Mean nerd guesses who's been in a fraternity | Lineup | Cut

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List your favorite and least favorite fraternities.
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Mean nerd guesses who's been in a fraternity | Lineup | Cut
#frat #Cut #lineup

Joel Fogarty
Joel Fogarty Prije 3 dana
i didn't know Seth Rogan was black
Dragon Blossom
Dragon Blossom Prije 6 dana
What’s his full name?
miggy_oohbee Prije 7 dana
Mah man with the jerry curl and Seth Rogen voice is back!
Azaria Jade
Azaria Jade Prije 12 dana
i like this new seth regan 😂😂y’all should have him on more videos. This is really giving neighbor vibes 😂😂love it !!!
Ema Paulauskaitė
Ema Paulauskaitė Prije 12 dana
I am soooo sorry but what the hell is that second guy wearing?
Dank Meme Master
Dank Meme Master Prije 13 dana
daunte is fucking awesome
bklynkat23 Prije 13 dana
Yo Daunte killed me. The laugh 🤣
Shane Doyle
Shane Doyle Prije 13 dana
This dudes the black seth rogan
1Love Prije 15 dana
This guy needs his own show !!!!!
TwizTed BonG
TwizTed BonG Prije 15 dana
This is (seth rogan) if he was black pmsl same attitude and voice even his laughs the same lol
Mini Diva
Mini Diva Prije 18 dana
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Terry Kelley
Terry Kelley Prije 19 dana
He kinda got the Seth Rogan laugh
Jesiah Rivera
Jesiah Rivera Prije 22 dana
If seth rogan was a black dude
elizabethhope Prije 24 dana
"uum no, didn't graduate"
Jess Prije 24 dana
this man is a national treasure.
ex_parrot Prije 24 dana
I keep seeing Seth Rogan and I understand that but I'm fully hearing John C Reilly
Theo Levine
Theo Levine Prije 25 dana
fuck you
fuck you Prije 25 dana
Ok 3.65 is a better GPA than 3.9 if you’re in a harder major and/or a harder (better) school. That was so judgey. Yeah I’m pretty sure my 3.6 at Vanderbilt’s business school is better than your 3.9 at a no name black university
Kcthundah Prije 25 dana
His laugh and voice omggggg 😭😭😭
Harleylover14 Prije 25 dana
Two mullets right out the gate!
Natasha Garcia
Natasha Garcia Prije 25 dana
literally Seth Rogan and no one can tell me differently.
Oliver Fenelon Chee
Oliver Fenelon Chee Prije 26 dana
i dont see myself
LGYX Prije 26 dana
That title is so rude! We want to see more of Seth Rogan!
Robin Yang
Robin Yang Prije 26 dana
omg hi philip !!!!
c m
c m Prije 27 dana
The checkered shirt is cute
JD Waka
JD Waka Prije 29 dana
"we don't have any black ppl on the line today. " better! LOL
carebear Prije 29 dana
ok but how made this title bc it looks very wrong than how it normally looks...
Jerry N.
Jerry N. Prije mjesec
“Fuck you I was trying to not get it on my suit” LMAOOO
T Dizzle
T Dizzle Prije mjesec
1:53 why’d he get in a fighting stance LMFAOOOO
Caleb Cudjoe
Caleb Cudjoe Prije mjesec
Daunte was fun! haha
Helen Prije mjesec
QuidKid Films
QuidKid Films Prije mjesec
Dante is one of the best characters they bring on
Tony Spriggs
Tony Spriggs Prije mjesec
im sorry but people dont understand fraternities you dont have to hangout with people
i0ges0ur0cool2 Prije mjesec
This guy was obnoxious to watch
Mari Schroedinger
Mari Schroedinger Prije mjesec
Love this dude! You need to have him in a lot more Cut videos.
ErikaD Prije mjesec
Why did he want to spank that guy??? Lol
Zara R Rashid
Zara R Rashid Prije mjesec
The fuck with the title lmao
Noah Nederlands
Noah Nederlands Prije mjesec
What in the black seth rogan
Umar arif
Umar arif Prije mjesec
ex WWE guy
crayhack Prije mjesec
Why he shotgun it like that??
Alexis Kraus
Alexis Kraus Prije mjesec
The 20 year old who wouldn't drink...that was cute.
Bonnie Slovaski
Bonnie Slovaski Prije mjesec
4:25 this boy is fine 🥵
Adiyah Crenshaw
Adiyah Crenshaw Prije mjesec
Ayeeee I’m from Birmingham!!
emely Prije mjesec
I love daunte he's so funny
Morakinyo Akin-Ojo
Morakinyo Akin-Ojo Prije mjesec
I love his laugh 😂😂😂😂
Ticklish Whisker
Ticklish Whisker Prije mjesec
Black Seth Rogan
Preslee Carson
Preslee Carson Prije mjesec
I love this 😌😂
Mac Posner
Mac Posner Prije mjesec
Is anyone going to talk about the fact that this man is shotgunning his beers from the top?!?
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Prije 13 dana
I scrolled to far to find this comment
andres mejia
andres mejia Prije mjesec
Thank you! I was looking for this comment!
Hannah Fiorucci
Hannah Fiorucci Prije mjesec
Please have him on more I love this man!
Digitus Medius
Digitus Medius Prije mjesec
Captions: f r e t
Bailey Lott
Bailey Lott Prije mjesec
i’m in birmingham alabama!!!
talainawright Prije mjesec
This was good
Littlewammity Prije mjesec
bruh this has already been uploaded...?
Blue-Eyed Pepperoni
Blue-Eyed Pepperoni Prije mjesec
Amanda Lynn Baez
Amanda Lynn Baez Prije mjesec
That Seth Rogen laugh.
itsTamari Prije mjesec
Ima need Seth to collab with this man. Now that will be internet gold.
Ink Addict
Ink Addict Prije mjesec
He needs to be in a movie 💀
Con Pop
Con Pop Prije mjesec
This man is the weirdest shotgunner ive ever seen
Jazz W
Jazz W Prije mjesec
More Daunte !
otovga Prije mjesec
Shiraz Ross
Shiraz Ross Prije mjesec
I’m literally obsessed with jet, pls marry me next Tuesday
Shiraz Ross
Shiraz Ross Prije mjesec
What’s jets Instagram??
Brooke Nichole
Brooke Nichole Prije mjesec
We've already seen this!
Vivian Kotouch
Vivian Kotouch Prije mjesec
ok but 🥰✨whats Phillip’s IG username✨🥰
Ryazor Prije mjesec
'Did you like to party in college?' 0:17 *clucks like a chicken
Sale Proof Car Reviews
Sale Proof Car Reviews Prije mjesec
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Suzanna Jansen
Suzanna Jansen Prije mjesec
Jed 😍
Thomas Hundley
Thomas Hundley Prije mjesec
Morejouse is t really like that anymore
TheGoldenRoses Prije mjesec
Mean nerds, I‘ve finally found my people
Shnics Prije mjesec
i fux wit dude
Trevor Bowen
Trevor Bowen Prije mjesec
Is that a black Seth Rogen
Theorium Prije mjesec
Penn Jillette fashionstyle
Maddi Davis
Maddi Davis Prije mjesec
You know you're in Seattle when you see a dude wearing shorts and a rain coat.
Ayé Fatai
Ayé Fatai Prije mjesec
This is blatant false advertisement! He wasn’t mean at all! If anything, it should’ve been titled “cool nerd guesses who’s been in a fraternity lineup.”
Arbal3st Prije mjesec
shit talking a kid who graduated university at 21 with a 3.7 GPA...
Raquel E
Raquel E Prije mjesec
he's rude af lol he's just like kind of funny and laughing hysterically through it? But yeah being like "no a 3.69 isn't smart and you probably got your job through connections only"/ "oh this is the kid I hated in high school"/ "oh this is the token asian guy" is pretty rude
Abigail Pena
Abigail Pena Prije mjesec
remember how bad covid is in cali? and this is THAT important that they're not even a foot apart?
Abigail Pena
Abigail Pena Prije mjesec
@Ashley Li Oh good!!! I thought they were in cali
Ashley Li
Ashley Li Prije mjesec
do you know how far one foot is also ISNT THIS IN WASHINGTON LMFAO
Idk Lol
Idk Lol Prije mjesec
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Prije mjesec
He looks like he’s wearing Ronnie Coleman’s suit, and it doesn’t fit him too badly tbh
isabelle loescher
isabelle loescher Prije mjesec
this guys hilarious fuck yall “mean nerd”
R. Baig
R. Baig Prije mjesec
goddamn a project engineer at 21 and im here at 30 still working as a supervisor
Anthony Cottone
Anthony Cottone Prije mjesec
I dont care for frats but to make a blanket statement saying frats are about being misogynistic tendencies is ignorant lol
Jaiden Garden
Jaiden Garden Prije mjesec
Seth Rogen but the black one from a different universe
Bong Zilla
Bong Zilla Prije mjesec
"I have a masters degree and I drive for UPS" Oh man...
r spence346
r spence346 Prije mjesec
Black Seth Rogan
sk14 Prije mjesec
Bring back Black Seth Rogan
JakeBroJake Prije mjesec
I love Daunte's energy.
ghost Prije mjesec
With a shotgun form that terrible, beating him is not a good indicator of being in a frat LMAOO
Cynical X
Cynical X Prije mjesec
whats this guys ig
SuitMan Productions
SuitMan Productions Prije mjesec
Cynical X
Cynical X Prije mjesec
jesus this guy is a giant
brannon ogle
brannon ogle Prije mjesec
Got that Seth Rogen laugh
Ali Doves
Ali Doves Prije mjesec
He's got a Seth Rogan vibe 😂😂😂😂
Connor Rudolph
Connor Rudolph Prije mjesec
is someone gonna teach this man how to shotgun a beer...
Madeline Slaughter
Madeline Slaughter Prije mjesec
I’m so in love with Jet
TFye Prije mjesec
The “mean nerd” guy could be a voice actor if he wanted to
kody bryan
kody bryan Prije mjesec
Are we not going to point out that this guy is literally a black Seth Rogan
skeet gang
skeet gang Prije mjesec
6:44 this guy is foaming at the mouth
Milan Prije mjesec
Notice how so many frat members had shorts
Seei8none Prije mjesec
Kind of looks like The Weeknd.
-CreamPie_01- Prije mjesec
See that white saliva spot at the connection of his lips ? Yeah, totally a cocaïn sideffect
n o
n o Prije mjesec
They did him dirty with that title LMFAO
danielle j
danielle j Prije mjesec
bring daunte back i love his laugh!!
Kevin Dixon
Kevin Dixon Prije mjesec
Pants are too long.
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