My Pornstar/Stripper Girlfriend | Truth or Drink | Cut

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My Pornstar/Stripper Girlfriend | Truth or Drink | Cut
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Cut Prije mjesec
Truth or Drink and Fear Pong are now available for quick shipping to Australia and New Zealand! Click here to order from our warehouse in Sydney:
Spirit Shinobi
Spirit Shinobi Prije 25 dana
Seems like we have a long way to go but God is gonna eventually show up in all your lives and there will be a time when you can't avoid him any longer.
Charlotte Scott
Charlotte Scott Prije 26 dana
@Katie Mines doing the same!! So annoying
Katie Prije 29 dana
Hey I’m not sure if it’s because I’m on mobile but I can’t use your website! Every time the kangaroo gif resets it refreshes the whole page! I don’t have enough time to scroll down! It might just be me I’m not sure!
queen.ayeesha Prije mjesec
yo how do i get on aussie cut 😭
Darius Nita
Darius Nita Prije mjesec
4th reply
love black
love black Prije 2 sati
Aww 🥰 glad to see this . Ppl think sex workers can't have relationships outside their work which is very false. I use to do a lil cam work lol and I'm still in love with my partner
1 1
1 1 Prije 3 sati
jayden raveen
jayden raveen Prije 4 sati
....I just feel sad for the guy
Selena Prije 6 sati
bruh the dood looks like such an innocent sweetheart wtf
Ronaldo 9
Ronaldo 9 Prije 6 sati
Sad thing is These type of couples will look completely normal in the future lol
саша Prije 8 sati
what the fuck is wrong with them
ferdi ömer ezer
ferdi ömer ezer Prije 9 sati
nicest couple ı ve ever seen in cut ı think :D ı like them energy
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas Prije 11 sati
That guy is a L
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero Prije 12 sati
where can i find her videos?
Valentino Delta
Valentino Delta Prije 12 sati
I TOTALLY HONESTLY STRONGLY L O V E THIS !!! I love itttttttttyttyyttthdgshshsb. Moooreeeee !!!
Christian blackwell
Christian blackwell Prije 15 sati
Big simp energy
Christian blackwell
Christian blackwell Prije 15 sati
Big simp
Christian blackwell
Christian blackwell Prije 15 sati
Christian blackwell
Christian blackwell Prije 15 sati
mr. niceguy
mr. niceguy Prije dan
Very cute couple! :)
Codie Dooley
Codie Dooley Prije dan
Hayden Anderson
Hayden Anderson Prije dan
Western Civilization is doomed.
Talkindurinthemovie Prije dan
Couldn't be meeeeee....but more power to him
Talkindurinthemovie Prije dan
Filmed at the house with another man. Chileeeee
Athan Swick
Athan Swick Prije dan
that 10 minute cut coming through??
Jaida Barnes
Jaida Barnes Prije dan
Love this energy❤️💯
Abilash Sam
Abilash Sam Prije dan
The background music makes it more dramatic and more somethng
ella Prije dan
okay but ima need a link
Floridtroubles Prije 2 dana
They are really cute 🥰. They seem really in love.
TimTheRoadman YT
TimTheRoadman YT Prije 2 dana
I hate how people think now adays this is a shit “work” should not be respected there are millions of jobs out there and you chose a easy way out and getting sin money that was earned wrongly people should stop promoting this behavior y’all are the problem
Omni Prije 2 dana
I really liked this. It was so damn genuine
Mistake Prije 3 dana
i feel bad for this guy
Sophia Doty
Sophia Doty Prije 3 dana
i love them together
Blackkat Prije 3 dana
Am I the onlynone reminded of peach prc?!
Grant Prije 4 dana
“i don’t let it interfere with my personal life”* has men over to fuck her on his bed and force him to leave to leave the house* idk that seems like it’s in your personal life
NoShit Prije 4 dana
Aye he likes what he one banging out my girl except me lol
Kristen Prije 4 dana
They’re such a better couple than the abstaining engaged couple. If you know you know
Ryan Ken
Ryan Ken Prije 8 sati
No, they’re not. How do you enjoy this shit? 🤣
Spunk And Balls
Spunk And Balls Prije 5 dana
Seth Prije 5 dana
Not gonna lie. Kinda weird seeing Lachlan on here after ive been following the dude for so long haha.
Elie Prije 6 dana
Have a good day god love you
krissia P
krissia P Prije 6 dana
im obessed with her pink hair!!!
LooseBoltsYT Prije 6 dana
It seems like he’s trying to convince himself that he’s okay with it
Isobel Amber
Isobel Amber Prije 6 dana
We stan healthy relationships!
Vankyer Prije 5 dana
Getting dudes to come to your _home_ surely crosses the line a bit.
Stiller Hendrix
Stiller Hendrix Prije 6 dana
He would look Amazing with platinium blond hair, just an observation
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia Prije 7 dana
Imagine coming your pornstar gf coming home and saying what a phenomenal day at work she had. 🥲
Daiveon Mallery
Daiveon Mallery Prije 7 dana
4 seconds in and I’ve already reinforced my extremely firm stance on never dating a pornstar or any sort of “sex work”
Stevie Garcia
Stevie Garcia Prije 8 dana
Aww beautiful couple!!!🥰
Kezzi Vega
Kezzi Vega Prije 9 dana
Love that aussie vibe
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Prije 9 dana
They seem to work and I think it’s cool. They seem compatible.
Bernadette Baldassarri
Bernadette Baldassarri Prije 9 dana
I love how shy he is 💚💚
hollyken3 Prije 9 dana
Their relationship seems so healthy
E. N.
E. N. Prije 9 dana
1:55 PAIN in his face
Hyper Tykkel
Hyper Tykkel Prije 9 dana
no offend but how is it ok that she likes having sex whit other dudes
Ema enconk
Ema enconk Prije 9 dana
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dark one
dark one Prije 9 dana
My man is stoned
Sinarquista *
Sinarquista * Prije 9 dana
kim yong un
kim yong un Prije 9 dana
she's like powerpuff girl on meth
Cami Prije 10 dana
She’s so professional!!! And I love the fact that she has good communication about her job with her partner. Good shit!
Narf Prije 10 dana
What the f*#% did I just watch..
Alexander Paul Belila
Alexander Paul Belila Prije 10 dana
He's really cute and charming, I get why she liked him.
Annie Ho
Annie Ho Prije 10 dana
i love her fit - pastel pink looks so good on her!
eddebrock Prije 10 dana
There are dolls that look less artificial than her.
estahh lam
estahh lam Prije 10 dana
Love their chemistry! Definitely deserving of each other ❤️
Bastet Prije 10 dana
Does he now? Figures. It’s always the regular/basic level cuties with big John’s. Lol
Some Thing
Some Thing Prije 10 dana
cute...just cute.
Lala R
Lala R Prije 10 dana
I wish she make a video with her mother-in-law it would be nice. She’s a very nice person.
Zana Prije 10 dana
Wow, I just cannot believe how stupid and immoral humans can become. 🤢💩
O. M.
O. M. Prije 11 dana
yikes, the despair in this man's eyes but hey, free nasty sex on the meantime until he finds himself a decent partner. I'd disapprove but well, desperate times, desperate measures I guess P.S : lol nice nail polish mate
Adi Duran
Adi Duran Prije 11 dana
He probably thought he was getting catfished when she DM him👀
Akshat Bishnoi
Akshat Bishnoi Prije 11 dana
2:37 my god look at this cutie ahahaha !!
StrawberryNinja Nibbles
StrawberryNinja Nibbles Prije 11 dana
Omg I love them. More of them please! Do they have their own HRpost channel?
stephrogo Prije 11 dana
It’s disappointing that a man’s worth in bed to her is his Big Dock... he looked down when she said it. He obviously is so much more than that.
flwrchldent Prije 11 dana
Kai McKenzie
Kai McKenzie Prije 11 dana
They’re just a regular couple... That’s such a cool thing to see:)
Poop_Blower Prije 11 dana
Probably an open relationship anyway
Jack A
Jack A Prije 11 dana
Certified bruh moment
AJ 1998
AJ 1998 Prije 11 dana
He's definitely just shy/ introverted .
Monno Prije 12 dana
Who ever is reading this Repent from your sins and get closer to God before it’s too late ❤️✝️🙏🏽❤️📖
Tristan E
Tristan E Prije 12 dana
Awe that was adorable!
Truth_is_the _new_hate
Truth_is_the _new_hate Prije 12 dana
What kind of man dates a pornstar, stripper, or hooker?
Hurline Rose
Hurline Rose Prije 12 dana
The striped baby classically sprout because correspondent paradoxically groan as a scary cricket. secretive, tacky cirrus
klorox katie
klorox katie Prije 13 dana
kiah b
kiah b Prije 13 dana
i love them.
pvssylicious Prije 13 dana
He is extremely hot
nevr mynd
nevr mynd Prije 13 dana
What a healthy relationship 😭 I love them
z3llan. Prije 13 dana
ok but can we talk about how gorgeous she is? i absolutely love her hair and tattoos
Phoebe Prije 14 dana
Awhh they are so sweet together
Alex Glase
Alex Glase Prije 14 dana
This is pretty disgusting. You can claim there’s nothing wrong with this depravity, but time will tell, if we ever get to see these two again.
true poet
true poet Prije 14 dana
Yall theyre in love. They have a farm together with chickens and a bunch of bees. Omg this is wholesome as fuck
Elexis Morrison
Elexis Morrison Prije 14 dana
I love Kellie Panther!!! I enjoyed getting to know her mans
Connshell Prije 14 dana
Wait so what’s her name asking for a friend
Phillip of House Harris
Phillip of House Harris Prije 14 dana
Where can I find her work?
Yeek squad
Yeek squad Prije 14 dana
If a guy was this women he would be a disgrace to all of society🤣
efrgthyj hfghhmgj,
efrgthyj hfghhmgj, Prije 15 dana
Young Savage lll
Young Savage lll Prije 15 dana
What a guy, ik i couldnt do that but he likes it. Hats off to him
ebr37 Prije 15 dana
He is a simp sorry bud
Теодор К.
Теодор К. Prije 15 dana
What an annoying bunch.
brenmac100 Prije 16 dana
Jesus H..... I could never.....
Stephanie Cummings
Stephanie Cummings Prije 16 dana
When she was like "he has a really big dick" the look on his face said it all. ❤❤❤ they are so cute together!!
J. Alexis
J. Alexis Prije 16 dana
Rooting for them. Such a lovely couple 😊
Tasha Turner
Tasha Turner Prije 16 dana
that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv
that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv Prije 15 dana
Lol seriously
Janis Frahm
Janis Frahm Prije 16 dana
Nice TaTS bra
Jabari kush
Jabari kush Prije 16 dana
0:58 if was me cops would have found 2 bodies in lake
sparklebutt111 Prije 16 dana
I have never seen a porn star who looks like this.
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