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Jake Paul

Prije 23 dana


Gabriel Mendoza
Gabriel Mendoza Prije minute
Next liltay jaja
deviance 713
deviance 713 Prije 8 minuta
Box a retired chess player next
Clive Wilcox
Clive Wilcox Prije 29 minuta
You banned from your brothers fight 🤣👌. Too bad Floyd didn't put you In a body bag. Go ya eye🤣
Lilly Alexander
Lilly Alexander Prije 33 minuta
lil tay 2.0
Halo Gaming
Halo Gaming Prije 39 minuta
If y’all think he tough he get his ass punched when he took the hat and cried 😂
Halo Gaming
Halo Gaming Prije 40 minuta
I just found jake Paul 🗑
* L U C Y *
* L U C Y * Prije 46 minuta
Jake, u need to learn some manners man. I said what i said :).
Flamingo Squad
Flamingo Squad Prije 49 minuta
Jake op ya just jealous
YouMusicTouch Prije sat
Only one 💸 dollars
Emperor Hirohito
Emperor Hirohito Prije sat
if you have 65 million dollars, give the 50 million dollars to charity to actually help the world eh?
Sidney Mancini
Sidney Mancini Prije sat
lemme spell it out for u WEAK
Unicorns For days
Unicorns For days Prije sat
Tommy fury is going to smash you
Patric JL
Patric JL Prije sat
Safemooncash 💵 ❤️ we will become like him. Get in and belive in it. Community is so strong. It's Safemoons brother Only 50k holders in 19 days. And we grow daily. Come in and become financially free. To the moooooon. Safemooncash 💵 ❤️ SAFEMOONCASH 💵
MarcioPlays Prije sat
Bro those are all 1s
manny Prije 2 sati
“i got your hat”
Dan Lyon
Dan Lyon Prije 2 sati
he says who should i retire next coz all he fight is old guys
im just short
im just short Prije 2 sati
My guy that’s like $500 max in ones
cancer kid
cancer kid Prije 2 sati
Get your own style,Mcgregor fangirl.
Shellymezh Prije 2 sati
Ok but like what's the song
Benjamin Getchell
Benjamin Getchell Prije 2 sati
Bro that's like $500
Jkm Family
Jkm Family Prije 2 sati
I'm gonna flex in yaw imagine Jeff Bezos watching like did he say flex” 🤣😬
Kevin Klassen
Kevin Klassen Prije 2 sati
You can retire me please? :)
Dakobokoda Prije 2 sati
Got yo hat
Txcky V2
Txcky V2 Prije 2 sati
welcome to the cap store (🧢standard)$20 (⛑medical cap)$50 (👒womens cap)$70 (🎓graduation cap)$120 (🎩deluxe cap)$500 (👑premium cap)$10,000
CosmicLaugh Prije 2 sati
Wanna fight my disabled grandma?
Parmen_Youtube Prije 2 sati
Are you my legend
Multi Prije 2 sati
He gonna buy drugs w that
Daniel S
Daniel S Prije 3 sati
He’s a noncè
Electric Shock
Electric Shock Prije 3 sati
Used to landscape in rich million dollar neighborhoods
Espen123 Prije 3 sati
Fight Eddie hall
Roach is Alive
Roach is Alive Prije 3 sati
Rip to the people who believe he actually got 65 million
Andy Bird
Andy Bird Prije 3 sati
All I’m seeing is 1’s
Avilord Lama
Avilord Lama Prije 3 sati
Fight my 8 year old neighbour,his quite tough for you
Brennan malbeuf
Brennan malbeuf Prije 4 sati
Fight anythony smith next
hacker free stuff
hacker free stuff Prije 4 sati
There 1?
Georgia •_• :]
Georgia •_• :] Prije 4 sati
Hey Jake, I have an 11 year old sister willing to fight you, I must warn you though you can’t take her hat
Gaming_Reaper Prije 4 sati
Fight TomSander1_ on tiktok check him out
Zayan Sami Choudhury
Zayan Sami Choudhury Prije 4 sati
More like $65 dollars...
Sahib Panag
Sahib Panag Prije 4 sati
Did you know that at Cornell University they have an incredible piece of scientific equipment known as the tunneling electron microscope? Now, this microscope is so powerful that, by firing electrons you can actually see images of the atom, the infinitesimally minute building blocks of our universe. If I were using that microscope right now, I still wouldn't be able to locate my interest in this video.😀
CaptainCoCoaPuffs Prije 5 sati
I’ve seen strippers with more hundreds
The Relaxation Channel dB
The Relaxation Channel dB Prije 5 sati
wow 0:40 ??
HueyTriceps ONYT
HueyTriceps ONYT Prije 5 sati
Yo jake gotcha back! No kills will happen if I was there heard that small whinny giving you and your brother a threat
P R I N C E Prije 5 sati
Well we all know why we're back
Gaz Prije 5 sati
JOKE Paul I got your hat....
Jesse Simpson
Jesse Simpson Prije 5 sati
Bruh they all ones
Paul Spelly
Paul Spelly Prije 5 sati
Whose gonna be bought next to take a dive
Jay jay
Jay jay Prije 5 sati
Jake Paul you seem alright use your platform to give back. Help others. It only costs some time
Marian Cina
Marian Cina Prije 6 sati
Moises JimenezGutierrez
Moises JimenezGutierrez Prije 6 sati
Dude you should go to to your brothers fight with a disguise 😂
Kloc Prije 6 sati
still hasnt posted another vid🤣 dude show us your busted up face
ᗷᑌTTᗴᖇ t̆̈ŏ̈ t̆̈h̆̈ĕ̈ m̆̈ă̈x̆̈
ᗷᑌTTᗴᖇ t̆̈ŏ̈ t̆̈h̆̈ĕ̈ m̆̈ă̈x̆̈ Prije 6 sati
My next fight will be against a retired bowling champion
ERA GAMING Prije 7 sati
What’s the name of this song someone help me out
Nemenis Prije 4 sati
@James Gatz haha btw how do I buy jake Paul merch?
James Gatz
James Gatz Prije 5 sati
Its called 'Everyday bro'. Lol
Chingchang Chong
Chingchang Chong Prije 7 sati
*I MISS TEAM 10 2018!*
PoKeVL •
PoKeVL • Prije 7 sati
r u gonna fight @Faze_Temperrr ?
DoubleJ Prije 7 sati
Why tf they all 1's that aint flexing that aint even a stimmy check..
Marko Marko
Marko Marko Prije 7 sati
Those are 1 dollars
coolbean is thicc thicc?
coolbean is thicc thicc? Prije 8 sati
How to get cancelled in 5 seconds: K-pop isn't that good
AndreWasLame Prije 9 sati
im pretty sure what he dropped was only 65$ lol
Mikey Stercel
Mikey Stercel Prije 10 sati
tah Prije 10 sati
Maybe fight a real boxer
احمد الشبلي
احمد الشبلي Prije 10 sati
Jake has payed for ben Askren to let him win 😏
SLOMO BOY Prije 10 sati
He meant 65 dollars
Lord Venice
Lord Venice Prije 10 sati
dirt. o6o6o9.
dirt. o6o6o9. Prije 11 sati
Fight Canelo
Chezzy mouse 89
Chezzy mouse 89 Prije 12 sati
jake paul would be bad ass if his voice were deeper
Pablo Gunde
Pablo Gunde Prije 12 sati
"who should I retire next" ben was already retired fam
Pablo Gunde
Pablo Gunde Prije 12 sati
Ou fam he used to landsape. He surly came from nothing
Patrick Tv
Patrick Tv Prije 13 sati
to fight Jake vs Carlos win Jake Paul😉
Oscar Fernandez
Oscar Fernandez Prije 13 sati
$1 ????
Viking gamer
Viking gamer Prije 13 sati
Who is here after jake paul and may weather fight
ash guy
ash guy Prije 13 sati
Pu James ai ila nei tlem
LAZZA MCPE Prije 13 sati
Should donate a significant amount of that to charity
Potatoninja Hiya
Potatoninja Hiya Prije 12 sati
Sure buddy 😐
Onkareshwar Jha
Onkareshwar Jha Prije 14 sati
Floyd whoped your ass boi😂
Khadija Chafki
Khadija Chafki Prije 14 sati
Why y’all getting mad at him yall said fight a real fighter he fought askern yall forced him he did it and won stop hating on him he is just getting started he has a long way to go
Wrel Rel
Wrel Rel Prije 14 sati
Jake going to the strip club,going to help out young mom's😁👍
mari love
mari love Prije 14 sati
he is white 6ix9nie?
max williams
max williams Prije 14 sati
All 1s and separate to look more
nvrgabe Prije 14 sati
man 10 usd / hr is a resident doctors salery in my country, what a bad life for ya landspace lol
PalmJamouri Prije 14 sati
He went from being a youtuber to a boxer
ayo Prije 14 sati
He’s literally been on 20m subscribers for a couple of years now...
Aerius-Jareih Delacruz
Aerius-Jareih Delacruz Prije 14 sati
Floyd Mayweather vs Jake paul
Tay2k Qs
Tay2k Qs Prije 14 sati
Dang a thousand bucks that's crazy
Mikey 1234
Mikey 1234 Prije 15 sati
Jake is the type of guy who complains to the teacher when someone farts in class
craigvwdude Prije 15 sati
nice $1 bills! LOLOLOL
PsychoFN Prije 15 sati
How does it feel to be the most hated youtuber ever? And you say “flex in y’all” bruh you Flexin on me with 100$ in 1’s
chad star
chad star Prije 15 sati
Codm gamer
Codm gamer Prije 16 sati
You should fight canelo
King Arthur
King Arthur Prije 16 sati
I just came here to say.... DAAAAAMN BRO YOU GOT HIS HAT🤟🏻🔥💪🏻🤠
Bonita Franics
Bonita Franics Prije 16 sati
All ones ☝️
R&A Squad
R&A Squad Prije 16 sati
lol $1s
Aryanth Venugopal
Aryanth Venugopal Prije 16 sati
That's a lot of 1 dollar bills
Aryanth Venugopal
Aryanth Venugopal Prije 16 sati
Dude why you wearin' shades? Hiding your black eye?
ceerw buty
ceerw buty Prije 16 sati
Jake I've never have picked up a boxing glove I guarantee I'd beat your puck ass lol 😂
Zachery View
Zachery View Prije 16 sati
You should box this TikToker itsma6ic idk his real name buh he’s been callin you out I think he’s a pussy tho
MrHerc Prije 17 sati
Jay chicken
Jay chicken Prije 17 sati
Jamie Prije 17 sati
Jake the type of guy who'd accuse the postman of stalking him.
Rebecca riles
Rebecca riles Prije 17 sati
Hay jack you have a good fight I wish I can be like you a boxer it's so cool
MagtorPlayz Prije 17 sati
Lol you said 'STOP!!' like a bxtch boy when mayweather busted your face wide open
Yafiet Tekali
Yafiet Tekali Prije 17 sati
man that one $
YSBF_ Corey
YSBF_ Corey Prije 17 sati
no cap I miss the old Jake Paul replie if u do to
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