Single BEST Skin for EVERY Brawler in 2021!

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BEST Skin for EVERY Brawler! | KairosTime
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For this video, I'm going to show ALL of the skins for all 47 brawlers in Brawl Stars & I'm going to select the BEST skin for EVERY Brawler in the game! Which skins are the best for each brawler? We're about to find out!
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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Prije 19 dana
Which skin is YOUR all-time favorite?! Thanks to Raid for sponsoring this video! Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days!
Quack Man
Quack Man Prije 4 dana
You forgot edgar
No TaLinT
No TaLinT Prije 5 dana
Mines quickdraw edgar
Parker Spradling
Parker Spradling Prije 5 dana
Horus Bo
Josue Gomez
Josue Gomez Prije 8 dana
Umm can you like say which ones are limited edition because I’m trying to buy the limited edition
Idris Clyde
Idris Clyde Prije 11 dana
@Raymond Ameer Wow! Took about 10 minutes but it worked!!
Galaxy Infinity
Galaxy Infinity Prije 12 sati
the only skin i have is agent.p
Orfeas Nikol
Orfeas Nikol Prije 13 sati
It would be so funny if dark lord spike made a happy face at the end
Peruna Pelto
Peruna Pelto Prije 14 sati
How you can like king crab rick🤮
Mr. CheeseBurger
Mr. CheeseBurger Prije 2 dana
4:17 ;_;
NOVA Prije 2 dana
Robot Darryl. Robot Darryl... *ROBOT* DARRYL.
DrawerBoy 123
DrawerBoy 123 Prije 3 dana
I would pick underworld bo for bo Cuz it leaves a Cool effect on the ground after the shot.
A person u found Gamer
A person u found Gamer Prije 3 dana
Ah yes, my favorite skin *robot Darryl*
PogawaGaming789 Prije 3 dana
Kairos regularly plays animal crossing?! Pls island tour
Sanad Sweedan
Sanad Sweedan Prije 3 dana
Listen if I saw a no hat mortis I would spit on him kill him and spin on him
Josethegoodboy21 Prije 3 dana
When kairos was showing bea why does he have 1 million coins
Milos 424
Milos 424 Prije 3 dana
Milos 424
Milos 424 Prije 3 dana
Abdul Ghiyas
Abdul Ghiyas Prije 4 dana
Kiaros can you please join my club
naglis kombat
naglis kombat Prije 5 dana
Kairo: showing the best skins Also Kairo: he doesn't have a skin goes to null's brawls or some other game
Big PP
Big PP Prije 6 dana
Kairos : best skins We : suffuring
Javier_YT Prije 6 dana
The Bibi hair 😂
Morgan Graham
Morgan Graham Prije 6 dana
Did anybody see when he was on Tara he had 18,000,000 coins
Potato Haha
Potato Haha Prije 6 dana
6:41 how dare you el Browns the best el primo skin
theo Prije 6 dana
The fact that raid shadow legends is sponsoring him-
EliGaming11 Prije 7 dana
On underworld bo I think it makes a skull mark on the ground when it explodes
Josue Gomez
Josue Gomez Prije 8 dana
Can you like say which ones is the limited edition skins because I’m trying to buy the limited ones
Carmelo Mallari
Carmelo Mallari Prije 8 dana
8:40 did kairos just say "dark punny penny"
Lord Yharim VI lord of calamity
Lord Yharim VI lord of calamity Prije 8 dana
This video is sponsored by raid shadow legends me: so the apocalypse starts again
Butterfly Sewsaw
Butterfly Sewsaw Prije 9 dana
Him: poco needs more skins Me: was Rosa just a myth
Josiah Lim
Josiah Lim Prije 9 dana
" i think im going to go for robot darryl" isn't darryl a robot tho
CR Gaming is ON
CR Gaming is ON Prije 9 dana
Andrew Koh
Andrew Koh Prije 9 dana
Kairos: Loves Popcorn Rico Dumpling Darryl and Sally Leon cus they shoot food Also Kairos: Doesn't like Spicy Mike cus he shoots food
James Boersma III
James Boersma III Prije 10 dana
horus bo is zeus and underworld bo is hades dun dun dun!!!!!
Prmeya Sutha
Prmeya Sutha Prije 10 dana
i like the nata christmas skin and 1 of the emz skin
Harsh Yadav
Harsh Yadav Prije 10 dana
Where is squeak
Anime Doggo
Anime Doggo Prije 10 dana
He doesn’t have skins
king Scott
king Scott Prije 11 dana
he just rick rolled us with smooth lou
games of crazyness
games of crazyness Prije 11 dana
"4:15" Happy to get a lot of *Gems* from *BS4.XYZ**
OugieBougie Prije 11 dana
“Beebeelontay” like bruh it’s “bihbihlonty”
Tan Teck Guan
Tan Teck Guan Prije 11 dana
Mat Pat
Mat Pat Prije 12 dana
It’s second nature to know what Kairos dislikes about Heroine Bibi
Justin Tian
Justin Tian Prije 12 dana
Kairos I have a suggestion, you should make timestamps so it will be easier for your viewers to see which is which easier! Keep up the good work!!! :)
Justin Tian
Justin Tian Prije 12 dana
Ima use code kairos to get sugar rush sandy
Game Blazer9
Game Blazer9 Prije 12 dana
Wait kairos is red and green color blind?
Galo GameKid
Galo GameKid Prije 12 dana
8:16 we also added What'd do you mean we
ragingroman 583
ragingroman 583 Prije 12 dana
Fun fact: Jessie's only skins without effects is red dragon and true silver/gold. Therefore ALL of her skins you pay gems for have attack effects
Icy Prije 12 dana
Give Mr P skins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rahil Keshav
Rahil Keshav Prije 12 dana
1:37 "JOTUUN" 😂😂😂 Its yotun ( the pronunciation )
Tala Bahlawan
Tala Bahlawan Prije 13 dana
MHDLORD GAMER Prije 13 dana
Can you show us your profile
Maite Basaguren
Maite Basaguren Prije 13 dana
5:51 His coins...
Láß Míñér
Láß Míñér Prije 14 dana
Karios we will get free skin of 8 bit we need to play 100 match
Drake Beasley
Drake Beasley Prije 13 dana
You'll get the ability to purchase it with star points,
Wannabe Kairostime
Wannabe Kairostime Prije 14 dana
Im literally the wannabe version of you with 7 subscribers
The Jellybird
The Jellybird Prije 14 dana
Has anyone noticed that he has two accounts?? Like one for flexin and one personal?? The online friends and coins says it all...
Marcel Baran
Marcel Baran Prije 14 dana
The first one is his main account. The second one is from development build only accessable for content creators and Supercell Staff i guess.
Thedctor83 Prije 14 dana
@KairosTime Gaming You pronounced Jotun wrong, it's pronounced like "Yo ton"
Lightning Speed Gaming
Lightning Speed Gaming Prije 14 dana
imagine if there was vampire byron
Milomir Kovac
Milomir Kovac Prije 14 dana
U should let ur wife choose the best skins but u should let her choose silver and gold skins and also the ones u don't have
Binsh Prije 14 dana
Why are these content creators obsessed with Horus Bo??? Come on: Every one knows Underworld Bo is the best and Deadly skin for Bo 😒
Anda (Mo-An) Huang
Anda (Mo-An) Huang Prije 14 dana
I never see those Bea Skins :(
NINJA PLAYS Prije 14 dana
16:05 this video is recorded just after season 6 had started
Denerz Prije 14 dana
Kairos picking gold barley "Brawl stars music stops..."
Jason Matthew
Jason Matthew Prije 14 dana
10:45 *who can that new brawler be...*
Joshua Choi
Joshua Choi Prije 15 dana
Stop with that voice. It is very cringe and soy-inducing
the_mysc Prije 15 dana
When Shiba Nita is 79 gems. I don't have time to buy it 😭
2003 Best year
2003 Best year Prije 15 dana
My Crazy World
My Crazy World Prije 15 dana
5:56 he has 18,000,000 million coins on the screen when it was on Saloon 8-Bit....Just a little tid-bit I caught! P.S. I love you Kairos! You are my favorite Brawl Stars HRpostr! @UseCodeKairos
Hong Yao Zhang
Hong Yao Zhang Prije 15 dana
6:50: "I am saving my star points for saloon 8-bit." This is bruh moment. In your 1132 gems for all skins video you literally said we didn't have to purchase it.
Steve Orcine
Steve Orcine Prije 15 dana
can we just appreciate the fact that there are NO ADS
Tomasz Wróblewski
Tomasz Wróblewski Prije 15 dana
barrbarian bull looks like barrbarian king form Clash of Clans
CLASHERS HUT Prije 15 dana
where is mortis???
Drake Beasley
Drake Beasley Prije 15 dana
poseidonplayz Prije 15 dana
Hi Kairos I love your videos :D
Unknown Freddy
Unknown Freddy Prije 15 dana
Hello kairos, I hv been waiting for dark bunny penny skin in shop for over 8days and it's still not there. I hv kept 10k star points just for this, could u please tell if that skin is removed from the shop permanently?
catwoman and dogman
catwoman and dogman Prije 15 dana
I made some skins for Max,EL PRIMO and spike !! Max skin: Evil Mecha Max,El primo skin : El cat and Imposter spike 😂
Boxuan Liu
Boxuan Liu Prije 15 dana
Darryl is alr a robot
Ptero - Gaming
Ptero - Gaming Prije 16 dana
5:56 did anyone notice how many coins he has
Squeaky_Brawler Prije 16 dana
Yo listen to me corsair colt for the win
Vulture - Brawl Stars
Vulture - Brawl Stars Prije 16 dana
Kairos: You've seen my sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends before... Me: OH NO PLEASE BE A JOKE
Creeper Plays
Creeper Plays Prije 16 dana
Wait so kairos is actually color blind
Yusuf_minecraft Prije 16 dana
Why lady kairos not uploading videos
Cookie Supreme
Cookie Supreme Prije 16 dana
I think they might make a mad scientist Byron skin soon
Dylan Robinson
Dylan Robinson Prije 16 dana
You forgot some
EKANSH ARORA Prije 16 dana
6:50 But he already has saloon 8 bit :(
Mortis Prije 16 dana
Hey Kairos, what about the race test next? Its been a long time since the last one!
Sayuti Send44
Sayuti Send44 Prije 16 dana
Game yg keren 👍
MiniMintRobot Prije 16 dana
Did bea just say beautiful three times in a row? She must really like kairos
Blitz Virus
Blitz Virus Prije 16 dana
Kairos needs to redo the K A I R O S song bc u can see tickets in the top so it needs a update
Adonias Ramirez
Adonias Ramirez Prije 16 dana
I'm gonna unsub cause you choose saloon 8-bit instead of virus 8-bit
Marcel Baran
Marcel Baran Prije 16 dana
That's a stupid reason.
Rares Olaru
Rares Olaru Prije 16 dana
( 8:25)Robot daryl 🤣
Allan Prije 16 dana
Kairos being honest don't you think Phoenix Crow still needs a remodel
Miles Nguyen
Miles Nguyen Prije 16 dana
dumpling Darryl is the best darryl skin and will always be the best
TakifPlayz Prije 16 dana
raid shadow legends more like raid garbage legends i know why you excepted 1000$ for a sponsor bcz in raid you have to do everything with real money
Adwait Srivastava
Adwait Srivastava Prije 16 dana
Ok raid shadows legends had enough somposer
Inquisitive Triangulator
Inquisitive Triangulator Prije 16 dana
Nicholas Vasquez
Nicholas Vasquez Prije 16 dana
I think I am blind but i font think he showed edgars skin
Drake Beasley
Drake Beasley Prije 15 dana
SNIPER BS Prije 16 dana
Sernade poco and coach Mike slaughtered by kairos pick like why Starr poco or Santa mike when u have robo mike and coach mike
Jackson Lee
Jackson Lee Prije 16 dana
wait ur colorblind? i didnt even know that
Carina Feng
Carina Feng Prije 16 dana
I would like if Supercell made red dragon jessie's turret breathed fire.
Ismael Rodriguez
Ismael Rodriguez Prije 16 dana
Dementor Prije 16 dana
2:07 i lost my only acc with star shelly and the last legendary that i need rn lol
Amarilis Aquino Aponte
Amarilis Aquino Aponte Prije 16 dana
Did neko bea released already?
yaboiii 6839
yaboiii 6839 Prije 16 dana
Alexander Wee
Alexander Wee Prije 16 dana
Why golden barley....
YT Cr7
YT Cr7 Prije 16 dana
Supercell: Lets nerf colt´s silver bullet, and his recharge speed. Also supercell: Lets give him a new skin without special effects on super, normal ammo, and silver bullet. Also my fav brawler skin is Gunslinger Colt.
TSESTIENK BS Prije 16 dana
kairos dont have saloon 8-bit look at the coins by 8-bit and Emz
ELIAS DOUYON Prije 16 dana
Does anyone ever wonder if kairos even plays raid shadow legends lol
Budiman Sentosa
Budiman Sentosa Prije 16 dana
You forgot true gold and true silver gene
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