RTX 3090 SLI - We Tried so Hard to Love It

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Officially Nvidia has killed SLI but the 3090 has SLI fingers... lets give it a go.
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Mr Ex
Mr Ex Prije 5 sati
No more Asus for me. Always out of date and freaze for me.
ay ck
ay ck Prije 7 sati
No one realized the board He using is z390 godlike not z490 . No one even point that out the wrong info given in the video
William Dubois
William Dubois Prije 8 sati
linus actually said 4090 umm i think he knows something we dont guys
Gokan the Husky
Gokan the Husky Prije 10 sati
Linus: She's a heavy boy. Me: Uh what?
Douken Prije 12 sati
Wait, no Native 8k goodies?
Lil McFly
Lil McFly Prije 14 sati
The most lit radio station open.spotify.com/artist/3b9XyNqax5kcJvxr5SW1ob?si=RIfowrazTIiKIfFTt9bsbQ
Nitidus Prije 21 sat
I'm somewhat confused because a game from 2018 is not playable without dropping under 60 fps on the highest possible settings, even with dual 3090s from two years after release using a technique that's practically dead. Like, wtf? What's happened to the times where you had the fastest consumer GPU and CPU and could play everything on max settings for the upcoming two or three years? For me it's quite unsatisfying to not be able to mindlessly crank everything up to max, even with a 2,000$ rig...
Christi Dj
Christi Dj Prije 22 sati
What motherboard are you using?
iiRage TV
iiRage TV Prije 22 sati
Hey Linus General Question, got myself the rtx3070 aorus master do i power it from my psu: with 2 separate cables or with 1 splitted cable? my PSU is the bequiet straight power 11 with 650W
Richard Franěk
Richard Franěk Prije 23 sati
Fuck motion blur
c 0 n t r a b Λ n d
c 0 n t r a b Λ n d Prije dan
2030 $400 pc build
Darcy_MM Prije dan
just watching this my gpu is 65 degrees
johnlloyd ibe
johnlloyd ibe Prije dan
!Notify! Hey linus can you give me some RTX Please :
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ Prije 2 dana
is there a way to deactivate the 2nd card via a programm?
Boston Al-Qawi George
Boston Al-Qawi George Prije 2 dana
Ok no more hate on motion blur, i promise. minutes later: hey, did you finished Blur of the Tomb Raider?
Sachintha Keshara
Sachintha Keshara Prije 2 dana
RTX 4090 Wtf?
DynaBlox Prije 3 dana
"she's a heavy boy for sure" -Linus 2020
qdrkhairum Prije 3 dana
Why TF your earrings split together
ALSHEHHI_450 Prije 3 dana
I love your mother
Jan Prije 3 dana
And YES F*CK motion blurr! in Games
Jan Prije 3 dana
Whats going on with the beard?!
CupOfOil Prije 3 dana
Chungus 1:44
aqdas khan
aqdas khan Prije 3 dana
fastest gaming cpu 10900k, and wait 1 month please... our ryzen 5 5600x trashes your i9
Sourav Majumder
Sourav Majumder Prije 3 dana
which monitor you are using?
InGênuo Prije 3 dana
Se as duas estiver no pcie x16 ainda precisa da ponte?
Adrianishere Prije 3 dana
1:30 nice credit card numbers
Zsavage1 Prije 4 dana
I DON"T EVEN LOVE A SINGLE 3090... BSOD's BLACK SCREENS.... GAME CRASHES .... FPS drop offs after 20mins of gaming... . I'll PASS
you want a pizza me?
you want a pizza me? Prije 4 dana
They really need to remake SLI and Crossfire surely there has to be a better way.. Maybe a new protocol or new standard? If it doesn't work rebuild it and see if your new monstrosity will work or even do better
Macestrom Prije 4 dana
Linus, why are you doing SLI testing on a Z490? Arent the 16 pcie lanes a performance limiter when trying to split it between cards?
cxidenfn Prije 4 dana
imagine a 7090
cxidenfn Prije 4 dana
it would equal 3 3090s
Linus:"10900k is the fastest gaming cpu" Lisa Su with ryzen 9 5950 X:"I am here to change the future. Also fuck Nvidia, look at this better radeon card"
R Valent
R Valent Prije 5 dana
F motion blur
omarbrown44 Prije 5 dana
1000watt power supply does not mean that pcie power can use 1000watts.
Anila G
Anila G Prije 5 dana
aDr Prije 5 dana
Wtf? what a waste of money x2 3090? sli's are more dead than mickael jackson
Batou Ciermer
Batou Ciermer Prije 5 dana
I thought the case would start to fly... But it didn't.
Senor_sparky Prije 5 dana
cries in intel iris graphics
Frank King
Frank King Prije 5 dana
my god, its nice to be rich
LOLCATpl TM Prije 5 dana
Nine Dragons
Nine Dragons Prije 5 dana
Sorry but this was a crap video too. Where are the final thoughts? Is it in ANY way worth it, even if you have the cash to burn? Why is there still a frame lag sometimes with all this power? Jeez come on guys, what happened? Why the glut of unfinished videos now??
Nathan Jernigan
Nathan Jernigan Prije 5 dana
16k gaming would be nice! linus 15:00
RoCk ShaDoW-WaLkEr
RoCk ShaDoW-WaLkEr Prije 5 dana
4:18 looks like Linus was smoking something good.
RM TECH Prije 6 dana
sli was dead in the beginning...
metalperslfx Prije 6 dana
Screw that guy on the forum calling out people who dislike motion blur.
Barnabas Prije 6 dana
what the fuck are those german subtitles
Георгий Мурашкинцев
Георгий Мурашкинцев Prije 6 dana
зашлите мне этот обогреватель а то зимой холодно
D J Prije 6 dana
Where is Linus? Who is this strange shaggy bearded man rambling? Someone give him a hot pocket.
GlockMat Prije 6 dana
mixindave1 Prije 7 dana
this is just greedy
Alex Iordache
Alex Iordache Prije 7 dana
That's just crazy! :D
Euphoria 96
Euphoria 96 Prije 7 dana
nobody:... Linus:SHE'S a heave BOY for sure !
Rob Fer
Rob Fer Prije 7 dana
So i need the same power consumption than my oven. Interesting
Cybernatic Xe
Cybernatic Xe Prije 7 dana
Bruh I just realized linus said it was z490 godlike but when I see the rgb at the motherboard it's looks like z390 godlike
Linda Minda
Linda Minda Prije 7 dana
"shes a heavy boy" me: wait what
proskatersf90 Prije 7 dana
2 of the fans weren't even spinning I believe ?. He seemed to be very happy that day and not so passive aggressive in this video way more enjoyable guy in this vid
Emelier Lozada
Emelier Lozada Prije 7 dana
I noticed two fans on your PC are not running, Do you have them off? or are they malfunctioning? That PC is going to turn into a deadly bomb dude.
Marko Stanisic
Marko Stanisic Prije 7 dana
Nvidia is like iphone...bullshit who look nice..just bay playstation 5,problem solved
uways shakoor
uways shakoor Prije 8 dana
"everything maxed. except motion blur. **** motion blur." finally, a man of culture.
Switchs89 Prije 7 dana
Wow, you are so creative copying others comments.
Umar Rafique
Umar Rafique Prije 8 dana
Hmm... Asus did good QC... I'm not buying it
Scrails Prije 8 dana
2:22 Linus: She is a heavy boy, For sure Me: ????
nerd Mike
nerd Mike Prije 8 dana
It's always the same story with multi gpu gaming configuration: it increases the avg high fps but doesn't help in fact to push up the bottom end, the most important, that's why Nvidia maybe started to remove it from 1060, then 2070, then 3080, next round no more SLi at this point. But you double the costs, increase temperatures and also the power consumption just to push higher fps (if not cpu limited of course).
Jacky Kong
Jacky Kong Prije 8 dana
I disable motion blur too, our eyes naturally do this we don't need a game to do it for us.
Sephiroth Cloud
Sephiroth Cloud Prije 2 dana
Motion blur as the name says is MOTION, your pixel is moving? No is only changing in color so your eyes don't do it for you. Graphics developers aren't stupid.
Diogo Neto
Diogo Neto Prije 4 dana
@ElpAdom bedwars sweat spotted
John Marston
John Marston Prije 4 dana
don’t nobody care
Giuliano López Raffo
Giuliano López Raffo Prije 5 dana
No, your eyes don't do motion blur on a monitor.
ElpAdom Prije 6 dana
Yea the only games where I kind of like motion blur is if I get less than half of my monitor refresh rate or sometimes in Competitive minecraft. Yes,be surprised there is a competitive scene for minecraft and its really big.
Player 1
Player 1 Prije 8 dana
Excellent! Thanks to the RTX 3090 the price of the RTX 2080ti will drop and finally I will be able to buy the 1650 super
Wanitsu Prije 8 dana
"shes a heavy b o i"
EDELOO Prije 8 dana
can it run doom tho?
Wanitsu Prije 8 dana
beard shave
Fotis Prije 9 dana
2:21 "She's a heavy boy for sure" Linus 2020
jim jimmy
jim jimmy Prije 9 dana
Linus crying about ewaste meanwhile few months later . HAHAHAHAHH fucking ridiculous
MrPetrolucio Prije 9 dana
Really useless card, you can run everything on ultra in 2k with 2060 super and you will be able run everything for next 3 years
didiyueyue18 Prije 9 dana
na ol may pambili pisti
Sarthak Jena
Sarthak Jena Prije 9 dana
in india we have to pay twice the usd to play that
PabloThaGreat Prije 9 dana
Love how I was clowned by pc owners for wanting rgb/led lights in my rig now it’s damn near a standard for flashy aesthetic
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
Septic_Eye_ Revolution Prije 9 dana
The 3090 sli-version is actually impressive in a gaming PC! It would have been great if Nvidia have decided to work with this concept! The performance in some particular games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Doom: Eternal, Wolfenstein: Young Blood, Shadow of The Tomb Raider and the others which do actually support the sli is awesome. Thanks for the great Tech gaming video, Linus!
Tony Xu
Tony Xu Prije 9 dana
My team and I painted 1,000 Phone Cases 😂 hrpost.info/history/gdd9oa2VjJaJfn4/video
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez Prije 10 dana
Well someone tell them we are in 2020 and SLI start over... what 10 years now... "Oh yeah it will be good if SLI can serve in games ! Why we never think about that"
iLuuksS Prije 10 dana
Yeah, I can get away with less than that
Renan Araujo
Renan Araujo Prije 10 dana
Nvidia or AMD need to release a new multi GPU technology that don't need game support to work properly, maybe a SLI bridge with a processor in it to process all frames like it was one card... Idk (English is not my primary language, sorry for the errors)
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis Prije 10 dana
Hey, may I know which model is your laptop at 11:08?
Samuel Eaton
Samuel Eaton Prije 10 dana
"55-56 FPS, which especially on a G-SYNC monitor, is gonna feel really fluid" bruh my man here with the most powerful gaming computer on the globe saying
Paul Hank
Paul Hank Prije 10 dana
Wrong system for 3090 SLI... For such a system you need at least x299, better c621. 16x PCIe 3.0 Lanes and Dual-Channel, and then they complain that SLI is not doing well, exactly my humor :b
Eberle Tyler
Eberle Tyler Prije 10 dana
I always love your contents and the way you guys represent the contents...Excellent! Keep it up guys..
Eclipser Prije 10 dana
*LINUS'S power bill comes* Linus: :'(
Glowie-Agency 2
Glowie-Agency 2 Prije 10 dana
The Thumbnail, Linus Soy-Face tips!
Crush Prije 11 dana
its a dream for me to have a pc like that omg .
Game With Anush
Game With Anush Prije 11 dana
jon burger
jon burger Prije 11 dana
Zero Hero زيرو هيرو
Zero Hero زيرو هيرو Prije 11 dana
most ovekilled video ever
Levent Trollz
Levent Trollz Prije 11 dana
nice cable management linus.
Trinity Bright
Trinity Bright Prije 11 dana
The all new 10090 1000x faster than 3090 sli pc players lol
Azam Khawar
Azam Khawar Prije 11 dana
Watching this on Pentium 4
Sim Racing Boi
Sim Racing Boi Prije 11 dana
“She’s a heavy boy”
Zuriel Smith
Zuriel Smith Prije 11 dana
Your eyes are hanging pretty low there Linus 🤔
Exenon Prije 11 dana
I see the horyzen. Ryzen shine!
noobiii Prije 11 dana
7:30 why you should always overspec your psu
Сергей Красников
Сергей Красников Prije 11 dana
what about octane redshift render benchmarks. Do not forget that more than half of the buyers of such powerful assemblies of computers for work are 3D artists, motion designers, etc.
Cory Keelan
Cory Keelan Prije 11 dana
I shit out my coffee when the power supply died
Tom weedman
Tom weedman Prije 12 dana
You reviewers suck! You always fail to say is the card will work with an AVR and TV theater system. and fail to the information needed to make this choice. That information is will this cad offer eARC/ARC. This is a huge issue as I bought a RX580 "thinking this card would offer this link support" It DOES NOT! So ANYONE looking for a video card that offers up audiophile AVR theater system setup it is NOT AMD! So far the GTX 1050 GeForce card does have this so I picked up another Nvidia card a GTX 1650 super clocked! For $170.00 US dollars! Hey reviewers; there is more to a computer other than MB,CPU,RAM and video card. AMD needs to start thinking about this! As I am not buying another one till this is fixed!
Blue Marb1e
Blue Marb1e Prije 12 dana
Shadow of the tomb razer
rWrong Gaming
rWrong Gaming Prije 12 dana
Linus just really said 4090s 6:00
Yash Aneja
Yash Aneja Prije 12 dana
"Shes a heavy boy for sure" - Linus Sebastian, 2020
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