The EDP445 Situation Just Got Worse

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This is the greatest follow up of All Time

SakuraFlower's Playz
SakuraFlower's Playz Prije 37 minuta
Gin Ger
Gin Ger Prije 59 minuta
Totally agree CCUnit just got caught in the middle of going along with Alex cuz he lives in Cali and hes not one that wants all this money!! Alex is 21 and I hope now he hits rock bottom like EDP does!
CAS Prije 2 sati
I feel like a criminal just watching Alex in this video. Good lord the guy is gross.
Schindlers Lisp
Schindlers Lisp Prije 3 sati
She’s not a keeper if she doesn’t enjoy a good shit pic.
Levi Chicwown
Levi Chicwown Prije 9 sati
WATCH THE EDP ARCHIVE VIDEO WHERE HE COMPLETELY AVOIDS THE FACT AND GOES AFTER EVERYONE ELSE. There is even a part where he talks about whipping out his **** and rubbing his *** all over everyones backs its so cringe
FEAR 50 Prije 12 sati
(╬▔皿▔)╯ ╰(‵□′)╯
Sheezi永 Prije 17 sati
WOW I HAD NO IDEA!!!!!! I thought this was all about a couple racist jokes he had made, but to hear the whole story is insane. UNREAL!! I'm literally tripping.
MarcusStuff Prije 17 sati
9:10 my teacher be like
Mountain Summiter
Mountain Summiter Prije 18 sati
I've never liked Alex so im not surprised he's trash
Thatguy Z
Thatguy Z Prije 20 sati
Like I said last EDP video it literally takes “bad guy who fucks up worse guys” to the highest level
CryseTech Prije 21 sat
I miss the good old days were Predators are cool jungle monsters ^^
Tau Empire
Tau Empire Prije 21 sat
Best anime plot in history
Akiskoop Prije 22 sati
Nintendo Fan Unity
Nintendo Fan Unity Prije 22 sati
Nintendo Fan Unity
Nintendo Fan Unity Prije 18 sati
@mikin lirou I hate EDP
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Prije 18 sati
Using an underage person as a decoy is illegal unless the sting is set up and monitored by law him using a 13 yr old...ILLEGAL
nickolai Seal
nickolai Seal Prije 23 sati
cayde the govir
cayde the govir Prije 23 sati
Big bruh
HelloThere Prije 23 sati
They can't arrest a predator but they can give 20+ years for a miniscule amount of weed or other light drugs with barely any evidence.
Mildros Prije dan
3.5K Pedos disliked
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz Prije 22 sati
Or people who are racist
Legacy4magic Prije dan
Angry what?
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz Prije 22 sati
People in Paris
Zet Prije dan
free up edp
Laura Bevan
Laura Bevan Prije dan
I dint get how people still defend Carson. Me personally don’t care about the year and a half age gap. But Carson minipulated her with his channel and even his life.
Will Lupton
Will Lupton Prije dan
He plays the meta
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI Prije dan
Deaf God, PLEASE let Philly piss off Bill Burr again. He would have a blast with this one.🔥🔥🔥
typical noob
typical noob Prije dan
5:24 I seen the uncensored video on discord
Audi Prije dan
Literally Alex from YIIK
He sent poop pic's? More like EATDATFIBER445!!
Danny Reyes
Danny Reyes Prije dan
Bro he talks like he’s in .5x speed. I set it to 1.5x and he sounds normal
Game Thogic
Game Thogic Prije dan
Using an underage person as a decoy is illegal unless the sting is set up and monitored by law him using a 13 yr old...ILLEGAL
Uli Lov
Uli Lov Prije dan
This is John Wick dazed and confused.
Smarter than you
Smarter than you Prije dan
Legion of Skanks made fun of this dude and it's fucking hilarious
A7X 935
A7X 935 Prije 2 dana
TVBUU Prije 2 dana
bigred 007
bigred 007 Prije 2 dana
One other avenue they can pursue, republican nomination for president, very low bar to qualify.
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson Prije 2 dana
Ah yes, he wanted a cupcake. A mini cake.
Sung jin Woo
Sung jin Woo Prije 2 dana
Bro your content is boring bro😂😂😂😂😂
《Commonation》 ಠ_ಠ
《Commonation》 ಠ_ಠ Prije 2 dana
8:57 you know i had to do it to em
Luc Maar
Luc Maar Prije 2 dana
Dude what's up with the audio sync
berts Hot
berts Hot Prije 2 dana
Was i the only one who thought it was all a joke when i saw the video...
Ilijas Ramic
Ilijas Ramic Prije 2 dana
Plot twist. EDP is working on a top secret project catch a predator with CIA. And now he has to go to jail because this operation was top secret. In fact they where hunting a child trafficing predator who has been roaming around for years. And this little shit just exposed his cover. Kappa
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije 2 dana
"In order to catch a predator, one must think like a predator" - Sun Tzu
Ben Turley
Ben Turley Prije 2 dana
Dude put some posters on your walls or something you look like you're sending us this shit from a padded mental patients room
LeoKasper426 Prije 2 dana
Did him dirty with that thumbnail hahahahaha
Ashe Bunny
Ashe Bunny Prije 2 dana
9:30 and that's why you don't just go out and "catch predators" just bc you wanna do a good deed. I'm not at all giving the predators any sort of slack. But when you go about trying to catch predators unprofessionally, like harassing or even assault, not saying whether they do or don't deserve it, but it's still technically illegal, which would make authorities less inclined to cooperate with your "work". Performatively catching predators like Alex did just lets them win. I'm not trying to say leave it to the professionals bc in some states the actual authorities don't do shit. But I think it's almost just as bad when you try to catch predators with the intention of getting them convicted, but not even doing research or the work required. Bc you still have to comply with the law and if you don't, you might end up taking the wrap and the pedo could end up walking away scott free. So needless to say, don't be performative and "catch predators" just bc you want a gold and a medal of honor. edit: While there's still plenty of flaws in his work, I think POPsquad does a decent job, despite the flaws here and there, he understands (and complies with) the laws of the state he does most of his catches is, the local authorities are familiar and compliant with him (bc he knows wtf he's doin). And before speaking to predators he states his business and makes it clear they're not their to cause harm, and that cameras are rolling for both parties safety and to prove that they separate ways once the encounter is over.
Ashe Bunny
Ashe Bunny Prije dan
@minij hooi Agreed. I hope he doesn't get cancelled or attacked
minij hooi
minij hooi Prije 2 dana
Let’s give credit to the short guy (CC Unit/Ghost) for doing a good thing and not being weird like Alex.
Ming Prije 2 dana
takes one to know one i guess
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Prije 2 dana
It takes a predator to catch a predator. Apparently.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh Prije dan
Logan Oglesby
Logan Oglesby Prije 2 dana
Yo, forget this! Did you know Dairy Queen sells boxes of ice cream bars? Since when?!?!?!
Tato Prije 2 dana
Why does this guy remind me of a homeless person who thinks that he deserves more?
Uri Summy
Uri Summy Prije 2 dana
This whole thing was handled poorly. Shitty people expose shitty people but the ones exposing arent doing it for the community, they're doing it for themselves and internet clout nobody wins here
Jake V
Jake V Prije 2 dana
Who turned on friendly fire
이진아 Prije 3 dana
This is child’s play lol
Rocky Power
Rocky Power Prije 3 dana
Yes, the CC Unit has been tracking and doing a great job of weaseling out pedophiles from its encounters. They have gotten better and learned from law enforcement and prosecutors on what to do and not do. They do a good job from then on because they pay attention and want to learn and provide a service continually. He is smart that way. You make it sound like they still don't know how to do it right. If you listen to his channel and heard how he talks about learning from his previous mistakes then you would know he's doing great. Just like you would do and I would do from learning that difficult job from scratch or from watching Hansen.
Mario Prije 3 dana
He responded the funny thing is he didn't mention the pedophiles situation he just tried to roast pretty much everybody
EmperorRagna Prije 3 dana
aathos_ rocha
aathos_ rocha Prije 3 dana
“Plays by the meta” 2:19 Charlie what the fuck 😂😂
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 3 dana
EDP after prison: “Whats up guys its ya boi Eat dat Prison Food 445”
Linnie Prije 3 dana
yeah heaps mad
marco rodriguez
marco rodriguez Prije 3 dana
I knew it. He got even fatter. Why does he keep making thing worse
GAMEKNIGHT998 Prije 3 dana
Let’s give credit to the short guy (CC Unit/Ghost) for doing a good thing and not being weird like Alex.
mike loader
mike loader Prije 21 sat
@The Last1 why?
The Last1
The Last1 Prije 23 sati
Cc unit is a narcissist piece of crap
Newbie Noah
Newbie Noah Prije 2 dana
Even though he's a moron for making a deal with a guy who wouldn't release it until it was monetizable and played a part in potentially screwing up the case for not asking the questions properly.
Rich y
Rich y Prije 3 dana
You must really love the charity considering that you really hate art 😄
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Prije 3 dana
Jesus Christ.
Aaron Azazagoth
Aaron Azazagoth Prije 3 dana
Exactly!!!! A good act done by a shitty dude.
Austin Wallett
Austin Wallett Prije 3 dana
I had a friend in High school who would send our group Snap Chats of his shit in the toilet. The best one was when he positioned his face in front of the bowl with the turd in the background and drew Shrek ears on his head with the caption "This is my swamp!" He was later voted class funniest.
Honest Plug
Honest Plug Prije 2 sati
Drizzi Drizzi
Drizzi Drizzi Prije 3 dana
Edp just wanted a cupcake
BOT Kenzo
BOT Kenzo Prije 3 dana
Why is it that we call someone who feels superior to gays homophobic? Phobia in any other sense means to have an irrational fear of something, if one believes they are superior to gays that doesn’t mean they have an irrational fear of gays so it shouldn’t be called homophobia or homophobic 🤷‍♂️
BOT Kenzo
BOT Kenzo Prije 19 sati
@Diego Munoz possibly but that’s not exactly how the term is always used, if you said “I don’t like gays” you’d be homophobic but that doesn’t mean you’re scared of them or being seen as one, just means you don’t like them. I just think the term is used to broadly to describe anyone who disagrees with homosexuality wether it’s because of religion or just hatred towards someone different, racism is for people who feel superior to another race we don’t call them race-phobic. There should be another term to call someone who just doesn’t like gays or the idea of being gay other than homophobic
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz Prije 22 sati
I think homophobic people are scared of being seen as gay or being equal to gays
J Z Prije 3 dana
When did Steve aoki get a sex change ?
BTS 123
BTS 123 Prije 3 dana
One of the main things that ruins this investigation is that Chet lied and said EDP send the first message when in fact that is not true chet sent the first Message and under law that is considered entrapment
BTS 123
BTS 123 Prije 3 dana
I could say this and I’m not sticking up for EDP445 however Chet Goldstein lied and said EDP sent the first message when in reality Chet Goldstein sent the first message under the law that is stated as entrapment so I will not be surprised if there is no criminal charges that will stick unfortunately
MeleeMaster MAA
MeleeMaster MAA Prije 3 dana
Hates predators --> Becomes a predator
Memeorama Prije 3 dana
thats fucking sick.
Michael Oberg
Michael Oberg Prije 3 dana
You fell off penguinz0. Quit defending EDP445.
Coco NUTS Prije 3 dana
Funny man
MirrorMask Gaming
MirrorMask Gaming Prije 4 dana
Jesus Christ.
Re Vamp
Re Vamp Prije 4 dana
"It's time once again to talk about the stinky poo poo diarrhea that makes my stomach want to eat more caca pee pee"
JOSHUA LEON Prije 4 dana
By “cupcake” he just meant cake. And it’s underaged.
Kvng Gibby
Kvng Gibby Prije 4 dana
Can we see a video about Alex
Shefki Sula
Shefki Sula Prije 4 dana
U look like Jesus and ur Jesus
Kid Flash
Kid Flash Prije 4 dana
alex is the predator think about it ppl come on now
phuturephunk Prije 4 dana
Oh wow. I had no idea that that guy was that much of a whackjob. I remember when he was just some psycho Eagles fan (that didn't live in Philly) that was a sort of funny meme on the Somethingawful football funhouse subforum. Holy shit.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije 4 dana
Charlie has the most beautiful graceful and wonderful eyebrows in existence
chelsea Prije dan
Why did you just copy and paste someone else’s comment lol
Random Channel
Random Channel Prije 4 dana
Edp445 wearing a king sized mattress
Minecraft Pufferfish
Minecraft Pufferfish Prije 4 dana
WAAAAA WAAAAA WAAAAA he said the racism word !!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz Prije 22 sati
Are you that dry
Minecraft Pufferfish
Minecraft Pufferfish Prije 3 dana
@Darth Hatall no
Darth Hatall
Darth Hatall Prije 3 dana
Mark Place
Mark Place Prije 4 dana
Tim N.
Tim N. Prije 4 dana
what the fuck is going on nowadays!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije 4 dana
I never liked predator poachers he always was unnecessarily an asshole
Investopedia Prije 4 dana
Wtf is this blob
vulkein Prije 4 dana
5:47 wait... did Alex seriously just do that "retarded chest slap" insult that kids used to do back in 2002?
R Bee
R Bee Prije 4 dana
Damn...double homicide. Gotta love it.
F Y Prije 4 dana
edp "445" 4+4+5=13 (13 years old) ....that's not a coincidence
Johnallen Lowe
Johnallen Lowe Prije 4 dana
This guys like Were here to catch a predator... "Well of course I know him,he's me"
Blaise Pucci
Blaise Pucci Prije 4 dana
To look at the positive, shit pics gonna change the game
CatnamedMittens Prije 4 dana
Future Fredrick Knudsen video probably.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown Prije 4 dana
Okay some of his jokes are actually funny
TaRzAn Prije 4 dana
no one talking about daniel larson tho
Pinecone Master
Pinecone Master Prije 4 dana
holy fuck, I didn't even realize it was Predator Poachers. Used to watch those guys. Crazy shit
Gabes EscapeTv
Gabes EscapeTv Prije 4 dana
I Fucked up and Made a bigistake😔
Maverick MAC
Maverick MAC Prije 4 dana
Dude I mumbled to myself while watching the edp busted video and said " the guy in the blue looks like a hypocrite" comes to find out I was right? Wtf yo
Anne J. Gomez
Anne J. Gomez Prije 4 dana
I never liked predator poachers he always was unnecessarily an asshole
Plant Boi
Plant Boi Prije 4 dana
well ya know what they said, to catch a maniac you gotta get into the mind of a maniac...
Meatwad Prije 4 dana
If Chris Hansen was caught with a 13 year old girl. He still did a lot of good things, but he’s a bad person
Reinhold Von Hindenburg
Reinhold Von Hindenburg Prije 4 dana
What.. the.. fuck... The world is a messed up place.
Landscape Luke
Landscape Luke Prije 4 dana
Annnnd it got even worse 😢
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