Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions...

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Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every ore can be made into a SUPER POTION! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one was really strange.
#MinecraftBut​​​ #MinecraftChallenge​​ #Minecraft

Wisp Prije 21 dan
comment if you saw the little easter egg ;)
powerblazt _32
powerblazt _32 Prije 14 dana
I didn't
Maya Jusszel
Maya Jusszel Prije 20 dana
Riji Khylle Pactol
Riji Khylle Pactol Prije 20 dana
@Bethany Cha i dont think they are easter eggs
Jude’s Channel
Jude’s Channel Prije 20 dana
I did
SPOKY Prije 20 dana
do minecraft but you have infinite reach :)
Josh Lemuel Alijaya 1314006
Josh Lemuel Alijaya 1314006 Prije 2 sati
wisp you forgot the netherite potion
FnfKapi Wolf
FnfKapi Wolf Prije 2 sati
Luiza Sales
Luiza Sales Prije 3 sati
poção de lapis lasule>>>>>>
The Last kids On earth
The Last kids On earth Prije 3 sati
I love easter eggs did you do that?
Maddie Prije 6 sati
Shouldn't emerald potion give you hero of the village ?
Niek Van Schaik
Niek Van Schaik Prije 8 sati
Make a normal survival world
ethan case
ethan case Prije 10 sati
Why dont you make multiples
Lostard Prije 10 sati
What about netherite?
Emilia Jeje
Emilia Jeje Prije 13 sati
And diamond in 6:09
Emilia Jeje
Emilia Jeje Prije 13 sati
Wisp i see fortress in 3:13
Oh oh wait what is happening? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Ben Jits
Ben Jits Prije 13 sati
alric weng
alric weng Prije 13 sati
hela is the name of a cell culture and if you dont know what that is then a kid is smarter than you :)
Ghastly Games
Ghastly Games Prije 14 sati
Wisp:EASY DOES IT! He says that as he falls down a tower 🤣
wert Prije 14 sati
TOTAL GAMER Prije 15 sati
You make very good video I like your all videos do face reveal
Scarlett Rani
Scarlett Rani Prije 16 sati
You forgot about netheright!
VNS •AGT Prije 16 sati
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Prije 16 sati
2:46 I feel bad for anyone who acually uses that advice and mines straight down.
REVERSE MOM Prije 17 sati
Wisp like: lets do 2 LIKES and me like: more like 200.000 🤣
killerRaptor99 Gaming
killerRaptor99 Gaming Prije 20 sati
I’m sorry but wisp is so shot now he was better when he hat 276k subs before utube took over his soul and he did uhc on hypikel
Žebrák plus
Žebrák plus Prije 21 sat
So why there is a stone in bottle I thought that stone is not 100% diamond💎
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Prije 23 sati
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Prije 23 sati
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Prije 23 sati
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Prije 23 sati
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Prije 23 sati
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
Batuhan Akyürek
Batuhan Akyürek Prije 23 sati
Please add Turkish subtitles. I am Turkish. We watch as my family and we are dying of laughter.
AYUSH Arora Prije 23 sati
Nothing is happening in survival mode you just cheating in codes
Maya Baldueza
Maya Baldueza Prije 23 sati
what about nerherite
valentijn vdBerg
valentijn vdBerg Prije dan
where netherite potion?
vegeta gaming
vegeta gaming Prije dan
u should make minecraft but u can eat alive animals
Diana Harsono
Diana Harsono Prije dan
Emeralds before Diamonds-
Blake Ashby
Blake Ashby Prije dan
I love how he acts like each of these videos are a very difficult challenge even though he makes the game 10X easier
NuXeZ Prije dan
rip for ancient debris
Liam Saldanha
Liam Saldanha Prije dan
Face reveal? Please
hans pangawan 6C
hans pangawan 6C Prije dan
What mod name
Hawks Simp
Hawks Simp Prije dan
Congratulations on the 3.17M subs my dude
Katliyn Toro Chirinos
Katliyn Toro Chirinos Prije dan
*to coal all the way down to diamonds
Nancy Renteria
Nancy Renteria Prije dan
Why not mystery thing in the neather
GamerMonsterYT Prije dan
What about netherite?
Whalem Prije dan
Mans using X-ray still
Ginna Ankney
Ginna Ankney Prije dan
What about netherite
Nikulus Karadjov
Nikulus Karadjov Prije dan
you dont use netherit potionnnnnnnn
GLaZeD BaCoN130
GLaZeD BaCoN130 Prije dan
You mean 200k likes
superhifan the cuber
superhifan the cuber Prije dan
The fact he never sets his spawn...
Dan Nat
Dan Nat Prije dan
Love the Easter eggs my dude
Rahaf & Adam Kids TV
Rahaf & Adam Kids TV Prije dan
I like it when he screams 😂
Jack Watts
Jack Watts Prije dan
I mean we got the 2 likes
Davy Game On
Davy Game On Prije dan
Great job. Respect 😉
Oscarmayes0819 Mayes
Oscarmayes0819 Mayes Prije dan
I think he’s running out of ideas
Samir Ghandouri
Samir Ghandouri Prije dan
Havent you did nether Iron?
Samane Parizad
Samane Parizad Prije dan
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel Prije dan
um can you tell me the link to the mod please it looks so fun
Rafael Antonio Silva Camacho
Rafael Antonio Silva Camacho Prije dan
me wen i found diamonds and redstone $_$
zila ziman
zila ziman Prije dan
Wisp you didnt make the netherite potion
Bimboral Prije dan
Bc netherite isn't exactly an ore
Dy1_m Prije dan
tapl brother?
Scythe Jack YT
Scythe Jack YT Prije dan
10:41 Bro I love the way he just stops talking it is so funny 😂
rodmm Prije dan
Hey I just made a video about a story when I met herobrine. Please go check it out.
MusicBoy 16
MusicBoy 16 Prije dan
I love the way he yells!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Platypus Productions
Platypus Productions Prije dan
your videos are actually rly entertaining
Mrperegrine 1337
Mrperegrine 1337 Prije dan
You don’t cook iron
Bimboral Prije dan
Lol "cook"?
mounika manthena
mounika manthena Prije dan
what about gold potion
baganaa jamba
baganaa jamba Prije dan
2 likes more like 218k likes
Spirit Prije dan
What about netherite
Tseku Random
Tseku Random Prije dan
I love youuu Wist Wisp Wisp Hope it works
It’s Winnie
It’s Winnie Prije dan
You scream like a girl
Gribbstar Prije dan
What about ainchent debris
Rong D. Memer
Rong D. Memer Prije dan
Where the netherite?
Tseveenkhuu Darinchuluun
Tseveenkhuu Darinchuluun Prije dan
The Easter egg 😳
Joey Junwoo Kim
Joey Junwoo Kim Prije 2 dana
where is the netherite potion
Da fruit
Da fruit Prije 2 dana
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Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot Prije 2 dana
Karl game game game
Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot Prije 2 dana
Battle game
Justin Blake
Justin Blake Prije 2 dana
I love how he forgot to do ancient debris
Chien Dang
Chien Dang Prije 2 sati
Lostard Prije 10 sati
explicted !!
explicted !! Prije 2 dana
ya emeralds are harder to get then netherite
Nobody Nothing
Nobody Nothing Prije 2 dana
On 1:37 I saw a Squid going in circles under water I think he's playing pin the tail while being not blindfolded
Cady Elsharkawy
Cady Elsharkawy Prije 2 dana
Could you do it with ancient debris or anything in that family? Does it count as an ore?
David and Evans Gaming channel
David and Evans Gaming channel Prije 2 dana
How do you fly to get to the end you need to de in the end
OrionGamer48 Prije 2 dana
You do every ore except for netherite
Nicky Nickzz
Nicky Nickzz Prije 2 dana
He missed netherite
Jaxonville 555
Jaxonville 555 Prije 2 dana
Is there a download link to this
Tigempz Prije 2 dana
Netherite potion?
Russell Melgoza
Russell Melgoza Prije 2 dana
M a n he forgot Netherrack potion ;-;
Sahara Lyons
Sahara Lyons Prije 2 dana
Wisp you to get dirt first! That's what Mojang recommends
mahdi wess007
mahdi wess007 Prije 2 dana
hi wisp liek your vdus
Al Legend
Al Legend Prije 2 dana
I like how he scream from the beginning ahahah watching full video and new sub here
fella Prije 2 dana
“This is made from 100% DIAMONDS!” so what’s up with that stone i see right there
Boss_fort_ 456
Boss_fort_ 456 Prije dan
Dreamer Gamer
Dreamer Gamer Prije 2 dana
Two likes but why
Yanick Potvin
Yanick Potvin Prije 2 dana
Axe Finder’s
Axe Finder’s Prije 2 dana
Is anyone going to tell wisp he can just press q by default to throw out items hovered over with the mouse. If ctrl is held and q pressed then you drop a stack.
DEMON KILLER Prije 2 dana
The lapis potion give 90 enchant
Shania Navarro
Shania Navarro Prije 2 dana
notice how he didn't get netherite 0-0
Susan Priestley
Susan Priestley Prije 2 dana
I know you said 2 likes but we love you so we give you 216k likes btw your vids make my day and convincing me to make Minecraft vids in the future
That_Georgia_ytuber :-
That_Georgia_ytuber :- Prije 2 dana
The add on the top😂 100% diamond then what’s the glass made out of👹👹👹👹
Teddy Six
Teddy Six Prije 2 dana
What happened to the logic of, Use super luck for full diamond and then go and drink a lapis potion
DJ iBoP Prije 2 dana
Video idea: Minecraft but I can craft withers out of anything(they would prob drop op items)
Cassidy Poggers yt
Cassidy Poggers yt Prije 2 dana
Sean Smith
Sean Smith Prije 2 dana
What did would netherite do
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