Fortnite SEASON 7's STORYLINE Explained

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Fortnite's STORYLINE Explained - The INVASION OF SEASON 7!
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Blue Cow Official
Blue Cow Official Prije 51 minute
IO=imagined order
mohamed ahmed
mohamed ahmed Prije 10 sati
and also geo is jones father u were correct
mohamed ahmed
mohamed ahmed Prije 10 sati
I think when the mothership attacks i am not sure its just a theory but the seven might arrive defeat the aliens and save the foundation
HarshaMW1 Prije 11 sati
Did everyone forgot about grotto
SLANKI Prije 13 sati
Even tho the story line vids dont add up his story line vids hit dif
Fortune gamerboy10
Fortune gamerboy10 Prije 14 sati
That mysterious man kind of looks like John Captain without his mask on
Gamingphsyco King
Gamingphsyco King Prije 15 sati
I talked to marigold as guggimon and she said one step closer to the answers 🤯
Dustin Rider
Dustin Rider Prije 17 sati
This is my idea of what could be going on with the aliens, this very well might be a stretch but superman is coming to fortnite very soon right, well if that's the case the only person that i know that truly embodies alien tech is brainiac Superman's arch nemesis. @Top5Gaming
Andy Playz
Andy Playz Prije 20 sati
Theory: the old map is in fragments in the mother ship and its waiting for the right time to abduct us
Corde Newsome
Corde Newsome Prije dan
Mary gold or sunny
Dezzleburger Prije dan
Clone and alone Rhine that’s why she is able to clone
Bear Pool
Bear Pool Prije dan
And Rick might’ve been here since Midas because the Midas that got eaten by a shark was a clone that’s also why we have summer midas
Bear Pool
Bear Pool Prije dan
Rick has cloning technology which Sloan probably used to multiply herself
F3ARtheE123 Prije dan
Theory: The Ice kings extra color styles are different snapshots of him
Or they’re meant to represent the colors of the other kings
xd Snakes
xd Snakes Prije 2 dana
Midas could be a snapshot of Jones as they both don’t like IO.... This snapshot stuff are similar to variants in the mcu so is there a connection, stay tuned in ch2....
Kelwyn S
Kelwyn S Prije 3 dana
A theory. midas and the person giving alone the certificate are related. The reason this is, is because midst and the gold skeleton both have a scar meaning fortnite might be dropping a hint with mids being related.
Jan Prije 3 dana
Theory: midas and agent jones are dead
Chris Playz
Chris Playz Prije 4 dana
Maybe the aliens want the foundation
Josh Millet
Josh Millet Prije 4 dana
Don’t know if anyone has noticed this secret yet, but, you might want to have a look at the superman loading screen. ( I’m pretty sure epic has put these cool looking ufos that aren’t yet in the game in it)
Kelly Cox
Kelly Cox Prije 4 dana
Rook a Alien
Rowan Gaming
Rowan Gaming Prije 4 dana
Your kinda wrong because they don't have the zero point when it got destroyed there was a blue flash going down not up that's why there still here
Craig Eeles
Craig Eeles Prije 4 dana
Who think the fountain is alive and coming back next season
GamerToons Prije 5 dana
Where does the aliens come from anyway
Kiddo_ momo
Kiddo_ momo Prije 5 dana
They literally got superman they dont need a bomb
GamingArt98 Prije 5 dana
in the chapter 2 season 3 trailer before Midas gets eaten by the shark he is on a raft that is NOT golden. Theory: Midas lost his power unable to escape from the shark by turning it to gold.
GamingArt98 Prije 5 dana
the man is shadow superman
Zitro Gaming
Zitro Gaming Prije 5 dana
Maybe the aliens want our Fortnite Map because there home was destroyed
Howlingmadog12 Prije 5 dana
Can you please talk about what marshmello has to do with this story please and ninja and dead pool and the super hero’s
Daruosh the gamer
Daruosh the gamer Prije 5 dana
Maybe the alias are seven's friend They come to save the seven
Sali Arunima
Sali Arunima Prije 6 dana
Theory: Geno is one of the seven. so are the sisters. Taken by the io.
Random Prije 6 dana
Does creative take place in the future
Arlo Dion
Arlo Dion Prije 6 dana
I can't wait until I see live event
Maddox Rea
Maddox Rea Prije 6 dana
All about the All the aliens want is their leader if you go to the gate by catty-corner you can hear alien noises coming out of it
Ben Ben
Ben Ben Prije 6 dana
The mother ship looks likes Thanos sgip
Scrapper Prije 6 dana
I hope that we go back to the og island for aleast a day
kristin davidsson
kristin davidsson Prije 6 dana
You have to add this in one of your videos if you didn’t notice it in the beginning of the trailer when the default to text something you can actually see Dr. Sloan in the back
Ethan Ferguson
Ethan Ferguson Prije 6 dana
i think kiven the cube is comeing back??
Brayden Grove
Brayden Grove Prije 6 dana
James Morton
James Morton Prije 6 dana
I started fortnite in chapter 1 season 1
Adogsplayz Prije 7 dana
is it weird that lynx is in the front cover
Michael Eshleman
Michael Eshleman Prije 7 dana
Is it going to be STAR WARS or other SCI-FI ending when we have to go in the mother-ship to destroy it from the inside? Or can we capture the mother-ship I go to other planets like Saturn, the Moon, such!
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi Prije 7 dana
This was randomly in my recommendation but to everyone that wants to go back to the old fortnite map it won’t be that fun cuz everyone is a sweat lmao I don’t even play fortnite anymore
Derriontae Gray
Derriontae Gray Prije 7 dana
It is Jon Jones dad
Lukesh the king
Lukesh the king Prije 7 dana
Item 07
Item 07 Prije 8 dana
The aliens are looking for the underground UFO in the trailer.
Laura Bowers
Laura Bowers Prije 8 dana
The zero point is what the spaceship shoot
Alec Anidjar
Alec Anidjar Prije 8 dana
it's for shutdown
Alec Anidjar
Alec Anidjar Prije 8 dana
the bomb was a E.M.P i can remember how it looks
fire master
fire master Prije 8 dana
And his sisters
fire master
fire master Prije 8 dana
Genoi is 1 of the 7
Ronald Mcdonalds
Ronald Mcdonalds Prije 9 dana
Theory:There looking for the seven or midas because midas went missing because he had pass with aliens or they broke the zero point for 1 of the seven.
Mx race
Mx race Prije 9 dana
What if the thing that bloomed like a flower is the infinite bloom back bling
Hashcatchi Prije 9 dana
theory: coral castle is an important part of the island and the live event will be an interactive one with us trying to save coral castle
Mystic Gamer
Mystic Gamer Prije 10 dana
Theory: The mothership took the zero point for power to destroy coral castle or something else
Advik Playz
Advik Playz Prije 10 dana
My theory is that when the mothership took the spire they found out the zero point was still broken soo then they take foundation and make him fix it but he doesnt and then he calls the 7 and they help save the island
Fourth Amendment
Fourth Amendment Prije 10 dana
thx for the storyline i really needed it
Season Wilcox
Season Wilcox Prije 10 dana
Thanos i am here to keep the balance the imagined order is holding the seven hostage everything will be answered soon.haha
Laureta Bujaj
Laureta Bujaj Prije 10 dana
Laureta Bujaj
Laureta Bujaj Prije 10 dana
Captain jack games and stuff
Captain jack games and stuff Prije 10 dana
5:50 that is geno and the sisters are the Midas sisters (marigold and jewels)
Madden Williams
Madden Williams Prije 10 dana
Oliver Selvan
Oliver Selvan Prije 10 dana
And that's why they're staying you're welcome
Oliver Selvan
Oliver Selvan Prije 10 dana
Are harnessing the power of the Loopers to probably make some kind of Looper alien hybrid
manticeboar rn
manticeboar rn Prije 11 dana
manticeboar rn
manticeboar rn Prije 11 dana
Danielle Prije 11 dana
Ace gamer 567
Shayleigh Meyer
Shayleigh Meyer Prije 11 dana
I’ll never shown never ever forget Josie’s name
Robbin Dean
Robbin Dean Prije 11 dana
the seven and the imagine order are rivals because the seven want gene who's boss of the io and the sisters because they obviously are enemies
Sportzzz_ Prije 11 dana
This reminds me of Loki, he wants to get out of the TVA and destroy it, Jonesy wants to get out of the loop and destroy the imagined order
Drock Tv
Drock Tv Prije 12 dana
No he isn’t geno he is the fondant
Kenny Bakare
Kenny Bakare Prije 12 dana
I think the mothership also wants Kevin... Kevin the cube.
Benyamin1375 Prije 12 dana
Almost 5 M subs
Mary Brady
Mary Brady Prije 12 dana
Adriana has a birthday the next month
Gabriel Sundar
Gabriel Sundar Prije 12 dana
I call the bomb the oxygen destroyer prototype.
XRaionX Gaming
XRaionX Gaming Prije 12 dana
Maybe the old map is going to fuse with the new map idk double retail rows?!?! Salty springs??? Tilted towers?!! Dusty depot? Well idk
Kaan Kaya
Kaan Kaya Prije 12 dana
I just like your content ^-^
Elijah Lugo
Elijah Lugo Prije 12 dana
Ice Jr
Ice Jr Prije 12 dana
Have you check slone loading screen I think it's have to be part of the story
Dante Pozegar
Dante Pozegar Prije 12 dana
Meaby out of the big door by grooto the robot will Come and destroy the mothership
Milan Hall
Milan Hall Prije 13 dana
I really want back midas
KANAJI'S WORLD Prije 13 dana
My user in speakoutnow
Dexter Gilb
Dexter Gilb Prije 13 dana
Or maybe you weren’t or maybe they want to destroy the the Ayo
Dexter Gilb
Dexter Gilb Prije 13 dana
Hey maybe they want the foundation
Priscilla Ogg
Priscilla Ogg Prije 13 dana
.-. Agent jonesy is ded bc look at cow jonesy s back bling and look at the side it says Agent Jonesy MISSING
Ahmed waleed
Ahmed waleed Prije 13 dana
Alex Mifsud
Alex Mifsud Prije 13 dana
If they want something else it could be Kevin the cube maybe way under the zero point
Minecraft City
Minecraft City Prije 14 dana
Theory: aliens are using the power of Kevin to blow up Corral to find what there after this makes since bc in chapter one Kevin spawned and ended up destroying part of loot lake to make it easier for the season 9 monster to collect its power
Matthew Nicklas
Matthew Nicklas Prije 14 dana
How is the island running the zero point is gone do you think……… Kevin
Mary Uhls
Mary Uhls Prije 14 dana
(STUDENT)Cooper Cassert
(STUDENT)Cooper Cassert Prije 14 dana
No the guy and black is the man and black the guy from the movie
geo dragon
geo dragon Prije 15 dana
here me out the 7 are the sisters
Julian Prije 15 dana
TOP5 PLEASE READ THIS: You know the cow theory that is right because if you look at the battle pass the loading screen has cow Jonsey getting abducted!
Lizeth G.
Lizeth G. Prije 15 dana
Epiciscool Prije 15 dana
Tht mysterious man with tht gel hair next to slone is johnny cage
marc anthony 200
marc anthony 200 Prije 15 dana
Kieran Leuchs
Kieran Leuchs Prije 15 dana
Sloan is not the protagonist she is the antagonist because I like aliens
Jessica Kealoha
Jessica Kealoha Prije 15 dana
Can you go back to bed like I guess today I have a valid valid
isaac willimas
isaac willimas Prije 15 dana
Theory: Maybe the aliens are trying to be get ride of foundation.
Shaunboym Is cool
Shaunboym Is cool Prije 9 dana
You literally make no danggone sense
SusPenguin Prije 15 dana
The sisters are Jon Jones sister
Pocos pero Locos family
Pocos pero Locos family Prije 15 dana
Epic dantedevil21
chanel bygraves
chanel bygraves Prije 15 dana
My name is kyan king1998
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