an IPhone just to fit in with the crowd only to find out its a laughing stock. Story of my life 😔
C45P3R Prije 23 sati
Wrong, strongest glass on any phone was the HTC U Ultra sapphire edition it featured an entirely pure sapphire screen and camera lens so you can chuck it in a box full of hardened steel knives freshly sharpened and shake it about as hard as you want and wouldnt even be a scratch on either the screen or the camera lens id like to see any production of gorilla glass do that.
Red Raven
Red Raven Prije 23 sati
"Smallest 5g phone in the world" 🤣😂 Great innovation Apple
Sel Narcis
Sel Narcis Prije dan
Why using so much ‘tremendous’ in this video vocabulary?
Jacob Gravers
Jacob Gravers Prije dan
I stopped at 6s and I will never buy another iPhone...
Kory Prije dan
Still not impressed I’ll stick to my iPhone xr for now. She’s cute but not a $1,000 cute
Chumungus Prije dan
Bruh no-one wants a phone this small phones are already a good size please quit apple
Derek Gzaskow
Derek Gzaskow Prije dan
what i wanna now who'd ya get 8k worth of phones at one time??
UBW Gaming
UBW Gaming Prije dan
Lol iPhone need to stop half a charger and no headphones smh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Moe Anis Dah
Moe Anis Dah Prije dan
Ridiculous, just making people going nuts each Effin year with these new-ish iphones, does not make sens anymore. People you should stop this maddness and stick with the same phone that you have for at least 5 years or until it breaks.
Leanne Janlee Ybanez
Leanne Janlee Ybanez Prije dan
Can I have one of your iphone? 😂
Luna80s x
Luna80s x Prije dan
“Brand new design” hahaha apple is a joke
Rasika Gallage
Rasika Gallage Prije dan
Battery 🔋 capacity how much
Azwan Razak
Azwan Razak Prije dan
maybe i would buy iphone 12 pro max, because the screen and performance also for the reasons of the camera..but maybe only in my dream hahaha dont have enough money to buy it because of this pandemic
Sidharth Sinhku
Sidharth Sinhku Prije dan
Where is PlayStation 5?!
Super Robot Mab
Super Robot Mab Prije dan
What would happen if you plug an iPhone directly into a android with that cable? Probably nothing but I have no Android to test.
Super Robot Mab
Super Robot Mab Prije dan
I’d like to point out that apple took out the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 to make the bottom “symmetrical” or whatever their reasoning was. But now the iPhone 12 bottom is offset by the antenna band and is no longer sumetricle
Emily Burton
Emily Burton Prije dan
I'm leaning more towards the iphone 12 pro just because I feel that the max would be way to big for my hands- just wouldn't be comfortable. But I'm considering the max just for the pictures... great video! Thanks!
Jenny Fred
Jenny Fred Prije dan
I highly recommend *Wilson1_hack* on IG he helped me unlock my IPhone 11 within 5min
Chicken Tricep
Chicken Tricep Prije dan
That maybe the most ugliest outdated design for a phone I've ever seen
ɢʜᴇᴛᴛᴏᴀsғᴜᴄᴋTM Prije dan
2020:No charger 2021:No phone
ɢʜᴇᴛᴛᴏᴀsғᴜᴄᴋTM Prije dan
Cool my iphone 5 looks modern now
Patrick Prije dan
No it isnt?
Alysa Claire
Alysa Claire Prije dan
i'm watching even tho i'm not buying it. noice
J C Prije dan
Be the first one to compare it with Pixel 5 - Samsung Fe s20 - Sony Xperia ..they saying iPhone was first dobly vision..wasn't Sony first with it? Who has the best picture? Before I buy anything end of the month
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Prije dan
Why is there money on your desk?
Nicholas Robichaud
Nicholas Robichaud Prije dan
You help me decide on a lot of expensive our purchases. Thanks
Your Average Fight Fan
Your Average Fight Fan Prije dan
I haven't watched an UT video in a long time because Lew is a notorious apple hater (except for the macbook pro if I remember correctly), It's nice to come back to the channel and see him actually say nice things (or at least not bash Apple is every possible way). Hopefully this is not just a one off (not holding my breath)
Max Relax Gaming
Max Relax Gaming Prije dan
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Prije dan
Thanks to klassichack on IG for helping to open my phone is good in this work in time
TP 11
TP 11 Prije dan
Funny how the Iphone X costs the same as a ps5
The General
The General Prije dan
Meh, I've been wanting to upgrade my 7 for quite some time but, the 12 just doesn't excite me. My camera is good enough, the battery lasts me the whole day, and it's still fast as the day I got it out of the box. Maybe the 13 will be better.
fuZe salty
fuZe salty Prije dan
Me watching this like I have money 👁👄👁
Ayman Ziad
Ayman Ziad Prije dan
What the deal with the dollar bill in the corner of the table.....
Ssachin Bhatia
Ssachin Bhatia Prije dan
@unbox therapy :- hiii Sir hope you are doing well. sir I'm planning to buy iphone 12 pro and bit confused which one is the right one for me btw 12 pro max vs 12 pro... sir pls can you help me to choose which one is right btw these two..??
DuMaFX /duartero
DuMaFX /duartero Prije dan
Yawn 🥱..
Marwan Haque
Marwan Haque Prije dan
Guess what iPhone changes the name but it's the same phone lmao
Jonathan Joseph
Jonathan Joseph Prije dan
Apples is trash lol all he could say is it has 5g.... That's not a selling point😂😂😂
Ellis Riding
Ellis Riding Prije dan
Are the iPhone 11 Pro and pro max still going to be sold next year then or not ?
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Prije dan
1) remove headphone jack 2) remove home button 3) remove headphones and adapter 4) remove stickers 5) remove charger cord 6) remove apple stickers and box as a whole 7) remove volume and silence button 8) remove front camera 9) remove back camera 10) remove screen 11) remove motherboard 2030: we’ve developed the most innovative iPhone yet... The new iPhone in 2030:
RockYourNails Prije dan
I really want to upgrade this year. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and I’ve had apple for more than 10 years. What’s the best phone out there y’all recommend? I do store a lot of photos and do some basic editing for my blog. But I’d love to be able to do more video editing as well.
Roy Bueno
Roy Bueno Prije dan
2:10 why is it as if Gru from the Minions Movie is the one speaking ?
Géza Kovács
Géza Kovács Prije dan
Take a look at the Huawei Mate 40 presentation. They are 100 years behind Apple presenting their products but 5 years ahead technologically. Despite the serious US sanctions they have tons of new improvements just take a look at the picture in a low light environment, the 66 Watts charging, 50W wireless charging and so and so. Embarrassing for Samsung embarrassing for Apple. The Mate 40 has to be a serious wake-up call for Apple and if they don't act now maybe it will be too late. Does anybody know where disappeared the UK auto industry? They were expensive and let's say not state of the art.
js142004 Prije dan
Every year is the same
ツ Dymnet
ツ Dymnet Prije dan
is the charger gonna cost and extra 100? 200?
Elisabeth Prije dan
5G is not much faster, very very slight difference. This new iPhone is not worth buying. I will stick with my iPhone 11pro. It’s the best Apple has to offer.
Antony Jovin
Antony Jovin Prije dan
Why are you not doing real iphone 12 unboxing and review.Waiting for long for you to do it❤️❤️
Vintage Dna
Vintage Dna Prije dan
Apple releases.... Samsung drops higher specs half the price 2021 😂
12pro mini would be a huge seller
Amalia •45
Amalia •45 Prije dan
Sis, it's okay for GK iPhone 11 🥺😭
Ghozt-CODM Prije dan
Fun fact:My birthday is November 13 and the iPhone 12 pro max come out ony birthday
jd zapanta
jd zapanta Prije dan
I'm just literally waiting for your review about HUAWEI MATE 40 PRO!
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Prije dan
My iPhone 11 Pro Max is just fine. Me: sees iPhone 12 Also me: hey loook! An iPhone 4 rip off!!!!!
S-02 Prije dan
Absolute trash
S-02 Prije dan
@Thot Police At Your Service wtf you talking about fanboy? Weirdo
Thot Police At Your Service
Thot Police At Your Service Prije dan
Stfu android fanboy
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Prije dan
Hey Lew, Please send me a ps4, i guess you have many of them, Please Lew
E Dan
E Dan Prije dan
These sheep reviewers... LMAO... that boxy square design, "held it on hand and says this is the most comfortable phone ever", seriously... speechless There's a good reason you'll struggle to find another smartphone opting for this angular design. Handsets with flat sides and angular edges feel thicker in the hand, and are usually less comfortable to hold over extended periods. This design is yesteryear, Please. not only they shortchange you on charger, they even shaved their design team. "hei, lets load iphone 5 casing design and put it in production, they will say this is the best phone anyway"
M. M
M. M Prije dan
Does the screen still flickering like Iphone 11 pro because of PWM?
kan colle
kan colle Prije dan
I just love ghe iphone 5 body edge style reason why im switching back to Apple
Soggy Bottom Boys
Soggy Bottom Boys Prije dan
Lmao it’s the IPhone 4 just bigger and with a better camera
Straw Perry
Straw Perry Prije dan
I haven’t saved up to the 11 yet and there’s a new again((
insanelook Prije dan
Poor android fanboyz, they must really be in pain after buying the latest Zamzung phone and thinking it was the best ))
Lucien Bean
Lucien Bean Prije dan
So basically iPhone is finally copying galaxy s10
Otaku King
Otaku King Prije dan
You guys have iphone?
Bo Melendez
Bo Melendez Prije dan
No English caption???
20sentryboy Prije dan
Still got my iPhone 4 s and it still works, battery only lasts about 21 mins 6 secs on a full charge though. And it looks like the new ones.
Rock N lead
Rock N lead Prije 20 sati
Hey will you sell me your iPhone
Akku Pal
Akku Pal Prije dan
I phone's technology is always freaking awesome. Like camera 📸. Design but here in India mostly people only can dream about having a I phone because its so expensive 😂but still its a great phone
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