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EXTREME Spicy Noodle Challenge with Faze Kay & Sommer Ray
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Ryder and Andrew
Ryder and Andrew Prije 18 sati
Sommer ray is like it’s not spicy and the boys is like it’s insane bro holy it is spicy
Samurai Miro
Samurai Miro Prije 20 sati
I wont eat dad ever again i almost died
Mahdi Mneini
Mahdi Mneini Prije dan
ZYMooMoo Prije 4 dana
Faze Kay and Faze Jarvis saying it’s really spicy 🌶 🥵. Summer Ray be like it not even that spicy.
Michael Howard
Michael Howard Prije 7 dana
1:35 i kinda think its weird but funny how Sommer is shaking her 🍑 the entire time lmao
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson Prije 7 dana
Bruh sommer ray is just eating them and they are not sommer ray is like eh
Spartin Prije 8 dana
Why does Frazier drink like that
KFC Jerry
KFC Jerry Prije 8 dana
It’s so hard
Kai Prije 8 dana
I’m 10 and I had that it’s not spicy this is clickbate
ColideClxpz Prije 10 dana
Jarvis trying to empress Sommer ray
LiLHannibalHatchet Prije 11 dana
Kay is the CEO of “ Bro”😭😭😭🤣🤣
Untamed Fishstick
Untamed Fishstick Prije 12 dana
0:56 when he realized the noodles were hotter than summer ray
FaZe Shadow
FaZe Shadow Prije 13 dana
These noodles smell good but they taste just fire
FaZe Shadow
FaZe Shadow Prije 13 dana
There so facking spicy
chrizmunozxd Prije 14 dana
Sommer is so pretty
Boommytheasian YT
Boommytheasian YT Prije 15 dana
Bruh sommer is barely eating anything
Orapun Kongkaew
Orapun Kongkaew Prije 16 dana
I want some
Arvin Harricharan
Arvin Harricharan Prije 16 dana
Yo tho are not hot you wimps I eat them every day on cap
uzair gani
uzair gani Prije 16 dana
i think that unfair cause maybe hot people can eat hot things so techanically ommer is cheating wait did i spell technically right like if u agree
Wali Edhi
Wali Edhi Prije 17 dana
Hwo is whacking after they murdeed there mouth
The active kids 58
The active kids 58 Prije 19 dana
POV: there not spicy 🌶 but they look so goooooodd
fore me
fore me Prije 21 dan
u guys simpen over sommer ray
Tatum Ellie
Tatum Ellie Prije 21 dan
Golden Socks
Golden Socks Prije 23 dana
Bro did anyone else see that sommor lower half part of her body was like shacking
Perry the Platypus
Perry the Platypus Prije 24 dana
There is a difference between kebob and kebab
DMX_ Holman
DMX_ Holman Prije 24 dana
Use milk instead because water makes it worse
Braa Saif
Braa Saif Prije 25 dana
1% Of You Can Tell The Difference Of Saying Teeqo Or Tiko
Jodie Hughes
Jodie Hughes Prije 25 dana
Frazier got 10 seconds so he should get 1,000$$$$$$$
Karvin Sath
Karvin Sath Prije 25 dana
Kay and Jarvis is a baby I eat those noodles a lot so🥶
Ashley Long
Ashley Long Prije 26 dana
I really love spicy 🌶 foods I’m just watching people exaggerate
Ghost killer5
Ghost killer5 Prije 26 dana
Summers a”big girl “
Tenzin Ghangkar Gongm den
Tenzin Ghangkar Gongm den Prije mjesec
Sommer ray if my mom saw you eating like this with some chopstick she will get the sandal
Angelia Stephanie
Angelia Stephanie Prije mjesec
I like spicy but i thinuk i couldent eay much my mout is small
Prxjectgucci 1
Prxjectgucci 1 Prije mjesec
Its not that spicy doe for pros me pro so is not spicy I have large spice tolerance
Rhett Chasteen
Rhett Chasteen Prije mjesec
How good do they taste?
XxIDAMxX RBLX Prije mjesec
Why does sommer ray kept shaking and moving ;-; like in every part
LolEpicGamerMoment 2020
LolEpicGamerMoment 2020 Prije mjesec
2019 sommer: is he faking? 2020 also sommer: Jarvis kinds sus
Aoife McGee
Aoife McGee Prije mjesec
Kay and Jarvis dying Sommer chilling
CRG Racing
CRG Racing Prije mjesec
2:37 can’t stop this nun nun nun nun lol the GIRL wins and Jarvis is embarrassing the boys😭
Myles Gregory
Myles Gregory Prije mjesec
Bruh I eat those daily and I’m like 😐 when I eat and there like 😡🥵😡🥵😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡🥵🥵🤬🤬🤬🤬🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Mia Prije mjesec
It not spicy Kay is a baby
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore Prije mjesec
Its not spicy I did the challenge
KiratjotSingh Prije mjesec
Sommer is more manly than the men
Isaiah Rivera
Isaiah Rivera Prije mjesec
BTW Sommer ray is mine
ScytheFN Prije 23 dana
Ive looked everywhere ive asked everyone and i still cant find the fuck who asked.
Randy Lopez
Randy Lopez Prije mjesec
I can’t believe y’all waste my favorite food in world
James Nguyen
James Nguyen Prije mjesec
People eat these noodles for breakfast.
Shakeel Rahman
Shakeel Rahman Prije mjesec
Sommers tactic is taking the tiniest bites possible Also she is immune to spice but probably not as immune as FaZe Sway
V2 Hypex シ
V2 Hypex シ Prije mjesec
I did eat them. They were not so spicy. They are actually very good
V2 Hypex シ
V2 Hypex シ Prije mjesec
mmmh tasty
Gage Ayala-Ortiz
Gage Ayala-Ortiz Prije mjesec
Sommer was taking the smallest bites, literally like 4 noodles at a time😂😂
Mkrakerz Prije mjesec
I thought Sommer hair was noodles in the thumbnail
XXXTentacion 1
XXXTentacion 1 Prije mjesec
I would of lost in the first two minutes
Madrid Augusta
Madrid Augusta Prije mjesec
The samyang noodle is not even that spicy
Spitz YT
Spitz YT Prije mjesec
Watching this makes me want to eat it 🤤
William Anderson
William Anderson Prije mjesec
cmon boys I eat these for breakfast
Daniel Prije mjesec
im craving noodles
hamza khan
hamza khan Prije mjesec
Jarvis cheated literally half of his noodles were just plane
plantsent 173
plantsent 173 Prije mjesec
If you invite me I would has eaten the noodles so fast
YoloFR Prije mjesec
You have one million girlfriends jeez-
pro shwemoe
pro shwemoe Prije mjesec
jarvis has a lot of makeup
Benedict Gale
Benedict Gale Prije mjesec
thats called samyang noodles its from korea and its the most most spiciest noodles and food
John Darji
John Darji Prije mjesec
Jarvis: bro this is hot Faze Kay: that’s insain
Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd Prije mjesec
NorthcottGaming Prije mjesec
Jarvis and kay: AHHH ITS SO SPICY Sommer in between them: you two are pussys (No offence i really love u guys)
El Takuache007
El Takuache007 Prije mjesec
Sommer beats them and shes a girl that’s a shame for kay and jarvis
Fate Ray
Fate Ray Prije mjesec
Sommer + Jarvis
Fate Ray
Fate Ray Prije mjesec
They are good I ate 3 packs no problem
HS Relic790 7
HS Relic790 7 Prije mjesec
Me drinking water rn 👁👄👁
crock s
crock s Prije mjesec
Wait did anybody see sommer looking at jarvis's phone?
tacohead _33
tacohead _33 Prije mjesec
Thats easy unless its the x2
YouTube Zexpy
YouTube Zexpy Prije mjesec
Jarvis wasn’t eating them he said he’ll no 😂😂😂😂
Evalyn Rojas
Evalyn Rojas Prije mjesec
Somner and kay should give it a go js 🙌🔥🤘😑its more realistic than jarvis and her
cule 1ess
cule 1ess Prije mjesec
Jarvis first reaction lol
fortnite gameplay
fortnite gameplay Prije mjesec
Faze kay is aa pushy
Stupid Videos
Stupid Videos Prije mjesec
When realize summer is using chop sticks and jarvis and fraizer are using spoons
dylann Prije mjesec
You guys are baby's rlly like rlly.
Erick Lujan
Erick Lujan Prije mjesec
Don’t call her summer Rae call here summer thick girl
Spazz_Blaze Prije mjesec
i eat 2x
ZLM7 ART Prije mjesec
The trick in this noodle is if u don't talk and try to eat non stop it doesn't feel spicy at all
24kDarkzy Prije mjesec
I bet sway would just be happy to eat these 😂
John Hernandez
John Hernandez Prije mjesec
The water makes it worse
Plluzy On Crack -_-
Plluzy On Crack -_- Prije mjesec
Hi Im Faze Jarvis
Storm tiger
Storm tiger Prije mjesec
faze kay bieng the only one using a fork
AudxcityFN Prije mjesec
anyone else feel like sommer went full mom mode in this video
Isaac Moses
Isaac Moses Prije mjesec
People be saying the noodles I spicy but I’ve tasted them and they not even as hot as people say they are!
PepeYey Prije mjesec
*horny thomas doesnt approve this shit*
Jesus Sandoval
Jesus Sandoval Prije mjesec
it wood be sick
Jesus Sandoval
Jesus Sandoval Prije mjesec
sway shod do it plz
Tyler Pinard
Tyler Pinard Prije 2 mjeseci
Lewis Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis and Kay are there using forks and then there's Sommer using chopsticks🤣
Ahmad Tarabah
Ahmad Tarabah Prije 2 mjeseci
I had ghost pepper
Astect Quizy
Astect Quizy Prije 2 mjeseci
This is light work
JakePlays12 Prije 2 mjeseci
I mean they gotta be overreacting, Like bro I have eaten those noodles and to me they are just like spicy cheetos, fr now im hungry after this vid, ima buy some noodles..
mai kidier
mai kidier Prije 2 mjeseci
guys whats it all about i can eat 10 packs of thise and it will be fine i know a lot of people will call me a sychopath i think i uave a mental problen with spice i just eat a hole 2 litre bucket of spice its not even spicy
alfredo sauce
alfredo sauce Prije 2 mjeseci
I pretty much "didnt" get this recomended 11 months later
Fortnite Master
Fortnite Master Prije 2 mjeseci
Sommer shit
Harkirat Josan
Harkirat Josan Prije 2 mjeseci
y is jarvis using a plastic spoon
Dominga Ruiz
Dominga Ruiz Prije 2 mjeseci
I have eaten them and I would eat more then both of them combined
Dominga Ruiz
Dominga Ruiz Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro Kay and Jarvis are little girls
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Prije 2 mjeseci
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Prije 2 mjeseci
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FaZe Jarvis
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they finally added it..
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