We're Getting Divorced | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Couple Who's Getting Divorced | Truth or Drink | Cut
#truthordrink #divorce #ex

Honest Truth
Honest Truth Prije 3 sati
Love is overrated.
Jill W
Jill W Prije 6 sati
It's sad, but they're mature asf about it
Canny7Tk **
Canny7Tk ** Prije 13 sati
My man is hurtin
Brian Z
Brian Z Prije 15 sati
She has a degree in gender studies and can’t get more than a minimum wage job. He has financial goals and wants a future and she doesn’t want that.
Lexy Vang
Lexy Vang Prije 2 dana
Wow, this ex couple was so heartbreaking yet cathartic. I loved this! And I LOVE her! 💕
cacing cau
cacing cau Prije 2 dana
that girl is nice and cheerful but i bet she is very toxic for him 👍
lumerilis Prije 2 dana
Does anyone know the girl's instagram???
Shawn Johnson
Shawn Johnson Prije 2 dana
She seems like the person that's never committed in a relationship and acts like a child with a new toy...should've asked if she cheated 😃
Rawrxd2008 uwu
Rawrxd2008 uwu Prije 2 dana
Wow hurt much? She’s bubbly because she’s moved on. He was the one that took her for granted and nearly cheated which she was obviously and rightly upset at but handled it maturely. SHE MARRIED the dude which is commitment enough bro
sneaky bidder
sneaky bidder Prije 2 dana
BS these two are still together
Aashna Prije 2 dana
Wow he’s an asshole. He almost cheated, glad it’s ending
Christian Robert
Christian Robert Prije 3 dana
She is cute and initially comes off bubbly, but some deep part of me does not jive with her energy. Feel like I’ve known girls like her and dude is doing the right thing getting away.
Rawrxd2008 uwu
Rawrxd2008 uwu Prije 2 dana
The dude almost CHEATED on her! And jsut cuz he didn’t doesn’t make it ok. She’s maturely moved on, while he wants to play the victim. She should be getting away from him
Cheese Bread
Cheese Bread Prije 3 dana
The guy asking questions is so weird
Lily John
Lily John Prije 3 dana
He looks like John Cusack
Gartfather Gaming
Gartfather Gaming Prije 4 dana
They seem like good people
Pia Gabriel
Pia Gabriel Prije 4 dana
Fucking hurts on 4:03, they both are so cute... sad that it didn't worked out.
Lonelyyy Childdd
Lonelyyy Childdd Prije 5 dana
Ddg he isn't worth it, he can find someone better
Greg Shuttleworth
Greg Shuttleworth Prije 5 dana
she is an insecure jealous type....no loss bud. Im sure she is a nice gal but she has to work through some issues.
UwU Baby
UwU Baby Prije 18 sati
He was going to cheat on her , his loss 😪
Алиса Байрева
Алиса Байрева Prije 5 dana
So they are separated but live together, sleep in one bed and have sex from time to time. Wow that's really messed up.
David Colmenero
David Colmenero Prije 5 dana
I'm confused 😕. So u complement each other. Sleep in the same bed. Live together. Obviously still like each other..but ur on your way to divorce. Is this a joke or something.
Ravi Ahuja
Ravi Ahuja Prije 6 dana
You know when other people are all chill and happy about their own bad conditions and I am the one being sad for them... it makes me even more sad.. Like why can't I be happy ever??
Justin Marquez
Justin Marquez Prije 6 dana
After hearing them say that political differences were an issue and then watching the rest of the vid, I feel like he's conservative and she's liberal. And judging by the way she talked about/to him, she doesn't seem like a nice person.
Pat Baals
Pat Baals Prije 6 dana
I sense feminism got to her. Few will understand. Most won’t get what I mean. 2:41
Bridget Bazalar
Bridget Bazalar Prije 6 dana
The overjoyed expansion preauricularly whip because height allegedly breathe but a aquatic mitten. adhesive, jumbled jury
Nicki Prije 6 dana
I love thiss!!!
Matthew Multiplayer
Matthew Multiplayer Prije 6 dana
The have the middle shield, but they live together...
Aston Margolis-Dias
Aston Margolis-Dias Prije 6 dana
I am in disbelief how civil they are with each other
Lalo Hernandez
Lalo Hernandez Prije 7 dana
Mans is definitely hurt and trying not to cry I can tell
ilham azharie
ilham azharie Prije 7 dana
Random thought that she might be a sagittarian, you don't put a sagittarian in a box 😂
Luke Yoder
Luke Yoder Prije 7 dana
She already has me annoyed I can see why they don’t get along
Ahmad Bani
Ahmad Bani Prije 4 dana
Why? Explain ur opinion bro
no name
no name Prije 7 dana
I swear I saw this same convo but with different people
Dissonance Prije 7 dana
Dude this girl is perfect. I have no future and am down as fuck to play WoW
Abdullah Prije 6 dana
lmfao im searching thru the comments for her @. anyone?
The Egg
The Egg Prije 7 dana
She definitely cheated
Norlin Black
Norlin Black Prije 7 dana
U two were meant for each other like peas and carrots and y’all don’t even realize it
Randheer Prije 7 dana
Someone in my house searched for breakup tips. Thank you google for you video recommendations
Roy Johnson
Roy Johnson Prije 7 dana
she plays games man you fucked up
CashBoxr Prije 7 dana
I see two failures that are more focused on each other than working as a team. Selfish, immature, lazy, entitled children.
Daiveon Mallery
Daiveon Mallery Prije 7 dana
Watching a few of these now, I don’t know if it’s because of the specific couples they pick, but the women in these situations seem to have moved on much easier and are already in other relationships while the dudes are still depressed and trying to piece it together.
kalpit Prije 8 dana
I am totally team he here ( guy's like we are allowed to have our own worldview, & girl is like its my way or High way-me me me) I glad he dogged the bullet before child. Look wise he is 9/10, she is 5/10. But; they both seamed to have rather ingnorantly childish decision making skills at the time of dating. For first date they go on his motorcycle, to abandoned dock at 2 A.M. ☠️😵😵😵☠️ who asked who on first date? I am man and if invited, even I would not go to first date like that with stranger 10/10 hot chick. Going through comments and nobody even noticed that, or I am just broken paranoid little skit?😬😬😬 Edit: my GF totally Agreed with this.
Jinx Prije 8 dana
i was shipping them until the cheating part
xSuii Prije 8 dana
what a man ❤️
xSuii Prije 8 dana
sleep in the same bed but plastic wall is important
Hugo Prije 8 dana
they seem so calm together
tvtotalforever Prije 8 dana
Looks super canadian
David Edwards
David Edwards Prije 8 dana
Why is there a plastic screen between them? They still sleep in the same bed
Tyler Shaw
Tyler Shaw Prije 8 sati
Im pretty sure it's for COVID, don't hate I'm just guessing
Ilan Prije 12 sati
In case they laugh while taking a shot, the drink doesn’t spit out into the others face
Abby Wingate
Abby Wingate Prije 9 dana
And I'm officially depressed
Abby Wingate
Abby Wingate Prije 9 dana
Man they seem so so close, I'm really sad for them, especially for the man Edit: oh plus she's gorgeous 😂
Michael H
Michael H Prije 9 dana
People this young have no idea what marriage is.... This video is a freaking joke. These type of people are more loyal to Starbucks than an actual relationship.
o2boutdoors Prije 9 dana
Couldn't have been easy to honestly answer all the questions, even if it portrayed each of them less than ideally. They come across as two people who are healthily dealing with their relationship change.
apope06 Prije 9 dana
WHY ARE HAPPY COUPLES GETTING DIVORCED? Anyone else disturbed by this? We are all screwed.
Skunkk Prije 9 dana
This was good for me to watch. Currently separated during an otherwise already rough patch. This is reminding me that I'm not alone in this situation though. Sometimes there's a lack of chemistry that just can't be worked around, no matter how much you love them. That's life...
Lyric Richard
Lyric Richard Prije 9 dana
They definitely still love each other
wrangleroooo Prije 9 dana
I bet she is following AOC on instagram
World’s Okayest Marine Grunt
World’s Okayest Marine Grunt Prije 9 dana
They have a barrier between them but live together. Umm if they’re gonna get COVID I think the glass is mute
sandy simon
sandy simon Prije 9 dana
They should’ve done this before they separated, they might talk it out here and some how stay together
Charli d’amelio Lifestyle
Charli d’amelio Lifestyle Prije 9 dana
IOPE Prije 10 dana
She is just soooo done with him 😅... He had a side girl probebly emotionally cheated And when she found out she was just done and moved on. Especially because she was try hard and holding on when he didn't and thought about cheating instead of fixing. Good for her she moved on. Sad for him he realizes it to late what could have easily been avoided.
Emily Close
Emily Close Prije 10 dana
The girl bugs me but then she said she plays WoW so now I can't hate as much. Unless she parses terribly, in which case she's back on my nerves.
gage keyes v1
gage keyes v1 Prije 10 dana
they're still fucking fo shoooo
Rebecca yoseph
Rebecca yoseph Prije 10 dana
i don’t think she looks happy i think she just got way too emotionally drained and the relationship benefited the guy more than it did her
Trail Blazers
Trail Blazers Prije 10 dana
"Why did you guys divorce?" "I wanted to have a job and she wanted to live on welfare." Poor guy. Still in love with her, living with her, sharing a bed with her, occasionally having sex with her, yet she has already moved on to someone else. She probably gives him sex whenever he appears to actually be getting over her - she can't have that. Dude better be successful... his therapy bills are going to hurt.
Steven V
Steven V Prije 10 dana
Y’all are crazy , my dude has been having second guesses about this relationship from the very start . Yeah he’s hurting , especially her flicking her bean on webcam to her new world of Warcraft boyfriend but he’s cool . This dude has been really ready to physically move on for a long time now he just has to emotionally get there
Isaac Mac
Isaac Mac Prije 10 dana
it’s the cody ko couple!!!
Follow DumbestDuck On ig
Follow DumbestDuck On ig Prije 10 dana
I get a sense that he’s a fundamentally kind and genuine person. Like she also seems kind, but not quite to the same degree.
tay Prije 9 dana
I think what we are witnessing is a guy whos feelings are of deep hurt and guilt. where as hers are certain and definitive. on the surface and with only a short amount of time to observe, its easy to assume that, but based on their answers i would say he never offered her the security she deserved. so. yeah people arent gonna be sweet and kind to someone they are kinda done with. and for someone who is deeply hurt, yeah they are gonna be sweet and passive to the person they are still not completely over.
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit Prije 10 dana
the pain in his voice man, it hurts to hear
TheCheekyChinaman Prije 10 dana
Contrasting this with Marriage Story is so interesting.
O. M.
O. M. Prije 11 dana
why would you even get divorced, just deal with whatever issues and move on, fkin zoomers or whatever
Tasty Chili
Tasty Chili Prije 11 dana
this is extremely wholesome
Travis F
Travis F Prije 11 dana
They had zero trust going into marriage. Yeah..
Night Father
Night Father Prije 11 dana
My dude got left for world of warcraft. Thank God he's out of that shit.
Samantha Klein
Samantha Klein Prije 11 dana
This girl is so cute! Wow
BRUH Prije 11 dana
Who else came from Cody's vid?
Jezeel jezzy
Jezeel jezzy Prije 11 dana
Who would divorce a guy like that , what a shame ..
Nyha __
Nyha __ Prije 11 dana
Plot twist: they got back together
Timbo McCrimbo
Timbo McCrimbo Prije 12 dana
"trust is really important to me" No shit dumbass, it's literally the most important part of any relationship
Maddy U
Maddy U Prije 12 dana
Ion like her
Surooka Swan
Surooka Swan Prije 12 dana
This is healthy for them but it just makes me sad. My guy looks like a sad puppy :(
Jaden McKee
Jaden McKee Prije 12 dana
They got plexi glass between them but live in the same trailer?
Brian Zavala
Brian Zavala Prije 12 dana
Ali Osman
Ali Osman Prije 12 dana
What...😂😂maybe they met between then and now??
Hannah Pentecost
Hannah Pentecost Prije 12 dana
This is the most amicable separated couple I have ever seen lol how did you find them
Krick Prije 12 dana
Get this man a bandaid
Caleb Longabaugh
Caleb Longabaugh Prije 12 dana
Maybe I’m too unrealistic , but I just don’t understand how you could make it to marriage without realizing you’re incompatible. Part of me believes any two mature people could make it work even without passionate love
rpaa fourever
rpaa fourever Prije 3 dana
Lack of maturity is not always the problem. You can't force someone to get their act together.. relationships are about communication and compromise, and you can only work on your part. If the other person is not willing to budge or grow through the difficulty, you only have two choices.. be miserable and alone in the non relationship forever or leave.
Chinois Achebe
Chinois Achebe Prije 12 dana
David L
David L Prije 12 dana
If she's talking to some guy on wow she's already completely moved on
Paul Prije 12 dana
Props to them for being brutally honest.
Caustic Cactus
Caustic Cactus Prije 12 dana
What a disgusting channel.
vs Prije 12 dana
I really hope breakups were like that. Sadly, toxic and intense breakups are normalises - it's not supposed to be like that. Please think of the time you have spent with someone and be respectful nonetheless.
Lilly Valak
Lilly Valak Prije 12 dana
She's such a "not like the other girls" girl, it's disgusting lmao
a p
a p Prije 13 dana
the way she says “yea. no it was. yea it was months later”
marni matikka
marni matikka Prije 13 dana
Wow. He is sad and she is angry. 😕 This chat was good though. They love and separate, really well. Ox
M. Witt
M. Witt Prije 13 dana
Very different circumstances but the feel of this conversation hit close to home. My ex and I got along famously but I was always the one more invested in our relationship, doing what was needed to make it work. 8 years in, married, he hit rock bottom in his struggle with depression and things got real honest. He told me straight up that I loved him more than he loved me, but that he needed me more than I needed him. I really did love him though and we got past it. 12 years in, doing a lot better with his mental health, he told me that he'd fallen in love with a friend of his. That it was a done deal and they were going to start a relationship... but he still wanted me to stay anyways. Say what? I asked for a few days to think it over, but finally decided that although I wished him well I couldn't stay. Too many lies, too many secrets, too many years of trying that ultimately counted for nothing. So I let him go. Four months later things fell through with his new love and he wanted me back. He missed me. His life was empty now. But although I still wished him well I just had nothing left to give anymore. My love was exhausted. Four years later and I'm doing alright with my own life now, but I don't think he's ever really moved on. And it's sad. Tldr - value what you have (and who you have) when you have it. I don't regret my marriage, and I don't regret my choice to leave it when he no longer valued me the way I valued myself. But still, having loved and lost is a bittersweet thing.
Lance Prije 13 dana
Haha, when she said she played World of Warcraft I knew right away she probably addicted. Hard to balance life priorities when you gotta get the best gear and grind rep.
Lootboy Prije 13 dana
Nick Tetra
Nick Tetra Prije 13 dana
Funny how she talks about cheating or "almost" cheating but she's with someone #bitchestrippin Going through a divorce currently where my wife constantly would leave and say she was going to fuck someone else and be gone for hours, not to mention the extreme domestic violence from her side. Men... we live in a women's world.
Beelzebabe Prije 13 dana
I just want to give him a hug...
Mathilde Prije 13 dana
This is so.....weird
FuFu Prije 13 dana
I find it funny that he didn't love her as much and even thought about cheating on her but still has the audacity to be jealous, typical.
jeff pir
jeff pir Prije 13 dana
Whats her ig? Anyone
Cassandra Revels
Cassandra Revels Prije 13 dana
I’m kinda of thinking you probably can catch her at a protest 🤙🏾🤙🏾 kind of vibe while his family is COMPLETELY the opposite But this could perhaps be a gross assumption
NaranjitoEcuador Prije 13 dana
You can tell it was harder on her at the beggining but she moved on. He is still processing.
Sentient Slug
Sentient Slug Prije 13 dana
These people don't take life seriously enough.
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