POST MATCH | Grealish on Villa's dominant Liverpool performance

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Bad profile Picture?
Bad profile Picture? Prije 23 dana
Proper Plank
Proper Plank Prije mjesec
Blackburn fan, but Grealish is a proper player. Hope he sticks with Villa, could become a Le Tissier type.
George Griffiths
George Griffiths Prije mjesec
matty cash looks very good so far
Martin Allen
Martin Allen Prije mjesec
Great stuff villa so glad for villa im spurs fan brothers a villa fan ive being to villa park supporting villa when ye were in the championship no way will villa be near bottom 3 easy top half!
Michael Daniel
Michael Daniel Prije mjesec
Karius now Adrian . Geeeez this shit contagious. 2nd choice keepers🤐
Northern Irish Gal
Northern Irish Gal Prije mjesec
Wudnt change him for any player In the premier ❤️
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
Too right, Villa legend right there. Greetings to Northern Ireland. utv
Toure Prije mjesec
If Grealish wins the Prem with Aston Villa, its a myth🥶
Faisal Nadeak
Faisal Nadeak Prije mjesec
I very hope Liverpool get it soon !!
Shrijit Koirala
Shrijit Koirala Prije mjesec
Hope Liverpool signs him up next season. He's class!
Nate Livingston
Nate Livingston Prije mjesec
i’m a united fan, keep it up villa🔥🔥glad to see you doing well
trupiil Prije mjesec
this guy is mad skilled and has maturity on the ball, can make things happen like a 10 and no national team and he is still very young? Most underrated player of the league? From Germany, this guy could play for the biggest clubs he has the quality.
Gauthier Lahmadi
Gauthier Lahmadi Prije mjesec
His voice is soothing 🥰😊🥰
Malone m
Malone m Prije mjesec
The hole team on fire well done lads🔥UTV
Howard Bradley
Howard Bradley Prije mjesec
"You know"
Lelouch Vibritannia
Lelouch Vibritannia Prije mjesec
Grealish come and join spurs then we will win the league and possibly a carabao cup
Bethanie Stauffer
Bethanie Stauffer Prije mjesec
it really is a shame that there couldn't be fans. would've been absolute madness
Ale Diego
Ale Diego Prije mjesec
Beatifull 😍😍
Alex Cripps
Alex Cripps Prije mjesec
Jack can sleep with my gf anytime he wants. When I get one that is...
tree surgeon
tree surgeon Prije mjesec
Keep that grass long lads, they don't like it. Can we do it this season? Hope so!
Rusty Nails
Rusty Nails Prije mjesec
This won't be the last time we outplay one of the big teams this season!
Peter Ducasse
Peter Ducasse Prije mjesec
Can they win at Leicester )/???.
mak tube
mak tube Prije mjesec
I,m chelsea fan but l like jack grealish ‍❤️‍‍❤️‍‍❤️‍
Savannah._.avfc. Prije mjesec
What’s on his back
bell a
bell a Prije mjesec
virgil van dijks scalp 👌
Scott Murtagh
Scott Murtagh Prije mjesec
Lads....i gta are making my working life a dream...the wolves and albiom are shittin thier pants UTV
Graham Alford
Graham Alford Prije mjesec
Destroyed them
charles bill
charles bill Prije mjesec
I've been supporting Villa since the 1950ths, they've broke my heart a thousand times, so dont get carried away to much, let's hope we win more than we lose this season..
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
Spot on Charles Bill..finally a villa fan who knows what he is talking about. Build slowly and quietly and see where it takes us. Utv
52hermitage Prije mjesec
Love that he says we’re on fire at the moment just as the steam rises from his body... great stuff AVFC!
Left Mono
Left Mono Prije mjesec
When a club is in your blood it’s horrible when they’re struggling but flippin amazing when they do well. What a fantastic result 😀
Edilene Carvalho
Edilene Carvalho Prije mjesec
Eu simplesmente amo esse cara!❤ Desde o dia do jogo da chuteira velha😂😂😂
The Flash
The Flash Prije mjesec
If we keep climbing the table and Jack stays with us for a long time he'll have a statue outside VP, bloody legend.
Gamer Boy 07
Gamer Boy 07 Prije mjesec
Ollie watkins is a future star🤩 He has such a talent
TheTony70504 Prije mjesec
After last seasons amazing escape, youcan see the confidence in the Team..With the players bought in, Ollie, Martinez. Mcginn back from injury, Mings marshalling that back line, and Ross Barkley, what a player to get..His confidence will grow with regular 1st team football You dont play for your Country 33 times being a Numpty....Hes one quality player the goals he will create a lot for Watkins and Jack, and score himself.Mark my words, Villa will have a good season, Ross will be back in the England team.When the season is over Chelsea might not release him, Chelsea a couple of back to back defeats, and Ross is back on the bench, coming on for a few minutes...At Chelsea a Benchwarmer, draining his confidence.Chelsea have a habit of doing that to players..Always had a soft spot for Villa, with confidence in the team sky high, i know its early days, I say that if Villa are not in the top 6, they wont be far off it Mark my words..Burnley Fan..We need all the help we can
Richy Fitz
Richy Fitz Prije mjesec
Fantastic night, he is right about the international break wish we had Leicester and leeds this wk Up the villa
Ali Aldulimi
Ali Aldulimi Prije mjesec
I'm a Liverpool fan and I'm happy for grealish and the team. Well deserved victory. I think you guys can believe in your squad and push for the top 4 positions. I think you can do it! Meet you guys at Anfield later yeah?!
Abhishek Tanwar
Abhishek Tanwar Prije mjesec
Glad to see he didn't leave villa ♥️♥️
Diamond Prije mjesec
He looks like gerrard without the hair
JP Prije mjesec
They were saying recently on TalkSPORT that there is never a good time to get relegated. With Villa it was a monumental moment for the club. All the dead wood was cleared out and we literally started from scratch again. I hope this is just the start. Brilliant performance.
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
We had time go down before to rise onwards and upwards
Shellshock Trophies
Shellshock Trophies Prije mjesec
It's refreshing when footballers speak honestly instead of using the same cliche sentences. Never forget his post match interview after being punched. That's how you earn respect. Deserves more recognition.
Account YouTube
Account YouTube Prije mjesec
Ollie Watkins is better than you
Good Day
Good Day Prije mjesec
5 goal contributions vs the champions and he didn’t even get in Garth Crooks XI of the week!
Ant Littlejohns
Ant Littlejohns Prije mjesec
Southgate, still not good enough for England??? Name me a better ball carrier, more technical, more committed...not to mention passing range, assists and goals. This man has the lot 👊⚽️
Ant Littlejohns
Ant Littlejohns Prije mjesec
@TheTony70504 Cheers, I don't think we would see many Countries and their International Managers being so pig-headed to the detriment of their National Team...having the best possible team out there against the likes of Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain et al should be the only priority. It baffles me
TheTony70504 Prije mjesec
Spot on Ant..Maybe southgate dont like his character, personality, lifestyle etc..If thats the case he Needs to get a grip quickly and Grow up..Jack should have been in the england team 3-4 years ago Always had a soft spot for Villa,..Burnley fan.
Joey Schlink
Joey Schlink Prije mjesec
One win and they think they have conquered the world lol small club mentality
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
@Joey Schlink and they wonder why we're called deluded ffs! I'd be delighted with mid table. Who do you support?
Joey Schlink
Joey Schlink Prije mjesec
@villa trinity lol villa fans are everywhere on social media claiming that villa will win the league.
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
Not the majority of us pal
Slim Reaper
Slim Reaper Prije mjesec
Jack has more levels to go and the rest of the league will sit up and take notice this season and all those doubters like Souness will eat their bloody words and choke on them soon enough. Jack is the best attacking player in the Premier Lge by a country mile. I don't care who KDB is. He hasn't got Jack's ability on the ball. He can't run like Jack and dribble like our Jack and yeah call me biased but last season in a struggling team KDB wouldve shrunk into oblivion bcos he doesn't have the character to be the man like Jack Grealish has. I do believe that. Jack was 2nd best to KDB last season by about. I think it was 120 to 91 but look at the teams they both played in ffs. It time these pundits put some respect on Jack's name now. The only one I regularly hear respect from is Tim Sherwood. Ask all the coaches that have worked with this lad how great he really is. He is a true great of the #epl now. Feck the begrudgers.
MILESY Prije mjesec
Well said, Jack is pure class.
Jack Benton
Jack Benton Prije mjesec
Bout time some1 said wot were all thinking Jack's better then sancho and rashford and he's gonna prove it this season
Irfan Imran Gaming
Irfan Imran Gaming Prije mjesec
I'm liverpool fan im saying nice job Aston villa you make team work
Niko Batz
Niko Batz Prije mjesec
I am a Liverpool fan but this man is a gem. Good performance by Villa. I hope this continues. Villa is one of the elite in English football.
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
Classy comment. Thankyou
Jasper 0_0
Jasper 0_0 Prije mjesec
your gonna win the league (as a liverpool fan)
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
yie _TW
yie _TW Prije mjesec
you're the luckies team in the premier league... making the PL.. 👍👍👍👍
Dane foxx
Dane foxx Prije mjesec
CAIO VITOR Prije mjesec
Grealish monstro, merece o mundo 🔥🔥🔥
Master Best
Master Best Prije mjesec
Who agrees with me . jack has the same play style like Francesco Totti . Strong player who can make assists and scores . I hope he improves to be the next English superstar .
Pablo Herrarte
Pablo Herrarte Prije 23 dana
Jack is able to get openings for himself, Totti often had to find separation or suffered without proper support.
Jere Miller
Jere Miller Prije mjesec
Jack has the quality to be one of the greatest in the game
hands575 Prije mjesec
Interesting comments right at the end there
Dominic Jenkinson
Dominic Jenkinson Prije mjesec
Is it my Villa bias or does he speak more frankly than most players?
1ChampagneSupernova1 Prije mjesec
Why is this lad not playing for England,he gives his best all over the pitch,controls the game,magic player,thank you Jack for staying with Villa,brilliant win,well played to all the lads,Villa Born and Bred!!
Gekko7 Prije mjesec
Grealish is pure class. I hope that Villa qualifies for the Europa League.
daveorourke77 football
daveorourke77 football Prije mjesec
Up the villa. If only it was like this all the time.
emzaffar Prije mjesec
Even the dude knows ross was an impact
john king
john king Prije mjesec
last time i saw one player score twice and complete two assists at villa park, was george best in a testamonial match back in the mid eighties.... between villa & the baggies. the final score was 4-2, and george played a half for each team. got his autograph too, but sadly lost it since.
Liam Davies
Liam Davies Prije mjesec
Jack was credited with 3 assists in the game, Watkins first 2 goals and Barkleys
Ploy Parker
Ploy Parker Prije mjesec
The next gabby
D. H.M.
D. H.M. Prije mjesec
Villa till I die 💪😎🔥💯❤️
Lek Nar 1981
Lek Nar 1981 Prije mjesec
The cure
The cure Prije mjesec
Someone give Jack a tissue for christ sake, then hand it to Klopp🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Roy Raw
Roy Raw Prije mjesec
so proud of our Villa boys
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis Prije mjesec
A class player who is loyal .... he'd of been a wasted talent if he'd gone to the AC Milan of English football (man u) ...... PAFC
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
Very true it means more to him to play for his hometown club. Best wishes to Plymouth Argyle 👍
David Johnson
David Johnson Prije mjesec
Think a few people who judged this guy without ever really watching him play will be eating their words this season like Souness who labelled him lazy last night 🤦‍♂️
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
Souness also said the grass was to long he must be smoking grass
Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock Prije mjesec
More English players then any other team also ?? Anybody know
TheTony70504 Prije mjesec
Burnley Dwight oneil, Westwood, cork, Ben Mee, Bardsley, Taylor, Tarky, lowton, pope.Hows that for
Liam Davies
Liam Davies Prije mjesec
And a Scot in the XI, 2 more English and an irishman on the bench
lion heart
lion heart Prije mjesec
And this is just the very beginning of one of the most exciting times to come supporting the mighty VILLA 👍
abdirahman abdirashid
abdirahman abdirashid Prije mjesec
MC Brodz
MC Brodz Prije mjesec
Fahim Babu
Fahim Babu Prije mjesec
LFC fan but this lad got serious talent and he is underrated ..... deserves More recognition
MiamiL Prije mjesec
i’m a lfc fan but this guy is just too 🔥
Món ngon Việt - Hàn
Món ngon Việt - Hàn Prije mjesec
QBoss 17
QBoss 17 Prije mjesec
interstelladwella Prije mjesec
Southgate is a mug, England team needs to be built around Grealish, he oozes quality!
Y2J Fanboy
Y2J Fanboy Prije mjesec
@Jack Benton sancho got 20 goals 20 assists last season and he’s only 20. He isn’t underrated
Jack Benton
Jack Benton Prije mjesec
@antony palmer I agree but I still like him as a footy player but cuz he plays for united the gas is a joke
Jack Benton
Jack Benton Prije mjesec
@dan olu they still go about the way they play differently anyway I like rashford and for England he should play lw and grealish should b lcm those to linking up would murda teams and I'd like to c how sancho would do at rcm with sterling rw
dan olu
dan olu Prije mjesec
@Jack Benton sancho is kinda overrated but he is still world class
dan olu
dan olu Prije mjesec
@Jack Benton rashford is also lw
Siddhesh Misale
Siddhesh Misale Prije mjesec
Top top player. Real class and Spirit. Liverpool fan !
GAME NATION Prije mjesec
We are getting stronger boys 😀
Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien Prije mjesec
There's only one Dean Smith
Papat Seingsuttivong
Papat Seingsuttivong Prije mjesec
SuperJack You are WooooooooZaaaaaaaaa.
James McCarthy
James McCarthy Prije mjesec
Well done Vile. Savage performances, and well deserved. Made our lot look like schoolboys. Credit where its due !!!
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
@Jack Strut lol
Noel Reilly
Noel Reilly Prije mjesec
Yes man 👍
Jack Strut
Jack Strut Prije mjesec
Cheers Dipper!
Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh Prije mjesec
ziggy2009 Prije mjesec
How many Englishmen in the starting eleven???
Vyvidh Iyer
Vyvidh Iyer Prije mjesec
Watkins, konsa ,cash, mings , targett and Barkley
Jack Benton
Jack Benton Prije mjesec
Watkins grealish barkley cash konsa mings targett 7
Reet Pateet
Reet Pateet Prije mjesec
I’m still re-running the match. Watched it so many times it seems unreal! The bottom line is it really could have been 8-10 goals - Ollie could have had 5 alone. WOW WOW WOW!!! UTV 👍
john o shea
john o shea Prije mjesec
liverpool fan here well done lads, utterly superb
Pablo Herrarte
Pablo Herrarte Prije 23 dana
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
Thanks John, classy comment, can tell you're a proper red.
Matthew D Newton
Matthew D Newton Prije mjesec
thank you for being a mature and friendly enemy, you will easily bounce back and learn.....the title could still be yours
AJJUNIOR Prije mjesec
Such a talent, him and ollie as well as barkley and mcginn can see us forming some great partnerships, so happy that Jack decided to stay, just hope we continue this form because that wasn't a fluke against Liverpool every player was on it and grafted for that win, full credit to them. UTV
Jere Miller
Jere Miller Prije mjesec
The front four were great offensive and defensively
Grenville Phillips
Grenville Phillips Prije mjesec
I think the better players coming in has allowed Villa to play at a higher tempo, where last season the play used to breakdown, if they tried to play too quick.
The blokes a bloody legend, he'll become one of the all time greats at the Villa, I'm glad he committed to us and didn't move on. They were fantastic last night. Well done boys!! UTV
Ian Aldridge
Ian Aldridge Prije mjesec
Come and play for us jack your brilliant I,m man United fan.
Elftzar Prije mjesec
I know right, I remember like it was yesterday when he got caught in a club partying using drugs and all when Villa were crumbling to the most pathetic season ever by any club in 2015-16. There was this whole of sense of disappointment about him in the media, but it's beautiful how he came back around and became such an iconic player for this squad. I really hope he stays in Villa for many years more, they got everything to build back a good team with him and the boys.
The Geek Is Strong
The Geek Is Strong Prije mjesec
The fact that Villa men are the manager and captain, how can we fail?
Usama Elmotaafy
Usama Elmotaafy Prije mjesec
liverpool fan from B6 Aston here what you lot done. saying that I don't mind losing to my neighbour Villa
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
@Ian Mckenzie 🤣👍
Usama Elmotaafy
Usama Elmotaafy Prije mjesec
@Ian Mckenzie I know. but. what can I say. anyway all my kids are Villa fans. believe me any time they look at me now they start lough. 😂😂
Ian Mckenzie
Ian Mckenzie Prije mjesec
Support you local team! We do.
LCFCツ Prije mjesec
I’m a Leicester fan but Aston Villa played absolutely brilliant, grealish deserved man of the match, Leicester will be against Aston Villa and it will be a tense game
villa trinity
villa trinity Prije mjesec
2-1 Leiecester..just
LCFCツ Prije mjesec
Matthew D I think it’ll be a draw or you guys will win because you guys have the teamwork and all the players fit and ready but three of our players are injured
Matthew D Newton
Matthew D Newton Prije mjesec
i think due to the international break it will slow the tempo...i think 3-1 to you guys but hopefully closer to a draw
phillip hall
phillip hall Prije mjesec
How football should be played, attack attack attack. The way English football put the wind up the opposition years ago, instead of this tedious boring game of possession that we seem to have copied from the continent...👍
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn Prije mjesec
Jack gets better and better. One of the best players in the league fact
Kieran Shirley
Kieran Shirley Prije mjesec
Liam T I’m a Villa fan and this is a ridiculous comment😂 not even one of the top 15 players in the league 🤣
Raheem Ghaffar
Raheem Ghaffar Prije mjesec
Erm , I don’t think he is one of the best as he is not in top ten
Jere Miller
Jere Miller Prije mjesec
Jack is press resistant and that's what caused the damage to Liverpool
Njoroge Samson
Njoroge Samson Prije mjesec need to hate.
Liam T
Liam T Prije mjesec
Wisedollar Music
Wisedollar Music Prije mjesec
Such a great talented gifted footballer and great humble human being spo proud to see him come thru the ranks , could be our most cherished player ever UTV
Liz C
Liz C Prije mjesec
Anyone know who’s jersey he swapped with?
Mark Crawfy
Mark Crawfy Prije mjesec
nagsman gaming
nagsman gaming Prije mjesec
What a player ill say it again what a player 👏
Saman Elmi
Saman Elmi Prije mjesec
no dislikes by the way
Peter Nhete
Peter Nhete Prije mjesec
one day.
Peter Nhete
Peter Nhete Prije mjesec
lovely performance lads!!!
Igor Nickons
Igor Nickons Prije mjesec
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Villa Vids
Villa Vids Prije mjesec
Super Jack. The King!
Dean Reece
Dean Reece Prije mjesec
Whys he got a liverpool shirt
Dean Reece
Dean Reece Prije mjesec
@pratham sibal so whys he got one?
pratham sibal
pratham sibal Prije mjesec
@Keith Henderson nah our players r not like that
Keith Henderson
Keith Henderson Prije mjesec
He pick it up off the floor when the pool players Chuck them away
David O Mahony
David O Mahony Prije mjesec
Show scored 10 tonight, villa outstanding last night, Grealish unplayable
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
2 goals 3 assits nutmeg on vvd just getting better as villa getting better
Vyvidh Iyer
Vyvidh Iyer Prije mjesec
Danced+ nutmeg
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